A slleping partygoer's rape turns into a night of unbridled debauchery
"Put your toys in your bag?" enquired Lewis of Helen. "Shit!" she exclaimed in reply. "We'd better head back then, who knows who we'll meet. There could be some fun on the cards, for us if no one else" said Lewis, anticipating some sexual excitement that night. It was a student party in a big old house, bound to be full of hot women, and (as leaders of the drama group) they were invited.

Bag correctly packed, the two headed out in the direction of the huge old house on the corner of Edgerton Drive. Lewis, 6'2", slim, short dark hair, wearing a Clash t-shirt, jeans and dark glasses and Helen, 5'5, shoulder length red hair, dressed in a purple satin vest top and black pvc mini skirt.

They arrived at the house and the festivities were already in full swing, loud music, dancing and heavy drinking. There were so many people it was hard for them to pick someone who could be of interest, so they just chatted to their friends and hit the booze. There were plenty of hot females there, but no one really caught their imagination... until they spotted Emma, 5'3", long blonde hair, very pretty, wearing a cream top with a tantalising zip up the front and a leopard print mini skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks. Add a pair of cream shiny high heels into the mix and her outfit was quite breathtaking. She had lads swarmed round her like wasps round a pot of jam, feeling up her curvaceous butt and trying (in vain) to lower her top's zipper.

"Fuck!" exclaimed Lewis slapping Helen's plastic ass before giving her right buttock a firm squeeze, "her little skirt's almost out-slutting your's". Helen bit her lip imagining for a moment what she'd taste like. "We'll bide our time with this one, look how pissed she is already. Let's hope she goes somewhere to sleep it off" she said, looking up at Lewis with a devilish grin.

The evening passed as the two watched their intended prey dance and drink, and drink, and drink. Suddenly she collapsed into a huge armchair. "Emma, you ok?" asked Andrew the host, a hunk of a guy on the Uni rugby team. "I'm ok" she replied, "i could just do with lying down". With that, Andrew carried her upstairs. "Eyes away lads" he said with a smile as they gawped up her skirt at her black satin panties, as he took her to a bedroom in the furthest part of the house and laid her on the King Size bed. "Sleep it off Em and i'll see you in the morning". Emma mumbled something incoherent and he closed the door.

"It's time!" said Lewis, leaning down to Helen, kissing her. "Let's have some fun". The pair disappeared up the stairs, lads feeling up her arse as she mounted the long, winding staircase. As they walked along the long corridor they checked each room, looking for Emma. Through various doors they could hear all kinds of moaning and groaning, until they got to the very end... Andrew's parents' room. Quietly Lewis opened the door and looked in. "There she is" he whispered, and the pair entered the room, closing the door behind them quietly.

Emma lay curled up on the bed, hair all dishevelled. "Get her on her back" said Helen quietly, Lewis stripped then turned her gently before moving her arms up over her head and straddling them, lest she woke. "Look at her" said Helen, "she's so hot". With that she straddled her waist, leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips.

She started to kiss down her neck and chest, then started to slowly unzip her top, revealing her small but pert breasts and slender belly. Lewis's cock stood proud and he softly slid it over her face as his partner licked Emma's soft, milky white flesh. She ran her tongue up and down her belly before moving up to her breasts, nibbling them gently. Emma started to come awake, but thought she was dreaming. She let out a quiet moan as her breasts were caressed lovingly.

Moving slowly down, Helen slid up the satin leopard print mini and removed her panties, sliding them gently down her thighs and completely off her. She looked down at Emma's trim mound and licked her lips before lowering herself between her legs and licking her pussy, already wet from the attention she'd been recieving downstairs.

It wasn't long before she really came to, as the licking turned her on so much. She opened her eyes and screramed. Quickly Lewis covered her mouth as she continued to protest, looking up seeing this huge cock hovering over her face and then down to find her naked but for her skirt, being licked out. She started to fight, kicking her legs at Helen, but she just straddled her again and placed her panties in her mouth. "Just enjoy this, don't fight it. We're going to give you the fuck of your life!" said Helen, wiping Emma's pre-cum from her chin with her finger, before sucking it.

She then returned back to her position between Emma's legs and started tonguing her wet twat. In and out she poked, as her victim tried in vain to struggle and moaned into her panties. Lewis then mounted her chest and placed his cock between her breasts and pushed them into it. He moved forwards and backwards between them, as Emma looked on wide eyed, watching his massive cockhead move into and away from her face.


It was at this point that i went searching the house, i'd had my eye on the girl in the pvc skirt and noticed her paying attention to the blonde. I'd been chatting to friends so hadn't seen what had happened to them, but guessed as all three where no longer in the music room they must be upstairs. So i started opening the bedroom doors, one by one. There was alot of sex going on, but i kept up my search til i got to the room at the end of a long corridor.

Opening the door gently, i looked and saw the older couple in their mid twenties devouring the young blonde. They seemed oblivious to my entry into the room. I stood behind the auburn haired girl, whose ass was slightly bared as she sat on her knees licking the blonde out. I dropped my trousers, climbed onto the bed, placed my hands on her black plastic hips and entered her wet pussy. She didn't even turn round, her cunt accepting my hard cock willingly. I was fucking her, she was sucking the blonde's twat and her man was fucking the girl's tits. It was quite a scene!


Helen started sucking on her clit as Lewis humped her breasts. It wasn't long before Emma was fucking back at Helen's face, the sensations were too much for her to bear. She panted into the black satin rammed in her mouth, as the two took advantage of her drunken disposition. Helen now fingering her and Lewis fucking her tits. She bucked back at the two fingers frantically working in and out of her wet cunt, before Helen returned to licking her, flicking her swollen clit with her tongue. Sensing she was now enjoying it and no longer going to scream the house down, Lewis removed the panties from her mouth.

She moaned loudly, as did i, pounding the woman i later knew as Helen. I grabbed her hips hard and fucked her like a jackhammer, i was so turned on.

Lewis felt Emma shake beneath him and she let out a huge moan, before squirting her hot juice all over Helen's face. As she did this, Lewis gave one last squeeze of her breasts into his cock before letting his first load ejaculate onto her open, gasping mouth.The next hit the side of her cheek before he moved to her breasts, squirting his copious load all over them.

Her load spent, she lay there motionless... dripping in cum, as Lewis massaged it all over her tits with his cock. Helen lapped her cum up from between her legs, as Lewis moved to her mouth, entering it for Emma to clean him up.

"Like that?" he asked. Emma nodded but her reply was incoherent due to the large prick in her mouth. "Up for some more fun, or want us to go home?" asked Lewis. She nodded again, and again the words weren't clear, so he pulled out. "More, i ... i want more. MORE!" she exclaimed, as she lay there, arms flailed by her sides, taking deep breaths.

They were finished, but i wasn't. I kept pounding into Helen's sopping twat until i was ready. Suddenly i pulled her close as i came, releasing stream after stream of my hot milky load deep into her. She turned to look back at me, my load still shooting up her. "It's you. I'd seen you watching me". I pulled out and wiped the rest on her skirt. "You up for more fun?" she asked. "Hell yeah!" i replied, my cock refusing to go flaccid looking at the two horny girls in front of me.

Helen got off the bed and scrambled in her big leather bag, pulling out a huge pink dildo and some lube, Lewis pulled Emma's legs up and held her feet by her ears as the pink dildo was inserted into her tight asshole. Her nipples protruding like nuts were too much of a temptation for Lewis, who tweaked away at them, roughly squeezing her breasts. Once milky white, they were now getting quite red from the rough treatment.

Helen straddled her in a 69 and ate out her violated pussy with Lewis forcing her to return the favour to his partner. It wasn't long before she was tonguing like a pro, she knew what felt good with her one and only boyfriend before they split and she was puuting that knowledge to good use. She inserted her finger into Helen and finger fucked her while her clit was teased and i, along with Lewis, felt her tits and rubbed my cock. Neither of us could lose our erections we were so turned on watching these two go at it.

Soon Helen came, releasing her juices down Emma's arm. Next she threw Helen off her and she lay on her back while Emma slid her fist into her sopping cunt. Helen, in extasy, came again. Lewis grabbed her by her hair and forced her to lick her own cum off his partner's face. She lapped it up , loving the taste of her own juices. Then she scooped it off her face and massaged it into Helen's breasts.

Under Lewis's direction, Emma was guided onto Helen's face and his cock was placed in her mouth. She was being licked and sucked underneath and face fucked. Lewis held her firmly by her, now dishevelled, blonde locks and jackhammered her mouth. She tried to gasp for air, but his cock filled her so nicely she almost choked. Seeing her ass up in the air was too much of a temptation, so i neatly folded her little skirt around her waist like a wide leopard print belt, and entered her ass. Slowly at first but, with no real resistance from Emma, i was soon pounding away at her.

Helen moved away, allowing her man to slide underneath and fuck the neatly shaven blonde pussy, while she stood and forced Emma's face into her sopping mound. I glanced down at my cock, it had strings of blood on the shaft. I was tearing this girl a new asshole and i loved it. So turned on, i grabbed her hips firmly and fucked her as hard as i could. She yelped into Helen's cunt, bruises started to appear on her hips so tight was my grip as i pounded her from behind.

We were all so busy fucking we didn't notice a lad of around 20 enter the room, watching all that was going on. Helen looked round and saw him, he ran off and we heard him shout from the top of the stairs "Emma's getting fucked!". Suddenly there was a loud cry of "Bukakke!!" and swarms of college lads filled the room, each dropping their trousers.

Lewis pushed Emma up and moved from underneath her, he wanked his cock in her face as i continued pumping her ass, before blowing his load all over her face. I pulled out and lay her on her back, as Helen lay herself so her head was in line with Emma's, but looked upside down from my viewing angle. I entered her pussy and fucked her hard and fast.

A lad got onto the bed and wanked frantically over the blonde as she licked her lips. Within seconds he released, his cock spewing his thick milky jizz all over the lower half of her face. It didn't squirt, it just flowed out of him like pouring full fat milk. There was a huge cheer, then the lads were scuffling, jostling position to cream the two girls' faces. One would kneel by Helen, one by Emma, and each would squirt across so they splatted both faces with each shot.

This was such a turn on to me, i pummelled Emma's twat until i could hold on no longer. Pulling out, i shot up onto her belly and skirt. Stream after stream coated her as the two girls had guy after guy shot cum on their faces. Me and Lewis then moved away from the bed and let these partygoers empty themselves over the girls.

Suddenly, two huge black lads entered the room. Emma looked at one as he stood at the end of the bed, "Cock, I want MORE COCK!" she shouted, again to much applause and cheering. The two lads then sunk their long, fat cocks into Helen and Emma and fucked at them furiously. It wasn't just Emma's ass that was bleeding. She'd never had black before and his cock was just so huge he was ripping her inside. A tear of pain ran down her cumsoaked cheek, only to be splatted away by more thick wads from a lad kneeling to her side.

Both girls moaned in pleasure as the two lads fucked them hard before filling them with their copious loads, and their faces covered by the partygoers cum. The night went on and every single lad fucked one, or both of the girls as we just watched. I don't know whose bed it was, but i bet they were pretty pissed when they came back to find it swimming in jizz and blood.

Helen, more used to a good fucking, got up in the morning and walked home with Lewis. I had to carry Emma and call her a cab, she was totally fucked... couldn't move. I doubt she could leave the taxi, so i wonder if the driver had a go on the way home.

Her panties? Someone took them as a souvenir.

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