I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
It was over a month since the old blackman had given me his phone number, at the downtown movie theater. I really thought that I had thrown it away, I guess because I was so embarrassed, about how easy it was for him to get to me sexually, when he had picked me up hitchhiking.

He wasn't the first older man, that had picked me up hitchhiking and had his way with me, in one way or another. But he was the first older blackman and something was making me wanting to return to him. Whatever that means.

Maybe it was because he didn't laugh or make fun of me, when he found out about my " need " to lick and taste pee. Knowing about it because he had caught me peeking over at him, while he was peeing at the urnials, at the movie theater, downtown.

He hadn't said anything to me when he caught me but he sure did, after he had picked me up hitchhiking and found out that I would let him play with me and that's when he took me home with him and had his way with me. Getting me to drink his blackman's pee and eventually go down on him, before he would let me out of his bathroom.

The fear that I was going through, as I pushed the numbers on the pay phone was unreal. When he finally answered it, I was to afraid to say anything and just stood there, holding the pay phone.

And that's when it happened. After standing there in total fear, for probably 3 or 4 minutes, he whispered into the phone, " It's you, isn't it " and I almost peed my pants. How did he Know ? I still couldn't say anything and the next thing I knew he was saying, " I gots ta pee baby, why don't you come over?" " Come on over and suck on old Henry's black dick and drink my pee, ya knows ya wants to."

If it had been an older whiteman saying that to me, I would have hung-up the phone but something about it being a blackman made my little boner start to come up. I don't know why.

I was less than 3 blocks from his little house and the next thing I knew, I was knocking on his back door and he was letting the little white boy in. The little white boy with the strange desires, that he was, " Oh so willing," to satisfy.

He didn't say anything, he didn't have to, as he went into his bathroom, undoing his pants and letting them drop, as he got to the white toilet and slowly turned around. He wasn't wearing any underwear, so I was looking right at his dark leathery looking old black cock and balls, as he stepped out of his pants and slowly sat down on the white toilet. Spreading his black legs, so the little white boy, could get at it better.

He was looking right at me, not saying a word, as he reached down, took ahold of and offered it to me. Watching me, knowing that I wanted it, wanted it bad enough to come all the way over to his house. As he sat there holding it, offering it to me. Watching as the " Urge " to suck it, took over, in my mind and in my little white body.

I could see the clear precum, starting to ooze out of the end of it, as he sat there massaging it, knowing that he had me. And that once again he was about to get his dick sucked, his black dick sucked, by the littlewhite boy, that he had picked-up hitchhiking, three weeks ago.

When he saw that I couldn't move he said, " Come on, you know you want it, I won't tell, I promise." Why, him saying that he wouldn't tell, changed it for me, I don't know but it did. And the next thing I knew, he had me kneeling down in front of him and licking on it, as he sat there holding it.

I could smell and taste the faint pee and sweet precum, as I licked softly on the big head and I'm embarrassed to admit, that my little tongue started circling on the end of it, telling him that I wanted more, more than just his pee. And he moaned, " Oh shit baby do it, suck that black dick. " As he leaned back, sliding forward on the toilet seat, pushing his black hips up and watched, as he got the little white boy to take ahold of it and start pumping on it, until he had a full-blown boner. Whimpering, as once again he saw how big it was, with its huge black balls, hanging down below it.

Once again the old blackman couldn't believe it, as he watched the little white boy bend down over it and he moaned and gently pulled the white boy down, to his swollen boner. Letting out a long low moan, as once again he felt the little white boy starting to lick on it. " Oh, fuccck yesss, do it baby, do it."

Closing his eyes, he wondered who had turned him on, turned him on " To the dick." Was it another blackman, like he was sucking on now or was it the older white boys, from the little town, that had gotten to him because he was so little?

He could feel the little boys, warm soft tongue, as it explored his cock. Circling around the swollen head, teasing the little peehole and then sliding down one side, all the way down to his kinky black pubic hair and then licking back up the other side, back to the swollen head again. Stopping to feel the veins, that ran along the top of it. " Ohhh baby, oh fuccck yesss."

All at once the old black shoeshine man was moaning and saying, " Oh fuck, come on baby, take your pants off for me, lets go into the bedroom." As he watched the little white boys head bobbing up and down, on his long black boner, caressing it with his little tongue, like he had done it, thousand's of times before. And that's when it happened.

When all at once the little white boy just let go of it and without saying a word, got up and left the bathroom. Leaving the old black shoeshine man sitting on the white toilet, with his big dick sticking up. What happened next shocked even him.

Because after sitting there for a minute or two, trying to figure out what had happened. The little boy appeared in the doorway again but this time he was naked, totally naked. Making the blackman's dick twitch and jump, when he saw him. All he could think about after seeing him naked, was how much he wanted to ease his black dick up into his tight little white ass, fuck him like he had never been fucked before and leave " his seed " up in there, until the next blackman came along, to " reseed " him again. He didn't care, that he was only 13 or somewhere around that. He had come over to his house, hadn't he, he must have known before coming over, that the old black shoeshine man was going to try and fuck him again, after trying to the last time but not being able to do it.

Neither of them said a word, as the little white boy kneeled down in front of him again and continued where he had left off by taking ahold of it and working it up and down, while the old blackman, sat there on the white toilet watching him do it. Bending down every now and then, to lick at the sweet precum, as it oozed out of the little hole and started to run down the sides of it.
All at once the little white boy was whimpering and moaning and begging the old blackman to pee for him. Holding his black dick in his little hand and pointing it straight-up, as he watched and waited.

The old blackman knew, that if he didn't do it, that the little boy would leave again and maybe never come back. So, he started squeezing on his bladder, trying to force some of it to come out and eventually it did. Squirting up into the air, almost 5 inches and then dropping back down onto the little boys hand and down along his blackman's cock, onto his balls and down into the white toilet.

As the next gush came out and shot up into the air, the little white boy bent down and licked at it, catching some of it with his little tongue, as it fell back down onto the blackman again.

And that's when the old blackman lost it to and a steady stream of his pale yellow pee, started gushing up into the air, just like a water fountain and the little boy bent down and closed his mouth around it and all you could hear were the little " Gulp " " Gulp " " Gulping sounds, that he was making and all at once he lost it and the old blackman yelled " NOOOOOO " but it was already to late, as he saw the little boy starting to quiver and jerk, as once again drinking a man's pee, had just made him cum.

They stayed like that for the longest time, the blackman on the toilet, with his legs spread and the little white boy kneeling down in front of him. His little boner gone now, yes, he had had a little boner, when he had come back into the room and now he was feeling guilty because he had gotten what he needed but the blackman hadn't and he thought that the old blackman was going to be mad at him.

The old blackman thought that it was all over but then the little white boy got up and went back into the bedroom. Crawled up onto the bed , where the blackman could still see him, on his hands and knees, offering him his little white ass, as he dropped down to his elbows and knees and waited. Knowing that it was going to hurt, really hurt but the old blackman had given him what he wanted, so he felt like he had to let him.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

The old blackman couldn't believe what had just happened, as he looked out the open bathroom door and saw the white boy, on his elbows and knees, on his bed, waiting for him to come and do him. He sat there stroking it, getting it as hard as he could and then went into the bedroom and heard the little white boy whimpering, " Please don't hurt me " over and over and he almost backed away from him, thinking that he didn't " want it " but that when the little white boy added, " Go into me easy. " and the old blackman almost lost it, just by hearing him say that.

As he crawled up behind him, he reached out and brushed his finger tips across the little white boys asshole and watched as it pushed out and tried to open up, just like a little flower.

He knew that the boy had been fucked before, just by the way his little asshole looked. Swollen around the edges, just like a little girls swollen lips would look. He laughed as he thought, " More cushion for the pushin " and put the end of his big black dick up against it and started to push, as the boy started screaming, into the pillow.

Arching his back and jerking up, as the big head on the end of it, pushed its way in. Holding his little asshole open, so the blackman could get the rest of it, up into him and he would, it was just a matter of time and he knew it. As he held still, waiting for the young boy to get used to the size of it, as he felt the little white boys little asshole going into spasm, wrapped around the swollen head, on the end of his swollen boner.
One minute the little boy was screaming and begging him to " take it out " and telling him that " It was too big " and the next minute, he was moaning, " Uh huh, uh huh " and the old blackman lost it and eased another inch or 2 of it up into his little white ass. Surprised at how easy he was taking it, only moaning into the pillow, as his little asshole opened up further, letting it slide in.

" AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH " it was the old blackman moaning now, as he watched the little white boys asshole open up and start swallowing his long black boner, an inch at a time, until there wasn't anymore. He had taken it, " Taken it all." As he let out a long low moan, like no other that the old black shoeshine man, had ever heard before. As he fell flat onto the bed and the old blackman rode him down, keeping his black cock up inside of him, not letting him get away from it.
Easing it back and then working it back up into him. Feeling his little asshole responding by squeezing on it, again and again and his warm soft rectum clutching on the sides of his boner, as he worked it back and forth, slow at first but getting faster and faster, as time went on.

It was then, the the old blackman, felt him pushing his little ass up, like he was trying to take it deeper but in that position, he couldn't. So, he pulled it back and raised up, watching the little white boy, get back up onto his elbows and knees again, in front of him. Showing him his little asshole again and begging him to " DO IT, PLEASE DO IT. " Whimpering as he felt the blackman coming up behind him again, feeling it, as it touched his little asshole and the old blackman, started easing his long black cock, back up into the warmth of it again.

Screaming, Arching his back, as he felt it going all the way back up into him "
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH " OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH " " OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS " and he started working his little asshole back and forth on it. Whimpering and moaning, " UH HUH, UH HUH, UH HUH, as his little asshole closed down around it tighter and he started milking on it with his warm soft rectum, massaging the sides of the long black boner, that was way up inside of him. Pulling on it, trying to suck it up into him deeper and deeper. As his little ass started bucking and jerking and he felt his " boy cum " starting to ooze out of the end of his little dick, as it hung down below his little asshole, the little asshole that the old blackman was fucking. Not caring that there was a little dick and a pair of little balls, hanging down below it, as he fucked into him harder and harder.

He was hunched over him by now, like a dog humping another bitch dog , when she was in heat and he lost it, screaming " OHHH SHIT " as felt his swollen cock erupting " AGGHHHH " " Once " " AGGHHHHHHHHH " " Twice " and again two more quick times, as he held onto his little white hips and watched as the white boys little ass bucked and jerked, the whole time that he was cuming up inside of him. Flooding his insides, with his white sticky cum.

The warmth up inside of his little white ass was unreal and he wanted to stay up inside of him, even though he had finished cuming but the white boy collasped onto the bed, causing both of them to moan, as his long black cock slid back out of him.

The old blackman, looked down and even hanging there limp, he was still proud of the size of it, as he went into the bathroom and washed him and the little white boy off of it.

The little white boy was still laying on the bed, on his stomach, whimpering, moaning and holding his little swollen asshole, from the fucking that the old black shoeshine man had just given it.

The old blackman started to feel guilty about it, until he remembered that it had been the little white boy, that had gotten up onto his bed and showed him his little asshole, begging him to " DO IT " so he did.

The old black shoeshine man went into the other room for a few minutes and when he came back, the little white boy was gone. He had left by the outside door, that came into the bedroom.

It wasn't even 2 weeks later, that the old black shoeshine man heard the little knock, the little knock at his backdoor and before he even opened it, he reached down and slid his zipper down. Because somehow he knew, that it was going to be the ittle white boy again. And when he opened it, there he was, the same little white boy, standing in the doorway.

Just seeing him standing there, made the old black man moan, as he turned and walked towards the bathroom and the little white boy closed the door and followed him. Both of them knowing, what was going to happen next and it did.

Not " Once " but " Twice" before he left again.

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love the drinking pee part

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2011-11-04 17:56:44
i was like that too but in my pussy . i was 12 an he was a friends daddy


2011-11-04 17:56:26
i was like that too but in my pussy . i was 12 an he was a friends daddy


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i was like that too but in my pussy . i was 12 an he was a friends daddy

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