I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is a story about an older boy, teaching a littler boy about sex. So, if that bothers you, please go read another story. Because I can't change it.

When an older boy named Dennis, moved in next door to us, I had no idea, that my life was about to change.

It all started out so innocent. He would invite me over to play video games or to sometimes watch a movie, on his vcr.

I had been going over there for about 6 weeks, when it happened.

One day his parents weren't home and he asked me, " If I had ever seen a dirty movie." I tried to say that I had but in reality, I had only seen dirty pictures, that the other boys had brought to school with them.

We were up in his room and he went over to the closet and dug behind some boxes and pulled out a vcr tape box. Just seeing it in his hand, excited me, in some strange kind of way. I guess because it was taboo and we weren't supposed to look at it. I don't know.

Anyway, he put it in the machine and right away, if showed a man doing a woman dogstyle, on the livingroom floor. What I didn't understand until later, was that he was doing her in her ass and not her pussy. Which the camera showed later. By the way she was enjoying it, I really thought that he was doing her in her pussy but Dennis told me " No," that the whole movie was about girls who " Took it up the ass " and liked how it felt up in there, more than how it felt, in their pussies. And he was right because before it was over, all of them seemed to be enjoying it.

From then on, whenever his parents weren't home, he would get the movie out and we would watch it again. Eventually he started playing with my little boner and I let him. I didn't see any harm in it.

I was only 12 and he was 15, so when he took his cock out and showed it to me, I was shocked at how long it was and how much pubic hair he had around it. I was just beginning to get hair down there and even that was still blonde, so even though it was real hair, it still looked like peach-fuzz, so I was ashamed and not proud of it, like he was. Hid boner was long and skinny, where mine was short and kinda fat.

Having someone else, playing with your boner, is the weirdest feeling. I didn't understand that he wanted to do more to me, I was that naive.

In the beginning, he was just opening my pants up and playing with me but the more he did it, the more comfortable I got with it and eventually he was taking my pants and underwear off, so I was naked, from the waist down.

It was after he started getting me almost naked, that he started getting me to play with his too.

He would always make sure, that his parents had gone to the afternoon movies, so they would be gone for at least 2 hours, before he'd get naked with me. Yes, by then he was getting me completely naked and playing with my little dick, until I had a boner, as we laid on his bed, watching the movie again.

It was on one of those times, that he had me on the bed, on my back, that he crawled up on top of me, straddling my chest, with his long skinny boner, right above my mouth, that it happened.

I don't know what happened. One minute I was looking up at it and he was saying, " Don't be afraid." And the next thing I knew, I was licking on the bottom of it.

It wasn't until I heard him moaning and saying, " That's it, lick it," that i finally understood what I was doing and turned my head away from it. So, embarrassed, about what he had gotten me to do to it. He crawled off of me saying, " I'm sorry, I thought that you wanted to lick it, " and I felt my face getting hot because I didn't know if I wanted to or not. " Was it my idea or was it his ? " I don't know, to this very day.

All I know is that I did feel guilty about it, although I must have wanted too, otherwise, why else would I have done it ?

For the next few weeks, he just played with my little boner and got me to play with his, while we watched the movie.

Then it happened again, only this time, he gently coaxed me down to it, by pulling gently on the back of my head, and holding me there, as he held it, with his other hand.

I can't even describe how " Mean " it looked or whatever. It looked like some kind of snake, with one eye and I could hear him whispering, " Kiss it " over and over again.

I didn't want to kiss it but I knew that if I didn't, that he wouldn't want to play with me anymore, so I closed my eyes and bent down and kissed it on the end, the end with the little peehole in it.

As soon as he got me to kiss it, he let go of me and I ran into the bathroom, I was so embarrassed, about what he had gotten me to do to him, kiss his boner, as he held it, on his bed.

When I could finally come out, I couldn't even look at him, as I got dressed and told him that I had to go home. He didn't say anything, as he watched me leaving.

When I got home, I went into our bathroom and looked at my mouth, real close. I don't know what I expected to see.

It would be almost a week, before he called me and asked if I wanted to come over again and I went over, noticing that his parents were gone too.

This time he kept his clothes on, as he pulled my pants and underwear off, playing with my little dick, until I had a boner. Then he shocked me as he bent down over it and not only kissed it but slipped his open mouth down over the end of it and sucked on it, for 10 or 15 seconds, before pulling away from it and going over to put the movie in.

When he turned back around, I could see the bulge, that he had in his pants and then I shocked myself as I reached out and touched it, as he walked by and that's when he knew, that I wanted to see it to, so he took off his pants and underwear and let me see it.

When he had kissed and sucked on mine earlier, something inside of me had changed and told me that it was alright, to do what he was doing. And as soon as he was on the bed, I crawled over to where he was and slipped my open mouth down over the end of his, hearing him say, " Oh shit " as I closed my lips around it and started to suck on it, like he had sucked on mine earlier.

I could smell and taste the pee on it and I didn't care and as I pulled away from it, I could taste his sweet precum, as the clear liquid, ran like a string, from the end of his cock and up to my still open mouth.

When I moved away from it, he went after mine again and sucked on it, like he wanted me to suck on his somemore but I couldn't. I don't know why.

When he saw that I wasn't going to do it, he pulled away from mine and got real quiet, so I got dressed again and went home. Once again he said nothing, as I left.

It was over a month, before he called to ask me if I wanted to come over again and even I was embarrassed, when I heard the little whimper come out of me, as I whispered, " Uh huh." It was a whimper of desperation and he knew it. I had been so afraid, that he didn't like me anymore, after I couldn't suck on it again, the last time I had been over there. And I thought that he hated me because he hadn't called me.

Once again he played it cool, when he got me into his bedroom, going slow, trying not to scare me off and he didn't.

I watched as he undid my pants and slid them off, while looking at my boy panties, like there was a treasure inside and I guess to him there was. Even I felt some kind of excitement, as he slowly slid them down, revealing my little boner, which was sticking straight up for him. I watched as he took ahold of it and started working it up and down, listening to his breathing as it changed, just from doing that.

All at once he went down on it, sucking it into his mouth, like it was a popsicle. I could feel his warm tongue sliding back and forth underneath it, like he was coaxing it, coaxing it to squirt. Just as it was really starting to feel good, he pulled away from it and got the movie.

Once again, as he turned back around from the vcr, I saw the bulge in his pants and he caught me looking at it and came over to the side of the bed and whispered, " You want to feel it, don't you " and I felt nothing but shame, as I reached out to it, without even answering him.

I can't even describe the feelings that went through me, as he looked down at me feeling it and whispered, " You want it " and I heard myself whimpering and saying, " Uh huh, uh huh " and he knew that he had me, as he stepped back and took his pants and underwear off, so I could get at it.

The shame that I felt, as he watched me being drawn to it was unreal but the need to do it, had been building-up for over a month and there was no way that I could stop it, as I opened my mouth, feeling the warmth of it, as he stuck it in my mouth and told me to " Suck it ". I could feel the warmth of it, was it filled my mouth and laid on my tongue, waiting for me to suck on it and I did.

I could taste the pee on the end of it again and for some strange reason, that I wouldn't know until years later, it was turning me on, in some strange kind of way.

This time he took ahold of my head, while I was sucking on it and that scared me and I started saying, " No No " but he wouldn't let go of me, as he pushed it deeper and deepr, trying to get me to " Take it all " and it choked me and I started crying. Making him mad at me, as once again he let go of me and I ran into the bathroom and closed the door.

When I was finally able to come out, he was sitting on his bed, watching a different movie and had his pants back on, so I knew that he was really mad at me as I pulled my underwear and pants back on and left.

I would see him out in his yard after that but he wouldn't call me and after 5 or 6 weeks, I lost it and felt so ashamed of myself, as I went up to him and heard myself whispering, " Please, please, I'll do it," and felt myself blushing as he took me up to his room with him.

This time it was different, as he took me into his bathroom and closed the door. Not saying a word, as he undid his pants and slid them down. Standing in front of the white toilet, as he made me come over and kneeldown in front of him and slowly pull his underwear down. Exposing his hard cock, as once again he took ahold of it and said, " Is this what you want " and I felt my whole body quiver, as i heard myself whimper and whisper, " Uh huh " as I reached out and took ahold of it.

Somehow he knew that I was drawn to the smell of pee on it and all at once he stepped back and said, " Let me pee for you " and I had the strangest feeling, as I watched the pale yellow stream, going down into the white toilet bowl.

When he finished peeing, he turned it back towards me and I watched a little drop forming, at the little hole in the end of it, the little peehole. All at once it dropped to the floor and I had the weirdest feeling, as he whispered, " Stick your tongue out " and I did. I watched as the little drop got bigger and bigger and finally dropped, onto my warm soft tongue and I lost it. Closing my mouth around it and sucking on it gently, as he started to pee again, taking ahold of my head and making me drink it. Even though there wasn't very much of it, it was still pee and I felt so weird, as he got me to swallow it.

As soon as he was done peeing, he gently pushed me back from it and sat down on the white toiet, with his pants and underwear pulled down and his legs spread.

He didn't have a boner anymore and I felt really strange and he reached down and took ahold of his limp dick and said, " Still want it " and I wanted to run but I knew that if I did, that he would probably never have me over there again. So, I moved inbetween his spread legs and let him hold it and " Feed it " to me, until he had a boner again.

I can't even describe the shame I felt, as another boy got me to suck on his little boner, as he sat on the white toilet, with his pants and underwear pulled down, watching me do it.

I knew that he wanted me to go all the way down on it but everytime it touched the back of my mouth, it would choke me and I'd have to raise back up off of it again, only to have him pulling me back down on it, screaming at me, " Do it, Do it " and all at once it gagged me, as I felt it sliding all the way down, into my warm throat. Gagging me, making me try and get away from it, as he kept saying, " Swallow, swallow, it will make it easier " and I did. And the gagging feeling went away and the next thing I knew, I could feel his skinny boner moving back and forth, ever so slightly, all the way down in my throat and his pubic hair, was tickling my little nose and my open mouth. As his little hips pushed up at me, again and again, as he held me down on it, getting me to suck on it, as he sat on the white toilet.

What I didn't understand, was that everytime I would swallow, my throat walls would massage his warm boner and turn him on even more and make him try and push it into me even deeper, grinding his pubic hair, into my mouth and little face.

All at once his little hips started jerking uncontrolably, " Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " and I felt it expanding and going back down, expanding and going back down, as he emptied his little balls, straight down into my belly. Causing my little boner to ooze its boy cum, down into my underwear, as I knelt there in front of him, at the white toilet.

I was so embarrassed, when he finally let me up off of it and I told him that I had to go home and he understood and told me that he would see me again, as I went out the door.

The very next day, he called and said that his parents were leaving at 6 pm, to go to the show and asked me if I'd like to come over. When I was to embarrassed to answer him, I told him that I needed to think about it and he said ok and hung-up. I had the weirdest feeling, as I hung the phone up and felt my little boner starting to come up.

As soon as I saw their car leave, I went over and knocked on his door. Without saying a word, he took me up to his bedroom and started to get undressed and so did I.

This time he made me laydown on his bed and he started playing with me until I had a boner and then slid his other had under my little balls and started rubbing against my asshole, with his finger tip. Gently massaging on it, trying to get it to open up and let him in.

I had been fingering my little asshole, with my soapy finger since I was little, so i knew what he was trying to do and I kept squeezing on it, trying to keep it closed but all of a sudden it opened " Agghhhhh " long enough to let him in and he worked his finger tip up into me and he whispered, " Relax " as he got me to lay on his bed and he fingered me.

All at once, the boy cum squirted up out of the end, of my little boner and I felt so embarrassed, as he watched me squirting. Even though it was only 3 or 4 drops, it still shot up about an inch and fell back down, on the little head.

And that's when I saw the " Craving " take over in him, as he bent down over it and started licking on the little head, until all of the white boy cum was gone.

I was totally shocked, when I saw his doing that. I don't know why.

Something about it embarrassed him to because the next thing I knew, he was telling me that I had to go home and that's when I saw the " Wet " spot on his bed. He had squirted to, just by licking on another boys boner and was embarrassed about it, just like I had been before.

I didn't say anything as he watched me getting dressed and trying to hide the " Wet " spot, so I wouldn't see it. As I was going out the door, he said, " Maybe tomorrow " and I said, " Uh huh " and left.

Sure enough the very next day he called again and when I got over there, he asked me if I'd like to watch him pee again and when I said, ' Uh huh " to took me up into his bathroom and closed the door.

This time he wanted to pee straight into my mouth and I told him " No " but then asked him how bad he had to pee. When he said that he had just peed about an hour ago, I gave-in and told him " Ok ."

As I kneltdown beside the white toilet and watched as he pulled his zipper down and pulled it out, he was telling me, that we have to hurry because his parents had just gone out to eat and would be home soon.

The embarrassment that I felt, as he put his little dick on my tongue and started to pee, was unreal. I could feel it slowly filling my mouth and then it started to run out of the corners of my mouth and I knew that he had lied, as I swallowed it, to keep it from going all over me. As soon as I swallowed, it started filling up again, once again forcing me to swallow it. He filled my mouth 3 times with his warm salty pee, before it was all over. I went home feeling violated in some strange kind of way.

The next time he had me over, he got out the little jergen's hand lotion bottle and made me laydown on the bed naked, on my stomach, as he gently rubbed some of it on my little asshole, teasing it, as he slowly eased his finger tip up into me.

It felt strange but wasn't hurting me, so I let him do it. I think he fingered me for almost 15 minutes, never going up into me, with more than the tip of it.

All you could hear in the bedroom, were the little whimpers and moans, that were coming out of me, as he fingered me faster and faster.

" Oh yeah, you like that don't you?" As soon as he heard me whimpering and saying " Uh huh, uh huh " he eased it up into me alittle further, trying not to hurt me and scare me away. Working it in and out of me slowly, trying to get me used to the feeling, of something being up inside of me there.

The embarrassment I felt, as the feeling finally got to me and I started dry humping his bed, with my little boner, was unreal. He was watching my little butt, pushing my little boner down onto the bed again and again, when all at once I pushed it down and held it there, " Aggggghhhhh" moaning and jerking, as my little boner left its " Wet Spot " on his bedspread. He waited until it was all over, before easing his finger out of me and going into his bathroom, to wash it off. I was so embarrassed about leaving the " Wet Spot " that I got dressed and went home. Telling him that I was sorry, before I left.

I had the strangest feeling as I went home, after being finger fucked by a boy. I can't even begin to describe it. It was shame, it was guilt [ because I had liked it ] it was feeling like he had done something nasty to me [ I guess because he had had his finger up inside of my little ass ] I don't know. The strange thing was, that I didn't feel dirty at all, after he had gotten me to drink his pale yellow pee. All I know is that 3 days later when he called me and asked me to come over, I didn't even hesitate when I whispered, " Uh huh " not even caring what he wanted to do to me this time and that's what he wanted.

When I got there he asked me if I wanted to go up to the bathroom and without even answering, I went up and kneltdown by the white toilet. The urge to taste his pee again, was that strong, believe it or not.

I was embarrassed, as I knelt there, watching him undoing his pants and pulling his little dick out. I will admit that but the urge to taste it far out weighed the embarrassment and I didn't want to make him mad at me, so I just watched, as he started to release his pale yellow pee, down into the white toilet bowl.

All of a sudden he stopped the stream and looked right at me and said, " You want it, I know you do, say " Please " and I'll let you have it."

I could feel my face getting hot and I wanted to get up and run out of there and never come back but having just watched it, as he was peeing and seeing the little drops of it, still dripping off of the end of it, made me lose it and the next thing I knew, I could hear my tiny whisper, " Please." And he made me say it again louder, " Please." " Tell me, tell me that you want to taste it and I'll let you do it." The shame I felt as I heard myself saying, ..." Please, let me taste your
pee "...........was unreal. But as soon as he heard me say it, he slipped his warm dick into my mouth and I could feel the warmth of it, as it laid on my tongue and he let out a little moan and started peeing. I can't even describe the feelings that I was having, as he stood there by the white toilet, getting me to suck on the end of his little dick, the whole time he was peeing.

Just as he finished peeing, we heard a car drive up and both of us jumped up and pretended to be watching a movie, but no one came in, so it must have been across the street or whatever.

The fear of almost getting caught, ruinned it for that day and we ended up watching a movie and then I went home.

It was almost 2 weeks before he called and asked me if I wanted to come over again but this time he added, " I want to finger you again, is that ok ?" I was so embarrassed, that I couldn't answer him, so he just hung-up and waited. I wanted to go and I didn't. I didn't know what to do. Finally all I could think about, was that it hadn't hurt me, in fact it had felt kinda good and the next thing I knew, I was knocking on his door and he was taking me up to his bedroom and telling me, " Get undressed " and I did.

I had the weirdest feeling, knowing that I was getting undressed to let a boy finger me back there. Does a girl feel that way, when she's letting a boy finger her back there too ?

I felt so embarrassed, as he saw my little boner sticking out, as I got up onto the bed and laid down on my stomach. Why did I have a boner, I wasn't going to use it ? Sex was such a strange unknown to me back then and even to this very day.

I watched as Dennis went into his bathroom and came back with the little jar of vaseline and set it on the little table next to the bed.

Whispering, ' Spread your legs " and I felt even more embarrassed, as he stood there watching me do it.

As soon as my little legs were spread, he grabbed the little bottle and crawled up onto the bed and got inbetween them. Pushing them even further apart, so he could get at me better.

I can't even describe how I felt, knowing that he was looking at my little star shaped asshole, with my little dick and ball sac, hanging down below it. As he opened the little jar of vaseline and stuck his finger into it. Pulling it out and rubbing some of it, on my little star asshole.

As soon as his finger tip touched it, I let out a little moan, that shocked even me because I don't even remember doing it but he heard it to and said, " You like it, don't you " as he slowly started to work his finger tip up into me and I whispered, " Uh huh " and felt my face getting hotter and hotter, as he pushed it far enough up into me to finger me and slowly started doing it. As I laid on his bed naked, with my little legs spread, letting him do it. Not knowing why, yet.

The feeling of his finger moving back and forth in me, was unreal. It wasn't really hurting and the next thing I knew, he was saying, " That's it, move your little butt " and I felt so embarrassed, because I didn't even know that I had been moving it. It was like it had a mind of its own and was doing it, all by itself.

All at once I tightened up and the strangest moan came out of me, as I started quivering and my little butt started jerking as it rode his finger and my little boner started squirting again, on his bedspread. He waited until everything had calmed down again, before he slowly eased his finger out of me and my little asshole started to throb. I didn't understand why because he hadn't hurt me, infact to be honest, my little asshole had liked it, in some strange kind of way.

He grabbed 2 kleenex out of the box, on the little table beside the bed and gently wiped the vaseline off of my little asshole. Whispering, " You better go home " and his voice sounded really funny. I didn't understand that just by fingering me, he had gotten horny and wanted to " Fuck me, up my little butt " but was sending me home because he didn't know if I could handle it yet.

I had the strangest feeling, as I went into the bathroom and finished wiping the vaseline from my little asshole and then got dressed and went home.

He would have me over there fingering me 2 more times, before it would happen.

Once again he had me naked on his bed, laying on my stomach, with my little legs spread and he was inbetween them, working his vaseline covered finger in and out of me. The only difference being that this time he was naked and " Yes " I had seen his little boner sticking straight out, as he had crawled up onto the bed, with the little vaseline jar, in his hand.

What I didn't understand, was that while he was slowly moving his vaseline covered finger in and out of me with one hand, he was quietly smearing vaseline on his skinny boner, with the other hand. Making it slick, getting it ready.

I felt him as he slid his finger out of me and then I felt what I thought was it, touching my little asshole again. As he put the little head of it against my star shaped asshole and gently laid down on top of me, " Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " " Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo " Noooooooooooooo " but he eased it up into me anyway. Not caring that he was huting me, as he pinned me to the bed and didn't move, until my moans, turned into little whimpers. And that's when he started moving it in and out of me. Stretching my little asshole with it, stretching my little rectum, making me take it, " Take it all " before he was through with me.

I was screaming inside but nothing was coming out, as his pace got faster and I knew that he was going to squirt up inside of me. And that's when it happened.

He pushed it all the way up into me, let out a long low moan and I felt his boner start to jerk up inside of me, as it left its 3 or 4 drops of boy cum and his boner slowly went away.

I don't know how long he laid on top of me before he crawled off of me and his now limp cock slipped out. All I knew was that I had to get out of there, I was so embarrassed, by what I had just let him do to me. I grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom and locked the door.

I had the strangest feeling, as I wiped the vaseline off of my little asshole and felt how sensitive it was, sensitive and swollen. I'm embarrassed to admit, that I liked how it felt but felt guilty about how it got that way.

I could say that that was the end of it but it wasn't. Because by him fingering me and now having fucked me, he had turned me into a boy with a need to " Take it up the ass." Feelings that still bother me, to this very day.

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very good story, iam a pee freak,love drinking it

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I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

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