My offering for the CAW7 challenge

by Wee Hector

"... and it goes on 'The victim, who is as yet unnamed, is presently undergoing psychiatric counselling and is being cared for exclusively by male staff.'

"Sounds like he's had a rough time. I wonder what could have happened to cause someone to refuse any contact with women? Still, each to his own. Can't see it ever happening to me

The two interlocutors were Paul Dyke and Todd Brand, two 20-year-old university students who were browsing through the local newspaper over breakfast in their campus flat. The story in question concerned a young man of their age who had been found wandering partially clothed in the woods having suffered some kind of trauma. He had been taken into care in the local hospital but few details had as yet been released about him.

"By the way, how's your problem turning out?"

"Not good," replied Todd. "They nailed me for money last night and threatened me with a going over if I don't do as they say."

"That's bad news. We'll have to see what we can do about it," answered Paul, looking at his watch. "Shit, I have to be going," he exclaimed, standing up and reaching over for a pile of books. "English Lit seminar in 15 minutes."

"Okay. See you later for lunch. I've got a History lecture in an hour," replied Todd, turning his attention back to the newspaper.

They met up in the refectory at 12. As usual on a Friday it was quiet. Many students with no lessons in the afternoon had taken the opportunity to head off home or engage in other activities. Their conversation soon turned to plans for that evening.

"Still on for tonight?" asked Todd, fully aware of what the answer would be.

"Look, Todd, I think it would be better if you gave this evening a miss."

"What do you mean 'give it a miss'? I want to see Gina again."

"I know you do but trust me. You know those two bastards, Jamieson and Cunningham, will be waiting for you. Give this evening a miss and I promise you things will be fixed by tomorrow."

"What do you mean 'fixed'? Are you... going to use the girls? How much is it going to cost?"

"Don't worry. Leave all the details to me. Have a good evening, in fact do something away from here tomorrow morning and afternoon. I'll see you around 7 tomorrow evening: I have a feeling we shall be going out for a celebration dinner."

Realising that he would get no further details Todd changed the subject.

"Have you heard anything from Sandy?"

"Not yet. He's not answering his phone. I suspect he's too busy with his MILF. If he turns up tonight I'll give you the gory details tomorrow. I just hope he doesn't frighten away the girls."

* * * * * * *

It was one week earlier. They had been sitting in the union bar. As usual Sandy hadn't arrived though he would get there later and one of them would have to go and sign him in. He wasn't a student but he was a friend of a couple of the guys in the flat and Paul and Todd had got to like him. He was a total headbanger, always pissed or stoned out his mind whenever they met him and they wondered how he managed to hold down a job but he was a good laugh. The pair of them had given him a lift home one afternoon and had stood aghast when he took them up to his room. It was painted in three colours: mauve, cherry red and black.

Each had a pint of beer in front of him and they were surveying those present. As usual there were girls they had flirted with, some whom they fancied but were totally out of their league and a few whom they didn't fancy at all. Talk had turned to the next day's football matches when suddenly they saw a couple of girls Todd had never seen before walk into the bar and he nudged Paul in the ribs. Almost immediately their talk dried up and their attention was taken up with the two beauties standing before them. One was a red-head and the other dark-haired. Before long they noticed that their attention was being returned and the girls were chatting but constantly looking over in their direction. Shortly they both finished their drinks and instead of one of them going to the bar to buy a round they both made their way up. They stood next to the girls and looked round at them. Receiving smiles in return they asked if the two would like to join them. Shortly all four were in open discussion.

"We haven't seen you around before," commented Paul.

"No. We've been rather busy since we got here," replied the red-head. "By the way, I'm Liz and this is Gina." They made a symbolic round of handshakes accompanied with "Glad to meet you"s before getting down to more intimate discussion.

"So what do you do?" asked Todd, unable to take his eyes off Gina.

"We're fixers," she replied but Liz immediately interrupted.

"I think he was asking what we're studying. We're both doing French, German and Teacher Training. That's probably why we haven't met before now."

It was a couple of minutes later when Todd remembered what Gina had said and brought up the subject.

"So what's a fixer?"

Gina immediately looked towards Liz but received an unspoken agreement.

"We fix things. I mean we organise things for people. If somebody wants something done they tell us, pay us for our services and we arrange it for them."

"What sort of things?" Todd enquired.

"Well, let's say you wanted to go out with one of the girls over at the bar, one of those bitches that knows she's gorgeous and delights in knowing all you guys are lusting over her. You tell us who you want and we'll arrange a date."

"And how much would this cost?"

"It depends on what the job is. Dates are easy so they come cheap. Bumping off a tutor you don't like would cost a lot more," she laughed.

Seconds later they had a visitor informing them that someone needed signing in so Paul went off to do the necessary. He returned moments later followed by Sandy. The latter was in one of his manic moods and had obviously been doing dope but when he found out about the girls' activity he immediately asked for their services and asked how much it would cost.

"What are you looking for ?" asked Liz.

"I want to screw a MILF," replied Sandy.

"That's all? Just a MILF? How about 30 quid?"

"Yeah, that's great," he replied and handed over three £10 notes.

"Give me your phone number and I'll call back in a couple of days," Liz promised.

Later on the girls said they had to leave but would meet the guys the following Friday though not before asking Paul and Todd if there was anything they wanted 'fixed'.

"No, not for us," replied Paul. "Thirty quid is a bit steep for us. However we'll be here next Friday."

"Don't worry about the price," replied Liz. "We'll do you a special price," and they left, blowing a kiss to the guys.

When they had left Paul turned to Sandy.

"You're a total shithead," he began. "We only just met them and you handed over 30 quid on the off-chance they might find you a MILF to fuck."

"Don't worry. I've heard about these gals. It seems they always deliver."

It was a couple of days later that Todd's problems with Jamieson and Cunningham began. They were a pair of gorillas who enjoyed throwing their weight around and making everyone's life a misery. Todd had had the misfortune to come across them and, though at first their demands had been limited to free drinks, things had now turned nasty and they were now demanding money from him.

* * * * * * *

Now five days on Paul was once again seated in the union. He noticed that the two heavies were hanging around the bar trying to scrounge free drinks but he waited calmly. Shortly he saw Liz and Gina arrive accompanied by a third girl who was the spitting image of the latter. He motioned to them and they came over to the table and sat down. Paul knew he would only have a couple of minutes to wait and seeing his opportunity arise he stood up and walked over to where the two heavies were seated. He ordered drinks for himself and the 3 girls and feigning surprise at the near-empty glasses he asked the duo what they would like to drink. This was new to them but a chance not to be missed and they each ordered a pint of beer.

"Look, guys. It's my birthday and I'm with some friends. Would you like to join us?"

The two looked at him with a frown but he nodded over to the table where the three girls were seated and they immediately accepted. He left it up to the girls to introduce themselves.

"Hi guys," began Liz. "Meet my twin sisters Gina and Chloe. I'm Liz, I'm 21 and these two are 19. By the way I'm not into men so don't waste your time trying but these two are real hotties. Don't worry, you'll eventually work out which one is which. One of them is a real pussy cat but the other can be a bitch from time to time." The other two frowned at her in unison, their eyes shooting daggers at her.

The two guys had introduced themselves as Jack Jamieson and John Cunningham and were totally enthralled by the twins. To everyone's surprise they even bought rounds of drink.

It was getting late when Liz offered to buy a last round of drinks. Of course the two thugs didn't refuse and she asked Paul to give her a hand. The two of them quickly drank up and Liz handed over her car keys to Chloe, telling her to take care, while she asked Paul if he would walk her home. The other two were too taken with the twins to show any interest in their leaving and so Paul accompanied Liz on the short walk back to her flat.

"Are you sure they'll be okay?" Paul asked, a hint of worry showing in his voice.

"Of course I'm sure. What I put in their drinks will soon be kicking in and they'll be too tired to try anything. We'll soon have news from the girls."

As she promised the car arrived outside the flat 5 or so minutes after their arrival. Paul was sitting on the settee with his arm around Liz's shoulders when the twins ran up the stairs.

"Everything's going to plan," blurted out Gina. "We've arranged to meet in the 'Royal' at 12. They're expecting the greatest time of their lives so they shouldn't be disappointed. I'm glad in a way. Tom and Gordon are two nice kids; it would have been a shame to have got them involved in all of this."

At that Paul planted a kiss on Liz's cheek and, standing up, hugged in turn Chloe and Gina.

"Thanks, girls. I'll see you tomorrow about 11." At that he turned and left the flat, slowly walking back to his own flat in the halls of residence. He knocked on Todd's door but smiled to himself when there was no reply; tomorrow was really going to be a fun day.

* * * * * * *

Paul woke around 8 but as there was no great need to rise he lay in bed imagining how things might work out that day. Images of disaster came into his head but he knew the girls were too good to mess up. There was no way this could go wrong. Eventually he rose, took a shower and had a hearty breakfast; after all they were going to start drinking at noon and he wanted a healthy lining in his stomach. He sat around for a while waiting for departure, finally checking the time on the clock every 30 seconds and he could wait no longer, so made his way over to the girls' flat.

"Hi, you're early," Liz commented as he walked in. "Didn't anyone teach you to knock?"

"I'm sorry," he replied. "I just couldn't stand the wait. I kept worrying things would go wrong."

"Look, nothing will go wrong as long as we all remain calm and do what we decided. Nothing can go wrong."

Paul sat on the sofa fidgeting as the girls seemed to take forever to get ready but eventually all were ready and they set out for the 'Royal Arms' pub which was just round the corner. The twins were dressed in identical short white dresses which were sure to blow the gorillas' minds, if minds they had. When the two arrived it was Liz who proposed that they play darts. Paul and Liz partnered each other against Jack and Gina in the first match, winning easily. About an hour into the round-robin, while Liz and Paul were sitting out, Liz surreptitiously poured a small amount of liquid into Jacks' and Johns' drinks. The dose had been worked out so that it would catch up with them slowly and not arouse any suspicions. When their darts began missing the dartboard Gina and Chloe convinced them it was time to sit down. At last the time came, while they were still capable of walking, to get them out into the car, with Liz driving, accompanied by Chloe, while Paul and Gina picked up a minibus which was parked round the corner.

They drove for a short distance, until they arrived in a clearing in the nearby forest. The four stepped out and helped the now groggy thugs out of the car and took them to a previously prepared spot. Their clothes were removed and their wrists and ankles tied to stakes planted deeply in the ground. Now all they could do was wait.

Jack was the first to come round and he found Gina's wet pussy pressed against his lips. She allowed him to lick her juices for a couple of minutes, passing her hand behind herself to check that his penis was erect, and then raised herself off his face. He suddenly realised that his arms and legs were tied but, as he began to ask where he was and what was going on, Liz popped a blue pill into his mouth and made him take a drink of water; he quickly swallowed the pill.

"What the hell was that?" he asked finally coming to his senses.

"Viagra," replied Liz. "Happy sex life!"

A short time later John was subjected to the same action by Chloe and as his penis was seen to erect Gina ran over to the minibus and opened the doors.

"Come on, girls, they're all yours!" she shouted.

Half a dozen middle-aged women jumped from the minibus and ran over towards the two captive studs. Jack screamed out in horror as the flabbiest woman he could imagine pulled off her tee-shirt and jeans; her over-large pendulous breasts hung almost down to her waist and she had more spare tyres than Bibendum, the Michelin man and as she rode him this blubberous creature bounced uncontrollably up and down. To make matters worse she had the fattest face he could remember seeing and her round specs and rotting teeth made this more terrible than his greatest nightmare but the Viagra was doing its job and he couldn't go limp. Soon to his relief she seemed to be satisfied but her place was taken by another, though not as horrendous, and then another, and another; he lost count after that and hoped he would soon pass out. John, in the meantime, wasn't faring any better and was screaming at the top of his voice.

Liz, in the meantime, had gone off with Paul down towards the river. They sat on the riverbank and began kissing. Paul's hand went to her head and he began to stroke her long, silky red hair, while she put her arms around his neck. Soon their hands were moving down the other's body and their breathing became deeper. Liz lay back, allowing Paul to roll over on her, while she raised her skirt and spread her legs, accepting him into her body. Their love-making was as far away as could be imagined from the frenetic orgy taking place a short distance from them. Afterwards they lay together, no words necessary to tell of their love for each other, until finally Paul spoke:

"I think it's about time we got back. There's nothing much we can do now."

They rose and dressed, kissing each other abundantly, and walked slowly back to the clearing. Chloe and Gina were sitting with their backs against a couple of trees, watching the action, and they rose when they saw Liz and Paul return. The orgy was still continuing and the victims were by this time crying and begging for it to end. However the Viagra hadn't said its last word.

Liz walked over to the Michelin lady, who threw her arms around her neck and kissed her on the cheek.

"Oh thanks, Liz. These ones are the best so far. If you find any more we're up for it."

"Okay, Judy," Liz replied. "I'll let you know. Just make sure you let them go when you've finished with them." At that she turned and the four made their way back to the car. They dropped Paul off at the residences before making their way back to their own flat.

Paul opened the front door and found Todd waiting for him in the sitting room along with their four other flat mates.

"Right, Todd! The three S's and then we get dressed up for a celebration dinner. This is going to be one night you are never going to forget," Paul announced. The others turned and grunted to acknowledge his presence and turned back to their card game.

"So what happened?" enquired Todd.

"You'll find out about that soon enough but I think I can say things went well."

They set out shortly before 7, on foot, with Paul refusing to tell Todd where they were going, until they arrived at a doorway and Paul led Todd up a flight of stairs. He knocked on the door; it was opened by Chloe, wearing a short red dress.

"Oh, hi guys! Come in."

They entered to find Gina dressed similarly, though Todd could still not make out one from the other but he was soon to learn that they often did it just to confuse people. Liz was in the kitchen putting the final touches to the meal.

"Hope you like fishy food, Todd," she cried through though she already knew the answer.

"Yes I love it. I come from a fishing village and I've been brought up on it. I much prefer it to meat. Thanks."

They began with a platter of succulent oysters washed down with a sweet white wine before moving on to 'truite meuniere" accompanied by asparagus tips and a Chablis Grand Cru. Todd commented on the wine and how expensive it must be but Liz replied by telling him that her parents had a holiday home near Auxerre and were friendly with some viticulteurs in the area.

They followed this with a refreshing lettuce and endive salad before moving onto the cheese course. Todd could not have been happier had he chosen the cheeses himself. As well as his favourite British cheeses, Caerphilly, Wensleydale, Derbyshire, there were wonderful French cheeses such as Epoisses, Soumaintrain, Munster and Roquefort. Though now having had more than enough to eat he was pressed into finishing off with the lightest 'ile flottante', a combination of meringue and 'creme anglaise', one could imagine.

Now replete he almost forgot the reason they were there that evening and was almost surprised when the telephone rang and Liz went to answer. She came back a couple of minutes later with a broad smile on her face.

"That was Judy. They've just finished with them and they just crawled off into a corner crying their eyes out. I don't think we'll have any more problems with those two."

Todd looked on with a look of uncertainty on his face. Paul decided this was the moment to explain all.

"Liz, Gina and Chloe are my sisters. I didn't tell you before because they have this thing they do and I'm not really part of it. We agreed I should make out I didn't know them"

"They 'fix' things?" replied Todd.

"That's right. Only this time they asked if I could help out. We'd been planning things for a couple of weeks but then you got involved. It was only supposed to be a couple of MILFS having fun with 2 guys but then it got a bit more serious, so we changed the targets. That's why I didn't want you involved. However, it seems you won't have any more trouble with Jack and John."

"So what happened to Sandy?" he enquired.

"That's my fault," replied Gina, though it could have been Chloe. "He wanted a MILF and I introduced him to our Aunt Harriet. It seems she was a bit much for him and he's the poor guy they found in the forest. He'll get over it soon enough and we're going to give him his money back."

"Well all's well that ends well," he replied looking at his watch. He looked towards Paul. "I think it's about time we made our way home."

"Just two things. If you're going to hang out with us now I think you ought to know our real names," replied Liz; the others looked towards her but she had decided to take the lead. "Our mum was a bit of a 'woman's libber' and gave us names in consequence. I'm really Lesbiana, so you can see why I call myself Liz."

"And Gina and Chloe?"

"Vaginita and Clitoresta."

He turned towards Paul with an enquiring look on his face.

Paul put his hand to his brow and quietly whispered "Phallus."

Todd thought for a moment.

"So what was the second thing?"

"You need to be able to tell the difference between Gina and Chloe so the three of you had best go off to bed together. Paul and I have a lot of catching up to do."

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