I offer Misa a Chance to Join!
I am married to a foxy Japanese lady, who is 5 feet 6 inches tall, with 35-inch hips, 23-inch waist and 34-C breasts. We met while I was stationed with the military in Japan and have been married 5 years; so far, Misa has been the perfect wife. She’s a great cook, great companion and a real tiger in bed. During the first year of marriage, we shared our past sexual experiences. I confessed that I had sex with 23 women before her, while she claims to have only bedded two other men. One was her college professor; and the other, a very rich young man whose father owned a movie theater chain in Tokyo.

Over the last year, we have begun watching adult videos, and from time to time engage in role-playing. Since we have no children, we can use the entire house for our little games. Misa has played the roles of a waitress, flight attendant, call girl, and geisha. I’ve been a male stripper, lifeguard, robber and doctor.

Jack, my friend at work, is married to a Chinese woman, named Grace. We met her once at an office Christmas Party. She’s very attractive and quit sexy. Last week during lunch, Jack told me that he and his wife belong to the Asian Wives Club. Currently there are eight members. Besides he and Grace, there’s a Canadian guy, who is married to a Filipina; an Englishman, married to a Singaporean, and a black fellow, married to a Korean. They meet once a month to swap wives and on special occasions hold orgies. Jack wanted to know if Misa and I would like to join. They didn’t allow more than one wife from the same Asian country. Since there were no Japanese, our membership would be acceptable. Each couple pays $300 per month in fees for food, drinks and an annual trip to Hawaii.

I waited until the last night to tell Misa about Jack’s offer. My strategy was to get her horny as hell and then let her imagination seal the deal. After several glasses on wine, she took a bath and put on a purple baby doll top with no panties. As usual, I was totally nude. I started by kissing her lips, eyes, neck and nipples. Once I start licking her long, hard nips she will do anything I ask. Within minutes she was stroking my 7-inch cock with her petite hand and breathing heavily. Lying on my back, I pulled her body to my face and began licking and sucking her juicy clit and labia. Her first climax came quickly and was huge, causing her body to vibrate as her tiny pussy leaked cum all over my face.

She slid down between my legs and quickly grabbed my throbbing rod and stroked it with intense focus, determined to also give me a fabulous orgasm. Soon, her tongue was swirling around my knob making me whimper with lust. She slid her tongue up from the bottom of my shaft all the way to the tip, lapping up a small bubble of pre-cum from the slit; and then, using her full, soft lips, she slid back down my cock, sucking and licking as she went along. She gave special attention to my balls; popping them with her mouth until that familiar feeling warned me that I was on the verge of shooting gobs of sperm high into the air.

However, that was not my plan. I wanted to make her cum two or three more times before I shot my wad. So, I pulled her face up to mine and started kissing her again. Rolling her onto her back and then lying on my side, I lifted her leg and slowly penetrated her sopping wet vagina with my thick cock. We kissed some more, as I began to set a slow, erotic rhythm that had her moaning very loud. This was the moment I was waiting for. “Do you like a big, hard cock in your naughty pussy?”, I whispered. She panted, “Yes, I love your big, hard cock inside of me!” “No”, I said, “Do you like big hard cocks inside your tiny, tight pussy?” She immediately caught on that I was starting another role-playing game, “Yes, baby, you know how much I love big cocks in my pussy and my mouth. Especially after the guy sucks my nipples and eats my naughty little cunt.” “Yes, Misa, you’re such a nympho when it comes to big hard cocks!” “Yes, baby! Once that huge shaft enters me, I can’t stop fucking. I just want to fuck all night.” “So how many big cocks can you handle in one night?” This was the first time I had ever introduced the possibility of more than one lover at a time. She smiled, and with giggle in her voice replied, “Oh, I don’t know maybe three of four. Would you be included?” I answered immediately, “Do you want me to be included?” Her voice became deep and sultry, “I don’t know. It depends on whether they are able to satisfy me the way you do. I might save you for last and let you feel all their cum in my pussy. Would you like that?”

When we first married, I could never have imagined my sweet, innocent Japanese wife saying something like that. She had definitely matured sexually. “I think that I would really like it. In fact, the thought of it makes me want to cum right now.” She opened her eyes wide, “Would you really let me fuck four men and then stick your cock in my pussy with all of there cum inside?” “If that’s what you wanted, sure I would!” “It’s an exciting fantasy, but I am satisfied with just your big cock.”

I pumped her several times, rapidly; causing her to moan and beg me to move faster. Then I sprung it on her, “Misa, do you remember, Jack, the guy that works with me in Sales? I introduced you to him and his wife Grace at last year’s Office Christmas Party.” “Oh, yes, he was rather handsome and very charming. His wife was a real hottie!” “Well, Jack has invited us to join the Asian Wives Club. The wives all come from different Asian countries. However, there is only one wife from each country. Right now they have a Filipina, Chinese, Korean and Singaporean. They meet once a month and have a party; and each year all go to Hawaii together on a 10-day vacation.” Misa, thought about what I had said, then asked, “Where do the men come from?” “Well, they don’t need to come from anywhere special. However, they must be married to an Asian woman. Right now they have a Canadian, Englishman, and two Americans… Jack and a black guy named Carl.” “So you’re saying that I would be the only Japanese wife in the club?” “That’s right. However, there is one more thing you need to know.” Misa was curious, “What’s that?” “Each month, when they meet, they swap wives for the night!” I waited for the idea to sink in, as I picked up the pace of my pumping action. I could feel my wife’s cunt getting even wetter, as she started pushing back against my thrusts. She moaned loudly and her body shook with pure ecstasy. It was the most intense orgasm I had seen her have in months.

I smiled and remarked, “I take it you like the idea?” As she came down off her sexual high, she whispered, “But honey, do you really want me to fuck other men. What if I don’t like the guy?” “Misa, it’s all voluntary. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.” “Baby, does this mean that you would be fucking one of the other wives?” “Only if you wanted me to… no one has to do anything.” “Do you want to fuck another woman?” “I don’t know. The only one I have ever met is Grace, Jack’s wife. Like you said, she’s pretty hot. But, it can only happen if you want it to.” My cock was still inside her, so I started pumping again. She suddenly pushed me onto my back, moved on top and started riding me in the cowgirl position, “It’s so much to think about. On one side, it is exciting thinking about fucking other men; but on the other side, I don’t think I like the idea of you fucking another woman.” “That would only happen, if you choose to fuck one or more of the men.” “You mean, that I could actually fuck two guys at the same time?” “Yes… even three or four!” “But then you would be screwing three of four women at the same time?” “Only if you elected to take on the guys. It’s all up to you.” As she thought about it, her cunt rocked to and fro, then in wide circles; while her strong vaginal muscle squeezed my cock, which was very near a climax. I could tell she was also very close to her third orgasm, as she moved faster and faster. Then it happened. She screamed, “God, baby, I’m cumming.” I grunted loudly and shot several volleys of fresh semen into her twitching twat. It took at least two minutes before we could catch our breath. Collapsing onto my chest, she looked into my eyes and spoke in a very sexy tone, “Baby if you want to try this, I’ll go along; but, I feel scared,and yet at the same time very excited. Please promise that you will protect me, if I want to stop!” “Oh yes, Misa, I will be there whenever you need me.” We slipped off into a deep sleep and when we woke up, reconfirmed our intention to join the Asian Wives Club. Our next adventure will be posted soon.


2012-08-05 15:50:50
outstanding story, want to read what happens hot hot

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2012-04-03 13:36:27
never had an asian or indian lover. think about this every time i go out to eat and have an asia waitress. they always look so hot and like a little temptress.

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2011-08-08 08:05:43
My wife joined a similar club in Korea. Only Asian Wives, but we allowed 5 of each Asian nationality. My wife loved it almost as much as I did.

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2011-08-03 19:07:42
When can we expect the next chapter. I am curious to read about what happened when you two attended the first meeting of the Asia Wives Club.

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2011-07-05 03:10:27
get an indian couple into the club. Indian girls are also unbelievably hot. My husband just loves screwing Indian men, while i have sex with their wives.

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