This is a story of a young girl who finds herself in a rather bizzare,"twilight zone" like circumstance. Please don't take it too seriously,it's meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek.
My name is Holly. I’m 16, I have the prettiest long blond hair and I’m kind of hot. I’ve always gotten plenty of attention from boys. And this year I’m getting even more attention than usual because I made the cheerleading team at school. Yay for me!

Of course this makes my boyfriend, Ted, jealous. But I have to admit, I totally enjoy it. Today is Friday and we’re wearing our cheer uniforms at school today because there’s a football game tonight. My best friend, Janet, who is also a cheerleader, and I head to our math class.

Walking down the hallway in our red and white cheer uniforms, we’re drawing looks from just about every guy who has a pulse, including the seniors. And we’re loving it. Even some of the teachers are checking us out as we walk by swinging our hips just enough to make our pleated skirts sway back and forth.

We sit down next to each other in the front row of Mr. Nelson’s math class. I can’t believe it, but I’m actually passing math this semester. So is Janet. That’s a first! I get so tired of having to go to summer school to retake math. Maybe I won’t have to this year.

I owe it all to Janet. She made a deal with Mr. Nelson. If we wear short skirts, and sit in the front row with our legs apart, then he’ll make sure we pass math. It must be working. I only came up with an answer for 3 out of 12 questions on our last test, but I still got an “A”! Yay for me! Daddy was so proud!

Before we even have a chance to give Mr. Nelson a good look at our underthings, the school Principal makes an announcement over the loudspeaker system. He wants all the cheerleaders to report to the front office. Janet and I quickly leave.

Neither of us have an idea of what this might be about. We hope we aren’t in trouble. As we reach the front office, several other cheerleaders are arriving. We’re all a bit nervous, not knowing what this is all about. The Principal’s secretary shows us to the big conference room. There’s five men sitting at the table wearing suits and ties with their briefcases opened up and papers scattered all about.

The Principal, Mr. Van Horn, smiles as we all file into the room. That’s a good sign, Mr. Van Horn is smiling so maybe we’re not in trouble after all.

Mr. Van Horn states, “We’re all in big trouble……financial trouble! The state has cut our budget so much, that we’re going to have to eliminate all of our after school athletic activities! Our accountants and lawyers here have been going over the numbers for weeks. It doesn’t look good.”

Oh my God! My heart sinks. No football team means no cheerleaders! The whole room is shocked. Let me tell you, fourteen pouting cheerleaders is not a pretty sight!

Before I can ask if that means we have to turn in our uniforms, Becky Wilcox stomps her foot, almost crying. She whimpers, “But that’s not fair Mr. Van Horn! We’ve been practicing so hard! It‘s just not fair!” she starts crying and stomps her foot one more time for emphasis.

As you can tell, Becky is our team Captain, always leading us and speaking out on our behalf. She always seems to know just what to say. She’s a natural born leader.

“I know girls,” Mr. Van Horn emphatically states, “but we have a plan which might save our whole athletic program, that is……if you girls are willing to help out.” Wiping our eyes, we all listen up.

Enthusiastically, Mr. Van Horn states, “We want to have a fundraising auction! We’ve talked to members of the community, and we think we can raise enough money to keep our football team and our cheerleaders too!”

We all smile at the idea, then Janet asks, “What are we going to auction off?”

Raising his hands up, pointing towards us, Mr. Van Horn smiles and excitedly says, “You girls! We’re going to auction off all of our cheerleaders! Each person who makes a winning bid will get to spend a whole day with one of you girls!”

Several girls drop their jaws in astonishment. A couple girls giggle, but most of us just look perplexed, scrunching our eyebrows and looking confused.

Carol asks, “Isn’t that, like, illegal or something? You know, because of the civility war and all?”

“I think you mean the ‘Civil War‘. But to answer your question, no it isn‘t illegal,” Mr. Van Horn asserts. He pats one of the men on the shoulder and says, “Our lawyers here have been going over that very question. As long as it’s a charity fundraiser, we’re okay.”

Julie raises her hand up a little and meekly says, “I don’t think my mom and dad will let me Mr. Van Horn. I’m not even allowed to date yet.”

Nodding his head up and down, before she even finishes her question, Mr. Van Horn assures her, “We’ve already spoken to all your parents. I’ve explained to them the difficult situation we’re in, and they’ve all agreed to this charity auction. Some of them even want to participate!”

Mr. Van Horn turns to Becky, “So what do you think? Are you girls going to save our athletic program?”

Smiling widely, Becky says, “Of course we are! Aren’t we girls?”

All of us yell out our support. Mr. Van Horn smiles and claps as we jump up and down in excitement. Then Mr. Van Horn raises his hands up and says, “One more thing girls, we need all of you to head down to the nurse’s office for a pre-auction check up.”

We all sign some sort of a release form or something on the way out of the room. It’s about 20 pages long, but luckily we don’t have to read it. We only have to sign the last page.

Excitedly, we all go to the nurse’s office where we’re given a questionnaire to fill out and told to wait for the Doctor. The questions on it are really personal. “Are you a virgin?“, “Have you ever had anal sex?”, “Have you ever performed oral sex?”, etc. Some perv must have come up with these questions.

When they finally call my name, I go into the examining room, put on a hospital gown, and wait for the Doctor. I’m shocked when Dr. Cartwright comes in. He’s not our regular school doctor, he’s a gynecologist. He’s also a friend of my father, which is why I’ve never gone to him as a patient. I’ve eaten dinner at his house before!

This so embarrassing! I sit up on the table, spreading my legs apart, with my feet in the stirrups. Dr. Cartwright is reading the questionnaire I just filled out! Now he’ll know I’m still a virgin, this is so embarrassing. But on the other hand, at least he won’t be telling daddy anything bad about me. It’s a good thing I decided to wait.

As he examines me, he just keeps talking away, like we’re at the dinner table, except he’s poking his fingers around my pussy. My face must be bright red, I can feel it.

Finally the exam ends. Dr. Cartwright says the lab results will take a couple days, and they’ll notify me if anything is wrong. He also gives me some birth control pills and tells me to start taking them right away. I wait for Janet and we go to our next class.

While all the cheerleaders were getting their medical check ups, the rest of the school was in the auditorium. The principal explained to the whole school what the cheerleaders are doing to save the athletic program.

Now the whole school is treating us like heroes! It’s so cool. Everyone’s patting us on the back and thanking us. Even the chicks who usually hate us walk by and give us the thumbs up and say thanks.

The game that night goes great. We win! Yay for us! After the game, the Principal tells us we’re supposed to wear our uniforms everyday until the auction. Even around town. It’s supposed to be advertising for the auction. I couldn’t be happier about that since I love to show off.

My mom and dad are proud of me too. They’ve heard all about the auction. The whole town has. We’re being treated like rock stars.

That Monday at school, we find out more details about the auction. It’s going to be this Saturday, right after the football game. Each of the winning bidders will get to spend a whole day with “their” cheerleader. Then at the end of the day, all the cheerleaders and the winning bidders will have a big banquet style dinner at a fancy hotel in downtown. It sounds better every time I hear more about it.

Sadly though, only 9 of the original 14 cheerleaders will be auctioned off. Five of the girls aren’t qualified based on the medical examination. I hope they aren’t sick or something.

On the way home from school on Wednesday, Ted (my boyfriend) and I stop off at Mr. Simpson’s Ice Cream shop. Ted works there and he wants to pick up his paycheck. Mr. Simpson tells me how great it is that I’m letting myself be auctioned off like this to save the school’s athletic program. To show his appreciation, he gives me a free scoop of ice cream and says he’s going to be bidding on some of the girls too!

That would be so cool if he placed the winning bid for me. We could hang out and eat ice cream all day! On the way home, Ted tells me he was a little upset when he first heard about the auction, but now he realizes it’s the only way we can save the athletic department.

After school on Thursday, Janet and I hit the mall. We have a good time, enjoying all the looks we get, thanks to our uniforms. And thanks to the fact that just about everybody in town has heard about the auction. I even saw a poster advertising the auction. I saw it hanging on the door our way into the mall.

When we leave, we stop and read the auction poster. It’s so pretty. It’s called the “Cherry Auction”. The border of the poster has bright red cherries on it.

It says the school will be auctioning off nine cheerleaders for a full 24 hours. That’s kind of weird, do they expect us stay out with the winning bidders all night. I read on.

Each of us nine girls are pictured and our names are listed with some information. I read mine……It gives my age and height and weight……Oh my God!…..then it says I’m a virgin, that I’ve never experienced oral sex or anal sex either! It says my hymen is intact and even says I’m unshaven with blond pubic hair!

Holy shit! I can’t believe they wrote all that down on the poster! Everybody in the whole town can read it now. No wonder everyone is checking Janet and me out so much! This so embarrassing!

I tear down the poster and cry, “I can’t believe they wrote all this down.” Janet’s as horrified as I am. We read the information on the other 9 girls. We’re all virgins, however some of the girls have been butt fucked, and most have sucked cock before.

Only 3 of us, Janet, Becky, and I, haven’t done anything with boys yet. And I’m the only one with an intact hymen! I ask Janet what happened to her hymen. She tells me that her big sister left her dildo behind when she went to college. Janet was snooping through her stuff and found it.

We’re both so upset about this that we go back inside the Mall and buy another pair of shoes. Then we both head home. I’m so embarrassed. I don’t want anyone to look at me. Mom’s going to hit the roof when she sees this poster.

By the time I get home I’m so upset. I call out for mom and she comes running, asking what’s wrong. I unroll the poster and tell her to read it, then I get ready for the fireworks to fly.

She just looks at me and says she’s already read it. In fact she’s been driving around town all morning hanging them up! Then she tells me how proud she is of me for keeping my innocence and my hymen preserved for something important……such as saving the school’s athletic department!

Holy Shit! What’s mom talking about?

Mom then goes on about how Caroline Johnson isn’t in the auction because she lost her virginity to some boy. Mom tells me how she never did trust that girl, and that Caroline is a little flirt and a slut.

Hearing daddy’s car pull in the driveway, I throw up my hands and run outside, ignoring mom‘s nattering about Caroline Johnson. Jumping into his arms I tell him we need to talk.

“Anything for my little hero. What’s up baby doll?” he asks.

“It’s the auction……the cherry auction daddy. I think they’re going to auction off……well, my private parts!”

Carrying me back into the house, daddy says, “Well baby, what do expect them to call it?“ Daddy chuckles, “They can’t call it the private parts auction, now can they? That would just be silly.”

“Daaaaddy”, I whine, “That’s not the point! I don’t care about the name. It’s the auction. They’re going to sell me……they‘re going to sell my…my…..virginity!”

Looking at me very concerned, daddy asks, “Are you nervous about it? It’s perfectly normal to be a little scared the first time, but I think you’ll do just fine. And I want to tell you how proud I am of the sacrifice you’re making for your school. My phone’s been ringing all day with friends and clients who want to congratulate me for raising such a selfless and generous daughter.”

“Oh daddy, let me down!” He sets me down on the floor. I stomp off to my room, “Nobody understands!” I scream. I lay down on my bed. I don’t know what to do. After a while I call Ted. He’s not too happy about any of this either, but just shrugs it off as it’s the only way to save our athletic department. He’s no help.

So I call Janet. She’s been crying too. She got mad and told her daddy she wasn’t going to be in the auction. Her daddy gave her a spanking and pointed out to her that she signed a contract and didn’t have a choice. Wanting to reassure her, I tell her it will be okay, and maybe we’ll be auctioned off to someone nice. I can’t say I believe that, but it gives us something to hope for.

The rest of the week is totally weird. Whenever Janet and I go anywhere, men stare at us. Of course they stared at us before too, but now it’s different. Before they were looking at what they couldn’t have. But now when they stare, they’re sizing us up and trying to figure out how much our butts and other parts will cost.

During the week, mom gives me some pointers on what to do and what not to do. I also get some advice from daddy. He even shows me how to French kiss! But we only do it for a little bit because daddy says the man placing the winning bid will be expecting an inexperienced innocent girl, not some well worn tart who’s already been around the block a few times.

After my “lesson” is over I head to my room to cry some more.

I wake up on Saturday morning and take my stupid birth control pill. I think I read somewhere that these dumb pills don’t even work unless you take them for a whole month. What if I get pregnant! I don’t think they even make maternity cheerleader uniforms.

Today’s the big day. When I get to the football field, we all gather together and start our warm up exercises. Sharon is late. When she finally arrives, her mother and father, each holding one arm, practically drag her across the lawn.

It turns out that Sharon had her heart set on being a lesbian. This auction is going to mess that all up for her now. Her mother and father say this auction is, without a doubt, the best thing which could happen to her.

We try to cheer her up and Jenny even offers to let Sharon kiss her and touch her boobs if it will help. Sharon just pouts, but soon we have to put on our game faces and cheer our team on.

Now some people aren’t into football as much as others are. So normally there’s always a few men at our games who seem to be more interested in watching the cheerleaders than the actual game. Naturally, we always try extra hard to put on a good show for these guys. After all, they probably don‘t even care who wins the game. The least we can do is make their otherwise boring day more fun.

But today is different. There’s a bunch of guys watching us. Many of them don’t even have children in our school. By the end of the third quarter I realize that these are probably the men who’ll be bidding on our……umm…..butts.

Once again we win the game! Yay for us! Next all the cheerleaders line up in front of the stands. The stands are filled with our town’s most prominent citizens. One at a time, the girls are brought up in front of the stands and auctioned off to the highest bidder.

It’s very exciting because the girls are being sold for thousands of dollars. It’s obvious that the auction is a success. Even Sharon, the wannabe lesbo, is happy to see the athletic department is being saved. And you should see the look of relief on her parents faces when Mr. Chiles wins the bidding on Sharon.

You see, Mr. Chiles owns three adult bookstores and a strip club. Sharon’s mom and dad give each other a high-five, knowing their daughter is in the hands of the one man in town who can pound the lezzy out of her.

With only Janet and myself left, it’s my turn. Something funny happens when they’re bidding on me. Daddy gets mixed up and starts bidding on me by mistake. He’s such a dork sometimes! Mom straightens him out though, twisting his ear real hard. He stops bidding on me after that.

To my delight, Mr. Simpson, the ice cream store owner, places the winning bid on me. I couldn’t be happier thinking about all those different flavors of ice cream in his shop. And my God, the toppings! Just thinking about the toppings is making me dizzy.

I giggle when Janet is auctioned off to my daddy. I tease her and tell her tough luck about getting sold to a dorky old lawyer. Despite my teasing, Janet tells me she doesn’t mind at all. She’s says she’s seen my daddy in swim shorts at our house and he’s bigger than her dildo. I almost feel a little bit jealous.

I go to meet my winning bidder, Mr. Simpson. As I approach him I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him. He looks so innocent, a short stout man with his balding head and his cute little pot belly.

The poor naïve fellow, looking at me like I’m some sort of treat, has no idea how much ice cream I can eat in one day. I hope his heart doesn’t give out because I plan on ravaging his adorable little ice cream shop.

I’m surprised how strong Mr. Simpson is as he gives me a powerful hug, lifting me off my feet. It feels good when he squeezes my butt cheeks, but I can’t get my mind off of his ice cream shop. “Can we go to your ice cream shop now, Mr. Simpson?” I ask, “I’m hungry.”

“Sure thing baby, whatever you want.” As we walk briskly to his car with our arms around each other, he squeezes my butt cheeks. I guess he likes the way they feel. He should, I work out so hard just to keep those cheeks firm.

On the way to the ice cream shop, Mr. Simpson tells me about a new “double fudge ice cream sundae with warm peanut butter sauce” he’s added to the menu. Oh my God! I can hardly wait!

Mr. Simpson is so sweet, he’s always liked me. Every time I’ve ever gone to his ice cream shop with someone else, my scoop of ice cream is always the biggest.

Finally reaching my favorite place in the whole world, we park and head inside of the Ice Cream shop. I’m so excited and I’m so proud that he picked me. We go inside. I stop as we step inside and I take a deep breath……magnificent!

He takes my hand and leads me behind the counter. Mr. Simpson tells my boyfriend, Ted, to take a long lunch and come back at 5:00 o’clock. Looking a little upset, Ted leaves. I stand behind the counter at the cash register, looking over everything, as Mr. Simpson lifts my skirt up from behind and massages my butt.

He slides his hand under my bloomers and panties, and then starts rubbing my butt. I watch a couple customers eating their banana splits at one of the little tables. Mr. Simpson works his fingers around front to my pussy. The combination of having my clitty rubbed by someone for the first time in my life, along with the sight of that woman and her boy enjoying their banana splits, is driving me wild!

I turn to Mr. Simpson and ask, “Would you please, pretty please, make me one of those new double fudge ice cream sundaes with warm peanut butter sauce! Please, I’ll do anything you want if I can have one!

Mr. Simpson starts making it right away. He’s so sweet. He sets his masterpiece down in front of me, on the counter next to the cash register and hands me a spoon. I begin eating it, slowly at first. It’s soooo frickin good!

While I’m eating it, Mr. Simpson pulls my red bloomers and panties down to my ankles. He kneels down behind me and begins kissing my butt. Soon his tongue starts darting in and out of my butt crack. It kind of tickles.

Next, using two fingers, he scoops up a bunch of the warm peanut butter sauce. Holding my skirt up, he smears the warm sauce up and down my butt crack.

To my surprise, he pokes one of fingers right into my butt hole! I yelp in surprise. If I wasn’t so wrapped up in the glorious sensations my taste buds are experiencing, I’d ask him why he’s wiggling his finger around inside of my butt.

A couple young girls come into the shop and look over the menu posted on the wall behind me. Mr. Simpson pays them no attention and drops his pants and underwear to the floor.

Suddenly I feel his hard cock probing around my butt cheeks. Then it narrows in on my butt hole and he thrusts his hips forward. I yell out in surprise as his cock stretches my asshole wide open. It hurts and I would protest if it weren’t for the delightful double fudge ice cream sundae with warm peanut butter sauce I’m eating.

Mr. Simpson is thrusting his cock in and out of my burning asshole. Each penetration jerks my body forward, making it difficult to eat. The two girls step up to the counter and tell me they’re ready to order.

Mr. Simpson says, “I’ll be right with you girls as soon as I’m done humping my cheerleader with warm peanut butter sauce.”

The girls stand up on their toes to get a better look over the counter at us. One of them says to the other one, “I wonder if my daddy placed the winning bid on any of the cheerleaders. He was so excited about the auction this morning.”

Just as I finish my sundae, Mr. Simpson grunts real loud and thrusts his cock painfully deep into my butt hole one more time. After Mr. Simpson pulls out of me and pulls up his pants, he washes his hands and takes the order of the two girls who’ve been patiently waiting.

After I wipe the warm peanut butter sauce and cum off of my sore butt, Mr. Simpson makes us each a jumbo strawberry milkshake. It’s incredible!

After eating some more ice cream, and of course, lots of kissing and groping between serving customers, Ted returns to take over running the ice cream shop.

Mr. Simpson and I go out to the car. I’m kind of walking funny because my butt still hurts. We drive downtown to the hotel to have our big dinner with all the other cheerleaders and winning bidders. When I walk into the banquet room, there’s a big table with an awesome feast laid out on it.

Most of the cheerleaders are already seated next to their winning bidders. Mr. Simpson and I go over next to Janet and daddy. I’m so excited to see them both.

Daddy asks me, “Sugar buns? Why are you walking so funny?”

“Daddy,” I whisper, “don’t embarrass me. I’m walking funny because Mr. Simpson likes my butt hole. It’s not my fault.” Daddy gives me an affectionate pat on my rear as I take a seat.

After eating, the cheerleaders begin slipping under the table one by one. The men lean back and relax. Seeing Janet climb under the table, I decide it’s time for me too. I wink at Mr. Simpson and slip under the table.

With so many girls down here it’s kind of crowded. There’s an excitement in the air as girls are giggling and unzipping their men. We start jerking the cocks of our winning bidders’. After we get them nice and hard, we show them off to each other.

Soon all these cocks start disappearing into the eager mouths of our cheerleading squad. While I’m slobbering all over Mr. Simpson’s cock and balls, Janet taps me on the shoulder. She whispers, “Want to trade?”

I giggle, and scoot over to my daddy as Janet crawls between Mr. Simpson’s legs. I open up and slide my daddy’s cock into my mouth. It feels wonderful. With all the pointers that mom gave me, I suck daddy real good. From the chorus of moans we’re all hearing, I’d say they’re all having a good time.

Almost in unison, nine men erupt into the mouths of our cheer squad. Grunts and groans fill the room, then as these noises subside, they’re replaced by the slurping sounds of nine girls gobbling up load after load of cum.

Janet and I quietly switch places again. We emerge from underneath the table and climb into the waiting laps of our guys. I look over at Janet sitting on my daddy’s lap. I slyly wink at Janet. She giggles, knowing we both tricked Mr. Simpson and my daddy.

Everyone in the room decides it’s time to head upstairs to our rooms. We share an elevator up to our floor with Janet and daddy.

After Mr. Simpson busts my cherry and we finally settle down to go to sleep, I call daddy‘s room. I could hear him and Janet going at it since the walls are kind of thin. But they seem to have settled down now.

Janet answers the phone. “Hi Janet. Are you having fun?”

“Yeah, totally!” Janet responds, “but my butt’s a sore, your daddy likes it a lot.”

“I know what you mean.“ I tell her, “Mr. Simpson’s the same way. Hey, can you put my daddy on the phone?”

“Hi sugar buns,” daddy says, “What’s up?”

“I’m about ready to go to sleep,” I say, “can you come over and tuck me in?”

“Sure thing honey butt! I’ll be right over,” daddy says.

I unlock the door and jump back into bed with Mr. Simpson. Daddy opens the door and comes in.

“Looks like you two are having fun,” daddy says.

“Daddy, don’t embarrass me," I say, "but yeah, we’re having lots of fun. I hope our athletic department runs out of money next year too.”

Mr. Simpson chimes in, “Me too!”

After daddy tucks me in, he says, “Janet wants to trade places with you in the morning for a couple hours. What do you think? Does that sound fun?”

Mr. Simpson and I both nod and say it would cool. I add, “But don’t tell mom, okay daddy?”

He winks and says, “I won’t, it’ll be our secret."


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Great story. Keep them coming

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