After some amazing oral sex, we were both lying naked on the couch.

I reached up to get my finger under her chin so I could kiss her. Her head tilted up and she moved readily into my lips, pushing against mine with a hunger that I’d never even imagined. Her arm wrapped around my head as I held her naked body to me, sliding my hand up her back and then down to squeeze her firm ass cheeks. I pulled her into me, forcing her pussy into my hips and pushing back at the same time. She got her arm out from under us and reached behind her to grab my arm, then moved her other hand back to wrap her hand around my arm as well. She hadn’t stopped kissing me, but what her hands were doing was a little confusing, almost like they were trying to push my hand away from her ass. I was having none of it, though, and grabbed her by the wrists and held her arms behind her. She was trying to free her arms from my hand, so I just held on tighter, meanwhile using my forearm to continue forcing her pussy into my hips and now reviving cock. She broke our lip-lock and let her head fall to bury itself into my neck while she continued trying to get her arms free, breathing heavily. I took my other hand and moved it down to grab her ass, then slid it up her back to the back of her neck, then into her hair.

I took a handful of ponytail close to her head and pulled. She fought me, grunting as she tried to keep her head in my neck, and then she bit me! I pulled her head hard by the hair, forcing her out of her little sanctuary, with her arms now fighting a little harder to get free. I squeezed her to me with my arms and flipped her onto her back, still keeping her hands pinned behind and now under her, while I moved down to kiss and bite her neck, then her shoulders, and then down to suck and bite her tits.

She was grunting with her efforts to get free, straining her body against mine as she fought (conveniently bringing her tits up for me to suck and pull and bite). I was grunting with my own effort to hold her fast, and, as I brought one knee up between her legs to push them apart, the wildcat in her really came out. Her knee came up beside me and tried mightily to push me off her. I held her down with my body weight and got both of my legs in-between hers and forced them open. Hunching my back to bring my cock up to her, I pushed it into her soaking wet pussy.

Now as soon as my dick went into her, several things happened at the same time. Her face, which had been turned away from me, turned back and she began to kiss and suck on my neck. Her arms stopped fighting to get free, and her body, which had been straining against me (I could barely hold her!), transformed itself from an almost rigid plank to now melting into me as her legs came up and wrapped themselves around my waist. I let go of her wrists to hold her hips while I pounded my cock into her. Her arms came out from under her and clamped themselves around my neck as she held me to her. Somewhere in the back of my mind I began to get the idea she enjoyed that little bit of forcing her into the fucking I was now giving her. Her breath was being taken in gasps every time I went into her, and I only managed about five or six strokes before feeling her tense up, tighten her legs and arms so as to almost break my spine, and then she let loose with an “aaaAAAHHHHHH” as she orgasmed with enough force to lift us both off the couch.

When she raised us up, I brought both of my knees up under us and essentially had her hips in my lap while she laid on the couch. The strain on my dick being bent down at that angle was almost painful, but I was too far gone to even slow down. I got an arm under her and yanked her hips up into mine, used the other arm to brace myself, and just continued pounding away. I felt my balls tighten up and rammed into her a couple more times before pulling out of her and dropping her ass onto the couch. The pressure on my nuts was enormous and I started to reach for my dick to give it the last couple of necessary strokes, but she beat me to it. Wrapping both hands around my cock, she jacked me a couple times, then watched as a torrent of cum shot out of my dick, up her belly and onto her tits. She kept yanking until I stopped. I raised my head to look at her and she slipped her hands up my sides to pull me down onto her. I laid there for a minute, catching my breath, before I realized I must be crushing her. I made to raise up, but she tightened her arms and said, “No, no, stay there. You feel so good on top of me.” She wrapped her legs around me again and brought her lips up for me to kiss, which I did, deeply. No tongue, no biting, just a long, deep kiss. “Caroline,” I whispered in her ear. I don’t know how she did it, but she sort of moved into me as she hugged me with her whole body. Her head, her arms, her torso, her legs and even her feet somehow snuggled in just a little closer and tighter around me. I tried my best to return that feeling and she let out a soft, vocal, almost sobbing sigh. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say so I just held her.

After a few minutes, I said, “We better get up and get dressed. It’s gonna be 8:30 and your parents might finish early.” I can’t begin to describe how reluctantly I pushed away from her. There was such look of sadness and longing in her eyes I thought she might start crying. I kissed her softly once, then again and said, “I might not be right next to you like I so much want to be, but I will always be right here for you.” She looked in my eyes and brought the palm of her hand to my cheek, leaned up and kissed me. “I never want to let go of you,” she said, “Don’t you ever let go of me.”

We got up, cleaned ourselves up and got dressed. We made our way upstairs from the den and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. I swilled two glasses of water and part of a third before I felt satiated. She was just looking at me, grinning. “That must have taken a lot out of you.” I slipped an arm around her waist, pulled her to me and said, “You know exactly how much that took out of me. You ‘bout had me out cold!” Right about then the front door opened and her mom announced “We’re home!” Caroline responded with a “We’re in the kitchen!” Her mom came in and said, “How’d the studying go? You going to pass the test tomorrow?” “Yes, he’s got me ready, I think I’ll do okay.” I’m mentally rolling my eyes at this, thinking just how okay her daughter was and how she’s the one who’s got me ready. “I’d better hit the trail,” I said. “My parents want me in early on school nights.” Her dad asked if I wanted a ride but I declined. “Thanks, but it’s not that far and I like the walk.” Caroline walked me to the door and, after a short kiss and a squeeze of the hand, I was on my way.

I replayed the evening through my mind as I walked, especially the part about how she got me to basically hold her down and force her. “Little minx,” I thought to myself. “We’ll just see about that.”

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She's agressive, even when she's being "forced". I think all women like to have just a little sense of being willingly "taken." Good story, man.

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