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Not long after our summer classes had started I was waiting to meet Lucy for lunch. I saw her coming towards me, accompanied by Sarah. I had met Sarah on a number of occasions over the past months. Last term she had been in the same Biology class as Lucy. They had developed a friendship. Sarah lived about 45 minutes from Campus so commuted on days when she had classes. Except for Lucy, she was on a ‘hello’ basis with others in her classes. She had always declined any offers from guys for lunch or whatever.

I had always found her very interesting during our lunchtime talk and very easy to talk to. I could see why Lucy and Sarah had connected – they had similar ideas on many things.

However, I was a little curious about the way she dressed. She rarely wore anything else but full legged jeans or pants with some sort of baggy style top, plus sneakers. Her hair was natural blond; obvious from the color of her eyebrows. She wore it pulled back tightly over her head and tied with a ponytail at the back. Often, she had a chiffon scarf tied around it. She never wore any makeup whatsoever. Due to the outfit she wore it was difficult to establish what sort of figure she had. I felt she purposely made herself as unattractive as possible.

On arriving, Sarah came straight up to me, put her arms around my waist and kissed me on the cheek and offered her congratulations on our marriage. With feel of her body so close to me I gained an inkling of her shape. Underneath the bulk of clothes was an unmistakable slenderness. As she pulled back there was a brief, but obvious, outline of her breasts.

Over the period of lunch I was able to study her closely. With her hair pulled right back, her features were fully exposed. I thought that she was really quite pretty. Glancing under the table I could see that her ankles were quite slim.

During conversation I learned that she had a casual job near her home. Mostly, she worked weekends. She was paying her own way through college with minimal assistance from her parents. She did not have a boyfriend as she wanted to concentrate on finishing her course as soon as possible. She lived with her parents and 3 brothers.

Lucy explained that she had invited Sarah to visit with us, one evening next week, after classes. Following dinner, she planned to show Sarah the wardrobe of clothes she had acquired. Lucy had purchased clothes under the staff discount plan, but quite a lot had been given to her by the manager as an extra part of her bonuses. Many she had not even tried on. She said she had more than she could possibly wear and wanted to pass some on to Sarah, if they fitted and Sarah liked them.


Sarah arrived as arranged. She was wearing similar clothes to the last time I saw her.

During conversation over dinner both Lucy and I asked her what it had been like growing up with 3 brothers. Sarah said she wished she had been the eldest instead of 2nd youngest, although there was not much more than a year between each of them. The good part was that they were very protective of her. If she had any trouble with boys at school, she told them and they fixed it. But there was little privacy.

When she was 12 they started barging into the bathroom when she was there or into the bedroom when she was getting dressed. Then, at 13 the elder brother said to her that if she let them see her naked occasionally they would not barge in at all. They just wanted to see how a girl’s body changed. So, she had agreed with them, unknown to the parents, that they could see her every few months. The three of them would come to her room just before sleep time. She would take off her PJ’s so she was naked, turn around and back. After a while she became used to being naked in front of them. They were very flattering with their comments. They always said how beautiful she was. This was the extent of their connection.
However, her mother found out when she was 16, and that was the end of it. The brothers had told her that if any boy tried ‘to get at her’ or ‘suggest anything’ she was to let them know immediately.

When dinner was over I offered to do the cleaning up. Lucy said they would browse through the clothes and firstly sort the ones she thought would best fit Sarah.

I was almost finished the chores when Lucy sang out and said that she and Sarah would have a shower before trying on the clothes. She would call me to give a male opinion on how they looked.

Then Lucy said to come as they were ready to try on the outfits. Expecting them to be dressed, I walked into the bedroom only to find them both completely naked. I hardly recognized Sarah. She had her hair down to her shoulders, wavy blond. She looked absolutely beautiful.


I was lost for words…….. “Oh…sorry” I muttered. Sarah she said that it was ok - as she had explained, she was used to being nude in front of males.

Lucy told me to lie on the bed and say what I thought of the outfits.

I could not take my eyes off Sarah- in particular, her pubic hair. It was blond - slightly bushy – beautiful. Then, I looked back to her face, framed by wavy hair as I had never seen her before. If the guys on Campus saw her like this she would be pestered no end.
Then down to her breasts. They were not as full as Lucy but still beautifully shaped. Where they met her chest there was a gap between them, about the size of my little finger. I felt like jumping up and placing my finger between them to test.

I glanced at Lucy; she was looking straight at me; she could see I was staring at Sarah. I thought I would be in trouble later that night – but if I was going to be in trouble I might as well make the most of it while I had the chance. I would be unlikely to ever see blond pubic hair again!

I lowered my gaze to her hips, tried not to stare at her pubic hair, and down to her legs. I had all ready seen her slim ankles which had hinted at what was above. Her legs were a little more athletic than Lucy, which was probably due to the fact that she looked about 2 inches shorter, but definitely great. Over all, Lucy and Sarah’s figure were not so different. I suspected that they would basically wear the same size garment.

Lucy passed a garment for Sarah to try on. Lucy said it really needed a bra under it. As Sarah had not been wearing a bra when she arrived, Lucy gave her one of hers. I watched closely as Sarah leant over to put it on. I had to control my urge to offer my help. On straightening up I could see the perfect cleavage she had. Lucy may simply have spilled over the cups more, but I was not one to complain.

I watched intently as she let the dress slip down her body and her pubic hair disappeared from view. Her cleavage then appeared at the top. Lucy zipped up the back and passed some higher heeled shoes to her.

Sarah paraded the dress. She looked fabulous in it, so I gave it the thumbs up. Overall she was quite a package. The difference in her appearance compared her look on Campus was hardly believable! And, she was not even wearing any makeup! Momentarily, I was completely mesmerized.

I closed my eyes briefly. A question popped into my head.
Was it possible to be in love with 2 women at the same time?

I quickly opened my eyes. I have only been married a short time - how could I even think such a thing? But the more I watched Sarah the more I was captivated by her charm as well as her body.

Next, Lucy tried on a new outfit that did not need a bra. I had yet to see anything on Lucy that would not turn heads. This was the same.
Neither wore any panties at any time. Every time they changed I saw 2 triangles of pubic hair, 1 dark and 1 blond, bare breasts and cleavage-come and go. If a garment did not need a bra, Sarah removed it, for the try-on.
Most of the time I was virtually invisible to them. They did not see anything sexual in what they were doing. They were just trying on clothes. I reacted accordingly. I did get a little hard a couple of times, but I was basically on my best behavior.

For more than an hour I spent most of the time looking at 2 naked females from all directions - front, back and sides. I had never seen a striptease show at New Orleans but I was sure this was better; and it lasted a lot longer and had many more ‘strips’.

Could I have spent the time better? No way!

After numerous changes by both, Sarah had a number of garments to take with her. A more casual one she decided to wear for the car trip home.

I was disappointed that the show had finished. Then Lucy said there were still more to go through, but they would do them another time. That was the best news I had had all day. Sarah was going to come back. I was going to have another strip show! How long would I have to wait – I was all ready feeling impatient for it.


According to Lucy’s record keeping, we were getting close to the end of the ‘safe’ period of her fertility cycle. However, she said she had not been keeping records long enough to be reasonably certain of ovulation day. It was necessary to allow a margin for error. Since getting married we had had sex every day and sometimes twice a day, except for 2 days. In a short period we had begun to look forward to this regular sex. She said we needed to plan in advance what we would do. Previously, we had agreed that Lucy would not start taking the pill nor made any other arrangements.

The alternatives were no sex, but, revert to our sex play; or find condoms to replace the unsatisfactory ones, just in case. On visiting the drugstore, I stayed outside while Lucy went to see what she could find. She returned in 10 minutes with a bag in her hand. I wondered how she was so quick. She said that she sought had out an older female assistant to whom she explained the problem. She was guided to a different brand which the assistant said had never received any complaints.

No complaints!
Who would come in and complain that the condom is too small? Or too big?
I bet – no guy! Only a female. Only someone like Lucy!! Maybe I would have been better with matters like this if I had done Biology. On arriving home Lucy told me to hop on the bed so that we would be able test the latest condoms. A few minutes later she sang out “are you ready” and came in with one packet in her hand. Looking at my dead dick she said “it looks like you are going to need help again”. After my experience with the first condom I seemed to have an aversion to the idea of these rubbery things.

In a flash Lucy had removed her top, knelt alongside and dropped her breasts over my face. Holding one breast in her hand she lowered her nipple into my all ready open mouth. As I closed my lips on her nipple she pulled back and said “Jimmy…… it properly……….you know what to do………don’t just suck the nipple……… hold it………. let it go right in before you start to suck”. I knew what to do – I was just too anxious to get started. There were only 2 ways Lucy would let me suck on her breasts. In the position she was now, where they were at their maximum fullness. And secondly, when she was sitting upright.

Then Lucy took hold of my dick and proceeded to lightly finger it. With my attention now directed away from the condom it started to respond quickly. Of course, with years of practice Lucy was an expert at hardening a dick. Then she said “next one”, and lifted her breast up and out of my mouth. She moved the other breast in to position. As she lowered herself again I took hold of it and eased it in so that my mouth was over the nipple and areola before sucking on it. When Lucy said “keep sucking ………that feels beautiful” I felt my dick suddenly become as hard as a rock.
I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed sucking on Lucy’s breast. Since we had started to have intercourse we had largely abandoned any sex play.

With my dick now ready, Lucy passed me the condom to see if I would be able to put it on by myself. Putting it on the head I started to roll it down. This one was much better. I rolled it over the bump and down to the bottom ok. It still had a tight feeling but not too bad. Lucy said it looked funny – particularly with the extra bit hanging off the tip. She said that if we used it she would close her eyes when I was putting it on and when it was going into her!

The condom decision was a few days off yet.

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