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It was lunch time and I could see Lucy and Sarah walking along them path towards me. On arriving, Lucy kissed me on one cheek and Sarah the other. Lucy said to me “we really should not have kissed you because you are too dangerous!………..are you ready for your results?”

After all the trouble, at least I wanted to know what the fuss had been about. We sat at the table, the girls one side and me the other……..”Just in case!” Lucy said.
According to Lucy I was 80% good compared to a norm of 75% and the swimmers were very strong: they would have no trouble reaching their target. “It was fascinating to watch them wriggling round.........especially knowing they were yours!” Sarah said.
Obviously, it was difficult to maintain any sort of privacy with Lucy. When I asked whether the whole class were privy to the examination, she said it did not matter as the sample was supposedly from an anonymous donor.

As we left Sarah, Lucy said she would see her at our place for dinner.


Later, when we arrived home, I asked Lucy whether there was a special reason for Sarah’s visit. She said there was……. Sarah had asked Lucy if we could teach her about intercourse. Lucy said that she had explained all the basic in and outs and how good it was, but theory was not really enough. Sarah would need some practical ‘lab’ sessions. This is where I was required to help. In this way Sarah could experience first hand how it is done. I could hardly believe what Lucy was suggesting.

I said “you want me to have sex with Sarah?”

Lucy explained that, in a sense, there would be nothing sexual involved. As Sarah and I were not in love, I would not be ‘making love’ to Sarah, like she and I did. There would be no after-play. Also, Lucy would be there to help and support Sarah.

As usual, Lucy’s logic was hard to question, but I was not completely happy with the idea although I was not sure why. I hoped I was not part of some class ‘project’. Lucy assured me the Sarah was quite happy with the idea of me putting my dick in her so she could fully understand what was involved.

Sarah arrived not long after Lucy had explained their plan to me. The first thing Sarah did was to take her hair out from being tied back and let it hang to her shoulders. I think she knew I liked it that way.


As we sat down at the table Lucy told Sarah she had explained everything to me. Sarah took hold of my hand and asked “Jimmy, are you ok with this?” I replied by asking whether she had really thought about what would happen if I agreed. I asked if she remembered I had told her what inevitably happened when dicks went in! I would not be able to stop myself from putting a lot of swimmers in her!

Sarah then put a chart on the table, colored like Lucy’s chart, and pointed to the current date and said “you do not need to worry about me getting pregnant because I will be right in the middle of my ‘safe’ time”. Lucy put her chart alongside and reminded me that we were now in her ‘fertile’ time. Therefore, we would not be having intercourse at the same time Sarah was learning.

Faced with such formidable opposition and logic, I had to agree to help. I asked when we would start the ‘lab’ session. Lucy said that, as Sarah was going to stay over, we would start that night.

Sometime after dinner Lucy suggested we have our shower so we could get started. I started to go with Sarah but Lucy said we were not lovers so we should go separately. I reminded Lucy that it we had showered together before. But Lucy said that was for a special purpose and did not count. In any case, she did not think I would have any trouble getting hard.


When I came out of the bathroom Lucy and Sarah were both on the bed waiting. I felt a bit nervous about this lab business and my dick did too. It was hanging soft. However, when I looked at Sarah, completely naked, her legs apart with her blonde pubic bush ready for me, my nervousness changed to excitement. What a sexy girl she was! I could feel myself getting hard quickly – very hard, very quickly. Noticing my rising dick, Sarah said “did I make it do that?……oh, good!”
Kneeling between her legs I asked if she was sure she wanted me to go ahead and if she did not feel comfortable, in any way, she was to say ‘stop’.
“Yes…. Please!!” she replied.


Holding Lucy’s hand, she propped herself to watch. Moving my dick closer I parted her lips and brushed her pubic hairs to the sides. I could tell she was completely ready by the secretions on her lips and opening. Lucy told Sarah to take hold of my dick, as she had explained to her, and guide it in to the top of her opening. As I moved my dick in to her I started to feel even more excited. This was my second virgin I was entering who clearly wanted my dick in her. Sarah watched until my head slid in, then dropped her head back on the bed, gasped, and closed her eyes. I hesitated, and Lucy said “keep going ………you still have 4 inches to left to go in!”

My urge to squirt was increasing rapidly so I paused on reaching her pubics. At that point, I heard Lucy say “are you ok Sarah?” A very soft voice answered “beautiful!” So I started slow and gentle thrusting, making sure my dick was firmly against her pleasure spot. I could not believe how slippery she was – it was like silk. Feeling Sarah’s mound rising and falling beneath me I could not hold back and my swimmers were soon squirting in to her.

I left my dick in her until I regained some energy. As I let it slide slowly out I looked at Sarah to see her response. But her eyes were closed and it was obvious she was fast asleep! Then I looked at Lucy, and, to my surprise, she was also fast asleep!

I had been expecting some words of encouragement like;
‘thanks that was great’ or
‘I really enjoyed it’ and
‘when can I have another lab session?’

Lucy had said it was not going to be really sexual. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it greatly. Probably, I should have felt a little guilty about my enjoyment, but I didn’t!
Who wouldn’t enjoy sex with an attractive girl, with a beautiful body, a fascinating blonde triangle, who was orgasmic and wanted to have intercourse with you?


After all my ‘hard’ work, I decided to have a snooze myself, so I lay next to Lucy.
About an hour later I woke in a fright. I had been having a bad dream. I dreamt that the girls had made a mistake with Sarah’s chart. Firstly, I thought they had mixed up their colors by switching the reds and greens. Secondly, they may have got the data wrong. The result could be that I had put my swimmers in to Sarah in her fertile days and not her ‘safe’ days. If this was the case, then my swimmers would have all ready reached their target! Sarah could be pregnant right now!!

I was not feeling good at all – in fact, I was feeling awful.

I would have to wake Lucy and go over the charts. If my fears were right, at least I would know what the situation might be and what might be done. The patter of little feet was not in my current plans – certainly not ones that belonged to Sarah!

I woke Lucy and told her about my concerns. Lucy said they could not have made such a mistake. It was a figment of my imagination, definitely a bad dream. To confirm this she got up and returned with the charts. She pointed to the boxes marked with a ‘P’ and said this was the key to assessing the basic accuracy of overall format. She said Sarah’s was consistent with the ‘P’. This meant the colored days were correct and all ready allowed a margin for error.

What a relief! She said “Sarah cannot get pregnant at this time of her fertility cycle”.

Feeling better, I told Lucy about both of them being asleep at the same time I took my dick out of Sarah. She explained that she started to orgasm while watching my head disappear into Sarah and from the feel of Sarah’s hand knew she was in orgasm too. When she knew Sarah was ok she closed her eyes and the pleasure of the continuing orgasm put her to sleep.
She told me that when we had sex she mostly held herself back until we could go together.

Although Sarah had been asleep all through our discussion she was now stirring.
We had decided not to mention anything about my bad dream to her – she might think I was nuts!


Then we heard Sarah’s voice “Jimmy, that was beautiful …….. when I saw your head enter me a wonderful feeling came all over me. After that everything is a blur. I was not really aware of what was happening …….. I think I felt you take it out. I just felt sleepy ……….. How long have I been asleep?” I told her she had been asleep for more than an hour.

Next, she asked me if I would show her again; she promised to stay awake so that she would know exactly what was happening.

I did not object - this was going to be an unexpected bonus! I then explained to her that she needed to be completely with me, this time. She did not need to hold Lucy’s hand – she needed to have her hands on me.

As I started for the bathroom for the required wash, Lucy looked at my dick and said “Sarah, looks like Jimmy will need some help, you go with him……..make sure he is done properly.”

Sarah let water run into the basin, picked up my dick and dropped it into the water. Pouring some of the special wash on my dick she put both hands around it, lightly sliding her hands up and down the shaft. She said “it feels nice, soft, but I like it better hard ….. it’s starting to get hard now.”

Then she sang out to Lucy “there was no need to worry……….it’s gone hard again ……….very hard.” I told Sarah not to play with my dick for too long otherwise I would be worn out.

On the bed, Sarah looked even sexier. When I kneeled in to position she followed what I had done last time. She parted her lips and brushed aside any stray hairs. After guiding me in to her, she placed her hands on my hips and started pulling me right in. As our pubics met I heard her gasping and she whispered “start now”. At the same time her hands started pushing my hips. I started to slide in and out guided by the pressure of her hands.
The combination of her secretions and my semen seemed to make her exceptionally slippery. With her interaction I was quick to peak. As the orgasm took over me I whispered in her ear “now”. The rise and fall of her mound, beneath me, signaled her pleasure. No doubt Sarah was very orgasmic!

Exhausted, I started to slide out. Then I felt Sarah’s hands push on my hips, indicating she wanted me again. My head said yes but my body said no! Even though I was young and fit there was just so much one guy could do over a short period.

Resigned to the fact that I was finished she said “maybe we can practice another day!”

Just as well Lucy and I were ‘in recess’ as I would not have been able to perform again that day.

While I recovered my energy, Lucy took Sarah to the spare bedroom, where she was to stay for the night. I could not make out what they were saying but I could hear lots of talking and giggling. Eventually, Lucy returned and said that Sarah was right for the night, but Sarah wanted to ask me something and tell me something.


I went to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed next to Sarah. She said that during our lab sessions she noticed her pubic seemed to get in the way. At which point she pulled down the covers and to show her pubic triangle. She asked me whether she should shave or trim her pubic hair.
For a moment I could not speak. I was shocked by the thought of Sarah’s beautiful blonde bush gone. I put the palm of my hand lightly on her hairs and circled it around, gradually moving it closer to her mound until it was firmly on it. I spread my fingers and let them flow through the curls. It was such a beautiful triangle – it would tragedy if they were gone!

I told Sarah she was never to take them off – not even trim one hair. I asked whether she wanted to go back and look like a 10 year old girl again. I wanted her to promise me that she would never do it, or let anyone else do it for her!
I was relieved when she agreed.

Next Sarah gave me a big kiss on the cheek to thank me for all the help I had given her with the lab sessions. She said she did not realize how tiring it would be for me. She wanted to give me a tangible reward. She put her hands around her breasts, pushed them together to form a full cleavage and asked if I would like to suck them. Lucy had told her that I knew the best way.

It would have been bad manners not to accept such a generous offer so I quickly lay on my back. Sarah knelt over me and lowered each in turn. From all the practice I had had with Lucy I believed I was an expert. I knew Sarah liked my technique for she was soon on her back and said “ohhhh……that was beautiful”. It was obvious she had gone into another orgasm!

As I was returning to our bedroom, the thought of the possibility of Sarah’s bush gone made me feel depressed. The only consolation was the Sarah had promised never to touch them or let anyone else.

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