I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
It was late afternoon, when Carl heard the car engine sputtering to a stop. Looking at the gas guage and saying, " Oh shit " when he saw that the needle was sitting on E and he knew that he was in trouble.

He was on a hwy, that he had never been on before because of a stupid detour, somewhere about an hour back.

The fear that set-in was unreal because there he was, out in the middle of nowhere, a blackman, that was out of gas. Who was going to stop for a blackman, out in the middle of nowhere? No one, that's who and he knew it but he was to old and tired to walk, so he sat there anyway, waiting for someone to give him a ride.

Even though it was late afternoon, it was still getting to hot in the car, so after waiting for about 15 minutes, he started walking, once again hoping that someone would stop for him. But nobody was coming by and after walking for wat seemed like and hour, he wished that he had never left the car. Little did he know, that just over the next hill, he was going to find what he needed and then some.

Just as he was about to give-up, he saw it, " A little gas station " out in the middle of nowhere. Sitting there, all by it's self, making him laugh and think that it was a mirage but it wasn't. Because the closer he got, the more real it looked. Even the old bent " Texaco " sign, that was hanging from the wooden post, out in front of it. How lucky can you get, he thought, as he opened the old wooden screen door and went inside.

Even though it was old and ugly on the outside, the inside of the building was almost spotless and it wasn't until he saw what was behind the counter, " Paula " that he understood why.

She was only about 5 feet tall, maybe even less but what she lacked in height, she made up for in other ways. She had the tinyest waist, with wide full, heart shaped hips and even though her breasts weren't big enough for him, they were still there and stuck-out, just like a teenagers. Just daring someone to come up and feel them and boy did he want too.

" Oh," it had been so long, since he had felt a young girls breasts, firm, with hard little nipples and all you had to do, was just touch them and they would harden in an instant. " Oh yeah, memories."

Not to many young girls out there, looking for an old man, a 58 year old man, that was black, on top of all of that. But he could dream couldn't he, as he went over to the cooler and got a coke.

As he turned to talk to her, to ask her about a gas can he was shocked, by the look that she was giving him. A look, that he had seen more than afew times in his life and had never been wrong.

Her eyes were looking right into him and he could see the look, the " Look of need " that was building in them, as he got closer and closer, to where she was standing. It was a look of desperation or something like that.

He had been seeing that look in girls eyes, since he was 13 years old. It was almost like they were saying, " I'm horny, please help me. "

But this time it was different, this was a " White girl," a very pretty white girl and he was totally lost, as to what to do about it. What if he was wrong? What if she accused him of trying to rape her? These thoughts and more were screaming through his mind and eventually he decided to let it go [ The look ] and to go about getting his gas, so he could get out of there.

" Hello, I ran out of gas, back up the road a bit, do you have a gas can, that I can use?

She didn't answer for the longest time and there it was again, he was reading [ The look ] in her pretty green eyes. As her eyes dropped down to the bulge in his pants and then she looked up smiling and saying, " Uh huh but it's outback, wanna help me get it?" And turned and started walking, not giving him a chance to answer.

Walking behind her, he got to see her heart shaped hips and her pretty ass, as they moved in a sensuous way, like they were " Churning butter." Not flipping from side to side or even just working back and forth. They were doing it all, like she was grinding, on a big hard cock and all she was doing, was walking. " Shit, " she was hot and although he tried, he couldn't stop watching her.

" Fuck, " didn't she know, what she was doing to him, " Churning her hips like that?"

All he could think about, as he walked behind her was, " Who wouldn't wanna, " BoneThat " as he felt his black cock starting to get hard and his mind screamed, " What are you doing old man, she doesn't want you, besides your black, have you forgotten?" And once again he let it go and felt his black dick starting to go back down, as he followed her. Still wanting her but knowing that he couldn't have her. Twice along the way, she slowed down and looked back over her shoulder, catching him looking at her, smiling and continued walking.

When she stopped at the old wood door, pushed it open and stepped in, he didn't think anything of it, as he stepped inside too.. And then it happened.

As she closed the door and turned on the light, he saw that she had taken him outback, outback to the bathroom and there wasn't any gas can in sight.

Whimpering, she dropped down in front of him, reached out and touched his cock bulge and whispered, " I want to " and when he didn't know what to say or do, she said it again, " I want to " and looked up at him with her pretty green eyes and he said, " Oh fuck, I'm in trouble " and watched as she slowly slid his pants down.

Looking up at him, with her green eyes already starting to cross and he thought, " Oh fuck, she's already ready to cum " as she slowly slid his underwear down, watching as his dick came into view, squealing like a little girl, when she saw it.
He couldn't believe it, as he watched her take it in her little hand and giude it into her mouth and start sucking on it, without him even asking her. Moaning, as her little girl tongue, did its " thing " on the end of it. Making him moan, " Ohhh, Ohhh, Oh yeahhh, suck it baby, suck it " and she did. Bobbing her little blonde pony tailed head, back and forth on it. Making him want to take ahold of it but being afraid of ruinning it for her, so he just stood there watching her do it .

Carl had only been sucked by afew white women, in all of his 58 years. So to have a young one, a very pretty young one sucking on it, was driving him crazy and he didn't know how long he could hold it. Especially with her one hand pumping it and the other little hand sliding underneath it, feeling his heavy ball sac, with her tiny fingers. " Ohhh " moaning as he felt her feeling them, knowing that he couldn't hold it, much longer.

All at once she stopped and with out saying anything stood up and turned around, bending over at the little sink and offering him her pretty rearend. Watching as she slowly raised her little sundress up, revealing one of the prettiest ass's, that he had ever seen.

Moving over behind her, reaching out slowly, he took ahold of the top of her black thong panties and slowly peeled them down, exposing her little rosebud, with her pretty full lipped pussy nestled down below it.

He couldn't believe how much her outter lips were already swollen, like they were that way all the time because she had been fucked so much. Even way out here, where the boys and men had to drive a long way to get to her, like he was getting ready to get to her now.

As soon as she felt his long black fingers rubbing and teasing on her pussy, she lost it and moaned, then whimpering, " Do meee, Do meee blackman " as he felt her grab ahold of his black cock and guide it to the opening of her pretty pussy. Raising her pretty ass and dropping it back down on it . Screaming, " Nooooooooooooooo " " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " as the first 2 inches of it, went up into her. Stretching her to the limit, wider than any man or boys cock, had ever stretched her before.

Crying at the size of it , screaming, " It hurts, It hurts, take it out, its to big, way to big for meee." Begging him to take it out but he wouldn't. One minute she was hating him for it and the next minute she was grinding back on to it and moaning, " Uh huh, Uh huh " over and over again, as he worked it back and forth up inside of her, faster and faster. Holding her by the hips, so she couldn't get away from him.

He couldn't tell which one of them was moaning the loudest, as he worked his black cock in and out of her white pussy, faster and faster. Working it up into her deeper and deeper, as deep as he could. And that's when he took ahold of her blonde ponytail and started pounding her, for real.

Watching her sweet little girl pussy lips, dragging along the sides of his black cock, as he worked it in and out of her, grinding his pubic hair into her. Letting her know that she's taken it, " Taken it all " and she could feel his heavy ball sac, slapping at her little pussy, as he worked his long black cock, in and out of her faster and faster.

All at once she lost it, as he held onto her ponytail and watched her little back arch and watched her pretty ass starting to buck and jerk, riding his swollen cock, begging him to squirt her.

" Fuck me, fuck me blackman." " Make me fat, make me carry your baby, your black baby " and he felt her warm sweet little girl pussy lips clasping around his black cock, pulling it up into her, as she started wetting it, with her white girl juices and he lost it, just as the bathroom door swung open and standing there in the doorway, was a little old lady, watching as his long black boner, erupted up inside of her little sweet cunt. Squirting up into it " Once " " agghhhhh " " Twice " " agghhhh " " Three times " " agghhhhh " as he filed her insides, with his blackman's cum " With the little old lady standing there watching, the whole time that he was cuming. It was on the last jerk of his black boner, up inside of the little girl, that she quietly said, " Oh, I'm sorry " and quietly closed the door.

Old Carl knew that he was in trouble and started getting dressed, as fast as he could, so he could get out of there,

Paula pulled her black thong panties back up and dropped her little sundress back down over them, like nothing had happened. Leaving Carl in the bathroom, as she went back into the little building.
Finally he came out and when he saw that the little old lady was gone, he thought that she had left and headed around the corner, to go inside and get the gas can and there she was, just standing there with that look on her face. That look that said, " Don't worry, I won't tell " and he went around her, saying, " Excuse me " and she stepped back and let him by.

As soon as he was inside, little Paula handed him a can and he gave her a $ 20 dollar bill and told her, " I'll be back in alittle bit " and she said, " I hope so," as he headed out the door, to get the gasoline.

Since Paula didn't have a car, he started walking back towards his car, hoping for a ride and sure enough, someone pulled up next to him, when they saw that he had a gas can.

It wasn't until he had already reached for the door handle, that he saw, that it was the little old lady. The same little old lady that had seen them doing it, back in the bathroom, at the little old gas station.

Getting in he said, " Thanks, I sure appreciate this and she didn't say anything, as she drove him almost 6 miles down the road. And when they got to his car he said, " I owe you one " and started to get out but she slid her old hand across the car's full front seat and then up along his huge black thigh, resting it on his huge bulge and whimpering like a little girl, as she begged him to let her suck it.

She didn't care that he was black, all she cared about was, that there was a cock in her car, a cock that she had never sucked " and she wanted it. Wanting to see what it tasted like because it was " Black." All at once she slowly leaned over and started undoing his pants and he raised up off of the car seat and watched as she pulled his pants and underwear down. So, she could get at it better. Squealing like a little girl, just like little Paula had done earlier, the first time she hed seen how big it was, too.

She couldn't wait anymore, as she took ahold of it, bent down to it and slipped her mouth down over the end of it. Not caring that it had just been up inside of little Paula, it was his cum that she wanted and she knew, " That little Paula hadn't gotten all of it." And she slowly started working it, with her warm soft tongue. Coaxing it, coaxing it to cum again.

Old Carl couldn't believe it, as he looked down and watched as the little old lady did what very girls or women had ever done, she " Deep Throated It " to where there was nothing showing but his dark kinky pubic hair and his warm half full ball sac. Little Paula had gotten part of it but she knew that before it was over, that she was going to get the rest. As she started sucking on it harder and harder, swallowing over and over while doing it because she was old enough to know, how to massage a man's cock and coax him into cuming, without even moving. Something that she had been doing, since she was Paula's age. When " Good girls " didn't do things like that but she did and tha'ts why she had been so popular, just like Paula was now.

All at once he felt her little finger tip teasing on his little asshole and just as he was moaning " NOOOOO " she pushed her white finger all the way up into his black ass and knowing that some men liked that, started finger fucking him, right there in her car and he was one of them, as he moaned real loud, " AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH " as his black cock erupted , " Again " and " Again " down inside of her warm throat and she kept swallowing, massaging and milking on it, the whole time he was cuming.

When it was over, neither of them said a word, as she watched him get out of her car and slowly drove away. She had gotten what she needed , " the cum of a man, any man , down in her belly " and hoped that he had gotten what he needed too. If not from her, at least from Little Paula and somehow she was sure that he had.

Carl poured the gasoline into his tank and headed down the road again, to return the gas can to Paula

When he went inside he was at a loss for words because now there was a little old man standing there and no sign at all, of little Paula. So, he sat the can on the counter and went and got another coke. Trying not to sound to interested, as he turned and said, " What happened to the little girl, I borowed this gas can from her and now I need to return it." So proud of himself, for not blowing it and giving it away.

'Oh, you mean Paula, she doesn't really work here, she's my daughter." " Hard to believe that she's only 14, they sure didn't build em that way, when we were little, did they?" And Carl choked on his coke, when he heard how young she was and headed out the door. As her dad said, " Hey, don't you want your change. " She left a note here, saying that someone had given her a $20 dollar bill to hold. Something about gasoline or something like that.

And Old Carl mumbled, " No thanks dad, she was, I mean, it was worth it, keep the change," as he made it out the front door and quietly drove away.

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2010-09-15 23:12:48
I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

Since some of you may not like this story and what it's about, may I suggest that you click on my name, that's up next to the title of this story and perhaps you will find one that's more to your liking....Milker

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2010-08-30 09:10:01
No self-respecting white female would allow a jungle-bunny to screw her. Those that do are nothing but gutter trash.

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2010-08-29 21:56:08
i liked it...women knowingly love black long cocks. they are
bigger and longer usually then most white guys. i have had both kinds up my cunt, and a black cock can make me cum soooo
fast. they can get in me so deeply. once u go black, u do not go back.


2008-04-17 06:52:47
Thank you

There's a part 2 and a part 2 rewrite to this one, that you might like.

I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

Since some of you may not like this story and what it's about, may I suggest that you click on my name, that's up next to the title of this story and perhaps you will find one that's more to your liking....Milker


2008-04-11 13:19:38
I ejoyed it, wish that would happen to me

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