Wife and sister in law fight viciously for control
Chapter 2: Finishing HER Off

What would happen now?



Perhaps he had gotten them both pregnant tonight.

Until the full reality set in, he was still lost in the desire for both of them.



The sound of the rough knocking on the door knocked them all back into reality.

Hotel Security was pounding on the door demanding to know if everything was okay.

Sheepishly, the three nodded assent and soon the men left.

John was especially relieved, as he could easily have been arrested had Lindsay decided to report the real events of the evening.

Donna may have been able to do the same.

Technically, Lindsay could have had both John and Donna sent away for sexual assault.

Heart pounding, John began to put on the rest of his clothes.

He marveled at his luck.

Still strutting from her victory in her fight with her sister in law, Donna made a fatal mistake.

While Lindsay was putting on her white T-shirt, Donna pushed Lindsay roughly.

"Keep that ass away from us: is all that Donna said but something that had been welling in Lindsay tonight was let loose.

The smugness on Donna's face was replaced by confusion as Lindsay pulled back her long left leg and let it loose kicking Donna in the back.

The brunette beauty flew forward and hit the opposite wall face first.

Stunned, Donna lost sight of everything around her as Lindsay yanked her hair back and Lindsay's beautiful knee landed hard into Donna right breast.

Lindsay took immediate advantage of Donna's prone position and landed another hard blow against Donna's right jaw with her knee.

Pulling her sister in law up by her arm and twisting it behind her. Lindsay had Donna on her knees, her stomach and breasts across the bed.

The beautiful blonde continued to use her advantage and placed her knee and calf against her sister-in-law's back and pulled both of Donna's arms hard behind her until the room was filled with Donna's whimpering.

Lindsay let go of one of Donna's arms and twisted the suffering brunette around so that she had to face Lindsay.

Now on her back, Donna was laid out across Lindsay's bed, her knees and calves running down the bed to the floor.

Pulling her hard, Lindsay was able to pull far enough forward to get Donna's ass to the edge of the bed.

Confused, Donna lay there with her beautiful brown legs open.

That was all that Lindsay needed.

She pulled her right leg back hard and sent her knee smashing into Donna's womanhood.

Donna did not scream but rather gasped as her entire body went into a spasm.

John was so mortified that he did not know what to do as Lindsay repeatedly smashed into her sister in law.

Lindsay threw Donna's legs up on the bed and mounted her.

One hand clawed at Donna's pubic hair removing several as Lindsay yanked mercilessly.

Donna was beside herself in pain now.

"Oh God Oh God Oh God" she whimpered in a breathy high-pitched tone.

Donna's face was furrowed as the beautiful blonde continued to torment her.

John was hard again as his sister's beautiful peach colored ass separated his wife's long brown thighs.

Donna felt Lindsay's pubic hair brushing menacingly against her now aching crotch.

Lindsay's ass looked delicious and John wanted his sister SO badly now.

Attempting to come into his sister from behind, he was met with Lindsay's elbow in his face.

This was her time with Donna, not John and she was going to finish her off.

John left to attend to his aching jawbone.

Lindsay kissed her sister-in- law hard.

"See how it feels? You f***ing dyke!"

John had never heard his sister talk like this.

Lindsay roughly jammed four fingers into Donna's snatch working the soft inner flesh and soaking her hand with Donna's juices.

"Can YOU still feel him in there? God damned bitch!"

Donna tried in vain to throw off the heavier but voluptuous woman.

After withdrawing her hand and smearing the liquid all over her sister in law's face, Lindsay began to slap her even more viciously than she had been slapped.

Feeling the slaps from the back and front of Lindsay's hand on her face. Donna looked done.

Lindsay ignored her pleas for mercy and continued her assault, this time taking both of Donna's brown nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

Squeezing gently at first, Lindsay's pressure increased until the brunette was writhing in agony.

Then Lindsay began to pull on the tender tissue, systematically reducing Donna to a wide-eyed terrified victim.

"You like that bitch?" Lindsay said over and over.

"You raped me you fucking bitch!"

"Here's how it feels."

Donna was cowering beneath Lindsay.

Lindsay had always been sweet and she could not believe what she had shown herself capable of doing.

She got off of Donna and walked away.

Throwing up her hands, Lindsay said simply and quietly:

"Just leave my room, both of you!"

With that she walked to the bathroom to try to gather herself.

She felt that she had made her point.

"Donna, NO!" John called but it was too late.

The brunette was immediately behind Lindsay and managed to lift up Lindsay's t-shirt and pulled it over Lindsay's head blinding and immobilizing Lindsay.

The confused blonde then felt Donna's hands and fingernails sinking into both breasts.

She gasped as her sister in law spun her around tearing the cloth of the t-shirt.

She felt her sister-in law's knee smashing into her womanhood and Lindsay doubled over.

Another knee to her solar plexus and Lindsay was fighting for air.

This time a punch to her stomach left Lindsay a wreck on the bed.

Turning her on her stomach. Donna managed to pin Lindsay down. Then she placed most of her left hand in Lindsay's snatch and her right index finger in Lindsay's ass.

Her face being in the pillow muffled Lindsay screams.

"I will definitely rape you now you incestuous bitch!"

John couldn't believe how beautiful his sister's peach ass was while gyrating under the control of his wife's skillful brown fingers.

Almost having brought Lindsay to orgasm, Donna pulled back and stopped.

She was assessing her next move and studying her beautiful sister-in-law's long blonde body, as Lindsay lay on her stomach too weak to resist any longer.

Pulling her roughly onto her back, Donna held Lindsay's wrists down and kissed Lindsay until Lindsay was breathless.

She then straddled Lindsay and pulled Lindsay's pretty face up into her crotch.

Lindsay was reluctant to eat Donna at first but Donna's strong tugs on Lindsay's nipples convinced her to oblige Donna.

The sound of his sister's slithering tongue on his wife's vagina combined with his sister's rising and falling breasts were making John so hard that he feared he would erupt right there in his pants with no need for further stimulation.

His sister's legs were even open as he tried to penetrate her, only to be shooed off by his wife. He knew she meant business.

Even while watching her beautiful defeated sister-in-law's face in her bush, Donna would not let herself cum yet.

She pulled Lindsay's face away and dried her own crotch with Lindsay's long blonde hair.

She loved the idea of her juices sopped up in Lindsay's pretty hair of which she had been jealous for so long.

Then Donna pulled back and slowly opened Lindsay's legs then her own and slowly at first but then violently rammed her vulva into Lindsay's.

The soft brown and white legs caressed each other gently even while their snatches were doing violent battle.

Stroking Lindsay's long blonde thighs and calves. Donna managed to get herself to cum but still denied Lindsay.

Lindsay was flopping on the bed now, not believing what was happening to her.

As Donna pulled away, rage entered her again.

She threw Lindsay back onto her stomach and mashed Lindsay's face into her pillow.

John watched in horror at the muffled screams as Lindsay kicked and bucked violently beneath his wife.

Donna was denying Lindsay even breath now.

As Lindsay began to lose consciousness, John ordered Donna to let her go.

Murder was not Donna's plan. Donna had another.

Pulling Lindsay up by her underarms, Donna lifted Lindsay's upper body, her breasts falling beneath Lindsay.

Sagging like a flag. Lindsay was completely vulnerable as Donna still covered Lindsay's mouth and nose with her right hand,

Donna lay back and pulled Lindsay's back to her breasts. Donna then held Lindsay there securely. Donna felt the vibration from Lindsay's screams in her hands, as Lindsay was about to pass out.

Separating Lindsay's legs with her own, she called John over.

"Do her now!" Donna ordered.

With that she released her hand and she and John watched Lindsay gasp for breath.

Her breasts rose and fell in unmerciful sexiness,

Harder than he had ever been, John thrust into her. Donna kissed Lindsay hard, kneaded Lindsay's breasts and played with Lindsay's clitoris until Lindsay came with an enormous shudder and a small squirt.

John exploded.

This finished John and he could not believe that he was still capable of producing any semen much less so much.

"Now leave John!" Donna said with authority. "You are done and it is my time with her alone. She is mine for the rest of the night. You may not have her or me."

Donna then opened the door and escorted John out and closed one of the doors to the adjoining rooms,

Before leaving, John had looked at his beautiful sister, humiliated and lying face down on the bed. Her right leg straight, her left bent at a 90-degree angle, her left arm hanging over the bed. She was SO beautiful!

Over the next few hours, John did not know what was going on but occasionally heard bits and pieces of noise coming from his sister's room.

The most disturbing was his sister's "OH NO NO NO. Oh God Oh God Oh God", then followed by "Ah Ah Ah": He knew his wife was continuing to torment his beautiful little sister's body.

Occasionally he would hear his sister squeal and then his wife's " sweet bay...bee. Pretty bay...bee." as Donna continued to take his sister's body as her own property.

This was not even desire. It was pure unbridled sadism.

After years of feeling inferior to Lindsay, Donna was in total control of her. There could not be enough humiliation.

Running her hands up and down Lindsay's beautiful peach body, stroking Lindsay's pretty face and watching Lindsay squirm with terror were truly turning Donna on.

She OWNED Lindsay now.

As the night went on, Lindsay's squeals were replaced by screams as Donna became more recklessly violent.

John hated his indecision and fear at not calling the police, as he knew he should.

Someone called though and this time when security arrived it was with 4 policemen.

The scene could not be misunderstood. Donna could not talk her way out of it and Lindsay had no trouble pressing charges.

Cowed by his wife until now, John was finally able to seal the police's case and watched his wife being led away in handcuffs.

After John and Lindsay returned from the police station, neither having informed on the other, they went to their separate rooms as the sky was turning a lighter blue.

Just before sunrise, John heard his door opening as Lindsay entered and snuggled up to him.

She had forgiven him.

Her breasts felt wonderful against his chest and they kissed passionately. Making love one more time, this time it was tender.

He loved her and held her tight as the sun rose.

In the end now, all they had was each other.

It felt right!
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