Donna's Revenge: Lust, Lindsay and the Lake House
Two years is a long time in prison but it was certainly better than the five year sentence that was originally handed down to Donna at her trial.. The judge wanted to throw the maximum punishment at her for the "inhuman degradation of this innocent young woman." "Innocent young woman" meant Lindsay of course and that was a laugh to Donna.. The little blonde slut slept with Donna's husband , not to mention her own brother. Lindsay sat there in the courtroom looking every bit the victim with her long blonde hair tied neatly back and looking frightened at Donna. What an actress!

The judge bought it though. Like so many men, he tended to view pretty blondes like little children that needed to be protected

There was no question that Donna's crime was vicious but Donna had no remorse whatsoever for what she did... She even took pride in it . Even now, looking at Lindsay, Donna felt the desire for her sister in law that she felt that delicious night two years ago.

Something was released in Donna that night. It was partly rage at Lindsay's affair with her own brother who happened to be Donna's husband but it was also the release of a predatory instinct for other women. She had no idea that she was not only a lesbian but also such a dominating one.

Three years were shaved off of her sentence for good behavior. That was a laugh as well.. Donna's behavior was anything but good. Being the new girl, Donna was immediately tested by one of the more established women . Donna not only won the fight but also turned the intended tables around and knocked the bigger woman to the ground and inserted her fingers roughly into her attacker's snatch.. This did not win Donna permanent dominance but did insure that she would be left alone from there on out. It also got her noticed in the prison system by people who could help her. A chick fight is a major turn on in the stark reality of prison life. A few sexual favors from a beautiful woman go a long way.. Yes prisons really are like that!

Prison time was only an interruption for Donna. She faced no danger and even was assigned to a cell with a young girl who was immediately intimidated by her. Lydia was not beautiful but she was pretty with her brown hair and big brown eyes and was somewhat shapely. Donna wanted a blonde but they are too hot a commodity in the prison system. Lydia would fit Donna's increasing needs well enough. Climbing down to the lower bunk became a nightly ritual and Lydia had no choice but to accept it Lydia had one advantage over Lindsay.. Her breasts were a C where Lindsay's were B's just like Donna's. But Lydia did not have Lindsay's perfect legs and ass. That was what Donna still craved

There was a shrine of pictures of Lindsay in Donna's area of the cell. Most were of Lindsay in short skirts and other revealing attire that Donna's friends had taken and continued to send in to her. That kept the fire going.

The guards could clearly hear Lydia's moans and protests but did nothing per orders from above. They were also too turned on to stop the action. A few cheesy homemade videos from cell phones made their way out of the jail as well.

The time passed quickly and Donna was released. She arranged to spend some time with her sister while she completed her plans to return to Brazil and more importantly to arrange her encounter with her former sister in law. Donna would never forget Lindsay's smug face as they led Donna away.

"Self righteous bitch" she screamed to Lindsay as they led her away..

Lindsay's pretty face looked frightened and that made Lindsay even more beautiful to Donna. She had controlled that beautiful blonde body and now felt that she had a right to it.

She would control Lindsay again if it were the last thing she would ever do.

The plans were in order.

Donna had changed in her time in jail physically as well. Time working outside had made her skin darker and time working out made her body much more trim. A few more muscles would have made her look butch but her present proportions now were perfect. She looked like a warrior and she was ready to do battle with her nemesis and her accuser and to take from her what Donna considered to be HER personal body and use it as a toy..

Donna called her friend Brenda and arranged her part in this as well. She would be the camera girl. This was going to be taped. Memories would not be good enough. Brenda was a girl of Thai descent with naturally dark skin and exotic Asian features.. She was quite tall by Asian standards, nearly 5 feet 9 inches with long sleek legs that were very different from the more shapely legs on Donna and Lindsay.. She looked like a Thai version of Barbie.

The two women drove the three hours up to Lindsay and John's family's lake house. The cool air would feel good and would work well for Donna's plans. Taking a woman's body in high heat conditions is not as fun as taking her in a cool room. The body heat would feel better. on each other's skin.

Lindsay had changed as well. She had gained five pounds but it was well distributed. The added weight in her legs and hips had even caused her ass and upper legs to almost meld so as to make her long legs look even longer. She had become a bit paler and that was also good in that her natural peaches and cream complexion made her quite beautiful and feminine. She had grown bangs and her hair had become less brassy blonde and more golden.

If anything she was more beautiful than she was two years earlier.

The contrast was stark between the two women. Donna looked ready and Lindsay looked ripe!

Donna and Brenda arrived early.. Donna knew the routine at the lake house. She knew that the one bedroom house had a sofa where John would sleep at night. It seems Lindsay had decided that it was wrong to allow John to have sex with her any longer. When Donna heard of this, it made Lindsay look no better and she again chalked it up to Lindsay's self righteousness.. She also knew that John went to sleep earlier than Lindsay.. That would also help Donna accomplish what she wished to accomplish.

The first day would be for watching and waiting and to provide an appetizer of sorts to Donna. It was a labor day weekend and she knew that she would have to wait until the other residents headed home. She did not want witnesses to call the police as they did last time.

Donna decided to be a bit reckless and take a seat between Lindsay and John's house and watch her prey as up close as possible. With big sunglasses and a hat neither Lindsay nor John ever had a clue that Donna was lurking there.

It was worth the risk. Brenda and Donna watched Lindsay continue her provocative antics, teasing the men in her blue bikini. At one point, Lindsay allowed one of the men to throw her over their shoulder and run away with her. Lindsay laughed even as her beautiful ass was prominent to the world and continued to laugh as she felt his hands sinking deeper and higher into her soft white flesh.

It drove John Crazy and Donna knew that Lindsay had not changed.

Brenda and Donna shared a look that said that the laughter would stop tonight.

By late afternoon, the other residents had packed up and were returning home. Brenda and Donna returned to the car and drove away. Two houses were still occupied and those people had to leave before they could begin the encounter.

They decided to go to a local bar and kill some time. When the women were hit upon they flirted appropriately and even enjoyed the attention. When they played with each other, the men became like putty. When Brenda grabbed Donna's ass and pulled her in hard with a locked lip kiss, the men appeared to have been turned to stone. They were so aroused that they did not know what to do. Both women were sultry and confident in their miniskirts. Brenda's was a deep blue silk dress and Donna's was wearing a crisp white blouse and a black short skirt made of a rich fabric. Were it not so short it would have looked appropriate for an office.. They could have had free drinks all night (or anything else they wanted) but decided to stop at two. Donna did not want her senses dulled.

The sun was setting and upon their return to the house, the street around the lake was deserted except for the lonely lights of Lindsay and John's house.

They were alone and no one could stop what the two women were about to do.

John had a bit too much to drink and had approached his sister again. He tried to grab her arm and pull her in but she had rebuffed him. She smiled while doing it though clearly liking her position of being able to arouse him just as she had the other men earlier. Dejected but mostly horny, John took to the couch grumpily. but fell quickly asleep.

No doors were locked as Donna and Brenda approached. Lindsay was flitting about charged up from the day. As beautiful as she was, she needed the attention that she had gotten today. Through the window, Brenda and Donna saw her swagger.. She was wearing only a white t-shirt and panties now and even though Lindsay's behavior made Donna sick, she could feel herself getting wet.

They entered the house. All caution was thrown to the wind now. They could hear John snoring and the sound of running water in the bathroom. That masked the sound of their feet as they entered the bedroom.

Brenda readied the camera while Donna carefully approached John and produced a pair of handcuffs. She warily clipped one cuff to the radiator next to John's couch and then waited for John to snore again as to assure herself that he was still asleep. When she heard that , she quickly pulled on his arm to clip the other cuff to his hand.

Click! Done!

She expected him to wake up but knew that he was not going anywhere even if he did. Instead, he simply continued to sleep. This was too easy.

Lindsay was washing her face , splashing the water upward as Brenda raised her camera. Donna walked in unnoticed and got behind the blonde beauty. Donna could even see herself in the mirror before Lindsay saw her there as well.. Lindsay was bent over the sink, Her long legs were a perfect shade of orangey pink. Donna almost missed a breath looking at that perfect ass and those legs that she was finally going to have again.

The camera was rolling and Donna could not stand it any longer. She was overwhelmed by desire and ecstasy as her dark hands sank into Lindsay's perfect fair ass cheeks.

Lindsay screamed and tried to whirl around even as Donna held her in place. Lindsay could feel Donna's hips pressing into her ass. And she could feel Donna's strength. Lindsay tried to push her away to no avail. "Why?" Lindsay finally asked anticipating the retribution.

Donna wrapped one had around Lindsay's long neck and snaked her other to the top of Lindsay's left upper thigh. The skin was magically soft and yielded completely to Donna's touch. Donna yanked Lindsay's head back in a gesture of control and saw Lindsay's perfect forehead furrow deliciously and her sensual lips part slightly...Donna's hands were shaking now. This felt too good!

"Because I love my sister SO much" , Donna snorted.

" John, JOHN!" Lindsay screamed until finally John woke up. Donna was leading Lindsay out of the bedroom her right arm tightly around Lindsay's supple waist.

"Let her go." John screamed at Donna. "Don't you dare hurt her!!"

With that Donna whirled Lindsay around to face her. Donna caressed Lindsay's left cheek Donna then pulled her own arm all the way back and slapped Lindsay as hard as she could.

"I'll kill you!" John screamed as Donna watched Lindsay stroking her left cheek. Distracted , Lindsay never saw the fist landing hard into her soft belly. Lindsay folded over half way onto the bed. her upper body was on the mattress but her ass and legs trailed down to the floor. She was on her knees on the soft bear rug in front of the bed.

Donna had made her point to both Lindsay AND John. SHE was in control!

Donna then removed her own skirt and sat on her knees next to Lindsay Ass to ass like this, John's protectiveness was giving way to sheer desire for these two beautiful asses now gyrating in front of him. He could hear fabric tearing and Lindsay whimpering a pathetic and soft "no" as Donna tore at the front of Lindsay's t shirt. He could just see the outline of the side of his sister's milky white left breast as Donna tore the remaining fabric away from Lindsay's body.. The sleeves were pulled roughly away, causing Lindsay to contort on her knees . Her blonde hair bounced slightly. Even her back was beautiful and completely exposed to the room.

Lindsay was a rag doll now and John could not believe it when he saw Donna slip her hands behind Lindsay's knees and lift her up. She appeared to be draped over Donna's strong arms Her arms falling at her sides. Her breasts, now completely unclothed, heaved in Donna s arms.

Donna carried her like this watching Lindsay's long blonde hair cascade over Donna's left arm and down half way to the floor.. She felt Lindsay's soft flesh on the back of her knees. She remembered John doing this to his own sister at that wedding two years before.

Anger returned. Donna then casually unrolled her fingers and let the beautiful body fall out of her hands onto the soft rug below..

There was a soft thud and Lindsay began writhing on the rug. She was suddenly self conscious about her exposed breasts and covered them with her hands. Donna then put her own foot softly but firmly on Lindsay's neck and applied pressure until Lindsay had to move her hands away from her own breasts. exposing them once again. Grabbing Lindsay's hands and keeping her foot on Lindsay's throat Donna was able to pull hard on Lindsay's arms and control her further.

Lindsay's long lush legs swung from side to side. John could see his sister's lush inner thigh on her right leg as this leg was bent upward while left leg remained straight. Then Lindsay bent both legs at a forty five degree angle, knees hard together, and swung her paler fuller legs captivatingly slowly from side to side. The site of Donna's long darker and more toned legs in full extension ending with a foot on Lindsay's neck was a wonderful contrast.. John was by this time beside himself with desire. Donna then let go. The rough stuff was over.. Now onto the main event.

Donna pulled Lindsay up. She pulled Lindsay's back to her front. She separated Lindsay's legs.. Lindsay did not resist.. Allowing John to see his sister's vulva exposed in this way, Donna started rubbing it gently until it began to glisten from Lindsay's own juices. John heard the faint smacking of flesh as Donna gently separated the lips and he could even smell Lindsay now..

Donna did this for a very long time paying occasional attention to Lindsay's clitoris with her fingers. Her right hand wrapped around Lindsay's white neck while her left worked the beautiful vagina.

"Pretty pussy" she occasionally said, very softly,looking to John. Lindsay moaned, finally staring to completely give in.

Wet enough., Donna mounted Lindsay pussy to pussy and started gyrating all the time caressing Lindsay's long legs. Eventually Lindsay gave into an orgasm and Donna left her alone panting on the rug totally defeated and even humiliated at having had even an orgasm taken from her against her will.

Donna could see John huge underneath his pants

It was time.

Donna gave the key to John and he quickly took off his cuffs. Lindsay saw that this was finally going to be over. But she was wrong and when she saw the look on her brother's face she tried to get away but the door was locked and he was fast.

He was not gentle with her as he felt himself plunging hard into her as she clawed and pushed at him. Donna came behind her and placed her hand on her forehead and kissed her sister in law deeply. As she heard John and his sister gasp simultaneously., Donna knew that she got what she wanted.

Donna then took the camera and allowed Brenda to have her fun with Lindsay as well. John saw his sister's big blue eyes and stunningly pretty face juxtaposed against the Asian girls face and found it to be so hot that he pulled them apart and entered his sister for the second time . Brenda then lay next to Lindsay and pulled her in lifting Lindsay's left leg up and pulling Lindsay's calf behind Brenda's longer thinner legs. In this position, both women were on their sides on the floor with both right legs straight and both left legs at forty five degree angles..Both vaginas were exposed and slightly parted for John's benefit as Brenda worked Lindsay's pussy once again. Lindsay's moans were starting to come in higher pitched and broken tones as if all of her muscles even her throat muscles were in spasm. When John saw his sister come yet again, this time under an Asian's girl control, he noticed that his sister's full lush inner left thigh was quivering. It was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen and the flesh looked delicious and he did not even remember walking over to his sister. He just saw his thick rock hard shaft sink inside the perfect body as Brenda held Lindsay in place. One dark hand was on Lindsay's throat. The other dark hand sinking roughly into Lindsay's soft white right breast.. he wanted so badly to control this, to make it last forever but as he almost lost consciousness, he exploded into her. He screamed and she gasped feeling everything leaving him in a torrent.

Then with the desire gone and used up, he saw everything clearly. He remembered her as a little girl and saw her as helpless as she was then lying there in a heap on her back. His most intense sexual experience was with his own sister!

What had he done? There was no getting around it.

John was mortified at his own behavior and his sister was staring blankly at the ceiling.

Brenda and Donna casually left to go to the airport. In Brazil, Donna could not be extradited. Brenda had to tag along of course. Donna got what she wanted and more. The video went public and would eventually go viral humiliating John and Lindsay

On the beach in Rio, nine months later, Donna read her email.

Lindsay kept the baby . And it's father (and also uncle) was in prison.

Revenge is sweet, Donna thought.

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