Romance, incest, teen male/teen female, softcore

Romance, incest, teen male/teen female, softcore

This story is based on fact with interwoven fiction. It spans a period of about 11 years. I have used some story embellishment to hopefully make more readable and interesting. . A reader can likely work out which is part is fact and which is fiction. Comments welcome.


Back at the apartment we had lunch and went on to do our work shifts. By the time we arrived home we had had a fairly long day. After a shower and a long cuddle we were quickly asleep. The next couple of days were also busy with classes and work.

Then, at breakfast, Lucy put her chart on the table and said “theoretically this is my ovulation day……..and, I quite certain I am exactly on cue…………I was just so slippery this morning and my temperature also lines up”.
“Then is it ok to kiss you?” I said putting my around her waist. She pulled in close to me and I felt her body touch me, virtually from head to toe. I just loved the way she did that – it made me feel like I was really wanted. Lucy gave me a passionate kiss saying “I’m pretty sure I cannot get pregnant from a kiss!”

I held her close. Her body was ready to start the cycle of conception, with minimal help, but a lot of pleasure for me. I had never looked at her in this way before, even though it was a 4 weekly event. Previously, Lucy had never pointed out the probable day to me, although, she had been keeping the chart for some months. Obviously, it took on greater significance since we had started to have intercourse. Also, I wondered whether this was the reason she looked absolutely radiant. Somehow, I felt I needed to be extra protective of her this day.

Next she reminded me that I was to do my specimen in 3 days time. If we waited till later I would need not to squirt for at least one day beforehand. When done, she needed to get it to the lab with minimal delay, especially due to the warm weather. I was a little nervous about the whole business. I had never given a specimen for anything in my whole life.


Before giving the specimen Lucy had told me it was necessary to shower first. I was just finishing when Sarah arrived. They came into the bedroom and Lucy said “you’re not hard…….you know it won’t go unless it’s hard”. I replied that my dick did not seem to want to go up. The fact that I was completely naked, but they were fully dressed did not help. “We will just have to work on it!” said Lucy. Sarah commented that she did not know it had to be hard before the semen would come out!

Lucy picked up my soft dick and said to Sarah “hold that”. Sarah did not know whether to hold it by the middle or the head. Whichever way she held it, it was floppy. In the end she put one hand completely under it and said “Gee, it’s quite heavy”. From the tube of lubricant Lucy spread a very small amount on my dick.

Taking my dick from Sarah, she started her familiar gently rubbing up and down and said to Sarah “watch me…………it usually goes up straight away……….but, if it is already hard………it only needs a couple of rubs, at the most, before it shoots out. It is a bit harder…… Sarah you have a go………..just do it like I was………Jimmy will tell you if it is not right!”

Sarah took over and I improved fairly quickly. Lucy could see that it was now hard and picked up a little plastic container. She said to me “are you starting now” and held the cup near the head of my dick. One look at the container and I stopped dead – any feeling I had, now evaporated completely. I said to Lucy “that container is far too small………’s not even half the size of my head ……. I can’t do it…….I’ve lost the urge completely now”. Lucy told me “you don’t need to put your dick into the container. Just squirt into it………..I will hold it in front………..Sarah will make sure your semen goes in!...............will it squirt if I rub it some more?”.

Then Sarah said “it’s going soft now!”

Lucy could see that it was flopping, and said that it was obvious we had to try again another day! They needed to get to lab class now. Sarah sat on the bed and said ‘I’ve got that nice feeling again……Oh…. I can see Jimmy going down………… it’s not sticking out now but it is still just as big .………..let me feel it Jimmy……….it’s firm but soft at the same time………’s an amazing piece of equipment”.

Sarah said that she wanted to come and help next time as she was still keen to see how I did it.

However, it would be another week before the next lab class.

I had never had any trouble before. If anything, it squirted too quickly. Sometimes, without Lucy even touching it. But the circumstances were completely different. I think the whole episode was just too clinical for me.

Sarah asked Lucy how she was going to do it next time. Lucy said she would think of something and they could talk about it. I had no idea what they would come up with, but, to satisfy Lucy, I said I would give it one more try.


We had finished our first complete fertility cycle. We had set out minds to the fact that we going back to the situation that had existed with us for some 4 years when we did not have intercourse. I did not find the ‘recess’ period too difficult, nor did I resort to the condom. I knew I would have to be really desperate to need one. Of course, I had compensation – I had Lucy and every night was now a ‘stay-over’ night.

During Lucy’s ‘safe’ time, I felt we had gone a bit overboard due to the novelty of having intercourse - rarely missing a day, with most days, twice. The ‘recess’ enabled us to reinvigorate our basic connection, which did not depend on sex. A quiet time in bed, with Lucy cuddled up against me, was a lot of compensation.


The next time I met with Lucy and Sarah for lunch, Sarah came up and gave me a long kiss on the cheek. Then she confided, that since spending time with us, she had decided to become more open to meeting a guy with whom she felt comfortable, at an emotional level, and where sex was not the first thing on his mind. She was happy to wait for the right person – which may be after she had completed her course. I was interested to see whether she modified her clothing style in the future.

Lucy said that she and Sarah had worked out how they were going get my ‘specimen’ next time. But, it was too soon to tell me because I might get too ‘excited’. They looked at one another and giggled. Sarah said that she did not want to miss out, again, on seeing how I got the semen to come out. She said she would help more this time as she was now clearer on what to do.

It sounded a bit suspect. I just hoped they were not planning to tie me to the bed or something worse!


From our first ‘safe day’ we were back to regular sex, but decided to reduce the ‘twice a day’ frequency to special occasions.
It seemed like no time at all and the next specimen day was near. When at lunch with the girls I tried to get them to tell me what they had conjured up, but I could not get any answers. They just whispered to each other and giggled a lot. Just before we parted from lunch I had my hand on the table. Sarah took hold of it with both hands, gave it a squeeze and said “you’ll find out soon!”.

Looking at her I thought how cute she really was. I wondered who was going to be the lucky guy that would connect with her. He would have to pass some tests – she did have 3 brothers. I was sure Lucy would be on the selection panel.


I really was not looking forward to this specimen business again, especially as we had to skip sex the night before. I did not have any idea what the girls had in store for me – but I was soon to find out!
At breakfast Lucy was wearing her see through-next to nothings. When Sarah arrived I noticed she had her hair down. Lucy told me to get started in the shower and that I would have help to avoid the previous problem. Lucy’s ‘help’ in the shower was always enjoyable.

I was underway when the shower door opened and in stepped Sarah, completely naked. My eyes immediately focused on her blonde triangle.
She said “I’ve come to help”. In moments my dick was up. Sarah took the special wash and dribbled it on my dick and started lightly rubbing me up and down. “Good…….it’s real hard all ready………how do you feel?” She asked.
I felt so good I could hardly reply: “beautiful…….don’t stop……. I think I’m starting now ………yes!”

Then the shower door opened and Lucy was there, naked, ready with the container. Sarah turned off the water and gave a couple of extra rubs. I said “now”. Sarah held my dick steady while Lucy put the container to my head and I squirted hard. I could feel Sarah’s other arm around me tight, encouraging me on. Two, three, four times. Lucy asked was I finished. All I could do was nod. Then she said “good boy……….now Sarah will give you your reward!” and left with the container.


My dick had not yet started to go down when Sarah said to me “bend you knees a little and lean back against the wall”.
She moved over to me, took my dick and slid it in between the top of her legs. When I looked down my dick had disappeared into a bush of beautiful wavy blonde hair. If I hadn’t gone all ready I certainly would have now. Flexing her hips she slid out and in again and finally let it come right out and said “oh…. That feels nice……… but we will have to leave some for later………..I need to get dressed”. Next, she put her hand behind my head easing it to her, gave me a passionate kiss on the lips and hopped out of the shower.

While we were dressing Sarah commented to Lucy “we did not need plan 3………but everything happened so quickly………..I would like to see it go again another day!” What was that all about? Was there a plan 4? I would have to quiz Lucy about it later.


They told me to meet at the usual place for lunch, when Lucy would bring the results of an examination under the microscope.

I had only one hour of class before lunch so decided to spend some time in the library. However, I could not settle to do any work. My mind went back to the morning. Just thinking about it and my heart started racing. My earlier fantasy about my dick surrounded by Sarah’s blonde bush had actually come about! And, I wondered what Sarah meant when said ‘leave some for later’? I started thinking about the possibility of Sarah connecting with a guy. If that happened, I would not be able to have these little opportunities with Sarah - however unlikely.
My dilemma was that I was in love with Lucy and I loved Sarah.

Then, a selfish thought shot through my head. I did not want Sarah to find a guy at all!!

I wanted both girls for myself!!

Should I suggest that Sarah come and share our apartment?


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Still a good series.

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damm let the poor boy have some pussy he has two girls and he is not getting any i would tell her if she loves him drop the chart and just fuck him or he will get a second love since she has Sarah

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