What happens when a girl wakes up...
Morning escapades

It’s early in the morning
The sun is rising fast
I’m still thinking ‘bout the long
And heavy night that’s past

I had a naughty dream or two
While sleeping in my bed
The result is that deep down there
My thong is dripping wet

I have to do something right now
I cannot wait no more
But shall I do it with my hand
Or walk to my sock drawer?

No time, I have to do it now
My fingers sure will do
Out of my way, my tight blue thong,
My finger’s coming through

The moment that I touched my clit
I had to close my eyes
I was so turned-on that I could
Not bear the sun’s bright lights

Without wasting any time
I opened up my legs
This was the perfect moment for
My early morning sex

I slided in two fingers,
Immediately moaned,
This shouldn’t take long, because of
The orgasm I’d postponed

I looked at a few pictures
Of nude girls on my shelf
I couldn’t take it anymore
I had to fuck myself

After some time I realized
That I was very close
It seemed my twat produced more fluids
Than a waterhose

Just moments later, the orgasm
Was flowing through my clit
My body shook, my legs closed up
I even moaned a bit

I breathed heavily, screamed “Yes,
That was extremely nice!”
I did it once again that day
And maybe even twice

@ Kaya Lindgren


2011-10-30 12:23:07
how bout someone watchin while u work? hair rumpled, sheet indended marks from erotic dreams, eyes still red from sleep... and that hungry finger finding ur clit. Yea, i woud sit bac and enjoy d show. keep writin!

anonymous readerReport

2011-09-16 03:43:49
Hey i got one too but can't PM you and it's not for fbook send me email and I'll send it back you can write it make it better and you can put your girl in it. it's two women and a hard head. ;) on top

anonymous readerReport

2011-09-16 02:41:51
Hmmm, that's what your clit needs, a touch, a lick, to start your juices flowin, and as your body begins to quake, and I know you are in the mood, I hold your hand and squeeze it once, move it over to my wood, morning wood. or how to bring it down.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-26 10:50:23
a subtle finger in a subtle cunt, just female softness

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