I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
One night around midnight, a very pretty black girl came on to me, in a bar. She was one of the prettiest girls that I had ever seen, black or white. And I couldn't figure out why she wanted me.

She looked to be about 22 or 23, not any older and I was only 19 but had ID, that said that I was older.

Anyway I was already pretty drunk and couldn't turn her offer down, as I went out the backdoor of the bar with her. She didn't want to have to drive me back, to pick-up my car, so she made me follow her, to her house. Which was only about 3 miles away.

When we got there and went inside, she gave me a beer and let me drink it, as she slowly stripped for me.

Her breasts were small and perky and her little nipples were turned up and dark brown. Dark brown nipples really turn me on, I don't know why.

She had already slipped her sandals off, when we entered the house, so all she had on now, were her little shorts, which barely covered her huge beautiful black ass and her panties.

Teasing me and making me wait, she gave me another beer, which I didn't need but took anyway. Watching as she wiggled her big ass out of her tight shorts and slowly slid them down.

That's when she moved over beside me and took my hand and put it on her little mound, which was still covered by her panties. Holding it there, moving her little fingers on mine, getting me to play with it, as she got wetter and wetter. Somewhere along the way, she had pulled her panties aside and had my hand in her pubic hair. Gently moving my fingers with her little fingers, until she had one of my fingers up inside of her and was getting me to finger fuck her. Just like we used to do, all the way back in junior high school.

Only this time, she did something different. After getting me to finger her, for 2 or 3 minutes, she slowly pulled my finger out and started painting my lips, with her sweet wet juices. Coaxing me to open my mouth and let her slide it in. The sweet smell of her little pussy on it, combined with the faint perfume that she had put along her lips earlier, was driving me wild and she knew it. As she slowly worked it in and out, turning me on, even more.

I had the weirdest feeling that she was pretending that it was her little dick, as she slowly moved my wet finger in and out of my mouth, coaxing me to suck on it and I did.

All at once she pulled my finger out of my mouth and made me kneeldown in front of her. Making me watch, as she slowly peeled her panties down, exposing her black pubic hair to me, ever so slowly. Stepping out of them and spreading her little legs, ever so slightly.

I had never eaten a black girl before, just white girls and orientals. So when she slid her little black hand down there and spread it for me, I let out a little moan because I couldn't believe how pretty it was inside.

As soon as she spread it, you could see the browns of her outer lips,the pinks of her inner lips and deep red, that went all the way up inside of her. ......." It was Gorgeous "...... Like a blood rare steak, when you first cut it open and you see the reds and pinks inside and all of its sweet juices start to flow. That's what her pretty pussy looked like, as her sweet juices were starting to flow, just from her thinking about, what was about to happen in the bedroom.

The beauty of it was drawing me nearer and the next thing I knew, I was sliding my warm soft tongue up one side of her her outer lips and down the other. Kissing and sucking on them gently, causing them to swell even more. Engorged with blood, turning her into the animal, that she really was, as she ground her swollen mound against my warm soft tongue.

Moaning, grabbing my head and pulling me to her, holding me there, humping me, like she was fucking my tongue, with her warm kinky haired black pussy. Flooding my tongue, with her wet sweet juices, as I worked it in and out of her, faster and faster.

All at once she stopped me and said, " Come on baby, lets go into the bedroom, it's time." And I followed he in there, just like I was a puppy.

As soon as she had me in there, she stood naked in front of me and slowly started unbuttoning my shirt and helping me out of it. Next she kneltdown in front of me and reached out and unbuckled my slacks, sliding my zipper down slowly and watched as they slid all the way down to my ankles. As soon as she saw the bulge on the inside of my underwear, she let out a little whimper and slowly slid them down. Revealing my swollen cock, releasing it, as it sprang into view. I could hear the little moan coming out of her, when she saw how nice it was. It was just a little over 8 1/2 inches long and curved up alittle at the very end of it. The head of it looked like a big over grown plum and the veins on it, really stuck out. Actually it looked " Mean " to me but the girls seemed to like it and that was all that mattered to me.

I felt stupid, standing there with my pants and shoes on but when she leaned forward and took ahold of it, all of that changed, as she showed me just how much, a black girl likes to suck cock. Licking on the head of it, wetting it, as she slipped her mouth over the swollen head and started giving me the best blowjob, that I had ever had.

It was like her warm tongue had a mind of its own, as it first explored under the big head and them around it, circling it and then licking at the little hole in the end of it, the little peehole. The little whimpers and moans coming out of me, were letting her know, that I liked it, really liked it. And just when it was really starting to get good, she pulled away from it and climbed up onto the bed. Spread her little legs and once again said, " Come on baby, it's time." As she spread her little legs and opened her pretty pussy up for me again. Showing me the pretty reds and pinks inside, surrounded by her brown swollen outer lips.

Getting my shoes and pants off was the hardest thing I've ever done. I kept getting tangled up in them and tripping until I sat down to get them off.

The whole time I was trying to get undressed, she was gently circling her finger tip, around and around on her swollen clit, ever so slowly, waiting for me to join her.

My cock was swollen and aching, as it swung back and forth in front of me and then I crawled up onto the bed with her.

I wanted to plunge it all the way up into her and make her mine but as soon as I was on the bed, she reached for it and once again pulled it back, to her warm sucking mouth.

The next thing I knew, she had me on top of her, straddling her, as she got me to titty fuck her. Looking down and watching, as her pink tongue would come out and lick on the swollen head, everytime it came all the way up to her mouth again.

The whole time she was licking at it, I was teasing her black kinky mound, with my hand and my fingers. Enjoying the wetness of it because it was showing me, that she liked it.

I could hear the little moans coming out of me, begging her to suck it but she wouldn't and kept whispering, " No baby, not yet, we need to play somemore." and I almost lost it and squirted, just from her denying me like that but I didn't.

Trying to calm me down, she coaxed me back down between her legs again, spreading her swollen lips for me and begging me to " Eat it." Once again the beauty of it drew me to it, as I blew softly on her pink inner lips, as she held her outer lips apart for me. Kissing and licking on them, with tiny " Butterfly Kisses." Watching her clit trying to slide out even further, trying to find a cock to touch, the whole time I was blowing and kissing her tiny inner lips.

All at once she moaned real loud and started begging me for my swollen cock and I moved up on top of her. Felt her little hand inbetween us, as she took ahold of it and guided it in. Both screaming and then moaning, as it started going up into her. Spreading her black pussy, with its swollen white head.

As soon as she had it started going up into her, she wrapped her little black legs around me and started screaming, " Fuck me " ........." Fuck me "...........over and over again, as it worked up into her tight pussy, one inch at a time, until she had it all up inside of her. And I could feel her black kinky pubic hair, grinding around the base of my cock, rubbing on my swollen ball sac, each time I pushed back into her. Driving it in deeper and deeper, making her moan even louder.

Grinding back at her, I showed her how it felt, to be fucked by a white boy, a big dicked " White boy."

Getting pleasure out of it, everytime I made her moan, with the size of it. Driving it up into her deeper and deeper and then feeling embarrassed, as she started whimpering and crying, " More, more, give me more." And there wasn't anymore to give her, I had given her it all and she had taken it. Taken it all, up into her pretty pink and red, black girl's pussy. Grinding on me harder than any white girl had ever done. I couldn't believe it, as she worked it, with her warm pussy, that fit me like a glove.

Fuck, it was like her black pussy was trying to suck me into it, as it gripped my swollen cock and started milking on it. " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me bitch, fuck meee." " Work it, Oh yeahhh Agghhhhhhhhhhhhh." " Fuck........"

All of a sudden she was screaming, " Don't cum, don't cum, wait for me." And I jerked it out of her before I had too. And tried to calm down.

Even with it out of her, she couldn't leave it alone and the next thing I knew, she had eased me off of her and was down there licking on my ball sac, with her tiny soft tongue.

" Oh Shit, Stop." " What are you doinggggggg?" And she looked up with a smile on her face and said, " What, you don't like it?" And I almost lost it, right then.

' Fuck yes, I like it but don't you understand, " I'm trying not to cum?"

She giggled like a little girl and went right back to licking on them, as she whispered, " I know."

" Stop, stop." " Nooooooooooooooooooooo " " Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo " but she wouldn't and the next thing I knew, she had taken ahold of it, with her little black hand and was sucking on the end of it, as it squirted " Once " Agghhhhhhh, " Twice " Agghhhhhhh, " Three times " Aghhhhhhhhh, up into her warm sucking mouth.

Listening to the little whimpers coming out of her and the little gulping sounds that she was making, as she " Ate it, " to make me happy.

She was in no hurry, to get away from it, when it was all over. In fact it was me that finally pulled her away from it because it was getting so sensitive and I couldn't handle how her tongue felt on it anymore. As soft as it was, I still couldn't handle it and she thought that I was mad at her.

" No baby, nooo." " I'm not mad, believe me, I'm anything but mad."

When she still didn't believe me, I slid down on the bed and watched as she spread her little legs and showed me that pretty black pussy of hers again.

It was wetter now and had the taste and smell of her sweet juices on it, as I leaned forward and started returning the favor, by licking on it softly, with my warm soft tongue.

Kissing and sucking gently on her swollen outer lips. Watching her fingers spreading it and begging me to " Do it."

I was in no hurry, as I licked softly on her pink inner lips and slipped my tongue up into her. Feeling the warmth of it, as she took ahold of my head and held me there, grinding her pelvis, mashing her sweet warm pussy against my soft tongue.

Her thick pretty thigh's were covering my ear's and I couldn't tell what she was saying but by the way she was grinding, I knew that I was doing it right and just kept working it in and out of her faster and faster. Not caring anymore, if I got to fuck her or not, just wanting to give her pleasure.

It was pure animal sex, as she ground her black pussy against my white mouth, coaxing me to " Eat " her, almost demanding it. As her huge black pelvis, pushed at me again and again. Grinding her black kinky pubic hair onto my mouth, turning me on even more, in some strange kind of animal way.

All at once her back arched and she screamed, " Noooooooooo, Nooooooooooo, Oh Noooooooooooo."

As her little pelvis, started jerking and quivering, as she held me to her and flooded my mouth and tongue, with her sweet black girl juices. Holding my head, like she was never going to let it go.

Everytime that I'd think, that it was almost over, another ripple or wave would go thru her and once again, I'd feel more of it gushing out onto my tongue, making my insides quiver too. As I " Ate it," like she had eaten mine.

When it was finally over, both of us were to worn out to go on. So, feeling the warmth of her little pussy, wrapped around my big dick was out of the question, until next time. And both of us knew, that there would be a " Next time " and there was, the very next weekend.

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2013-03-03 01:23:02
Black ladies are way more in tune with the needs of white men. They are a dream come true for the white man that dares to pursue them.

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2011-07-04 20:12:32
Haha. I woke up down today. YouÂ’ve chereed me up!


2010-06-09 09:47:00
Hey anyone want to do that to me?


2007-10-11 17:15:49
I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

Since some of you may not like this story and what it's about, may I suggest that you click on my name, that's up next to the title of this story and perhaps you will find one that's more to your liking....Milker


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... why keep going on ano ocomment section is this how you get your jollie. I like your stories keep fucking these young chick tou could become a daddy seeral times

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