Karen slows down as the trail becomes steeper. Each step is difficult under the weight of her backpack. The town Karen's mom and dad grew up in is several miles behind them now. "How much farther daddy?"

Tom reaches in his pocket and takes out his GPS navigator. He looks at it, "Only about a mile more. You want to stop and rest?"

Karen says, "No, I’m okay, let's keep going." They've been planning this trip for three months. Karen's mother died over a year ago. This is their first vacation since then. It's the first time they've done anything fun. After his wife's death, Tom spent all his time grieving or working. He hasn't been much of a father to Karen. He's provided for, money, clothes, etc. But he hasn't given her much attention.

Karen is 16 years old and is tall for her age. She has light brown shoulder length hair and hazel eyes. She has a nice looking round butt, hips which are nicely curved, and a cute pair of tits.

Tom had never been involved in Karen's life on a day to day basis before as his job required him to travel a great deal, much of it overseas. When his wife died, he transferred back home so he could raise Karen, but he really didn't take too much notice of her as he was so wrapped up in his own grief.

Karen turned 16 three months ago in March. It’s now June and they’re finally headed to the lake. They’ve been hiking all day and should reach the lake tomorrow. They’re going to sleep at the edge of a creek tonight.

Six months ago Karen noticed she was getting fat from all the crappy fast food they were eating. She started going grocery shopping with her dad. She got on the internet and taught herself how to cook healthy food. Then she started cleaning the house because it had turned into a dump.

She also began taking care of the stuff her mom used to do for her dad. She bought his clothes and washed them. She laid out his clothes for him each day. Cooked his breakfast, and even washed his car. Karen hoped her dad would snap out of it and start acting like a father.

On Karen's birthday 3 months ago, she made herself and her dad an especially nice meal. She set the table with the good dishes and got dressed up for the occasion. She also set out her dad's nice clothes for him and made him change before dinner, otherwise he would have showed up for dinner in shorts and a T-shirt with something stupid written on it.

When Karen sent her dad upstairs to change, he took all the money out of his wallet and put it in an envelope. He'd forgotten to buy her a present. Tom felt a little guilty. He should have taken her out, but he didn't think of it and didn't remember it was Karen's birthday until he got home and she mentioned it.

After they finished eating, Tom handed Karen the envelope with the money in it. When she opened it, he saw a flash of sadness in her face. She excused herself and went into the kitchen. Tom realized how impersonal his gift was. He felt like an ass. She had gone to so much trouble so the two of them could have a nice meal together. She even baked herself a cake. He hadn't even bought her a birthday card.

Tom went into the kitchen where Karen was standing by the sink with her back turned, quietly crying. He had to think fast. He walked up behind her and said, "That's actually not your present.....not all of it. I want to take you on a trip this summer.....anywhere in the world you want to go."

Damn, this was going to be expensive. Oh well, Tom figured it was about time they did something fun together. He’d built up over a month of vacation time at work. He tells her, "The money is just for clothes and stuff that you'll need."

Karen turned around and said "Really daddy? Anywhere? Just us?"

Tom smiled, "Sure baby, anywhere you want. Paris, Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro, wherever you want to go." Karen knew her dad had forgotten and was just coming up with this whole idea on the fly, but she didn’t care. She hugged and kissed him. Tom couldn't even remember the last time he’d hugged and kissed his daughter.

A couple days later Karen went into Tom's room. She took a picture off his bedroom wall and handed it to him. "This is where I want to go." Tom looked at the photo.

It was a picture of his wife standing on a large flat rock on the edge of a small lake when her mother was just 16 years old herself. The same age Karen is now. Tom said, "You know it takes two days of hiking just to reach this lake."

"Yeah, no problem,“ Karen shrugged, “we can do that."

He reluctantly said, "Well, I did say anywhere, didn't I?" Tom had spent a month at this lake with Karen's mother many years ago. It's where his wife became pregnant with Karen.

They began planning the trip. They made several trips to the store to buy camping and backpacking gear.

Karen was just hoping she could finally get her dad to wake the hell up and take an interest in something besides working and moping around the house.

Earlier in the year she tried acting out and misbehaving to get his attention, but it didn‘t work. Tom took no notice. Just to get his attention, several months ago, Karen asked if she could get a tattoo. He said yes and didn't even ask her what kind of tattoo she was going to get or what part of her body she was going to get it on. She lost interest and didn’t bother getting the tattoo.

So then she told her dad she needed to go to the doctor to get put on birth control pills. He drove her to the doctor without saying a word. Karen was at her wits end, she didn't know what to do about her father. She just wanted him to care about her.

Tom wasn't sure if he wanted to return to the lake. There were so many memories associated with it. He didn't really have a choice at this point though.

"I can hear running water daddy. I think we're here." They reach a small creek with a clearing on the bank.

Tom says "This’ll do just fine. We'll spend the night here.“ Tom helps Karen take her backpack off. She then helps him take his off. As they both sit down Karen says "Damn, I'm so fucking sore.....sorry daddy.....I mean, I ache all over."

Tom says "Me too." He smiles, "Do you wish you had picked Paris instead?"

Karen chuckles, "Sort of." After a few minutes Tom gets up and starts pitching the tent. He lays out their sleeping bags and sets up the lantern as it will be dark soon.

Karen finally gets up moaning loudly as she does. She walks off to pee. Tom yells "Don't go far." Karen walks a little ways into the trees. She drops her shorts and pees.

When she comes back, daddy is heating some water for their dinner. Karen sits down next to Tom, "I think this is the first time you’ve cooked dinner for me in years, unless you count McDonald's."

Tom thinks for a bit, "Yeah, I guess it is."

After they eat Karen washes their utensils in the creek while Tom hangs the food from a high tree branch so the bears can’t reach it. She goes into the tent, "I know it's still early but I'm going to bed. I'm so tired and sore."

Tom says, "Let me know when you're decent. I'm going to bed too."

Karen strips down to her panties and t-shirt, then climbs into her sleeping bag, "OK daddy, I'm decent."

Tom enters the tent and climbs into his sleeping bag. He removes his shorts and t-shirt. "Good night, baby. I guess we'll watch the stars another night when we aren't so exhausted."

Karen mumbles, "Good night daddy."

Karen wakes up as Tom shakes her shoulder. It's still dark outside, except for the moonlight, "Look Karen! over there." Karen isn't sure what time it is. She looks out the tent flap, to where Tom is pointing.

Karen says, "Oh shit! It's a fucking bear!" Karen climbs out of her sleeping bag. "Where's your damn gun daddy?"

Tom says, "It's under my pillow. Damn Karen, what’re you doing?"

Karen starts to get into Tom's sleeping bag. "I'm getting in here with you. He isn't taking me unless he takes us both!"

Tom laughs, "Karen. Don't worry. Just watch him. It's just a black bear. Not very old, he's kind of small....."

Karen interrupts, "Shut up daddy, he's going to hear us."

Tom laughs, "He already knows we're here. He can smell us. Just watch him." The bear walks over to the bank of the creek where Karen washed the dishes from dinner. After sniffing around, the bear finally walks off.

Karen asks "What are we going to do now?"

Tom rolls over, “Well, we're going to go to sleep I guess, it's three o'clock in the morning." Karen holds onto Tom. She isn't sure she'll be able to sleep with a bear prowling around.

Tom thinks to himself he probably shouldn't have woken her up, although it was cute to watch her reaction. And he must admit he enjoys the feeling of her clinging to him for protection. It’s nice. For a fleeting moment he feels like a father again.

Tom wakes up in the morning. Karen is facing him with an arm around his waist. Tom watches her sleep for a while. He admires her beauty and can’t believe she’s already sixteen. She looks a lot like her mother. Tom shuts his eyes and presses his nose and lips into her dark hair. After a while Karen wakes up, "Daddy, is the bear gone?"

Tom says, "Yeah."

"I can't move daddy, I'm sore all over."

Climbing out of the sleeping bag, Tom says, "Okay, I'll make some coffee and get breakfast started."

Tom gets up and begins cooking. After he prepares breakfast he goes back into the tent, "Come on, baby we’ve got to get going before too long."

Karen moans, "I'll try." Tom unzips the sleeping bag and rubs Karen's shoulders. Karen coos, "That feels so good."

He keeps massaging Karen for several minutes, then announces, "That's enough, baby, time to get going."

Karen rolls over and smiles, "Okay, daddy,” She relishes the attention he’s giving her.

Karen eats as Tom puts away the tent and the rest of the gear. They put on their packs and begin hiking despite the aches and pains. Today's hike isn't as bad. It's shorter than yesterday's, so they take more breaks, and there is less climbing. By 3 o’clock in the afternoon they reach the lake. They walk to the only flat spot suited for pitching a tent, about 30 feet from the water’s edge. There’s a ring of stones for a fire pit, left by previous backpackers.

They take off their packs. There’s a somewhat rocky meadow to their right. To the left is a large rock, about 30 feet across, right at the edge of the water. This is the rock Karen's mother was standing on in the photograph.

While Tom is overwhelmed with emotions at the sight of everything here, Karen walks down to the edge of the lake. She then climbs up on the large rock to her left. She looks out over the lake. The water is so clear, she can see the bottom where several trout are slowly swimming about.

She goes back to the clearing to help her dad unpack their gear and pitch their tent. They fix some food and spend a little time walking around looking at their surroundings. It brings back a lot of good memories for Tom. Once it gets dark and after they gaze at the stars for a while Karen goes into the tent to get ready for bed. Tom waits outside while Karen strips to her pink panties and puts on a tight pink t-shirt. It’s a little too small and hugs her tits and slim hips quite well.

"OK daddy, you can come in now.” Tom crawls in the tent.

Karen is laying face down on top of her sleeping bag, “Can you rub my shoulders you did this morning. I'm still really sore?"

Tom rubs her shoulders and then arms. He works his way down her back admiring her cute, but young figure. He asks, "Karen, do you have a boyfriend?" She shakes her head.

"Are there any guys at school you like?"

Karen says, "No, not really, I'm not exactly the most popular or best looking girl in my class."

"That's silly.“ Tom says, “you're beautiful, just like your mother."

Karen's pleased her dad thinks she's pretty, if he really means it. Maybe he's just saying it to be nice. She responds, "Well, I guess there aren't a lot of guys at school looking for a girl who looks like their mother."

Tom laughs, "No, I guess not. But I mean it, you’re pretty. I’m not just saying that because I'm your dad." Karen is surprised at the turn this conversion has taken, but mostly she’s happy because he actually asked her a personal question. She decides to step it up a notch.

Karen asks, "Yeah, but am I sexy?"

Taken aback by this question, he stutters, "Well.....umm....." He tries to think of an appropriate way to answer this question. Unable to come up with anything clever, he just tells her the truth, "Sure, sure you are. I think any guy would find you beautiful and…..umm…"

Tom is rubbing Karen's lower back. Karen asks "You can go lower. My muscles all around there are sore as heck." Karen moans as Tom rubs her lower back. Between Karen's cute little ass and their conversation, Tom is getting horny. He realizes he'd better stop soon, he’s starting to get an erection.

He scoots forward in the small tent to move away from her butt and waist. Sliding up, he rubs her shoulders again. In doing so he accidentally presses his dick against her hip for just a moment.

This is just getting worse. He doesn't want Karen to know he's getting turned on. That would probably freak her out.

He’s frustrated by this. He's already been a crappy father to Karen for the past year. The last thing he needs to do make her think he wants to molest her.

Tom stops his massage and starts climbing out of the tent telling her, "I’ve got to go pee, I'll be back in a bit." He puts on his shoes and quickly walks off into the trees.

Karen says to herself, "Damn, I think daddy had a boner! A boner because of me! That's so cool." Finally, he’s paying attention to her. She can't wait till he gets back.

She’s going to make her daddy give her his undivided attention, one way or the other. She's going to give him a massage this time. She's going to make sure he has a good, full boner by the time she gets done. She can’t believe her father’s actually noticed her, really noticed her!

As soon as Tom gets out of sight he pulls his dick out and begins jerking off. He leans against a tree, thinking of Karen's butt and slim waist and nice tits. And of course, her long smooth legs and cute feet. Tom cums on the tree. He puts his dick back into his shorts and heads back to the tent, determined to at least pretend to be a decent father for a change.

As Tom gets into the tent, Karen says, "Okay daddy, it's your turn. Now lay down because I’m going to give you a massage this time. And take off your shirt so I can do it right."

He takes off his shirt and lays down on his stomach. Karen gets on top, straddling his waist. She starts with his neck and works her way down to his lower back. She says, "Turn over daddy." He rolls over onto his back.

Karen massages his shoulders first then she scoots down so she is straddling his groin. She slowly massages his chest while grinding her crotch against him. Tom feels relieved after jacking off. Now he can lay here without grossing out his daughter out by getting a hard on.

Karen scoots down further, straddling his legs. She massages him closer and closer to his groin. Tom isn't showing any sign of getting turned on like he was earlier. Maybe she was mistaken. As she becomes frustrated with his lack of response, Tom says, "That's good baby, let's go to sleep now."

As Tom goes to climb into his sleeping bag, he realizes that she’s zipped both bags together, making one large sleeping bag. Karen climbs into it with him. He asks, "Are we going to sleep in the same bag every night?"

“Of course,“ Karen says, “as long as there's bears all over the place we're going to." Karen wraps her arms around Tom. She hasn’t felt so close to him in a long, long time, even if she couldn’t make him get a boner.

Tom tries to think of how he’s going to get through this trip without getting a hard on every time his daughter gets close to him. He’s a little disgusted with his lecherous behavior, but he can't help it. It seems that Karen has no idea how hot she is. Tom tries to go to sleep.

In the morning he wakes up with an erection. Quietly slipping out of the tent before Karen wakes up, he gets a towel and some soap and heads straight down to the water. He takes off his shorts and walks into the chilly water, his erection subsides in the cool water as he bathes, and he tries to think of other things.

Karen wakes up and notices her dad is gone. She pulls the tent flap back and sees him bathing. She watches him for several minutes. She loves how handsome and fit her father is. She probably has the youngest father of anyone in her class at school. Karen decides to go bathe too.

As Tom emerges from the cool water and wraps a towel around himself. Karen comes walking down towards him, wearing her pink t-shirt and panties. Karen smiles, "Good morning daddy."

Tom responds, "Umm, good morning, baby. I'll put some hot water on the stove." Tom puts some clothes on in the tent, then lights the stove. He starts preparing breakfast as he watches Karen. She takes off her panties and t-shirt. Damn she looks hot. He never realized what a little exhibitionist she was though. Her butt is white as can be. Her tits are so perky, and damn, they’re getting big.

Karen lathers herself up and tries to act as sexy as she can. She moves her arms slowly and smoothly, kind of like a dancer. She keeps looking over at her daddy. He's definitely watching her every move. Her plan to get his attention is working. She’s isolated him on this mountain, and now she just needs to keep putting on a show for him. He can’t help but notice her.

Karen dries herself off and walks up towards her dad. Her towel isn't very big so she just holds it in front of her rather than wrap it around. It hangs down in front of her pussy but only partially covers her tits. "Mmm, that smells good, is the coffee ready yet?"

He pours her a cup, "Yeah, it's ready. There’s lot's of powdered cream and sugar in it too, just the way you like it." Tom hands the cup to her. She lowers the towel from her chest as she reaches for the it, fully exposing her tits for Tom. He stares at them while failing to look disinterested. Without thinking and before he can stop himself from his own stupidity he says, "Wow, your nipples look identical to your mother's."

Karen looks down at her tits, "Yeah, I know. Luckily I got mom’s nipples and not yours." They both laugh. Karen smiles and slowly walks to the tent. She sets her coffee down and bends over to crawl in to the tent, gently swaying her naked rear end as she goes. She quickly glances back at Tom. His eyes are glued to her bare ass.

Karen smiles to herself, she’s finally figured out how to make her dad pay attention to her. Although she knows she shouldn’t be doing this, she’s just using the same tactic that every advertiser in the world uses. Everybody knows that sex sells. So if looking hot is going to get her dad to notice that she exists, then so be it.

Karen goes through her clothes looking for something nice. She chooses a blue pair of shorts and a yellow t-shirt.

As Tom prepares breakfast, he tries to think of something they can do today that will get his mind off his daughter's body. Karen comes out of the tent. She sits down sideways in his lap and puts her arm around him. She nestles her head against his chest with one of her breasts pressed firmly against him. He can feel her erect nipple poking him.

"What should we do today daddy?"

Tom says, "Well, the first thing we need to do is gather up some firewood, so we can get a big fire burning tonight. Then we need to catch some of those fish, I can't eat freeze dried food for every meal."

Karen enthusiastically says, "Okay, daddy. I'll catch you a bunch of fish, and I'll cook them and serve them to you too." After breakfast they gather enough wood for a few days. Then they get their fishing pole and go out on the rock. Karen gets their sleeping bags and lays them out so they can sit on them.

They cast the line into the water and wait. Karen says, "Tell me about your trip up here with mom. She never said much about it, except that this is where you and her made me. I meant to ask her more about it, but I never did."

Tom says, "Well, we were in love. We came up here because we got in big trouble. We tried to get a hotel room together, but the hotel clerk was a friend of your grandparents. So he called them and soon all four of our parents were dragging us home.

We both got grounded, so we made plans to sneak up here with as much food as we could carry. We ate as many fish as we could catch, so we could stay as long as possible. We were up here for almost a month before we returned."

"When we got back we were basically under house arrest for the rest of the summer and couldn't see each other. My dad decided to send me to a military boarding school, but you saved me."

Karen asks, "Me? How?"

“When our parents found out your mom was pregnant, they cancelled the boarding school and planned our wedding instead."

Before long, Karen regrets asking him about it, soon he’s lost in his thoughts. She catches several fish, pulling them in while Tom ignores her and just stares straight ahead. Karen starts the fire by herself and cleans the fish.

She’s at her wits end with her dad. He’s off in his own world of self pity. It was going so well for a while. After she cooks the fish, she takes him a plate and they eat. She cleans up the dishes then announces they’re both going swimming.

Karen stands in front of her dad and strips down to her panties, even removing her bra. “Take your clothes off daddy, we’re going swimming.” Once again she has his attention. He takes off his shirt and joins her in the water.

After they get out, Karen lays a towel on their sleeping bag, which is still on the rock. She orders, "Daddy, lay down here." Tom lays down on the towel. Karen takes the other towel, "I'm going to dry you off, you just relax."

Tom shuts his eyes. Karen starts on his shoulders, drying him off. She moves down his back and dries the back of his legs, then she dries off his butt.

Tom is doing his best to keep his mind off his daughter's body. He wishes she had at least brought a swim suit, but he kept telling her to lighten her backpack.

"Turn over daddy." Tom rolls over onto his back and shuts his eyes so he isn‘t looking at her tits. She dries his chest and stomach, then she dries off his legs. She finally gets to the part she's been waiting for. She rubs the towel on his crotch using both hands.

Tom tries to stop her before he gets an erection. Karen pushes his hands away, "I'm not done daddy, your shorts are still wet." In a scolding tone she states, "Now just relax and let me finish. It's my job to take care of you." Tom relents but soon regrets it as his dick begins to swell.

Karen keeps rubbing his groin even harder. She can feel his stiffening dick through his shorts. Karen takes hold of the waistband of his shorts and underwear and lifts it up. She looks at his dick.

Surprised, Tom asks, "Please Karen, what are you doing? We can't do....."

Karen interrupts, "Shut up daddy! You aren't going to reject me this time!" Karen reaches into his shorts and wraps her fingers around his dick. She angrily states, "For the last fucking year you've ignored me like I don't even exist!"

Karen continues, almost yelling, "Not any more daddy! I'm tired of it." Karen pulls his shorts down to his knees. She takes hold of his shaft with one hand and rubs his balls with her other hand. He makes a feeble effort to push her hands away. She just pushes his hand back.

He moans in pleasure, not sure what to do about this. He looks up at Karen and sees a tear rolling down her face. She's really upset. Shit he's been a crappy father. He can't push her away now. Besides he hasn't been laid in over a year, and it feels so fucking good to have someone else's hand on his dick.

Karen asserts defiantly, "I'm going to suck it now." She’s almost challenging him to stop her. She opens her mouth wide as she lowers her head towards his dick. She looks up at his face through the corner of her eye to see if he's going to stop her. His dick slides along her tongue as she pushes her head forward, engulfing as much as she can.

Karen is so concerned with whether her father is going to try to stop her that she jams his cock all the way to the back of her throat. She coughs and gags as she pulls her head up. "Sorry daddy." She lowers her head again. This time paying more attention to what she’s doing. She slowly bobs her head up and down on his dick. She loves the feel of his shaft. It's so hard and yet so smooth.

She can hear her father moaning and mumbling something. She keeps sucking him for several minutes. Tom is in heaven. He lays there enjoying the feel of Karen's lips pressing against his dick as her head rocks up and down. He'll worry about the consequences of this later.

Karen stops sucking him. She quickly pulls her panties off. Tom looks up at her, "Are you sure you want to do this baby?"

Karen is confident he isn't going to do anything to stop her now. "Damn right I’m sure!"

Karen climbs up on top of him. She clumsily moves her pussy around trying to line it up with his erect dick. He takes hold of her hips, "Use your hand, guide my dick into your hole." Karen smiles, relieved her daddy isn't going to try to stop her.

She takes hold of his dick and directs it to her virgin pussy. She lowers her pussy down. She can feel the head of his dick push her pussy lips apart. She stops for a second then lowers herself down all the way. Karen groans as his dick stretches her. It spreads her pussy walls apart, further than any object she’s ever used on herself at home.

Tom gently pushes her up by her hips, then down again. Karen moans, "Oh God daddy!"

Karen picks up the speed of her thrusts. She breathes hard as she looks down at her daddy. She loves the ecstatic look of pleasure on his face. She smiles widely as she places her hands on his chest. Tom looks up at her and groans. He can‘t believe what they‘re doing. He pulls her closer to him and kisses her, their tongues touch. Then he grabs her tits and fondles her soft pink nipples. Karen giggles, she's so happy.

Tom wraps his arms around Karen's back and pulls her close to him, deeply impaling her with his cock. He rolls over so he’s now on top of her. He begins pounding her faster and faster. Her slim body jerks each time he buries his cock in her.

Karen rolls her eyes back as a feeling of pleasure she’s never even come close to achieving by herself washes over her body. Karen straightens her legs and points her toes so hard that her muscles start cramping up. She yells out as she cums.

As Tom cums too, he feels his semen pulsing through his cock and shooting deep into his daughter's pussy. As the last of his semen is pumped into Karen, he collapses on her. Their lips connect and they kiss as his dick slowly shrinks inside of her. Karen keeps holding him tight, she isn't going to let him get up anytime soon.

When they finally separate their lips to get some air, Karen asks, "Daddy, how long is our food going to last." Tom answers, "About two and a half weeks, longer if we keep catching fish."

Karen says, “We’ve got to do a lot of fishing then, because I want this trip to last as long as possible."

Both of them wonder how this relationship is going to play out. Tom’s quite certain he’s just about the worst father in the world, so there really isn’t anything he can do to make it worse. He figures he’ll just try to make the most of this, and see where it leads to.

Karen, on the other hand, couldn’t be happier. For the first time in so long, her daddy is giving her his complete, absolute and undivided attention. He isn’t off in his own world. Once again she revels in the joy of being treated like his little princess……or maybe more like his hot young queen.

Right after lunch they make love again. They fall into a simple routine. They fish, take walks, gaze at the stars at night and have sex every time they get the urge.

Tom can’t help but to compare the time he spent with Karen’s mother on this mountain years ago, with what is happening now. But he doesn’t dwell on it. He is thoroughly enjoying his daughter in every way possible with each passing moment.

Tom makes a point of screwing Karen in every location he can remember where he screwed her mother years earlier.

His daughter is quite a handful in bed, as aggressive and enthusiastic as her mother was. She did have one quirk though, for the first 3 weeks, she would suck him, but wouldn’t let him cum in her mouth.

At first he figured she just didn’t like the idea of having his semen in her mouth, but she finally relented and took a full load down her throat one morning. He finds out why later that afternoon when they’re sunning on the big rock, enjoying the afterglow of sex.

He asks her when her period is due since they’ve been up here for 3 weeks already.

She says, “Over a week ago.” Then she confesses that she hadn’t ever taken the birth control pills she’d bought. She takes his hand and places it on her belly.

Realizing his seed is growing inside of her, he massages her belly and kisses her, then says, “I guess we’re going to be a family again.”

She snuggles up close to him, “Yeah, it will be just like it was before, only this time I’ll be the mommy."

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