Admit knew this had to be coming...
This is my first posted poem here that is neither erotic or a love poem...if there is interest, I may post more...thanks...

The Facebook Poem

I’d heard about social networking,
And how it was the next big thing,
So I just had to take a look,
And ended up on Facebook.

It only took me a little while,
To fill out most of my profile,
But I have spent many a night,
Figuring out the rest of the site.

I never realized I had so many friends,
The friend requests never end,
All the people I can’t stand at work,
And now the biggest high school jerk.

I have to admit I’ve learned a bunch,
I know what all my friends eat for lunch,
And it really helps me that I know,
Everyone’s favorite TV show.

The work on Facebook never stops,
I have to water my imaginary crops,
Send get-well wishes to Farmville quick,
My friend’s imaginary cow got sick.

I now realize my chances are dire,
Of ever building a Mafia empire,
And perhaps it is a bit of a shame,
My It Girl will never go on to fame.

My kids' statuses tell me of their life,
At dinner time I get poked by the wife,
I try to keep my friend count nice and fat,
So, I even signed up the dog and cat.

I guess you can say my life’s complete,
I have more friends than I’ll ever meet,
On Facebook I can roam far and wide,
And I never have to go outside.


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2013-03-06 13:40:43
LoL this Poem was so Funny I swear LMFAO

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2013-01-23 10:39:25
a prayer of gidurttae whenever I took a hot shower. And the thought of a hot shower as a luxury occurred to me for months and years after.We don't even have to wait for eternity (ie, after Judgement Day at the end of the Millennium). I think our outlook and viewpoint is going to have a huge shift as soon as we cross the veil into the Spirit World, or are twinkled in the millennium, and then have access to people who lived in various stages of earth's history.Having had things like an Ipod, or a Louis Vitton handbag during mortality will become meaningless at those cross-over points.And I think we'll have a huge wake-up call or shock when we realize we spent so much time and money on things that didn't matter, like paying to go see movies, or eat out, or any form of non-uplifting entertainment.I know I waste so much time (like blogging) when I could be out and about serving others in the ward, and in my neighborhood who need help or fellowship or friendship.I still have the banged

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2013-01-13 17:00:54
Pam, Janet is right you do have exquisitely crtfead sentences. Alas, I do not recall which book or which semi-colon you are referring to. But I have read everything of yours And I really do admire correct punctuation.

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2012-10-14 20:50:55
lol ima post this on my facebook :D


2011-10-30 11:28:02
like i said, not sex but I'll fuck with it anyways. :o)

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