I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
When a girl named Shirley and her little friend Carol, went to the football game that night, they had no way of knowing, that their lives were about to be changed forever.

Shirley was just 5 feet tall and only 14 years old, so her little breasts were just starting to fill out. Her girlfriend Carol, was only 13 but she was Plump and had large breasts, to large, for a little girl her age. The boys at school used to get her in a corner out on the school yard and get her to pull her sweather up, so they could see them and she always did. Little did she know, that they were thinking more and more about her and it wasn't just thinking about seeing her breasts, they were thinking about " Banging her ". Whether she wanted them to or not. It was like everytime she showed them her little swollen titties, their little boners would get harder and harder and something had to give sooner or later and it did.

Neither of them were virgins, the boys when they were younger, had seen to that. In fact if the truth were known, both of them really liked sex but were afraid to admit it, until after what happened that night. When everybody at school would hear, how it was the 2 of them that had come after the boys to do them and not the other way around. Both of them were given the name " Slut " after that night and spent the rest of the school year, living up to it.

The home team had lost and they were walking home, when they heard a car coming up behind them and it was full of boys, boys from the other team, that were looking for a way to celebrate. And that's when the saw Red headed Shirley and her little plump friend Carol, walking down the somewhat dark street.

Before they could run, 2 of the boys had pulled them into the car and they were driving away, holding their hands over Shirley and Carol's mouths, so nobody could hear them, as the other boys in the car, started pulling their skirts and panties off. Leaving them both naked, from the waist down. Half naked in a carload of horny boys, some of them black and some of them white.

Trying to cover their little pussies, with their little hands but the other boys kept pulling them away, so they could see the " Prize " that was waiting for them. The " Prize for winning the game, was going to be 2 of the home teams, little girls. Pretty Shirley and her little friend, plump Carol.

It was like nobody knew what to do, when finally one of the boys started rubbing Shirley's red haired mound and working his finger up into her. Finger fucking her, while everybody in the car watched him.And that's when Shirley lost it, letting out a little moan, closing her eyes and laying back across the other boy and let him do it. Whimpering and moaning, like there was nobody else around. As she ground her pretty red haired pussy onto his boney finger.

Watching Shirley get fingered, did something to Carol and she spread her little plump legs and whispered, " Finger me " and a boy from the front seat, bent back over the seat and slipped his finger up into her plump little pussy and fingered her, as they sat there looking right at each other. Like she was daring him to do it and he was, right there in front of everybody. Not even caring that there was anybody else around.

They drove to the local lover's lane, which was strange because none of them, were supposed to be from around there. It wasn't until the next monday at school, that Shirley saw one of the boys, that had been in the car.

And word got around fast, that Shirley would " Take it black, as well was white " and soon the whole town knew it. And then the black boys and then the blackmen, started coming after her, really coming after her. And she let them have her, just like she would have, if they had been white.

As soon as they parked, they took Shirley's halter off and then her little bra off, her little bra that she had only being wearing about a month, when her little titties started to get puffy.

Shirley was naked now and different boys were reaching over and feeling her little titties, pulling on her nipples and making her " Squeal " like the little girl that she still was but they didn't care, how little or how young, she was. She was " Their's " now and they weren't about to let her get away.

Shirley had a pretty body but Carol was fighting them, as they tried to get the rest of her clothes off because different boys and even afew older men, had called her " Plump " and she was ashamed of her little body. Even though most of it was " Baby fat " and would eventually go away but she didn't know that yet as she kept trying to hide it from them.

The more she resisted, the more they wanted her and eventually, they had her naked, just like Shirley was and that's when it happened.

One of the boys, a white boy, offered his swollen boner to Shirley and Carol watched her, as she went down on it, working her warm mouth up and down on it. Doing what they called, " Bobbing on it." Pausing to lick on the head on it , every now and then, tasting his sweet precum, coaxing it for more and eventually she'd get it, by pumping it up and down slowly, while everybody watched her.

Shirley liked giving blowjobs and almost every boy and man in the little town knew it but Carol had just started giving them 6 months ago and wasn't really very good at it yet, so most of the boys, wanted Shirley.

The black boys really liked watching her pretty redhair bobbing up and down, on their long skinny black boners. Most of them had never been sucked by a white girl before and couldn't believe how good she was at it. Little did they know, that Shirley had been sucking on it, since she was 11, yes, I said 11, when the little boy nextdoor, started getting her to suck on his little pee pee and she liked it, really liked it. And that boy told another boy and he told another boy and before long everybody knew that Shirley was a " Cocksucker " and she settled into being one, getting better and better at it, as she got older and older. Until now, when she was all of 14 years old and the most popular girl, in the little town.

Watching Shirley was even turning Carol on and while she was rubbing on her little clit, with her finger tip. One of the black boys reached over and worked his black finger up into her, fingering her, while she teased it. Grinding her plump little pussy onto to his boney finger, whimpering and moaning and started begging him to, " DO HER."

He didn't need any more than that as he opened the car door and got out, exposing his boner and pulling the little fat girl out of the car and down onto a blanket, that one of the other boys, had gotten out of the trunk. Seeing the little chubby white girl laying on the little blanket, looking up at him, begging him to do her, did something to him and the next thing he knew, he was taking his pants, shoes and underwear off. Stepping over and straddling her, lowering himself down to her, until his black boner was inbetween her little white breasts and watching as she slowly pushed them together and held them there, knowing that he wanted to titty fuck her and she liked that, so she let him. Kissing and licking on the little head, everytime it pushed out from inbetween them, until he squirted her.

While Carol was getting titty fucked on the blanket, just outside of the car, Shirley was still taking it in the car, only now, they were fucking her too.

Amazed at the way that she would wrap her little legs around the boy who was doing her, grinding her pretty red haired pussy, on his little or big cock, until he squirted her. And then her little legs would drop away from him, spreading for the next one.

Even when another car pulled up close to them, they didn't stop, they just kept doing them. Not caring what other people thought about Carol and Shirley or about, how many boys were doing them.

When all of them were through with them, they pulled Shirley out of the car and down onto the blanket. Leaving her there with Carol, the plump one. Throwing their clothes on the blanket next to them and calmly drove away.

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2009-06-13 00:06:12
I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

Since some of you may not like this story and what it's about, may I suggest that you click on my name, that's up next to the title of this story and perhaps you will find one that's more to your liking....Milker

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2009-01-02 14:01:38
continue story with the football team constantly using the girls for bareback fuck toys and setting them up to be used by visiting teams


2008-11-09 20:29:22
me and my stepfather who thinks iam the sexies thing going and give the best blowjob that he every had love your story


2008-11-07 01:34:54
l love giving head


2007-02-05 12:47:41
I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

Since some of you may not like this story and what it's about, may I suggest that you click on my name, that's up next to the title of this story and perhaps you will find one that's more to your liking....Milker

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