Romance, Incest, teen male/female, softcore

This story is based on fact with interwoven fiction. It spans a period of about 11 years. I have used journalistic licence and embellishment to hopefully make the story more readable and interesting. . A reader can likely work out which is part is fact and which is fiction. Comments welcome.


Lucy had arranged that we would visit our parents during the week. When working on our timetables we had been able to keep one day clear. Lucy had asked Sarah if she would like to come with us on the trip. She had agreed. As she lived in the direction we would be heading she had arranged to pick up Sarah on the way.

Sarah and Lucy had become quite close friends. When I saw them together they were usually talking and laughing. What they had to talk about I did not know, but they seemed to go non stop.
In a way they were like sisters.

Watching them, reminded me of our mothers when they got together. Our mothers told each other everything. I wondered if Lucy and Sarah had become the same.

Had Lucy told Sarah that we were first cousins? Had she told her about her fertility planning…….about condoms………and how I was not keen on them………. nor was she ……….and therefore how big my dick was?

After all they were both doing Biology. To Lucy these matters were technical issues!

The arrangements were that we would go to Lucy’s mum for lunch. As my mother was working that day, we would go to my place for dinner. On the phone, my mother had told me that she had replaced one single bed in my room with a King. So we decided to stay over and drive back early the next morning. Along as we were home before midday we would be right for our commitments. Also, Sarah was ok with that.

Arriving to pick up Sarah I wondered how she would be dressed. She was not wearing anything like her campus outfit. I thought she wore one of the dresses Lucy gave her. Knee length with thin straps, square cut back, low front showing a nice cleavage. Her blonde hair was down. If she went to campus dressed as she was, she would turn every head.

We arrived late morning. It was decided that we would have early lunch followed by a swim before the day became too hot. With difficulty I managed to get Lucy alone. I asked her whether she had told Sarah that we went swimming naked, including me. She said she had. Sarah, having 3 brothers, had told her that, over the years, she had seen lots of dicks, of all sizes and stages of elevation – so it was ok with her.

When the after lunch tidying up was completed my Aunt and the girls went to the bedroom while I practiced on the pool table. I could hear lots of talking and laughing coming down the hallway. After what seemed like forever, they appeared with their towels around them. The towels they used for the pool seemed very small to me. They did not even cover the bare essentials. My self control was all ready being tested. Lucy called for me to follow.


At the pool, I felt confident that I would not embarrass myself this time, but decided to be quick getting in to the cool water – just in case. I was wearing only shorts so a fast unzip and they were off. Diving in, I surfaced to watch the females moving to the pool steps.

My eyes immediately focused on their pubics. I was used to seeing only triangles of dark curly hair, but now, in stark contrast, there was a blonde triangle in between. I had to resist the urge to swim over and let my fingers flow through Sarah’s wavy pubic hairs.

On reaching the second step down, Sarah dunked herself as far as her breasts and stood back up. What a beautiful sight! Her wet blonde pubic hairs glistened in the sunlight – shining silver and gold. The water dripped off her nipples which were now noticeably hard. Her breasts were even more desirable, wet. I could not help starring, despite the fact that I had seen a lot of Sarah naked. Luckily, she pushed off the steps and started swimming. If I had not been in the cool water I know I would have had a noticeable problem. I was infatuated.

Having cooled down my Aunt got out of the pool to go and prepare refreshments. Lucy and Sarah said they would have 10 minutes on the sun lounge and follow. Sarah said she had never been swimming naked before but liked it a lot. A little longer in the water and I felt confident enough to test myself again, especially with both girls lying sprawled out naked. I knew Lucy would be watching intently to see what might happen. Both watched as I walked up the pool steps. Actually, I was amazed that I did not get hard with Sarah watching. I decided not to push my luck, so did not delay in getting a towel to dry off.


They were lying, half inclined, in the shade, with their feet towards me and their legs wide open. I could clearly see their slits surrounded by their hairy triangles. I loved the way their mounds rose up. A tempting sight indeed. With the towel wrapped around me I was about to leave when Lucy said “I would like an all-over rub down, Jimmy”. To follow her request would likely mean the self control I had mustered might quickly evaporate. I hitched the towel tighter just in case.

Using two hands I started at her feet. Moving up her legs I skirted her mound and up to her tummy. Then I heard her say “you missed a bit”. I knew what she meant, but, as Sarah had been watching, I had decided to be discrete. I changed direction and let my fingers slide lightly over and around her mound then through the dark tightly curled pubic hairs. When I started to move upwards Lucy said “you’ve still missed a bit”. Again, I knew what she meant, but I had no intention of rubbing her spot. I did not want her ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ in front of Sarah. So I continued on and said firmly “not there…. Lucy”. I looked at her and she mouthed “please”. I just shook my head and quickly moved up, over and around her breasts. Still wet, they were doubly enticing as her nipples gradually hardened and stuck out further.

Due this distraction with Lucy over her spot, my dick was hanging loose, maintaining perfect decorum. I rose up, ready to leave, when Lucy said “you can’t go without giving Sarah a rub down too!” I looked at Sarah and she said “yes…… please!”

I kneeled down again and started at Sarah’s feet. The moment I started to move along her legs I could feel my dick. It was going hard rapidly. I had fantasized about sliding my fingers through the beautiful wavy blonde pubic hair, and, now as I was really about to do it!! The closer I got to her mound the harder I became.

My heart was pumping hard with the excitement at what I was about to do. As my hands moved closer along her legs she widened them more. I could clearly see her spot. I knew that I badly wanted to rub it. Looking up briefly, I could see Lucy watching closely…… I managed to stop my urge just in time. But the main prize was still waiting for me. Close up, the blonde pubic hairs looked golden in the filtered light. As my hand slid over her mound it seemed to rise up invitingly. I lingered with my fingers spread-eagled through the hairs for longer than I should have, but I found it difficult to draw myself away.

Finally, I moved my hands over her tummy and towards her breasts. I was not sure whether I should feel them or skirt them. Sarah must have read my mind because she said “it’s ok….feel them”. I did not need a second invitation, but I hesitated…… just to look at their beautiful shape….. close-up. I felt her nipples firm under my hands as I lightly rubbed both breasts at the same time. I saw her eyes were closed so I extended my stay regardless of Lucy’s gaze. It was just too good an opportunity…….likely to never come again. As I finished, Sarah opened her eyes and said “that was great…..I’ve never had anything like that before”. Then she mouthed a kiss to me. Momentarily, I was unable to talk. I was not sure what to say. Was that just a ‘thank you’ kiss or was it something more? In the end, I said “anytime Sarah”.

By the time I had finished Sarah’s breasts, my dick was so hard I thought it was about to burst. It was straining at the towel so I held on to it tightly in an attempt to hide the bulge. As the girls hopped off the lounges I said I would follow them to the house, hoping they would not notice. On the way back to the house I wondered if I had said the right thing to Sarah. At least it was the truth. I would love to feel Sarah all over ‘anytime’!

At afternoon tea there was non stop chatter between the girls and my Aunt. My Aunt seemed to have an immediate affinity with Sarah, which, I felt, was due to the similarity of ideas and personalities of the two girls. By late afternoon it was time to continue on to my parents.


Not long after our arrival, my mother took us to my bedroom and showed us the changes she had made. The new king bed with matching furnishings on both beds really looked good. Being such a large room, there was still plenty of space.

At dinner, we updated my parents on our activities. They were impressed with Sarah and the fact she was putting herself through college. My mother thought that if she could survive having three brothers she could probably achieve anything.
I could see that my father was captivated by her charm. Not the least of which was her blonde hair and attractive figure.
After checking that we had everything we needed my parents retired for the night. The next day was a work day for them.

The three of us went to my bedroom. Lucy said that she and Sarah would have a shower. It was a warm night so I removed my shorts and hopped under the top bed sheet. I lay in bed, completely relaxed, surveying the small changes made to the room; a couple of pictures on the wall; new matching bedside lamps. When the girls returned, clothes in hand, they were completely naked.

They told me they were going to sleep naked.


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Lucy is a health Nut as well as a highly educated wack job. She is not Going On The Pill.

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2011-06-16 06:32:01
Rember this is Fiction, very good fiction, a very good series I am looking forward to the next part.

This has gone on for a longb time. Jimmie is well Trained. Lucy is clearly Bi Sexual and in love with Sarah.

Remember Jimmie and Lucy have been togather since Sand Box.

Massice amounts of Sex Play. Much more then i as Jimmie would have stood for. However if they did not follow the rules they would not have been able to Sleep Togeather.

Would you not like to Sleep Nude ith your close aged Female 1st Cusin through out School and life.

Remember however this finally ends and i like happy endings, Jimmie got a lot of pussy. From a very early age.

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I am not happy with the way Lucy is treating Jimmy she is not acting like a wife she is acting like a tease and now she has added Sarah does she want Jimmy to screw up and fuck Sarah so she can fuck others or just divorce Jimmy. Shit if she wants to fuck more she can get on the PILL.

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