A daring outfit on a hot summer's day lands Jackie in trouble at a Country pub
That's the thing with Jackie, everywhere she goes she gets attention. A 30 year old pretty brunette, 5'8" with great tits and shapely legs, and a wardrobe of short skirts and skimpy tops, she always causes a stir when she's out. Today was no exception, it was one of the hottest days of the year and i just knew when i collected her she wouldn't be wearing much. I wasn't discappointed, a cropped vest and a black leather mini skirt that barely covered the cheeks of her arse, finished off by a pair of high heels.

As we walked along the prom in the sunshine i could hear lads making comments and a few photos were (supposedly) secretly taken on mobile phones. To be honest she loves the attention and i love her getting it, it really turns me on. For a tease we got a 99 Flake and sat facing the sea. Tantalisingly she let the ice cream melt down her fingers and onto her skirt and legs. The lads walking the prom became more bold, standing there taking pictures. "That's not the only thing that'll be dripping onto you later Miss" said one, as they continued photographing her.

She licked and sucked at the melting ice provocatively, giving the lads hard ons that bulged through their trousers, the bottom of the cone dripping white cream onto her leather mini. "I've got some cream of my own for that skirt" piped up a tall lad. "You wish!" she replied, "now run along, you've had your fun". "We'll be having more fun with you later" he replied, and she chuckled sexily as they made their way along the promenade. The ice cream finished, i patted the mess off her skirt with a tissue and we headed for the car. "Let's find a quiet country pub" she suggested, and off we drove.

The pub was lovely and peacful, no loud music just gentle volume to hide the various conversations. As we sat and drank though, the conversations about Jackie grew in volume. It was mostly older men, but slso a few big looking guys in their twenties. The more they drank the more vociferous they bacame. She looked at me and smiled as they discussed on the table, three away from our's, how they'd fuck her in every hole and abuse her tits, pearl necklace etc. etc.

"Shall we cause a stir?" she asked me. I looked at her quizzically. "Let's fuck in the loos" she said with a glint in her eyes, "all this attention has made me really wet". With that, she got up and made her way to the ladies. All eyes were watching as she crossed the floor. Then i made my way to the Men's and, when out of sight, called her phone and told her to join me. I pulled her into a cubicle and started kissing her, running my hands over her breasts, moving down her body to her skirt. Gently i slid it up and, pulling her white panties down, stuck my cock inside her. We were both horny as fuck, i pushed her back to the wall and went for it, ploughing her wet pussy frantically. Then i pulled out and she faced the back of the loo as i took her from behind.

As the two of us were lost in passion the door was kicked open, and a huge pair of hands grabbed my shoulders, wrenching me from her twat. She screamed as they threw me to the floor and pulled her out into the washroom. It was the lads who'd been talking about her, they surrounded her, grabbing at her tits roughly and reaching down to her pussy, exposed by the skirt that remained hitched around her waist. The tallest held her by her hair as the others dropped their trousers, then he pushed her down to her knees, dropped his own kecks and forced his cock into her mouth. The others all wanked at her face as i lay there watching, helpless. What could i do against these five blokes who are built like rugby players.

Each cock fucked her face over and over again, her mouth passed around like a bag of sweets in a cinema. Then they came, the first spewed over her face. His thick white jizz completely covering her in about three emissions from his massive cock. "Let's make it a wet t-shirt" competition laughed one of the others as he led them in squirting all over her massive jugs in her tight vest top. The guy who came in her face pulled her back by her hair, arching her back her breasts stuck out as the other four squirted stream after stream onto her tits, belly and skirt. It was like she was being hosed down. I was so turned on, my cock stood proud. "Look, even her fella's gettin' off on this".

Their loads spent, they pushed her down to the floor. She was a real mess. One guy grabbed a leg and spun her to face him, spread her legs and entered her pussy. Although completely violated she was wet as fuck. He wiped the cum from her eyes and looked at her knowingly as he grabbed her hips and pulled her onto his massive cock. He hammered away at her, grabbing her firmly, watching her tits bounce in her wet top. "Let's see those mothers" said another, pulling her top off over her head. The washroom was filled with cheers at the sight of her breasts, jiggling to the movement of the thrashing from below.

Suddenly alot of the older men in the pub entered, curious to know what was happening. They soon surrounded her and unzipped their cocks. She looked up horrified as the older men 40-70 started wanking over her. The bloke fucking her felt his balls constrict and with one final push shot his load deep inside her cunt. He moaned as his load streamed up inside her, then the first old man's load splatted onto her tits. For an old man he had quite a lot of cum in his sack and it flew out onto her. Then, as the second lad took position between her legs, more come landed down on her body. The tattoed man pulled her legs up and placed her heels by her head, spitting on her ass. "No, no please" she said weakly. "Fuck off!" he replied, "you come in here all tits an' legs an' think y'a not gettin fucked every which way? Well y'are!" He scooped some thick cum off her belly and skirt and lubricated her ass with it. Then he entered his long 8" cock into her. Tears ran down over the cum on her face as her virgin asshole was rampantly fucked. Seeing her pussy was free the third guy got in front of his mate and fucked at her twat.

"One hole left, any takers at this point?" asked guy 1. A tall, blonde haired man came forward and stripped off completely. She looked up at the 40 year old, beer bellied guy as he wanked his 6" cock above her before getting onto his knees and fucking her mouth. All three men fucked at her hard then the guy in her ass streamed wad after wad up inside her, jetwashing her bowels. Shortly followed by his mate who came in her twat. The 40 year old quickly entered her pussy, fucking her hard and fast before pulling out and running over to me. Grabbing my hair he blasted his cum into my face. I was repulsed and my previously hard cock flopped. He licked some of his cum off my face and moved back to her kissing her and sticking his tongue in her mouth.

Guy 4 then pulled up to her knees, before pushing her onto all fours. His cock soon found her asshole and he pummeled away at her, as his mate placed himself underneath her. "Ha ha bitch, we saved the best til last". His mate is 8.5" long with a wide girth. She yelped as his cock sank inside her, and within a few pounds was coming over his balls. "That's it, you horny fuck!" he shouted, as she released her hot wet juices all over him as more old men shot off over her back. Watching all this happen certainly got my prick hard again and the tall blonde man pulled me over to her. He held me by my hair as he wanked my cock in her face. I watched as her breasts flew to the pounding she was recieving in her ass and cunt, her hair matted with the jizz of the onlooking pensioners.

"Get her up!" declared guy 5, both then fucked her standing with her sandwiched between them, flanked by their huge bodies. The guy in her pussy pulled out, followed by the guy in her ass. They both pulled her skirt back down before bending her over and wanking at her arse. Soon, stream after stream of their milky load was splatting on the back of her skirt, before running down the backs of her thighs. Her own cum, along with that of the others, dripping out down her inner thighs.

"Now" guy1 said to me, "you can carry on fucking your bitch". They held her in her bent over position as i was pushed behind her. I slid her soaked skirt back up over her ass and placed my cock at her vaginal entry. "Ah no" i was told "you're gonna fuck her tight little ass". I stuck my cock in slowly and a hand was placed over her mouth to hide the screams as i moved in deeper before building up speed and fucking her as hard and as fast as i could. Her body shook and she released again down her legs as my cock exploded in her asshole.

I pulled out and she collapsed to the cum drenched floor and lay there while the men all left... except one, the tall blonde man who'd not only violated my friend, but me as well. He moved to her, bent over and started licking the cum off her body. It was the strangest thing i've seen, he lapped at her like a cat does it's milk bowl, and he didn't stop until her body and skirt were free of the thick white coatings she had recieved. I wiped myself onto her panties and he oredered me to give them to him when i'd finished.

He left and the two of us looked at each other in disbelief. She put her wet top back on and we hugged. Thinking she was about to burst into tears, she held me tightly but whispered into my ear "we really must do this again". My cock grew once again as we walked to the car through the pub, everyone cheering as we made our way.

To be continued...

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Nice story..i luv it

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Sounds like the inner slut has been outed. Get her to do Dogging in the next part! She sounds hot, i'd be up for a fuck on the back seat.

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