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"Mindy" is a MILF, there's been no question about her credentials that earn her that moniker. 42 and still slim after giving birth to two children, she earned the nickname Mindy because she looks like an older version of the famous tv character from Mork & Mindy, only with bigger breasts. Cocks twitched at the building site when she went for the site manager's job, her huge breasts straining to get out of her suit jacket and her just above the knee length skirt hugging her still pert ass.

"Hey look, she looks like Mindy off the tv" said Jack to his mates, as they sat having their lunch in the bright sunshine. "Well i'd certainly "nanu nanu" her twat an' asshole" laughed Tony, making the greeting handshake sign of her tv counterpart Mork, creating a V out of four fingers and pushing them in and out of the air as if they were entering her two orafaces. "Yeah, fuck her then "shazbat" all over those fuckin' fun bags of her's" replied Jack. They all laughed and sat, waiting to watch her come out of the interview so they could hold their image in their heads for that night's wank. An hour passed and she descended the current manager's cabin, unaware of the filthy comments being made of her, and left in her sleek sports car.

A week later and the result was in, she'd got the job and started the following Monday morning. The guys all flirted with her, but she remained distant. She was a married woman and there was to be a line between management and staff, so that they worked hard. That didn't mean there was no time for play, and regular works nights out at the local bar were arranged. This is where she would let her hair down and sink beers with her colleagues. This is also where the lads would see her in all manner of sexy outfits, mini skirts, little dresses, tight pants... and she knew why she was always being photoraphed by her staff on their mobiles. It turned her on, and she let it continue even after being caught short on site one afternoon and needed to use the male toilets. Inside this ramshackle, rusty corregated shed the walls were plastered with huge pictures of her in her sexy outfits, many with dubious stains spattered across them. She looked on in shock at first, then got really wet imagining who'd been shooting their loads over her.

From then on, from the high up window of her office, she kept a close eye on that corregated outhouse, seeing who went in and how often... and for how long. Then she would ensure they'd all gone home each night, and check the state of the pictures. She watched young and old alike disappear into there for half an hour at a time and she'd find the pictures in different positions on the wall each day, clearly pulled off, used, and stuck back up. She looked in the bin and found a collection of pictures that were covered in so much dried jizz, it looked like a shed load of yellow wax had been dripped over them. Clearly they kept on reprinting their favourites. All of her pictures had some stains on them, but the ones that recieved the most attention were the ones of her in a particularly sexy outfit, a backless leather top and a pair of skin tight pvc hotpants. There must have been about fifty used pictures in that bin, and the reprints were already up on the wall.

Mindy was so turned on, she hitched her skirt and slid her fingers into her panties, bringing herself off as she looked at all the abused photographs, imagining the men masturbating over them. That night as her husband Ben made love to her she fantasized about each of her staff taking her. Sex with her partner was a loving affair, Ben was a quiet, gentle man - her staff were rough and ready. He was a solicitor, they were strong, rugged, builders. Ben thought he was a superhero that night, as Mindy kept asking to be fucked and he'd never made her come so much. Neither really slept that night, good job it was the weekend next day.

Back in work on the monday she noticed that at lunchtime, despite being a sunny day, they'd all disappeared into the outhouse. The curiosity got the better of her and she walked quietly over to the rusty building. There was alot of cheering from inside and her heart beat faster and faster, what would she find if she could see inside? But there were no windows! She walked around the hut until she saw a rusty hole in the metal, and peered through. On a long wooden table, in clear view to her, lay her pictures and it was surrounded by the men as they jacked off over them. She listened as they cheered when the cum landed on her face or her tits, her crotch or her ass. Their language wasn't loving like her husband, it was lary and course, each guy saying how they'd nail her, fuck her tits, drill her ass... She was so turned on. They came out after an hour, sweating profusely from their activity and the fact that the sun makes that building like a greenhouse. She had to have them... all of them! She wanted them doing to her all the things they'd said.

A week later she brought their favourite outfit to work, wearing it under her cream blouse and black cotton skirt. She was grateful of the sudden drop in teperature and the cloudy skies, as she'd have been sweating like a pig otherwise. She made a quick call to her area manager to check where he was, he was miles away at another site and wouldn't be making an impromptu visit. She waited until about five minutes to one and snook into the outhouse, sitting in wait on the table she noticed all the dried cum stains. She was wet already.

The table not visible as they walked in, they made their way to the pictures and started peeling some off the wall. "Er, hello boys!" said Mindy. "What the fuck?" piped up Jack. "Ah shit, we're for it now". Mumbles of concern filled the building. "What makes you say that?" asked Mindy. "What, you don't mind?" asked Tony. "Why would i?" she replied, "now pop those pictures back up, the real thing is here today". With that, she was soon surrounded on the table, filthy hands exploring her curvaceous figure. Ken slid his hands right up her skirt and felt what she was wearing underneath. As his fingers discovered it was her plastic shorts a smile grew on his face, as she looked him straight in the eye and bit her lower lip.

"Guys, guys, this girl's done her homework. Strip her, strip her now!" he said as they literally ripped at her blouse, the buttons firing off and revealing the leather top underneath. "Oh yeah" our favourite outfit came a voice from the back. Ken reached round her waist and unzipped her skirt, pulling it down to reveal the little shiny black hotpants they'd admired so much. She watched the admiring glances of the guys and slid off the table, placed her other skirt on the floor and knelt on it as each guy, bar two, got his cock out of his jeans, pointing them at her face. She reached out and grabbed two hard pricks, one either side of her, and wanked them as Ken moved forward, fucking her mouth. He didn't last long as her tongue caressed his throbbing member. "I ain't wanked all weekend, waiting for today" he said pulling out, blasting her pretty face with thick wads of his load. Little did he realise he'd be shooting over the girl in question, not just her photographs. A huge gloop fell from her chin to her leather clad breasts as she pulled the other two off over her top. Three more men came forward and repeated the scenario, cum sliding off her cleavage to her shorts and thighs. Picture after picture being taken as they drenched her.

She looked up longingly as she sucked off each guy to orgasm, her tongue taking breaks to lap at their balls. There was cum flying everywhere, her face, her leathered (and cumsoaked) breasts, her pants, her thighs and her hair. The smell of sweat and cum was thick in the air. Each guy, bar two, spent, they thanked her and started to get dressed. "Where are you going?" asked Mindy, "I've locked the gates and given you the afternoon off. Now, let's fuck! I want your cocks inside me, all of you. Fuck me hard!".

A huge cheer went up as a blanket was laid on the table and the cum drenched woman was picked up and laid on top of it. Hands pored at her breasts through the sticky, wet top as Jack spread her legs. Pulling at the crotch of her shorts, he produced a blade and flicked it. Mindy gasped in shock, but then realised what he was about to do. He sliced frirst one hole into them for her pussy and then another for her ass, before sliding into her twat. Having two kids hadn't been the best for keeping her cunt tight, but that didn't stop him ploughing into her as he watched her massive fun bags jiggle about under her top. Watching this led to a call to "get her fuckin' tits out" from the crowd. More cheers as the top was removed. Jed, 17, climed atop her chest, placing his huge cock between her breasts. Squeezing them firmly into his member, he fucked her tits as she lowered her chin to lick his tip when he thrust deep enough. So turned on, Jack felt his balls constrict and his second load streamed from his shaft, deep into her pussy. Next Jim, a large man and the eldest at 55, entered her. His cock was long and thick and filled her silky walls perfectly. Two cocks were being wanked at her face, so she sucked each one in turn.

She was so turned on it didn't take long for her to come, releasing her warm juices over Jim's cock.He pounded her harder, making squelching noises as his cock pummeled her as she came. Then he grabbed her plastic clad hips with both hands as he fucked her frantically before moaning and letting his seed jetwash her cervix. "I'm getting underneath" declared Jed, and she was lifted to facilitate the position. He slid into her pussy, now dripping with a mix of her cum and that of the first two guys. Rob, a tall lad in his mid 20's, took over the position from the front. He slid his cock into her cunt, alongside that of Jed. She gasped, knowing two stiff pricks were now pumping at her twat with vigor. Jed reaching up and forcing her huge mounds into the cock of Dave, who had installed himself on her chest, fucking her tits.

Jed fucked up into her twat and quickly pulled out, his cock involuntarily squirting up over her pussy and shorts. Then Jim shot up over her belly. They moved away and Dave lay down, Mindy positioning herself ontop, facing him. He watched, again with cheers from the crowd, as her milky mounds swung to his beats. Mike, 35, getting behind her and entering her arsehole. "Ohhhhhh" came the sound from Mindy's mouth, "myyy husband never..." Dave whisped into her ear "he never wants to?" "No" she replied, "he's never asked". Her sphincter well lubricated by the cum that had dripped from her cunt, he slid his cock in a little at a time. She moaned loudly as he went deeper and deeper into her ass, soon building up rhythm - with Mike going in her twat, then him in her ass. Then the two started pounding in unison, which was too much for her to bear, cum streaming out of her once again. Mike loving the feeling of her warm wetness dripping down his sack. Grabbing her hips firmly Dave fucked at her ass as hard and as fast as he could. Mindy's moans got louder and louder as he quickly pulled out, shooting stream after stream of his milky jizz right up her back. String after string of his load firing up from her ass, across her waist and up to her shoulders. He stood up and went to her mouth, squirting the last of his load down her throat as she cleaned off his cock. Mike wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her as close onto him as possible, before releasing himself up inside her. She collapsed ontop of him, exhausted. She looked around the room, there were two more to go. "Left the best til last eh?" laughed Bill and Steve. "Not really" she thought to herself. They were middle 40's and overweight, with huge beer bellies.

Bill got onto the table and turned her onto her side, lifting her right leg high in the air before entering her cunt. She hadn't noticed the size of his cock as he was behind her, but the others all chuckled as he entered her. A flash went off, capturing the look on her face as his 8.5" long prick with considerable girth ploughed into her, tearing at her walls. Strings of blood clearly visible with each draw back, Jim said "look Bill's tearin' her up". Mindy couldn't see what was going on and she knew it hurt, but it also felt so good. He thrashed deeper and deeper into her, hard and fast. She convulsed to his pounding, her juice squitting out with each retract of his massive penis, before a full thrust back inside her. It didn't take long for Bill, he and his mate didn't get laid much. He grabbed her left breast firmly while still holding her right leg up, and came. Despite being his second load it was equally as copious as his first, filling her well used pussy with thick wads of cum. His load spent, he lowered her leg and pulled out, cum streaming from her twat.

Mindy lay there exhausted and sore. "Come on Mr. Niner, you're the last". "Mr. Niner?" she thought "that's not his name". However she soon realised why they call him that as she lay on her back on her elbows, her knees up and cum seaping down the crotch of her pvc pants to the table below. He got on the table and stood over her, dropping his jeans and shorts. "Oh shit!" she declared, looking up and his huge member. "THAT's why we call him Mr. Niner!" laughed Jim. Pushing her feet back towards her head he entered into her dripping pussy, the high amount of cum letting him in, albeit slowly. Once home she was shaking as he held her hips and pounded away at her twat. Her moans got louder and louder, the feelings of pain as her cunt was stretched to the limit being overtaken by the feeling of extasy as yet another orgasm crashed through her body. "Yeah baby, you bring it!" he said, looking her straight in the eye as he pounded her over and over.

Next he turned her over and pulled her tired body up onto her knees, placing his cock at her asshole. "Give her something to bite on!" he shouted to the crowd, her blouse being placed in her mouth. A loud, muffled moan came from her mouth as Steve pushed his cock inside her arse. Grabbing her plastic clad hips firmly, he pummeled her asshole for all he was worth, his sweat dripping onto her back. Faster and faster he pounded, before he suddenly stopped and with one final thrust, balls deep in her ass, shot his huge load inside her, jetwashing her bowels over and over again before collapsing on top of her.

"You're the best boss ever" he whispered into her ear, before pulling his length out of her. Almost broken, but totally exhilarated, Mindy lay on her side, cum dripping from her pussy and her ass. A final round of pictures were taken as she lay there, the lads getting their clothes on. Each thanked her in turn and made their way to the car park. Barely able to stand, let alone walk, she grabbed the rest of her clothes and went back to her office, where there is a shower. She sat on the floor of the cubicle washing the cum off her, pondering the fuck of her life. She called her husband and said she has to check out another site for a week, booking a hotel nearby. He could never see her like this, red and bruised from the brutality of the hottest sexual experience she'd ever had.

The next day she watched each guy spend even more time in the outhouse, again she checked when they'd left, and the new pictures were up... and messed up. "Here we go again" she sighed, biting her lower lip and lowering her fingers into her panties...

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2011-06-09 19:53:50
Wow, great story. Almost reminds me of a boss I had, she was sexy like in your story. I bashed over her so much

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