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Then Lucy said “are you naked” I nodded, then “you don’t mind if Sarah sees your dick hard do you?.............hop up!”. With that, she pulled the sheet down exposing my soft dick and nudged me to stand up. What could I do? I really had no choice.

I was going to be another biology project! At least I was not in front of some class.

When I stood up Lucy put 2 fingers on my dick, squeezed and said to Sarah “put your fingers on it like that……… . feel how soft it is now”. Sarah felt it and said “it’s a lot longer than I’ve seen my brothers and it does not have any extra skin on the end…………….I remember my mother telling my brothers to pull their skin back and wash it properly………, that means Jimmy is circumcised………..what a good idea……..I like it!”
What with Lucy feeling it, and then Sarah, I could feel I was getting hard. No wonder. There were 2 slits either side of me, plus a dark triangle and blonde triangle, within inches of my dick.

“That’s amazing……..I can see it getting fatter as it is rising up…………can I feel it again?” said Sarah. By the time she got her 2 fingers on it my dick was as hard as a rock.
“It’s so hard now I can’t even make a dent in it………’s starting to point upwards ……….can I put my hand right around?” she asked. I told her to go ahead.
“My hand won’t even reach right around, it’s so fat……….it’s longer too.”

Next she gasped and said “Oh…….. I have just had this nice feeling. It seemed to go all over me…….oh…..oh………I need to sit down.”
Then Lucy said “Sarah, don’t worry…..I bet you’re having an orgasm……….do you feel warm down there? Sarah nodded. “Me too” replied Lucy.


After a minute or two, Sarah asked me “how do you make it go hard like that?”

This was a difficult question. I tried to explain to Sarah that I could not just make it go up at will. Compared to, say, when you want to bend your arm – you use your arm muscle and it bends immediately. It just did not work that way. I explained it as some sort of visual/mental stimulation, that made it go up, and that dicks basically had a mind of their own. If it does not want to go up, it won’t.

Sarah said “I don’t remember learning anything like that in Sex Ed!”
Then “how do you make it go back down”. Another difficult question!

I explained that, right now, especially with her and Lucy standing naked beside me, I would not be able to make it go down. I would have to do something, or something would have to happen to change its mind! To give her an example, I said that if the fire alarm went off suddenly, and we had to race out of the house, it would no doubt go down very quickly. Lucy then commented “after he squirts it in me it will go down!” I was trying to be discrete, but to Lucy, it was simply a technical matter.

Then Sarah asked “how do you make the semen come out?”
I thought that all I had been asked to do was show Sarah my hard dick!!
Now I find I’m on spot with these difficult questions. How could I answer this without being embarrassed?

Again, I tried to explain that it was not possible to just do it! It was due to stimulation, physical and/or mental. But, once it decided to start, it was not possible to stop the semen from coming out!
It also, ‘had a mind of its own’. Sarah replied “I did not learn that in Sex Ed either. Every girl must learn that! Then, maybe there would not be so many young pregnancies”.

Trying to take the technical approach I said that if she had further questions I would try to answer.

I hopped back under sheet with my hard dick was clearly showing. Sarah looked a bit perplexed. Lucy said “don’t worry it will go down when he goes to sleep”. And next “Sarah you can come over and help when I am going to take Jimmy’s lab specimen………. I will show you how I can make the sperm come out – other than putting his dick in me”.

Following my shock from what Lucy said my dick dropped quickly. “Time for sleep” I said as both hopped into bed naked. Lucy cuddled up - the quicker I went to sleep the better. I had had enough stimulation and shocks for one day.
I did wonder about tomorrow and what I was going to say to Lucy!


I awoke early the next morning. My mother sang out and said they were leaving for work. I told her I would organize breakfast and lock the house as we left to return to the apartment.

Lucy was still asleep so I lay on my back pondering over the previous night’s events.

It might have been worse if Lucy had suggested to Sarah that I could show her the best way to have intercourse. But, I was sure she would not go that far. Definitely not……..would she??
In any case Sarah would have declined……. wouldn’t she?
As for myself, I also would have declined, I am sure………well I am confident I would have! On the other hand who would knock back a once in a lifetime opportunity?

Trying to make sense of what I was thinking, I closed my eyes. Immediately, in to my head popped an image of my dick in the middle of a blonde pubic bush. It quickly became obvious that I was really a mixed up guy caused by too much exposure to naked females. The quicker we were back at the apartment the sooner I would be back to reality.

I heard Sarah stirring so looked over. She said she had had the best night’s sleep ever. She told me she thought she had had more nice feelings during the night when she was dreaming that she had her hand around my dick again. Also, when she woke she felt a bit sticky between her legs.

As her bed was not that far from me she stretched out her hand. I responded and our hands locked. At the pool, I had had my hands all over her breasts but it had felt nothing like this. The impact on me was instant. A euphoric feeling ran all over me as she squeezed my hand.

She went on to thank me for the explanations I had given her and said she had learnt a lot that she had never known before. Maybe, that the hand squeeze was just a ‘thank you’?
It was apparent to me that her brothers were delinquent by not making sure she was up to scratch on these fundamentals.

Continuing our chat, she explained that the last time she had been out with a guy she was 17 years old. She had been in the cheerleaders’ squad and had been on dates with some of the players. All they wanted to do after the date was press their hard dick up against her and have sex. She felt that if she was to have any sort of relationship it would have to at an emotional level – not simply because of sex. Finally, she dropped out of cheerleaders and withdrew from dating. She had continued to be non-receptive to dating since then, but, in any case had not met anyone she may have wanted to connect with.

Just as Lucy was waking Sarah said she needed to have a quick shower. Lucy decided she would start breakfast and, naked, started for the kitchen. I called her back and reminded her we had company. She put on some sort of wrap-around. Sarah returned from the shower, naked, and asked was Lucy dressed. “Barely” I replied. She put on a similar garment and went off to the kitchen. Putting on my boxers, I followed soon after.


As we were early, we ate leisurely, enjoying the garden vista from the dining room window. Towards the end Lucy said “the sun is coming in……’s quite warm………I don’t need this” and tossed her wrap on to the chair. Turning to Sarah she said “are you warm too”. Sarah nodded and promptly peeled off her cover as well. My dick quickly noticed there were 2 naked females again and started responding.

Then Lucy said to me “are you hard yet?” I nodded…. Lucy could be a real tease – she knew what would happen. It was a continuation of the earlier project. Then “show Sarah………….see Sarah……. how it has a mind of its own!”
Sliding my chair backwards from the table I maneuvered it out of my boxers and let it bounce up above the edge of the table. Sarah commented “wow……that was some bounce……….can I have a go”. She pushed my dick down a few inches and let it bounce up, and again. “If I hadn’t seen it I would not have believed it……..I bet you have a lot of fun with that Lucy!”

“Ok girls…….fun is over for now……….let’s organize ourselves so we can leave” I said to them.

I was ready in 5 minutes but I knew it was a waste of time trying to hurry them along. But it was fun watching them get dressed, so I sat on the bed and waited. At least they did not spend time on makeup – neither needed it anyway. Watching Lucy, I started to feel emotional. My love and desire for her was overwhelming. I knew recent events had in no way reduced my love for her. It was just that I liked Sarah a lot. The girls were just so much alike in their ways. No doubt, that’s why I was attracted to Sarah – she was so much like Lucy.
It was a change to see them dressed. It seemed like they had been naked most of the time we had been away.

Then an unsettling thought came to me. Was Sarah going to write up what she had learnt, about how males really work, and submit it as a self selected assignment? She had certainly wanted a lot of detail. On the other hand, maybe all girls asked these questions. Since I had never had a girl, other than Lucy, I never had the chance to find out. I would have to quiz Lucy about it later.

Lucy and Sarah had become evener closer since start of summer school. Sarah had mentioned how she had a ‘safe feeling’ when with us and felt were like family.

A comfortable hour trip and we dropped Sarah at her home. Although, I knew I needed to be alone with Lucy in order to sort myself out, I was going to miss Sarah – particularly as I had seen so much of her – literally.

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