Romance, incest, teen male/teen female, softcore.

Romance, incest, teen male/teen female, softcore.

I flopped back on the bed knowing I would sleep well after 2 tiring lab sessions with Sarah.
The sessions with Sarah were fun because of the novelty, but, being a ‘quickie’, I was not getting the sustained oxytocin release that I did when I had sex with Lucy.

Anyway, I was not having sex with Sarah according to Lucy’s equation:
Making love (before and after) + intercourse = sex
Without the kisses and cuddles, both before and after, which I had become used to having, I could not expect any more than the quick, short high.


I started to wonder what the impact of all that happened was going to be on Sarah. It was clear that she liked intercourse. But, how long was I going to continue with these lab sessions? How would she feel in a couple of days when her oxytocin high started to wear off? Lucy cannot get past 2 days before she wants more - when not in ‘recess’. And, Sarah seems to be even more orgasmic than Lucy!
Once Lucy and I completed ‘recess’, Sarah would not be able to have a lab with me. She would have to go into her ‘recess’, part of which would be her safe time. In any case, once the novelty of fun with Sarah wore off I would lose interest in ‘quickies’. Lucy and I rarely had ‘quickies’. We nearly always had sex.
I would have to discuss this with Lucy. No doubt they had it all worked out.

Lucy asked whether I enjoyed my reward. I nodded. I did not want to appear too enthused, but I really liked Sarah’s rewards. I was surprised that Lucy had let Sarah give me her breasts. To me, it was usually part of making love. But, then I realized this was just a ‘special occasion’.
I said to Lucy that I thought Sarah’s breasts looked fuller than when we were visiting our parents. She replied that Sarah had put on some weight, and that would explain the change. As far as I was concerned it was a change for the better. There was even more to hang on to when getting rewards.


Next, Lucy wanted to know what Sarah had asked me. I told her about Sarah thinking she needed to remove her pubic hairs and how I had to convince her never to do it.

Lucy said to me “you like Sarah’s bush……. don’t you? ………you can barely take your eyes off it”. I explained that it was really the fact that her bush was so different to what I had always seen over the years. I had assumed all triangles were dark haired. “Did you slide your fingers through her curls?”
I had to admit I did so - but only in order to convince Sarah how beautiful they were. I knew that
according Lucy’s rules this would not have not been allowed. I had told Sarah that there would not be any further ‘lab sessions’ if she shaved any hairs off – I did not want my dick to get speared.

Then Lucy pushed down her pants to show her pubic hairs and said “do you like mine?”
I had always been fascinated by Lucy’s bush. I bent over and gave it a kiss.
Then Lucy said “did you kiss Sarah’s?” “Of course not!” I replied, trying to look shocked at the suggestion – although I wished I had thought of it when I had the chance. However, may be it was just as well I had not thought of it – I would have been in trouble with Lucy!

Lucy’s pubic hairs were quite thick but because the curls were so tight, her triangle had a manicured look. I could have put a ruler on the top edge of her triangle, drawn a line, and there would not have been a hair out of place. They looked almost artificial, just stuck on. To me, they were very sexy.
Putting my hand on her mound I let my fingers glide through the tight curls, backwards and forwards.

Lucy was lying back with her eyes closed. I knew what she was waiting for. I let my finger slide down on to her pleasure spot. Lucy said “I’m very wet ……. get some slippery for it”.
Sliding my finger inside her opening I could feel how slippery it was. There was now plenty on my finger to rub on to her spot.
I asked “did you also have an orgasm the second lab session?” “Yes ……… it was as though you were in me!” she replied.
And “you want more now?” “Yes please!”
I gently rubbed her spot – “does that feel right?” “Yes…….very”.


Next she rolled on her side. I knew, from lots of practice, what she wanted now, as she asked “get some more slippery from me for your dick……… does not matter if you are not hard ……….. I will use it any way”. With her secretion on my dick I rolled so we were touching Lucy took hold of my dick, slid the head on her spot and up and down her opening. The head of my dick got the message very quickly and was hard as a rock before she had completed 3 circles.
Lucy said “I’m glad Sarah did not wear it out completely …………….. I know that after your second session she would have liked to have used your dick a lot more”.

I looked at her face and could see she was definitely in pleasureland. “you are not going to squirt ………are you?’ I shook my head. I was all squirted out for the day!

For a little while longer Lucy continued rubbing my head of my dick on her spot, concentrating it in a circular motion. On stopping, she said “I feel beautiful …………I am going to sleep now ……see you in the morning.” She gave me quick kiss and went out like a light. She was completely naked so I pulled up the covers over us.

Looking after 2 girls was ‘hard’ work – but somebody had to do it!


When I woke the following morning the girls were all ready up. Sitting at the dining table, they had been chatting non stop. Sarah had told Lucy that if she connected with a guy it would good if he had a dick like mine. Although she did not feel it was a priority, she thought it would be good to know what the ‘extra’ was. Lucy said that the way guys dressed, what they had, was a mystery. For guys, it was easier. If they liked small breasts or large breasts it was easy to see what a girl had because their clothes were usually more revealing.

Discussion turned to ways, mostly unrealistic, of finding out a guy’s size before any relationship was established.
One idea was to find where there was a nudist beach and suggest swimming there. Even if such a beach was not far away, it would mean meeting a guy only in summer.
Or, usually, sisters would know something. If the guy had a sister you could ask her. However, contact with family might not happen for many months.

At the end of the discussion, Lucy believed that there was only one quick sure way – and that was – on the first date, ask the guy to show you!
I had to agree. If Sarah was wearing one of the sexy outfits Lucy had given her, and, had her blonde hair down, a couple of squeezes on his hand would be all that was required. His dick would think a ‘bonus’ was on offer and would be hard in a flash.
Next, she said that if the average dick size is something less than 6 inches, it would likely be the size she would find.

Sarah said she had trouble visualizing how 6 inches would look, like compared to mine. Lucy said there was a simple way to illustrate the difference. She told me to drop my shorts and for Sarah to help me get hard while she went to the get the ruler. Sarah was wearing a ‘next to nothing’ wrap hanging undone at the front. As she took hold of me, my eyes quickly dropped from her breasts to her blonde triangle. Her bush took on a golden shine in the morning light. My reaction to such a vision was rapid. Sarah said “gee ……..that went up quickly” …….and gave it an extra couple of rubs.

Returning, Lucy had in her hand, her trusty old ruler and tape measure.
She told Sarah to push my dick down so that it was parallel to the floor, then put the ruler along the top. She lined up the 6 inch mark with the edge of the head of my dick. At the zero mark she used her hand to hide the 2 inches of my dick which extended to my pubics. “There Sarah ……….that would be a 6 inch dick” she said. “It would not matter being shorter as long it is fat”. And, putting the tape around it “6 1/2 inches fat……. Sarah ……….. that or a bit less would be fine”.

Sarah said she would face the problem when it arose. Lucy offered to help if it was necessary.

Next Lucy said that Sarah needed to know about condoms. She had only ever seen one from a distance in Sex Ed. As my dick was all ready hard Lucy asked could Sarah have a try at putting one on me. How could I object when there were 2 half naked girls standing in front of me.
I flopped on the bed. Lucy produced the last box of condoms she had bought, labeled ‘Supersize’, and passed one to Sarah. Sarah tore open the packet and took it out. She looked at it, turned it over a couple of times and said “how do I put it on? ………it does not look big enough”. Lucy explained how it had to be rolled down. Sarah looked at it again and said “then it must go this way so it will roll ………….. and the little bubble will remain ………….. it’s not easy …………. Jimmy’s head is so big it will hardly roll”. Lucy helped by pushing down with 2 fingers next to Sarah’s - and they rolled right it to the bottom of my dick.

Sarah sat back and looked at it. Then she said “I don’t like it! ……………. it spoils the appearance of Jimmy’s nice dick …………if I saw that coming towards me I would think it was something from outer space …………..I would not like it going inside me …………… it would spoil the fun ………………how do we get it off?
Lucy explained that I would have to take it off when my dick went soft. If they tried to roll it back up it would catch all my hairs.

She said “let’s leave it to Jimmy, we’ll go to the kitchen and organize breakfast.”

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