hello my readers I know how patient you have been to wait for he next installment of Virus surge but it isn't complete yet, I expect it to take some more time but I decided t give you a little teaser. Enjoy.
Chapter 2: Consume & Transcend
July 1, 7:45 am

“So what is the progress on our favourite test subject?”

“Well so far she is showing signs of increasing strength, her body is also beginning to adapt to all of our recent tests. Sir, I believe that Lilith is almost in the final stages of her completion.”

“Good, that’s very good. Now all we need to do in order to make her into the perfect bio weapon is to get rid of her damned caretaker.”

“General, if the research and development staff was to remove or harm Jake Merkin. Then Lilith would become so enraged that she would willingly destroy the facility. After that she would hunt down the ones responsible for his disappearance.”

“Are you certain of that Doctor? If you aren’t then we will dispose of Merkin in the next three days as scheduled.”

“Sir, I’m positive that she will kill and destroy everything in her path in order to get him back. According to these reports if he was to be removed in the next three days, her power would be far more devastating then it is now. The facility is going to place Lilith in isolation with one of Gaia’s newest clone children.”

“I see, well that does pose a problem for our goal to be completed. Very well keep him there so a few more months. We shall see how much Project Lilith has progressed in her completion after that time.”

“Yes sir, I will report the updates of the test to you next month.”

“That will be all doctor, you are dismissed.”

Three days later.

Lilith sat on the cold tile floor of a newly rebuilt testing room; her arms were crossed as she sighed. “Oh come on, can we get this test started already?” she asked not expecting to get an answer.

Instead the door to the far right of the room opened, a large metal container was pushed in. two men in bio-hazard suits then emerged from behind the container, and then unlocked the metal door on the front. They then quickly left the room and closed the door behind them, which clicked as the lock activated.

Lilith slowly got to her feet as she watched the container. She wondered what was inside, but at the same time she was afraid to find out.

She found out what was inside the container, and it made her have mixed emotions. One was anger and the other was concern. The being that stepped out into the light was a clone of Gaia; obvious changes had been made to her appearance. One was that this clone had crimson red hair and was more a model in figure.

Clenching her fists Lilith backed away from the clone until her back touched the cool tile wall. “You bastards! How dare you put one of her offspring in the same room with me!” she cried out in anger.

The clone smiled and walked toward Lilith, seeing as she appeared to be a perfect breeding thrall. “Come here little girl, we can have so much fun together.” The clone cooed softly as for tentacles sprouted from its back.

“No way in hell bitch! Stay the fuck away from me!” Lilith yelled as she moved along the wall to keep away from this sex crazed whore.

“Oh come now, is that any way for you to treat your loving sibling? Come give your little sister Eva a hug.” The clone said softly as her tentacles snaked out to take hold of Lilith.

“Fuck you bitch! I know what happens when you touch me. There is no way in hell I’m going to give you a ‘hug’ you got that!” Lilith said as she ran to the other side of the wall. She knew that it was pointless to run away but that didn’t mean she couldn’t try for a little while.

“Now you’re just being a little brat. Fine if you want to play hard to get then so be it, but you will be in my arms and enjoying the pleasure that I give you.” Eva said as she turned to keep her eyes fixed on Lilith. With a small innocent smile several more tentacles sprouted from her back and made their way to block Lilith’s path.

Lilith was eventually caught and mercilessly dragged over to Eva. “Lilith be a good girl and calm down, I just want to get to know my older sister.” With that said Eva wrapped her arms around Lilith and lightly kissed her neck. “Mmm… you smell so nice, and you taste so good too.” She whispered softly.

“No get off of me! Let me go you crazy whore!” Lilith screamed as she tried to break free from the tentacles, but it was to no avail. Her limbs were held tight and escape was near impossible.

“Lilith please calm yourself, I promise that nothing I do will hurt you. In fact you might just enjoy all of my attention. Your young and lovely body needs to be satisfied sexually, and I doubt that the man who stole your purity would be able to fully satisfy you.” Eve stated before she ripped Lilith’s shirt apart.

“Don’t you dare speak ill of him! I will kill you if you even think about laying any limb on his head.” Lilith hissed as she once again struggled against the tentacles restraining her arms.

“Hush, hush now my dear. I have no intention of going near that man of yours, no I prefer women.” Eva then lightly licked Lilith’s neck. “They offer so much more fun ways of foreplay and teasing them is so much more entertaining.”

“Let me go damn it! I don’t want to be teased nor do I want any type of foreplay used on me!” Although she yelled out in protest her words fell upon deaf ears. Fore Eva’s mind was set on one thing, pleasure.

“Such harmful words you speak, yet you have yet to notice what I’ve been doing to you for the last few moments.” Eva said with a wicked smile before licking Lilith’s neck.

Without even the slightest hint of notice several tentacles had wrapped around Lilith’s body and had already begun to stimulate her. Now alert of what was being done to her Lilith started to moan softly, against her efforts to silence herself by biting down on her lower lip her moans were still audible.

It wasn’t long before three tentacles had entered her mouth pussy and ass, each thrusting deep and hard into her body, giving her pleasure in massive doses. Her moans muffed, but still rather loud. Eva’s hands once again teased Lilith’s nipples and clit, all in an effort to make Lilith her new sex pet, someone to breed and make stronger more seductive offspring, who will spawn with every human creating a new race to conquer the planet.

Eva’s thoughts were being sent to Lilith through symbiotic telepathy. It was those thoughts which made Lilith regain her strength and start to fight against the tentacles holding her.

“What’s the matter love? Don’t like the plans I have for this planet? Too bad, one way or another it will happen. Then once we are the dominate race I shall release our mother whom will bring about a new era and send our race back into the vast empire of space.” These words were spoken through telepathy as to keep any unwanted ears from hearing them.

Thrashing about Lilith used every ounce of her strength to free herself and beat the living hell out of Eva, alas her efforts were ended by more tentacles sprouting from Eva’s back and forcing Lilith’s body into a stiff spread eagle position. All hope seemed to leave Lilith’s mind, her fragile altered body no match for a pure born alien life form.

“That’s a good girl, give up let me breed you. Let me make you one of my thralls to do with as I please.” Eva said aloud with an amused laugh.

Then four tiles on the floor opened up as a cage rose from the lower levels. Inside where three young humans two female and one male, each were in perfect health and nicely shaped. The male was of Cuban descent, one of the females was a light black woman and the other was easily a mix of Mexican and Caucasian.

Eva turned to look at these three humans and smiled, more thralls to add to her plans of breeding. Two of her tentacles suddenly whipped the top of the cage off then lifted the two women out, a third and fourth took hold of the male. However the second he was lifted out of the cage Eva impaled his body onto the broken bars, killing him instantly. Then she threw his body at the windows of the observation room. “You dare give me a diseased wretch to couple with?! Do that again and I shall make sure your doctors are ripped apart upon my next examination!” she yelled in annoyance.

Without much care for the new thrall’s pleading Eva thrust two tentacles into each of them, one into their mouths mostly to silence their whining, then one into their tight cunts. Both began moaning like whores in no time at all, it was all too easy making horny young women into thralls. Once pleasure was given they would be obedient little sluts to use and tease.

After a short passing of time Eva established mental links to the new women, now she could know exactly what each thought and felt. Searching through the black woman’s mind Eva found that she enjoyed being fucked in every orifice, this brought a smile to Eva’s lips for a moment before thrusting a third tentacle into the Black woman’s tight ass. She then searched through the Latino’s mind, what she found didn’t please her at all. This Latino was a whore from New Mexico, a used and abused piece of ass. Personally Eva preferred her thralls to be pure not whores since birth. But she was clean, no STDs or any viral strands in her blood. She would be kept as is and used more often then the Black woman.

Just as Eva was about to impregnate all three women, Lilith’s body started to spasm. But it was not from pleasure, something was wrong. With some worry about what was happening to her half-sister Eva removed every tentacle from Lilith’s body, setting her down on the tiled floor. Her body shook in a frenzy of spasms. “What have you done to her? What did you put in her body!?” Eva shouted at the tinted windows, was this some sort of countermeasure to protect Lilith from conceiving a child? If it was Eva would make sure to kill everyone who was responsible.

Slowly the spasms stopped along with Lilith’s heart.

Furious Eva’s tentacles that once held Lilith grabbed the remnants of the cage and threw it at the tinted windows. Much to strength of the glass two windows shattered, a scream of hatred followed at Eva’s tentacles wrapped around the Latino and pulled her limbs out in a spread eagle position, and then in a blink of an eye the woman was ripped apart. Blood Splashed over the Black woman and onto Lilith’s lifeless body. The white tiled floor now covered by blood puddles. What remained of the woman was thrown through the shattered windows. “I will kill every one of you for killing her!”
Not wanting to kill the last thrall Eva released the black woman much too disappointed sighs of frustration.

In the observation room the staff were terrified that Eva might find her way inside and kill them all, from that fear most tried to flee from the room but due to the broken windows and the severed body the contamination procedures locked the doors. After many attempts to open the ten inch steel door the staff’s fears were realized when Eva crawled through the window and began to tear the staff apart one by one. It wasn’t long until there was only one member of the staff remaining. “Wait…. Please wait… I- I didn’t want this to happen either; I’m not part of what happened to Lilith. I just record the data and send it to the higher authorities…” the young brunette said while shaking with fear and holding a clipboard tight to her chest.

“Oh? Is that all you are allowed to do here? That’s such a shame for such a beautiful and smart woman.” Eva said with a coy smirk as her tentacles wrapped around the woman’s arms, legs and waist. “Well if that’s the truth then I’ll make you into one of my personal slaves. You will enjoy vast amounts of pleasure and give birth to many of my children.” Her voiced became seductive as her pheromones began to swim through the woman’s blood.

“I will be your… Slave…? Pleasure… oh yes please…” she moaned softly as her body began to heat up.

Moments later Eva was back in the testing room with her new thrall, she had already began pleasuring the brunette before continuing with the black woman. While the tentacles pleasured the thralls Eva knelt beside Lilith’s blood covered body and held her tight to her own body. “They have been punished for killing you my dear sister. Rest now and be free of your hate. I will make this world pay by turning their women into my slaves, and using their men as my personal toys. Of course I’ll treat your Jake Merkin with the utmost care; he’ll enjoy many pleasures while I turn him into a male version of myself.”

After Eva’s words echoed through the room Lilith’s body began to mutate, her solid form slowly becoming soft and changing into a near liquid state. In mere seconds she became a puddle of pulsing black slime.

Thinking this was the final stage of Lilith’s degeneration Eva stood and turned to her thralls, she would begin her plans of impregnating them and enjoy destroying the facility. But when she lifted her foot the remains of Lilith clung to her and kept her in place, while the rest of the pulsing flesh began to crawl up Eva’s body and engulf her.

Lilith’s remains acted as some sort of deteriorating mass which had begun to devour Eva’s skin, muscle, blood and bone. Melting away every last bit of her while covering her body and moving across the tentacles to the women, which would also share the same fate. Screams of agony filled the room; the pain these women felt could not be described in words.
When there was nothing left of Eva and the two women the pulsing remains began to form into a crystallise shell. Its exterior was harder then any metal known to man and yet it had an elastic trait.

Five days later after many of the remaining staff had collected data on the crystallise they found that something was living within and would eventually hatch. Whatever the creature may turn out to be it would be immune to all diseases and have great potential to become either a resource to cure every known illness or be the perfect bio-weapon for the government. But the military liaisons wanted more data to be able to fully utilize the hatched creature’s abilities. So more computers scanning devices and sample collection machines were brought into the room to fully examine the crystallise and collect better research data.


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