Far in the future Joe gets trained as a control officer at the pen
Far in the future, when Nuclear and Biological war has changed society beyond recognition the State recruits a new Population Control officer for the North East. An excerpt from the memoirs of Iron-Heart-Joe, Joe Kapinski.


"It's about population control son," Wilhelm Weimar told me as he showed me around the facility for the first time, "Why you wanna get into this, you don't look like a regular sadist."

"I guess I want a steady job, Sir," I said as I followed him through the security door from reception towards the locker room.

"Right," he said thoughtfully, "Same here son, I guess we better get you a uniform son."

He opened the door and there were freshly cleaned uniforms hung on racks like it was a clothes store, "Yep see Special Service, that's what the SS stands for." he laughed.

"Looks real smart that black and silver." I admitted.

"Yeah, based on a nineteen hundreds design," he agreed, "You keep it looking smart boy you hear?" he ordered, "Thirty two inch waist, thirty two inch leg eh?" he asked.

"Yeah right, you got a good eye!" I admitted.

"Hell no, you wrote it on the application form," he laughed, "Go on you sort out something that fits and I'll be back in a while." he said, "Grab yourself a locker, and the changing room's through there."

I got myself kitted out and when I was done Mr Weimar came back with a couple of mugs of coffee, "Mr Weimar," I asked.

"Hey son, it's Willi, only when the scum are around it's sir ok?" he said with a grin

"Yes Sir, I mean thanks Willi, but when do I do my training." I asked.

"On the job son, follow me, do like I do, hell we ain't got no budget for training." he said, "Nope the Union of North American Socialist States ain't got cash to waste on fripperies like training."

"Now look," he continued, "There should be ten guys per shift but today we got Marion on the cameras, Alice in the kitchens and there's Walt and Johnny on work detail and there's you and me." He said with a sly grin.

"What six guys doing the work of ten," I asked.

"Well nope, there should be ten in here and eight on work detail, see but we still draw the full payroll get it?" he asked.

"Right?" I agreed.

"You lied a piece on your CV right." Willi asked.

"I guess." I admitted.

"A streamer, you said you got an B in Socialist Studies except you had a A." he said.

"Ok I lied." I admitted.

"We're friends, so I sort of forget that," he said, "So we got an understanding ok."

"Sure!" I agreed, "Can I get a look round?"

"Hell son you just finish up your Coffee before go on duty." he drained his coffee cup and set it down.

"You'll need a stunner, this is mine!" Willi said as he drew his from it's holster, It was a beauty, H and K 2100 centenary edition with a polished walnut stock and ceramic 25Kv charger sockets with gold anodised caps. Old but real good pre communist quality.

"And never forget to test it, a bit of dirt on the palm pad and it maybe won't recognise you and misfire." he said, "Never use the wire, keep it on plasma and always use kill as default mode."

"Ok," I agreed. He produced a box from somewhere, "I got you a pair of 2120 ultras," he said, "Matched pair, you wont need to worry which is which, use it charge it ok." He showed me, evil looking item it was, all blackened grey paint except where it was wore off after thirty years hard work.

"You strip it back and polish it and it'll look real fine," he said, "And keep it charged!"

He armed the stunners plugged in the change key and handed then handed them to me one to by one so I could set the palm pad recognition, "Use one, charge one," he reminded me, "Right feeding time!" he said, cheerily "For the animals."

He took me to the pens, it was awesome, there were sixteen main pens all eight feet below our walkway, guys to the left girls to the right all safety chained and collared, the ones that weren't out on work details that is, ten to a pen mainly, naked except their boots.

Men and women chained together naked in gangs in pens maybe ten feet square.

I stared at the women in pen 2c first, heads shaved and naked, necks and wrists ringed with iron bands and chained collar to wrist so they could only reach down to their navels, and chained together collar to collar and branded with their serial numbers across their breasts and scalps.

"That's 1b, they're resting," Willi said, pointing to a group of men penned to my left "They're on Treadmill duty this afternoon." he motioned, "Treadmills work all week, pump water to the lake and we let it down through turbines to make us self sufficient in electricity," he explained, "I guess they're real hungry so we got roast chicken for 'em," he said, "Real tasty."

"What really?" I asked.

"Same as what we eat," he said, "Except ours ain't got no feathers left on!" he laughed, "Keep their strength up for breeding orphans later." he added, "Well it looks real quiet so lets get down the kitchen."

There were maybe a dozen real chickens, roasted whole, like feathers and everything in a basket, "You must be Joe," a pleasant light haired slightly top heavy woman in her forties said as she went to shake my hand, "I'm Alice."

"Hi!" I said and then we took the basket back down, at least I did.

"One Bee first," Willi suggested, "Just throw the birds in one at a time."

"There's five like half a bird each?" I asked.

"Or maybe we just throw four in and make 'em fight for it." Willi laughed, "But maybe you ain't no sadist."

"I guess not," I said and threw the chickens in one at a time. They was wary, watching as the birds landed and it wasn't until the last was down that they started in on ripping them apart, it was worse than animals.

"See they's worse than animals," Willi pointed out, as what looked ordinary guys just ripped those birds apart.

"Gee Willi, is that ok?" I asked.

"Sure," he agreed, "Now the women in 2C." I took the chickens to 2C, they tried to hide their tits, it was pitiful middle aged women except I recognised Hilary Foreman from the year above me HF 44 as she was now, looking like she was forty not twenty two.

They were chained in a bunch, "Do you like what you see?" Hilary asked sarcastically.

"No, I don't like enemies of the State." I added but I threw the chicken so she could catch it, "I just hope you can be rehabilitated one day and do something useful with your life." I said real pompously, but I handed the chicken out one between two and I made my way back to Willi.

"Not exactly prime pussy eh son?" he asked and pointed, "Now see down there we got trouble makers see in the far corner," he aimed his stunner, clicked it round to stun and gave the trigger a squeeze to get the sighting lazer pointed at a solitary figure in a far pen, "Watch and learn," he said as I saw the lazer was aimed between the guys legs and the guy lunged desperately upwards but Willi had him covered as he clicked the trigger all the way in for just a tap. "See got it!"

I stared, the guy suddenly developed a huge erection, "He always get's that," Willi explained, "Real good technique for calming guys down, don't use full power, you could take the whole dang thing off."

He led me along the walkway between waist high steel hand rails with thick mesh below and on along to the pen, the guy cowered in a corner, his hands were ringed with steel bands chained to a rusty collar bolted round his neck with short chains maybe a foot long so he couldn't even touch his tool which wobbled obscenely in front of him, "Hey Marco, you wrote any good lies recently?" Willi joked, "Marco Kobiashi award winning satirist, meet Joe my new assistant."

Marco stared at me, he used to lecture us on English at Dunsfold State, a guy about fifty grey haired with a grey beard, I guy I never saw before without he was dressed immaculately, not even a crease in his suit, folded handkerchief in his top pocket and a carnation in his buttonhole yet here he stood filthy and naked with a huge woody.

"Satirist," Willi said, "He don't like the party, what do you think Joe."

"Don't do nothing for me Willi." I admitted.

"No me neither," he said, "The last guy we had was forever zapping tools, figured it was funny."

The Tannoy boomed and Marion's voice reverberated around the high roof corrugated roof of what was once a plane maintenance hanger "Hey Willi, make him turn to Camera."

"You heard," Willi ordered, "Jump about." The guy began to jump, his tool flapping up and down obscenely.

"Ooohh," Marion cooed, "Willi Weimar you naughty man!".

"I best sort her out," Willi explained, "Now just cover him ok."

I stood there watching, a guy we had all listened to was there with his back to me jumping about with his tool flapping up and down, it seemed pretty surreal.

He carried on for a minute or two and then suddenly his tool started to spunk off, "Ooohh Willi!" Marion's gasp boomed around the roof, like she was getting some action as well as watching some, "Ooohh you're so," she said before she remembered to kill the mike.

"Kapinski, can you help me?" Mr Kobiashi asked as he slumped against the pen wall and peered up at me.

"Nope." I told him.

"They arrested Lucinda Graves and Gerry Handley as well." he said.

"So?" I said, "You didn't have to write that subversive crap did you?"

"No," he agreed, "But they were your friends!"

"Nice ass sick mind," I said, "Lucinda, not Gerry, Gerry's just a grade A bourgeois ass hole."

"So you sold out?" he said.

"No, I did a course in management at Harvard and asked for an assignment here so I could help Mom and Dad with their quota at the collective farm." I told him.

"But the counter revolution?" he said "Freedom all I taught you!"

"We need cohesion, planning, we have to work collectively, look at what happened when people were able to choose, Nuclear war and ninety seven per cent of Americans died." I said quoting somebody or other.

"Hell what about the Arabs, their heroic," he said I cut him short.

"Just got them all killed didn't it." I added but Joe was coming back.

"Your Fly's undone." I told him as he stood immaculate inn his black uniform with his tool about to flop out."

"Oh," he says, "Look we got a delivery from the quarantine block, we'll leave these to it."

"What about feeding the rest?" I asked.

"Ok Ok just do it Ok." he said irritably, and he left me to it.

It never took long, there just a few isolated individuals and so I used a spade to divide the chickens so everyone got a piece and then I went to find Willi.

He was in reception, "We got a friend of yours, Joe," he announced.

"What?" I asked.

"Lucinda Graves and Gerry Handley as well." he said.

"Nice tits nice ass, weird ideas." I explained, "Where are they?"

"In the truck," Willi announced, "I'll get them in, you cover them Ok."

It wasn't that simple, a couple of grey uniformed guys came through first followed by Gerry who was chained and collared like our guys and bearded and naked, and then came Lucinda, all dressed up to the nines like she was going to an interview.

She stopped dead, "What!" she gasped.

"Didn't they tell you?" Willi asked, "Oh you got ten years rehabilitation."

"Oh no, no way!" she gasped.

"Sure thing, you just did two months quarantine right?" Willi asked.

"They said this was induction." she said awkwardly.

"Sure is," Willi said, "I guess we got a half hour, put her in One Be Joe."

"If you'll step this way Miss." I said,

"No need for collar and cuffs Joe, just put her in 1b." Willi said.

"So you sold out." she said.

"I never bought in, maybe I could put in a word for you?" I suggested,

Willi butted in, "Maybe you could be Joe's mistress, clean the flat cook that sort of thing?"

"Oh no, No way I'd rather do ten years than let you anywhere near me, you make me sick!" she snapped.

So I took her through, she stopped dead when she saw the extent of the indoor facility, I had to grab her by the shoulders and push her. All eyes swivelled towards her as I pushed her towards 1b, "I guess you'll join the girls in 2c when your shorn but hey have some fun first." I suggested.

She struggled, but I had a good grip and I walked her down that walkway to 1b.

The guys looked at her hungrily, she never believed for a second that we would do anything but show her the pens but Willi was testing me, I knew that, so I held her round the waist and just tipped her over the handrail relying on the guys to catch her.

It all happened in slow motion or so it seemed, there were ten guys down there, hungry guys who hadn't had a woman for months, desperate sex starved guys, and they caught he all right, and they unwrapped her like kids unwrapping a Christmas treat it seemed like hours but I don't suppose it took more than a minute for them to strip her down.

She went down head first and rolled so she was on her back as they caught her, and as she landed they started to bust the buttons off her jacket, they ripped every button off her blouse, and ripped away her jacket leaving the arms of the jacket on her arms before they slid them off as well and then they ripped off her shirt tearing it into pieces the back, two sides and two arms all ripped into separate chunks of white cloth, and then they ripped down her skirt and tore off her panties tried to bust her brassiere but it was too tough so they slipped it off of her and then peeled her stockings and garters round her feet and pulled away her shoes and stockings all in a heap.

She screamed, screamed like someone would care about her and help her, and then she screamed in fear and then in pain as they laid her fragrant lithe fit body down in the filth and shit of their pen and the biggest most disreputable dirtiest guy just spread her legs wide and speared her sweet soft pink peach like cunt with his unwashed and very angry penis.

No sooner had he done it that someone else had hold of her long dark brown hair and yanked her head back, he punched her jaw and nose a couple of times until she opened he mouth wide as her tears mingled with the blood from her nose and she swallowed that cock right to the back of her throat so deep thought he would get his balls in her mouth as well and then as her screams abruptly ceased he began to hump her face.

She looked up at me with more confusion than hate and I told her, "Don't bite they'll bust your teeth or kill you," she nodded sadly.

"Raise her up fuck her ass hole you ain't got much time." Willi said gently to the guys in the pen as he came and stood beside me, then he turned to me and said real quietly."They're all quarantined, disease free, she's on high dose anti pregnancy med so she'll be fine son, that's if you want her?"

"No I think we should give her a week in a pen," I suggested, "Then she begs me to fuck her or we shear her and put her in a gang."

"You certainly know the text book." Willi agreed, "You'll do just fine son."

They had her standing up now the first guy was finished and slime trail slid down her leg and a blonde guy was hammering his penis repeatedly at her tight brown ass, then quite suddenly it gave way and he rammed his meat deep inside her, and he sort of bent her back so his good buddy could take her slime filled cunt and quite suddenly she was taking three cocks at one time.
She tried real hard to hide it but you could see she was loving it, but she was crying now, sobbing, she knew there was no way back as pain and pleasure mingled and she knew what her future as an inmate slut, a prisoners plaything, would be like, she tried hard to shut her mind to the sense of pleasure and fulfilment her nerves were sending trying to concentrate on the catastrophic abruptness of her transition from as she thought intelligentsia with all the privellage that brought to inmate status with no rights of any kind, and yet she knew more pleasure than she had ever felt before, shame and pain and pleasure but mainly unbelievably disgusting smelly acrid tasting pink sausages of intense pleasure possessing her.

I watched the filthy savages ravishing her, raping her backside, raping her mouth, raping her sex changing around as each was satisfied, one even raped her long dark brown hair pumping his filthy turgid grey semen into her long brown locks and smearing it all over her head plastering it to her scalp like some disgusting hair lacquer and then when they were sated they threw her on the floor and those who had spunk to spare wanked over her.

She had passed out and simply lay there and let them do what they wanted, her own needs were sated and she slept blissfully through their final degradations.

Finally when he was sure they were finished Willi pulled the heavy vertical door up and released the men to their work in the treadmill leaving her soiled and bloodied lying in the filth and excrement of the pen.

We left her there, broken, just a shell of a woman, not even a young attractive woman any more, but just a disgusting naked sub human animal, her sex and ass hole all red raw and bruised, her breasts and neck a mass of love bites and all covered in slime but Willi and me we just went about our business.

We put the next shift in 1c and left her to think and night shift must have moved her to 0d because she stayed there for the week, just wallowing naked in the filth, sometimes pacing around aimlessly, and she always seemed to be touching herself obscenely every time she saw me looking at her, like she wanted me to fuck her or something.

I spent the weekend with my mother and father, they were behind on quota again because they were decadent and lazy and I had a lovely time working hard to get them back on quota and get the farm nice and tidy again.

It was Tuesday when I took the man with the electric clippers and the electrolysis machine to Lucinda, she was covered with shit and her hair was matted so we moved her to a correction room and I waited until her cunt and ass was fully depilated and electrolysised and then I asked, quite quietly. "You had every chance?"

"What?" she asked.

"What sir," I said, I had a little prod now so I reminded her, a little electric shock across the back, no marks on low setting, just pain, "Shall I ask for a dispensation so you can come and live in my quarters as my slave?"

"I would rather live in shit than sleep with you." she said and it wounded me.

"Then so be it." I said.

"What?" she asked incredulous that I had given up so easily.

"Live in shit, if that's what you want." and I said to the man, "Continue."

I watched as the hair cascaded to the floor, taking her femininity with it and when it was done I took her to interview room 4 to screw her but she smelled too bad so I didn't bother.

Willi was surprised when I walked out of the room so quickly, "No good son?" he asked, "Can't get it up?"

"Rather screw a pig." I said, "Sir!"

"Yeah," he agreed, "But it should have presented it's cunt, you better train it."

"Sir?" I asked.

"Hold it's cunt lips open for any officer, when he enters an interview room, get back in there." he said, "There's a whip in the rack."

I went back.

"You are disgusting," I told her, "And when an officer comes you must spread your cunt do you understand?"

"No," she wailed.

"I have the whip, if I whip you, draw blood, it may get infected, do you understand?" I asked as she stared at me like she was horrified.

She swallowed. "Yes," she said quietly, "I shall do as you say." and she sat against the wall and spread her cunt open with her fingers.

"You will have to spread your legs wide when your cuffs ad collar are rivetted on, because you will never reach your cunt lips again." I told her.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" she asked.

"No," I said, "You had your chance." and I turned my back on her.

Willi was still waiting, "You didn't fuck her?" he asked.

"No," I said simply, "I reasoned with her, she displayed, I left her, I think she is in despair." I explained and as I glanced at my wrist I said, "It is coffee time surely?"

Willi sent me to see her three more times that week, she got dirtier and dirtier and she just held herself open with pleading eyes.

"You will join a treadmill gang next Monday," I told her on the last visit, "You must come with me," I had had metal handcuffs and a leather collar for her and a leash and when I had them fixed I took her to where Willi was by the connecting door from pen 1c to 2 c. The door between the eight feet deep concrete pens lifted vertically and and connected the holding pen 1c where the naked chained filthy women were penned to the larger freshly cleaned pen 2c where the men waited and as she watched the ten woman detail walked into the mens pen.

2c was freshly cleaned with fresh straw on the floor and the women filed in all chained at the neck in a line and faced the men who were also chained by the neck and lined up opposite them.

"You have ten minutes to fuck." Willi announced.

There were husbands and wives, Willi pointed them out, lazy idle bourgeois couples but they were chained so only the number 10 man could fuck the number 1 woman and so the couples had to watch each other fuck strangers and yet every single one fucked although they had to help the other couples put the cocks in because none of them could reach down to their own cocks or cunts but soon all of them were fucking.

"That is your future," I told Lucinda, She turned to me and buried her head in my shoulder.

I pushed her away, "No, you must not!" I insisted.

"Hose her off and fuck her son." Willi suggested, "Throw her in the "Tank"

There was a water filled pen number 3e so I dragged her to it and threw her in, she didn't resist except to ask if I could release her hands, I said no and threw her in.

She went right under with a splash and then surfaced lying on her back before diving to the bottom, she stayed down.

I panicked, I had no written authority to drown her so I took off my jacket and shoes and trousers and dived in, and as I hit the water she bobbed up laughing.

Very funny. Seven feet of water and I can't swim. "Help!" she shouted, "Mr Kapinski is drowning!"

Willi came along and laughed at me, and Walt and Johnny, as I struggled to stay afloat, and Lucinda pulled down my shorts and aroused me with her hands and before I knew a trail of my slime was floating on the water. Then she helped them get a rope around me and drag me out.

She laughed, It really wasn't funny.

The next Monday I had to report to central office in Stalinsburg just downtown from the University.

I thought it was for a full time job, and at first a Committee of people I didn't know asked me about the place and I said I thought the staff levels were excessive but otherwise it was a good facility.

Then I was invited upstairs, Willi was there in a suit, "Do you know General Graves and Colonel Hampstead?" he said.

"No," I said, "Good Morning sir," I answered, "Good morning" I said to Principal Mercer and Vice Chancellor Putin from the university.

"We had excellent reports from your trial Kapinski," Graves said, "Excellent."

"Thank you sir."

"Special Agent Graves recommended you," he said, "She said you have all the qualities of a hard hearted killer."

"Sir?" I asked.

"Yes we need a Population Control officer for Rotneb, that's the Regional Office (Territorial) North East Branch." The General explained.

"Sir?" I asked.

"To promote or reduce population to match resource, we need a pragmatist not a sadist," he said "Willi is retiring soon and we felt we should offer you the job."

I sat down stunned, "Special Agent Graves?" I asked.

"Ah yes, she suggests she should monitor your work," the General suggested, "When she gets back from the Socialist games in Warsaw," he said, "She is one of our best open water swimmers and now," he said proudly, "I am very proud of my daughter, why she has even shaved her hair for more speed."

"Lucinda?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied, and she came in the room, her hair nearly to her waist, "It's a wig!" she said laughing and whipped it off, "There is just one more test." she said.

"Then take an hour," the General said, "We adjourn until eleven," he said, "Willi, consent forms please."

We signed and counter-signed the consent to fornicate forms and Willi witnessed them and she took me to the side room.

"Please do your best we could make a wonderful team." she said.

"Yes," I said, and I checked the consent form again and undressed and when she undressed I did my duty.

Her cunt tasted sweet as I aroused her in the manner laid down in the making babies pamphlet 3b Tender loving Sex, rather than the more brutal methods in the Sexual efficiency pamphlets or 2 d Rape and the avoidance of disease.

She knew the recommended technique and she was was counting, "Seventy three, Seventy four," and on the seventy fifth thrust I let fly just as the training manual said, except I kissed her and said I was very fond of her and hoped our babies would be hard working citizens we could be proud of.

"Oh what a romantic thought!" she said as she lay back, "You'll do," she said, "But why didn't you save me from the prisoners?"

"My love for you is second only to my duty," I explained.

"Oh that is wonderful," she laughed, "And you were nearly as good at fucking as the second man in the pit." she peered at me, "I'm lying," she said, "You sensed a trap?"

"I thought they would be kind." I said.

"Oh yes, very, very," she paused "Fulfilling!" and she laughed her merry laugh, "But now I am healed completely and even a little cock like yours can satisfy me now."

Lucinda led me back to General Graves and explained I had scraped through with the minimum pass mark, but she said so with a grin, and what could I do compared to ten sex starved inmates anyway?

General Graves was delighted, he offered me the job, signed co habitation forms for Lucinda and I gave us permits for ten children and dispensation for a nanny, a twelve room flat in the block next to the Offices and sent us on honeymoon to the swimming championships. My head span, it was so much better than I could ever have dreamed of.

In the swimming she came third as instructed, she had to tread water for over a minute but protocol said NorSweSR came first and second as host nation and so she returned a national hero.

Lucinda is a wonderful woman, she can spot a hare lip or a limp at a glance, very often we go shopping and she will stun a passing person and have them taken away as deformed, I sometimes think she does it if they scowl at her, but I keep my thoughts to myself, and now her hair has grown again and her belly has swollen with another child and when at weekends I help my lazy decadent mother and father on the farm mucking out the pig shed or ploughing the field, guiding the plow as mother pulls it I am the happiest man in the whole Socialist Community.

ABS 2007 rev and renamed 2011

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