Husband hires an Asian woman to humiliate his blonde wife
The Service

Mike Larson was tired of his wife.

When he married Lesya when she was 23 she was truly beautiful. Long blonde hair, big blue eyes and while only 5'3”she had amazingly beautiful long legs. In a miniskirt, she turned every head that she passed. Even her name was exotic. Now she was 33 and 5 or 10 pounds heavier. Everyone thought that she was still beautiful except for Mike.

That may have been due to her overspending. It may have been due to her harping on him but mostly it may have been due to her constantly criticizing him in public.

Mike wanted someone new or more precisely someone like the old Lesya. Young, blonde and doting. In a dumb move, Mike noted his frustrations to his colleagues at a drunken office party. He regretted it the next morning but was relieved that no one seemed to remember the ramblings.

Then three days later, Mike received a cryptic e-mail. All that is said was “I can fix the Lesya problem. Meet me at the Ritz Carlton restaurant at 6:00 this evening. Choose from the pictures below.” And below there were dozens of pictures. From darkest black to palest blonde they all looked to be under 25 years old. The e-mail was signed by someone named Andrew.

He immediately chose Kris who was a dead ringer for Lesya in her younger years and he also chose Jen an Asian girl who he thought might be a perfect contrast to Kris with her dark skin and exotic features. A lesbian show might be fun. Certainly he could never talk Lesya into something like this. That DID sound nice right now.

Mike made it to the restaurant right on time. He was immediately escorted to his table and after a few polite greetings the two men got right to business.

“Who have you chosen?”

“Kris and Jen”

Andrew looked disappointed. He then dialed a number and gave some directions “Our fee is 10,000 per girl” he said.


“It is 5000 per girl if you are not satisfied but you will be.”

“20 grand is a lot of money.”

“Jen is on her way. You do not need Kris.”

“But that is what I want.”

“No, you want something else.'

“What might that be?”

“I will let Jen explain that to you.”

“So all of this will be tonight?”

“No this is a preliminary meeting.”

Mike finished his drink and ate his dinner. Andrew's phone rang again and he invited Mike to a room where all three could talk privately. Jen was already there. She was dressed in a tiny black miniskirt and was much taller than he expected, She was perhaps 5'8” with a very different body than Lesya who was far more curvy.

“I was hoping to have you and Kris but Andrew says that is not what I want.” Mike said with a roll of his eyes.

“That is correct, you do not want Kris.”

“I was hoping for a...lesbian...”

“You will have that but not with Kris. You do not want her. Jen moved around the floor, confidently, like a cat “

“Then who do I want?”

“You want Lesya.”


“We've done our research on you and your wife. You want me to take Lesya. You want me to pin her down and humiliate her. Kris would be a surrogate and you want the real thing.” she continued, “You seem to think that she is not hot anymore, You are wrong. This is more than a job to me. I want to do her. I hate blondes but I love their bodies, I especially love your wife's legs and ass.” She then pulled Mike's right hand into her left inner thigh. “Imagine this on Lesya’s legs. She then pulled his hand up to her ass. Imagine this dark ass between Lesya's pink legs.”

Mike was sold. He made immediate arrangements for payment and was told to come back in one week, They would send him some bogus sweepstakes award for the hotel stay and a complimentary massage for Lesya from Jen.

Then the fun would start. Mike couldn’t wait, The week went by slowly.

Lesya arrived late This left Mike and Jen alone in the room.

Jen was wearing an impossibly thin dark blue silk miniskirt. Mike was very excited now and watched Jen's legs as they confidently swept the room. As she turned her ass moved softly to a beat and Mike was getting very turned on. This girl was going to take Lesya down easily.

“When you are done with her, I want to do you right in front of her.”

“If you want but I guarantee that she will be the one you want.”

“Why would you think that?”

“That is the power of blonde. They get everything. That is why I hate them.”


They heard a knock on the door and then Lesya remembered her key card. They heard a beep and then the door opened.

Lesya was wearing that dull pantsuit again with the black pants and white top. Mike started to wonder if this would be worth it. Just then Lesya got a good look at Jen. “What is she doing here?”

“She is here for your massage. It's complimentary. Surprise, “ Mike said

“Just sit down here pretty girl and we can get started.” Jen said

Lesya was not in the mood for a massage but sat down at the edge of the bed anyway. Jen began to stroke Lesya's neck and it started to feel good to Lesya. Lesya moaned as Jen started to rub harder. Jen was starting to feel her own libido rising. It was all just minutes away now.

Jen laid Lesya down on the bed. “You might want to take off these pants. I will definitely want to get to your legs later.” Absently, Lesya agreed. Jen slowly removed Lesya's shoes and then carefully pulled down Lesya's pants to reveal Lesya's long full legs. Mike was surprised how beautiful his wife's legs were in this position juxtaposed against Jen's dark body and the crisp white blouse.

Jen lay Lesya on her stomach and sank her fingers deeply into Lesya's ass and let a finger slide gently into Lesya's snatch. “Hey” Lesya called but Jen was in her own world of lust and revenge.

“You are mine tonight bitch”

Lesya saw what was happening now and tried to get up but Jen held her down. Lesya grabbed at Jen's hands but she was not strong enough to pry them away from her body.

Lesya saw an opportunity to run away when she managed to surprise Jen and pushed her off with her strong legs. She ran for the door but the security latch was on and Jen had caught up to her. Lesya then tried to run to the bathroom, lock herself in and use the phone in there to call for help but Jen got in too quickly and cornered Lesya.

“Please, no!”

“I am going to take you bitch”


“I hate everything about blondes but their bodies. You are meant to be fucked. Hard way or easy way, Lesya?”

Lesya tried to dart again but Jen held her in place. This time she leaned Lesya over the sink extending Lesya's already long legs and again sank her fingers into Lesya's ass.

Lesya screamed to no avail as Jen pulled her back into the bedroom of the suite. Mike loved watching his wife being in someone else's control.

Lesya tried to scratch Jen but Jen caught her hand. She held Lesya firmly and watched Lesya's legs from beneath the white fabric. This was taking too long. Jen then reached up and slapped Lesya's face hard. Lesya crumbled to her knees

Jen then cupped her right hand tightly around Lesya's neck and pulled Lesya toward her . Lesya's blouse looked like a very short white mini skirt and her legs looked delicious full and womanly next to Jen's more slim and athletic looking legs

.Lesya stopped struggling and now looked frightened. Jen came from behind and put her hands on each side of Lesya's blouse. With a firm grip she then ripped the panels apart. Buttons flew everywhere and in a single motion, Jen ripped off Lesya's ugly white bra.

Jen reached into Lesya's shirt and cupped her right breast. Lesya started to scream but she was too afraid. Now Jen's right hand sank to Lesya's inner right thigh caressing the soft flesh. When Lesya tried to protest, Jen pulled hard on Lesya's neck pulling her head back. Then Jen began to kiss Lesya hard. Lesya tried to pull away but felt Jen's blue fingernails against her soft pink nipples. Lesya's milky breasts were heaving now and Mike never wanted to do her more than he did right now.

Jen pulled off Lesya's blouse completely now and pulled Lesya up from her knees. She forced Lesya to undress her. Finally the two women stood staring at each other completely naked.

In a symbol of ownership, Jen managed to scoop Lesya up and carry her to the bed. The image of his wife's long legs being held by a firm dark and beautiful hand were intoxicating to Mike. Jen was carrying Lesya like a trophy. Lesya's lips were parted and her long blonde hair fell back under Jen's left arm. Lesya's beautiful breasts jiggled slightly with each step Jen took.

Jen laid Lesya down on her stomach and proceeded to lie next to her, ass to ass. She placed Lesya's hand on her long full dark ass while Jen placed hers on Lesya's round full pink ass. “Do what I do and this will be pleasant if you don't it will be quite unpleasant for you.”

Jen separated Lesya's ass cheeks and began to open her vulva. Lesya did the same to Jen and Mike watched the two women's gyrating asses so different but so beautiful moving together.

Jen was clearly wet but better yet, so was Lesya. Mike noted.

Jen began working Lesya more slowly now separating her pussy lips and exposing her pink to Mike. “Look at what I'm doing to your wife's pretty pink pussy.. Keep working me Lesya...Want to do me now Mike...right in front of her?” Jen then opened Lesya's pussy wide.

Lesya began to shudder as Jen gently brought her to climax. Her back arched and her face looked beautiful Mike could stand it no longer and rammed his cock hard into his wife's creamy full ass. Lesya gasped and Jen began sucking voraciously on Lesya's very erect and very sensitive pink nipples, It was driving Lesya crazy and she made a feminine sound that Mike had never heard before. Mike exploded inside of her and she gasped again

Jen then lay on top of her and separated Lesya's legs with her left leg, She then pulled Lesya up so that Lesya felt Jen's breasts on her back

Jen pulled Lesya's hair back while kissing her hard. Lesya was yielding now and allowed Jen to explore her mouth with her tongue, Soon Lesya would be exploring Jen's mouth with her own tongue. Jen's hands now roamed freely over Lesya's entire body stopping only to have an extra feel of Lesya's milky white breast or her now extremely wet snatch. Jen would occasionally reach down and coat her fingers with Lesya's juices and then would make Lesya lick them off..

Jen turned Lesya over on to her back and got up to look at her prey. She circled the bed confidently hands on hips legs akimbo surveying the blonde body that she was about to ravage again. Lesya had only seen men look at her this way in the past. It was more frightening coming from a woman. Lesya curled up into a fetal position trying to cover her breasts and vagina with her hands. This made Lesya look more vulnerable and more delicious to Jen.

Jen approached Lesya climbing slowly onto the bed, Lesya saw Jen's knee rise onto the mattress first then watched helpless as the rest of her body followed. Jen ran her hands through Lesya's hair then down her back and allowed her hands to settle onto Lesya's engorged and soaking wet pussy,

Jen lay on her back and pulled Lesya on top of her, Jen then separated her own legs and allowed Lesya's creamy full pink ass to sit on top of her, Lesya's ass rode high and beautiful on Jen and it looked for a moment as if Lesya were in control.

“Kiss me pretty girl “Jen instructed and Lesya obliged hesitantly. “No Kiss me like you mean it.” This time Lesya's lips came down hard on Jen's lips and Mike heard both women breathing hard, eyes closed. Lesya was actually moaning

Jen reached up and pushed her right hand under Lesya's chin and pushed up forcing Lesya to support herself on her arms, Her long blonde hair hung down over Jen as did her beautiful breasts. Each pink nipple pointed to Jen's brown nipples. Jen's left hand sunk into Lesya's right breast. Jen then allowed Lesya to fall onto her again, her breasts pooled onto Jen's.

Jen's hands made their way to Lesya's ass kneading and caressing the cheeks. Pulling them gently apart, Mike saw his wife's beckoning pink pussy.. The lips were slightly parted and very moist. Jen's opening and closing them made a faint smacking sound. Mike was wild with desire again and thrust into Lesya while Jen kissed her violently and squeezed her sensitive pink nipples hard between her thumb and forefinger. Lesya screamed, shuddering, helplessly sandwiched between the beautiful merciless Asian and her husband. .Mike exploded into her and Jen saw it register on Lesya's face

Jen pushed Mike away and laid Lesya on her back. Jen's thumb and index finger found Lesya's nipples again. Jen squeezed and pulled. “Please stop Please! That hurts so much. Please! “ Her huge blue eyes were pleading.

Jen straddled over her. Inch by inch Jen moved forward until Lesya not only saw but could smell Jen's cunt moving toward her face. “You talk too much” is all Jen said as she planted her cunt right onto Lesya's pretty pink mouth. “Eat me or I'll clamp your nipples again.” Lesya obliged and Jen was beside herself with desire watching that pretty face eat her out. Jen occasionally repositioned Lesya's head so that Lesya's nose partially entered her. Each time this happened Mike saw Lesya's long legs swing wildly from side to side and he saw her milky breasts quiver deliciously,

Even Jen was surprised at how good Lesya was turning out to be at eating her. Lesya's face was now glazed with Jen's cunt juices and Jen was extremely close to cumming herself but she held out, She slowly dismounted Lesya and ran her long fingernails softly down Lesya's prone body. Lesya was shaking now. Pain or pleasure could come at any moment and both were intense when Jen was administering them.

Lesya was experiencing something brand new. Jen frightened her so much but her discipline was orgasmic. Her nipples ached but it was becoming sweet pain. She had never been so wet and for that matter neither had Jen.

Jen moved down toward Lesya's feet grabbing each ankle and slowly separated Lesya's rich full long legs. Lesya felt her vagina exposed and vulnerable. Lesya saw Jen's mouth moving toward it and her whole body shuddered. Would it be pleasure or pain? A lick or a bite?

In the end Jen's mouth stopped short and she merely blew hot breath on Lesya's pussy. That drove Lesya crazy. She needed a touch. Something substantial and firm. Her pussy ached with desire. She needed to cum again,

Jen opened her own legs and slid her right leg under Lesya's left leg. She then pulled Lesya's right leg under her left leg and very very slowly slid her long silky brown thighs up Lesya's long full soft pink thighs. When their pussies finally met, both women gasped and Jen roughly grabbed Lesya's wrists pulling her in harder.

Mike saw his wife's pussy struggling beautifully with Jen's , Now Jen had risen and was sitting on Lesya's pussy and riding her. Jen had her back arched and her head thrown back, her hair tousled while Lesya lay back on the bed her blond hair spilling below her. Jen lifted Lesya's long left leg and rested her calf on Jen's shoulder. all the while grinding away on Lesya's ripe snatch, She made slow regular circles her clit clipping at Lesya's clit first very slowly and then with increasing intensity and pressure. Jen took the opportunity to caress Lesya's soft and shapely upper thigh as she continued to work her pussy.

Lesya felt the larger warm pussy surround her. Each click of the clit was making her more and more crazy with desire. She felt as if she were either coming out of or going back into her mother. Her juices were totally mixed with Jen's and the room was full of the sounds and smells of smacking wet pussy.

Jen was determined to make Lesya cum first. Finally Lesya's forehead began to furrow and her moans became staccato and higher pitched. Lesya felt the heat rising from her pussy out to her hips and even into her stomach and upper legs. Jen pushed in harder and pressed her clit hard on Lesya's. Lesya's entire body shuddered and Jen felt Lesya's pussy vibrating deliciously against hers. That sent Jen to cumming and both women felt each other's pulsations which extended both of their orgasms,

Jen got up and left Lesya on the bed. She walked over to Mike and led him back to the bed. “Do me now Mike right in front of her, right next to her.”

Mike mounted Jen but had forgotten how beautiful his wife was. Lesya was lying just to his left. Her breasts were still heaving and her left leg was straight while her right was bent. Her worked pussy looked ripe. He had to have her right now. He left Jen and started to play with his wife's supple body.

Jen realized that she had once again been rejected for a blonde. She was disgusted but not surprised. She quickly put on her clothes and started to walk out. At the last minute she impulsively grabbed Lesya by the arm and pulled her up to her feet only to double her over with a hard knee to her stomach. Jen then kicked her repeatedly with her bare feet as she lay crumpled on the ground trembling.

“This is what you want? This weak piece of ass? TAKE HER! Fucking blondes”

Jen then yanked Lesya up and pulled her, still naked, out the door and down a corridor to the hotel bar. It was late but still full of customers.

Jen whispered “ I or someone else can come back for you at any time Tell no one”

She then yelled “Hey this is what you all want to see”and paraded Lesya to the center of the bar. A kick to the back of the knees sent Lesya to the floor again and Jen was gone.

Lesya lay humiliated but beautiful on the soft carpet of the bar, She did not move. It took the men a few minutes to get past their initial strong desire and offer her help

Returned to her room , Mike fucked her hard all night long

This would not be Lesya 's last experience with the service.
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