From Heiress to Fuckslut in 182 seconds
In the back of an ordinary down town hairdressers salon we make ordinary girls into something real special the Fuck Meat FM 2000


"She's here." Jose shouted.
I thought he had recognised her from the photographs, we had a careful checklist system for our operation front and side photographs, colouring, hair colour, and of course the appointment time, it worked, flawlessly.

"You must be Fiona?" I asked with my best fake creep gay shop assistant leer as she approached the long counter running most of the length of our shop.

"Yes," she said sealing her fate.

"If you would like to come through." I opened the door and invited her to step inside, and as she passed she looked back past me, to the ordinary low rise shopping precinct street scene she would never see again.

The Inner office was the full width of the shop unit, a regular hair salon at first glance, only the slightly wider than usual door frame was at all different, and Jose was waiting.

I triggered the stopwatch facility on my fake Rolex wristwatch.

"Fiona?" he enquired, hell what were the chances of her being called Fiona, brunette five five, and yet not the Fiona, we were expecting.

The capture shaft was behind and above the door, four feet long three inch long diameter Aluminium shaft with rows of two inch aluminium spikes each with a quarter inch ball at the end so it didn't cut or scratch which turned slowly and silently powered by an electric motor, twenty four rows of six spikes each, I swung the shaft down with my left hand as she passed under it as we had rehearsed, and I flicked her long brown hair away from her neck and over the spikes with my right hand allowing the spikes to grip and wind in her hair as the shaft turned.

Her hair was wound tightly imprisoning her before she realised anything was wrong, and as she squealed in pain and stopped abruptly so I killed the motor and locked the shaft so her head was held firmly by her hair as it stretched around the shaft above and behind her head.

She screamed for maybe two seconds until Jose pushed the gag in her mouth, but it did not matter as the soundproofing was state of the art.

"Hey calm down or you'll rip your scalp off." Jose joked.

She stood absolutely shocked, imprisoned by her hair wound inextricably around those rubber tipped aluminium spikes on a shaft now five feet six above the floor sloping out at a about twenty degrees off vertical, held by ratchet's on its two independent legs, the shaft locked firmly to the frame preventing it from turning and unwinding and freeing her.

I checked my watch, Hung by her hair and gagged, H plus thirty seconds, on schedule.

I opened the cupboard and pulled the end of the belt mounted on the reel behind the door out and passed it behind her at neck height then reached round and handed to Jose so he could pull it round the front of her and hand it back to me, I looped the belt around and clipped the end fitting back over the belt forming a loop, we lowered it over her shoulders and down to her elbows and pulled it tight, I tripped the end fitting clamp trapping her arms to her sides.

H plus ninety seconds and her skirt was on its way off, Grey, business suit skirt, clean, not new, worth ten dollars on ebay maybe, the pantihose and panties followed she tried to kick but the pain from being supported by her hair must have been excruciating, and she had to submit to being bared from the waist down.

The shoes were near new, two hundred dollar shoes, maybe sell for forty, the pantihose and panties maybe we could use for rag.

I handed Jose the low level belt, he passed it round her ankles, pulled tight and tripped the end fitting clamping her ankles, now she could not kick.

"Look, Fuckmeat," Jose used her title for the first time. "You stay still and you will be alright, but if you wriggle and lose balance then your scalp comes right off."

I guess she understood, and he undid her jacket and shirt then he nodded and I pulled the release lever on the belt, and loosened it so he could slide the jacket off her shoulders.
He stopped mid point, she had cuff buttons on her shirt, they were fiddly so he busted them off but it cost us several seconds.

Her Jacket and shirt came off together, the Bra was classy, I undid the bra strap and as it fluttered to the ground so I tightened the belt once more trapping her arms to her sides again.

"Time" shouted Jose, I glanced at my watch.

"One hundred and twelve."

"Shit, we're slow, the cuff buttons man."

"Hey chill man its under target." I had the soft leather cuffs around her wrists, and her wrists behind her back, "Hands at One Twenty," I confirmed, then the ankle cuffs, soft leather so no marks, and release the ankle belt. Hands and feet One Thirty two, where's the clipper?"

"Fuck" Jose shouted, and rushed to get the clippers from the barbers chair by the mirror.

They buzzed and the lush brown hair peeled away freeing her head from the spiked capture bar, and I held her steady as Jose worked to free her, finally she came free and I laid her down.

"One Eight Two, Two seconds outside the Three minutes," I informed Jose sadly as we carried her through to the back room, he led with her feet I followed with the shoulders and we strapped her into the barbers chair.

I went to tidy the spike bar and frame away, unpicking the long brown hair, and placing it in a plastic bag for the Wig maker.

I put her purse on the counter, credit card wallet, I put the cards through the shredder, it was too easy to get traced using or selling cards, drivers license in the shredder, dollar bills and coins in the gratuities jar, the wrap of cocaine was as unexpected, as the tampons were not, and the rest was junk, part of an identity she no longer possessed.

I clipped the uprights for the capture bar into their housings alongside the door frame and the spiked bar back into its neat grey housing and wound the straps back onto their reels, before closing and locking the cupboard, and when everything was back to its usual tidy state I went to assist Jose.

He was doing well, her scalp gleamed where he had shaved it expertly and oiled it so it shone, and he had the wax heating on the ring and the lint ready.

I attached her ankles to the foot steps of the chair individually with soft leather straps, then removed the pair of cuffs, the foot steps swung easily outwards as the ratchets clicked parting her legs but preventing her from closing them and Jose reclined it back so I could lay the lint over the mass of brown hair which hid her trim little snatch.

Jose applied the wax and worked it well in amongst the hair and lint, he even got some in her ass crack from in front to save a bit of time and I checked the order form as we waited for the wax to solidify.

Fuckmeat 2000, standard. It was best to check, teeth were easy to pull, very expensive to put back, Fiona Blenkinsopp. I double checked but it still never registered, that long eleven letter surname, I should have realised. Her credit card had only a six letter surname, I should have taken more care but we were in a hurry.

Her eyes were wide as we ripped that lint away, but suddenly she was beautiful, her labia hairless and childlike, her legs were already smooth saving me a task.

I checked the list for variants, Tit rings, No, Clit rings, No, Nose rings, No. Teeth, Six and Six. all pretty much standard.

I fetched the vise grips, Jose held her head and as he released her ball gag and eased it forwards I slid a piece of wood in behind, between her back teeth to keep her mouth open, and secured it with a leather strap.

It must have been agony for her as I pulled her teeth out, but it was on the list, six top ones at the front, six bottom ones at the front, clip the vise grips on nice and tight, pull forwards, back, forwards and repeat and repeat again until they came free, sweet perfect little teeth, they would look nice on a chain round her neck when she came to accept her new role, but for now it was enough to clear the way , so to speak, make giving head so much nicer for us men and less jaw aching for her.

Someone banged on the outer door, pushed the bell push, the bell rattled noisily, I ignored it.
Blood was dripping from her mouth, running down dripping of her chin and on to her breasts and on downwards, Jose wiped it away with a white cloth turning it red.

I filled in the label for the collar, Fuckmeat 2000/106, while Jose tested her mouth, sometimes spurs of bone were left when the teeth were pulled but when he found she was reasonably smooth by running his fingers round he asked me to help, he lowered and reclined her seat and stood straddling it as he undid his belt and tugged down his zipper, I simply placed a clothes pin on her nose and when she opened her mouth wider to breathe I pulled the piece of wood from between her teeth, and Jose thrust his prick in.

She squealed "Qua" as he slid in, it was that quick.

Of course she tried to gag, but they always do, and he very nearly got his balls in her mouth as he fucked into her. It didn't take him long, it never did but I waited till he spunked down her throat, then as he withdrew I slipped a wooden rod back in her mouth silence her, like a gag and held it in place with a leather strap.

"Do you need a drink." I asked. she nodded.

I had the feeder ready, actually it was a bicycle pump, I had a doubled up the washers on it so it sucked water from a jug and then with the extension passed behind her gag I could blast water down her throat, it was good for Glucose and I liked her so I sucked it full of Red Bull and gave her a refreshing drink, to go with Jose's spunk.

We had the dirty bit to do so I released the ratchet and closed her knees then re-fitted the ankle cuffs so we could carry her to the bathroom. I raised the chair and pulled the backrest up vertical to ankle it easier to lift her then we released her from the chair and carried her to the lavatory and shower room.

Jose had taken a liking to her so he shoved the tube up her ass as we laid her over the lavatory can, as I disconnected the shower head and shoved the other end of the tube into the shower flexible fitting, I turned the water to hot and as the flow started I blended more and more cold with it as her belly swelled.

I sat her on the can and when I figured she could take no more I signalled Jose and he whipped the tube out her ass and the water and shit flowed, nasty blacks lumps of congealed shit, she had been constipated but not now.

We gave her three cycles for luck and when she flowed clean Jose tried her for tightness, but even with loads of lube he struggled, but eventually he got the helmet of his penis inside her then he started cumming, what a waste, what a mess.

We did another cycle with the hose then we got a size four butt plug in her, and then after some persuasion we got her knees apart and a catheter up he pee hole, we lashed the bag to her leg and made sure the little balloon thing was fully inflated with water, so it would not fall out in transit.

I brought the transit box, Five feet eight internal, well padded, breathing holes, but no water feeder for the short trip to our upstate facility. It looked like it was for a big Grandfather Clock, cardboard on the outside over hardwood with an aluminium frame, classy, bespoke, well used now, probably done forty trips, on of five we used within the US, the long haul ones always started with a trip upstate, so all in all forty was a safe ball-park figure.

We didn't only do girls, we did a grandma, and several effeminate guys, trannies, queers , mainly, at least one guy was some sort of executive, but shaved, pierced mouthed, as in teeth pulled, they made FM 2001 or 2 suffix 'M, Some were hard to subdue and but we always managed, somehow, just as long as there was enough hair to use the spiked capture bar or or if not an air gun with a tranquilliser dart.

I fitted Fiona with a ball gag instead of the wooden rod in her mouth, a nice new red one, and as I laid her in the box on the soft red velvet lining I saw piss trickling down her catheter.

"It's quite safe, and you'll come to love being someone's fuckmeat, it's much better than working in Walmart." I said, I saw from the paperwork that she was a checkout girl in Walmart until she answered our advert. well Mr Haines' advert for a trainee hair stylist.

We had her all boxed and prepped in three hours, six man hours, and we sat waiting for Mr Haines to check for marks and sign her off for transit.

The back door bell rang and the phone rang together, I went to get the phone while Jose checked the door, he needed to check the CCTV before he let anyone in, so he was beside me when I got the phone.

"Hi," said some airhead bimbo. "You were shut when I called."

"Yeah, staff training and interviews, can I make you an appointment at our sister establishment, Snipers on Moncton Ave."

"No I came about a Job, Fiona Blenkinsopp." My heart sank, suddenly there was a lead weight in my guts.

"Ah the interviews were at Snippers, sorry, the position is filled, leave your number and we will be in touch if a new opportunity arises." she rang off.

"Its the wrong fucking girl." I said to Jose, "You said it was her."

"Well right time, right hair, you checked her ID." he explained. "Fuck man, you did check her ID."

I shook my head, "I thought you checked the pictures."

"No man, we're fucked." he confirmed.

"Wing it, by the time she's done the psycho she wont care who she was." I suggested.

Jose looked scared, at forty and balding where would he get a new job if he was dismissed, at least where would he get fifteen hundred a day, and me, where would I get another job, at twenty one a high school dropout, failed hair stylist, part time chauffeur.

Jose let Mr Haines in, he checked the merchandise. he seemed pleased "Prime fuckmeat gentlemen, very succulent" it seemed we were going to be ok but then he asked "may I try her."

It was Joe's way of giving orders, "May I try her. " meant "get her now I want to fuck her"

We pulled her from the box where she lay on her side, slipped her in the chair with her arms behind the backrest, and I asked "Cunt or Ass sir."

"No mouth son, my wife has these nasty sharp teeth, its much nicer like this." he said.

He took off his jacket, hung his shoulder holster and his little automatic on the hook on the back of the door and dropped his pants, I pushed the lever on the chair and it sunk down so her mouth was at penis level.

I pulled the ball gag as Jose slipped the wood bit in then as Mr Haines parted her lips with his prick I whipped the wood away.

She got real noisy, Jose slapped her but she was going ballistic so we clothes pinned her nose till she passed out.

Mr Haines was riding that face, fucking it like a cunt, I worried he might break he nose, or she might choke but he was real pleased.

"Fucks like a dream, well done boys." he said.

"Oh, did Fiona call by." I asked in mid stroke.


"My daughter, she thinks this is a Hair shop."

I looked at Jose, he looked at me, we looked at her."


"No matter," he said then he was cumming,

He pulled out, and she lolled forward unconscious.

He slapped her face, "Hey Fuckslut, suck me clean."

He slapped her again.

Jose grabbed his car keys and was out the back door and well away across the car park when she came round.

"Fuckslut, suck my tool clean."

"Daddy." she whimpered.

"Master, me master you Fuckslut." he explained.

It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

He shoved his tool on her mouth again, I saw her start to suck.

"Hey, clean it just," he paused "Oh fuck." he took her head in his hands again and started to fuck her face again.

He still never realised. "Oh yes baby suck daddies cock." he moaned, then he was pumping his jism in her again.

He looked round, the draft from the open door tickling the hairs on his ass, "Shut the door." he bellowed.

I obeyed automatically and was too slow to get the bit in,

"Dadddy." she said awkwardly.

"Master, Fuckslut, do you think you'll like being a Fuckslut?" he asked.

"Why daddy, why did you do that?" she asked plaintively.

"Its Master, Fuckslut." he replied.

"Daddy" she screamed, "Why?"

"Fi?" is that you Fi, oh my god." he reeled in shock. "You look so different naked with no hair!" he said stupidly as I grabbed his gun just in case.

"Fiona, sir, Three O'clock sir, brown hair, height, colour, it all matched sir, Fiona Blenkinsopp, sir."

"This you moron is my fucking daughter, I've been fucking my own daughters face." he screamed at me.

"For fucks sake sir." I panicked.

"I'm going to fucking kill you." he informed me.

"I have the gun sir, may I suggest that you calm him down miss," I suggested, "suck his cock again?"

"Fuck you" he swore.

"Fuck her face again." I said.

He reluctantly held his flaccid penis out and she started to kiss and suck it once more.

"Jose said it was the right girl sir, I had no idea, I'm ever so sorry sir." I apologised.

He was not listening but as I walked over and released her hand cuffs she pulled him to her, lost in the thrill of illicit lust.

Part 2

I fixed some coffee, hardly original or appropriate but what is appropriate for when Father finds himself fucking his own daughter's face?

They were talking.

"It happened so fast," she sobbed awkwardly through the gap where she used to have teeth, "they asked my name and sent me through, and then my hair was all up and I was swinging by my hair and I was gagged and," she could not continue as she sobbed uncontrollably.

"You may have the gun but I'm going to kill you for this." Mr Haines said. "What the fuck does she do now? work as a whore?"

"I guess she is no worse than cancer sufferers, Mr Haines, she just needs false teeth and a wig."

"She's twenty years old you moron, who is going to want her now?"

"You sir, I mean me sir, they do wonders with corrective dentistry and her hair will grow back." I pointed out. "It's our first mistake sir."

"Oh, that makes it all right does it?" Mr Haines asked.

"Is this what they do Daddy, snatch young girls, do this to them?"

"Some are older women and gay men," I added unhelpfully."

"I'm going to the police." she said, "You're evil, and you Daddy, I'm going to Mmmmpphh" she said as I got the ball gag back in, he looked hard at me, he saw I had the gun in my back pocket but he chose to help me as I fixed her hand cuffs and then he helped me lay her back in the box.

"You're going to the Police, even if I wipe out these low-lifes for you,?" Mr Haines asked incredulously.

She nodded stupidly

"Best get her upstate, you fix the place up then come along for the ride." Mr Haines suggested. "I'll back the truck up to the Loading bay."

"Yes, right sir. Mr Haines," I confirmed.

"And load a spare transport box." he ordered.

H plus four hours twenty, I looked at my watch three hundred and forty minutes, street to packaged Fuckmeat rolling out the door, a new record.

I signed off the paperwork, on the computer terminal, encripted it wiped the memory, and sent it on upstate, like I had dozens of times before, except I was on autopilot, not thinking clearly, shocked I guess. I never changed the order number, It should have read Special / 01 not Fuckmeat 2000.

I headed upstate, the fifty five mile per hour limit a challenge to my little Honda motorcycle on the upgrades, my haversack and spare fuel cans weighed it down, and my waterproofs billowed like a sail as I droned through the gathering dusk.

I found the facility on my fourth attempt, four miles down a dirt road, the truck had gone, Joe Haines was not around just Harry and Dean and Monica, sitting around in the old office at this ex military facility.

"Coffee." Monica asked, as I climbed the ladder to their upper floor hideaway.

"Yes," shouted as heaved my back pack through the door. "What a fuck up!"

"What's that son?" Harry asked, he was like a parody of me like Fifty years old, could have almost been my dad, except he was in LA when mom was screwing everything in Charlesville when I got started, "Shoot the wrong guy?"

"No the wrong girl." I explained.

"Shot the wrong girl?" Monica asked, I had this awful sinking feeling.

"We, ah, prepped Miss Haines by mistake." I explained.

"That's Joe's kid down there?" Dean enquired, his deep dark ebony complexion almost going white as he spoke.

"I sent an order," I started to say.

"Fuckmeat 2000, standard," Monica read, "Fiona Bentworth,"

"Blenkinsopp." I corrected as I looked over her shoulder, "fuck I never saved the ammendments. shit."

"So we got Joe's princess strapped to the double fucker, downstairs, we just double fucked Joe's little girl, That was Joe's little girl sucking on my weenie, is that what you're saying."

I nodded.

"Shit man we're dead." Harry exclaimed, "Check the monitor Monica, how's she doing."

The screen image changed, four views, Monica clicked the top right and Fiona's crotch filled the screen, the double fucking machine with its two pistons working rhythmically but out of sync to loosen her ass and pussy. "Looks ok, no blood." Monica observed as she changed image to the girls bound hands and ankles and the padded frame and ankle spreader, and finally to the move-able cam showing the dildo rammed deep in her throat, and her sweet little dog collar.

"There's the stiff." Monica observed switching to a view of a transit box with the lid removed. Jose lay there, a heat hole in the top of his nose, he lay very still.

A cold chill swept over me, fuck I was dead.

"Get her out of there." I yelled and shot out the door, I had forgot the way, it was a store room.

"Other door moron, you free her off, you fucked up." Harry suggested.

I went down to the machine room and slowed the fucking machine down, you could not just stop them straight away without causing trauma, which is what we usually wanted to achieve, ecstacy then nothing, make the bitches crave cock, that was the Psycho they did upstate, we were getting the whole reprogramme done in a week quite often now.

I pulled the dildo from her mouth, it went way down her windpipe, she coughed.

"Drink," she croaked.

"Coffee, Diet Coke," I asked.

"Just a fucking drink you moron." she demanded.

"Fix it yourself if you can't be civil." I suggested as I loosened her fastenings.

"Don't hurt me." she pleaded as she suddenly realised she was still in real trouble.

I pulled the pin on the cunt-fucker dildo shaft and eased the tool from her sopping vagina, and then pulled the pin on the lower ass-fucker and tried to get that out, she screamed, the tool was in too far and her spinchter had closed over the shaft not the dildo.

I helped her from the machine, ten inches of gleaming metal shaft hung from her ass hole, she staggered and I caught her,

"My daddy will kill you for this." She predicted.

She felt nice and warm, she smelled good despite the way she was sweating.

"I guess so, I'm sorry." I apologised.

"Fucking little gay shit," she snarled, "Do you hate women that much?"

"Hell no," I told her, "It ain't that bad, we sometimes get trade ins or girls needing extra work and they don't complain, what would you rather do, work in Wal Mart or watch TV and fuck all day?"

"I want to go Law school." she said, "How can I after this," she had her hands round my throat squeezing, it just emphasised how weak and vulnerable she was.

"I guess I'm a dead man." I explained, "So you won't begrudge me one last indulgence."

My pants hit the floor with a rustle and a clatter of the belt buckle on the wood floor, then I had my best friend in my hand and I pushed her up against a wall and guided it up inside of her.

I imagined my tool parting those sweet childlike lips of hers, I hoped her little clit would like my lower belly rubbing it.

"Fuck. why didn't we meet some other time and place." I exclaimed, "You sure are a grade A piece of ass."

I kissed her mouth, she tried to push me away and then the heavy dildo and shaft dropped out of her ass hole, bounced and landed on my foot. I jumped and forced my tool hard into her..

"Oh fug, Oh fugging hell," she squawked through her shattered teeth, "hold me I feel faint." she went limp in my arms, I held her close and laid her down so I could finish fucking her.

She came around as I let my jism fly in her, her gorgeous blue eyes were wide open, "You spunked in me?"

"Sure." I said "Why not, didn't you like it?"

"I could get a disease, a gay disease, or baby." she stammered in shock.

"Except I ain't gay, or diseased and you're on birth control." she shook her head, "So get an abortion."

"I don't belief in birth control," she said.

"Shit." I held on to her. "Holy shit." I was getting hard again. "I always wanted a kid."

I fucked right into her, trying to get the tip of that fucker right in there with those eggs and I never heard the door open.

"Not now Daddy, I'm busy," she lisped sarcastically. I felt the cold air on my ass and the door clicked shut. next thing my poor balls were emptying a second time right there up inside of her, we lay there for ages.

"I'll fix you a drink." I suggested.

I handed her a can of Red Bull, "Keep your strength up." I suggested, "You're beautiful if you don't smile." I told her, as I kissed the top of her shaved head, "thanks, that's about the best fuck I ever had, I just wish we could do it some more, but,"

She gasped in amazement, "You strip me, shave me, rape me and then you want a date? what sort of moron are you?" she stammered and lisped through the gap where her teeth used to be.

"I mean when your hair grows back, of course." I said inadequately. I head movement footsteps.

"Daddy," she lisped, as the door opened again.

"Hi Princess," he greeted her, "Calmed down yet?"

He stood in his expensive suit, pistol held loosely by his side while she sat against the wall naked, spunk oozing from her as I tried to haul my pants up.

"You're evil, just evil." she snarled completely misjudging, "Nothing you say will stop me going to the police."

He started to raise the gun."Sorry Princess" I can't let you do that."

"No," I shouted, "don't do it. just put her through the program"

He paused, "You're next, so shut it,"

I lunged at him, my pants fell down round my ankles and I head-butted the wall and ended up sprawled all over her.

"Can't even get that right." he sighed, "but yes put her through the program." he turned on his heel and left us.

"What exactly is the program? she enquired, as I crawled back off her.

"Sort of brainwashing, like well, I don't know, but you'll be happy, no stress, no worries."

"I don't want brainwashed, I want to finish my degree at Uni." she was crying again, it gets boring after a while.

Harry and Dean arrived, laughing, "Looks like it's your lucky day Stevie boy," Harry slyly suggested, "Joe says she's back on the program."

Dean carefully picked her up and sat her on the fucking machine and started to reassemble everything.

I gave her a little kiss before Harry shoved the mouth dildo back down her neck and pretty soon the machine was back on its pre programmed cycle.

I went after Joe, "How can you do that to your own kid?" I asked, "Sell her as a brainwashed fuck-toy to some total stranger?"

"You want a bullet in your head? he asked, "Like Jose."

"No, but surely, surely there's some other way?" I suggested.

"I'm listening." he said thoughtfully

"Shit, sir you're the ideas man." I challenged
"Fuck it Henderson, what can I do." he asked helplessly.

I did some quick imagining. "Make her see sense sir, get some Fuckmeats in show her how happy they are." I suggested or was it pleaded.

"And what's in it for you?" he asked naively.

"She fucks like a dream." I replied honestly.

"She sure sucks like a dream," he agreed, "Look Henderson, I brought that girl up like my own all these years, ever since Margie died, hell thats four wives ago, but I know she ain't really mine, blood groups, that sort of thing, she can't be."

"Then you can't brainwash her and sell her," I said, "Cause she's family."

"You seem to have a soft spot for her?" Mr Haines suggested, "If you can guarantee you can keep her in line, yeah, why not, I think we can cut a deal."

We sat right down and drew up this agreement, then we told her.

She didn't like it, she got the full FM2000 treatment except the brainwashing.

Almost three weeks of uninterrupted screwing by the double fuck machine, it does something to a girl, gives them a physical need to have sex every few hours, and if that don't do it and if she forgets what she is then there's the brands under her tits and the Fuckmeat and serial number tattooed across her scalp to sort of remind her.

What we didn't do was the psycho stuff, the serious brainwashing but we did show her pictures of me every time the machine sensed she was about to cum.

You can't see the "Fuckmeat" brand across her scalp anymore, hidden by that dark brown hair, and the brands under her tits and the FM logos beside her cunt are hidden by her Bikini, but her ceramic teeth shine different if you know what to look for, and she smiles so pretty.

We never brainwashed her, she's still real clever intellectually, but she still struggles to get through the whole day without a fuck, It's lucky she only has lectures for half a day most days but if not then I pick her up at lunchtime and do what she needs to have done, in the apartment just off campus that Mr Haines bought specially for us.

Mr Haines soon came around, he was pissed off thinking I had ripped him off but after a while he missed having a daughter, even if she was a step daughter, and for her part when she got some nice ceramic teeth and a wig she soon figured that she missed him and she found the idea of being an heiress to the Fuckmeat business and the multi million fortune Mr Haines had amassed had a certain appeal..

Fiona also realised that I really enjoyed fucking her, and as she had some pretty rampant needs so she started to see the advantages in having me around.

And me, well apart from keeping Fiona happy,which is pretty much a job in itself, I just help out, I do testing mostly, when the FM 2000s come off the line, make sure they suck and fuck to specification, either standard or special order and if they're OK I sign the paperwork, it's a major responsibility and it's tough work, but hey, somebody has to do it.

Maybe I'll tell you about it some day.

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