The Harry Beauvais Story

The Harry Beauvais story writ just as he telled it to me so don't go shooting the messenger ok


"Harry, do you love me?" Rhoda asked suddenly, completely spoiling my mood.

"No," I replied, as I pulled out of her, with my tool sort of shrinking and oozing slime into the condom without me actually cumming.

"Why not Harry?" she asked.

"Cause you're the neighbourhood whore I guess Rhoda," I explained, "That's why I pay twenty five dollars to fuck you every Friday,"

"If I let you do it for free like on Thursdays between four and four thirty would you love me then?" she asked.

"Why?" I asked.

"Beause old Dan Towers passed away and I got a half hour free." she suggested.

"Holy Moley," I shook my head in disbelief, "No one loves a whore Rhoda, that's why guys pay to fuck you, they just want a cunt to poke, ok, no offense, you understand?"

"Sure Steve," she said.

"Hell I'm Harry," I agreed.

"You wanna fuck my ass next time only it's curse time?" she asked.

"Sure Rhoda," I agreed, I couldn't believe how stupid she was sometimes, hell she forgot my name, my own sister forgot my name, Holy Moley.

"Harry," she asked, "You mind if I suck Aldo Perkins off when you fuck my ass next Friday 'cause I'm double booked."

"No I guess not, say can you put it on my tab Rhoda?" I asked.

"Sue Steve" she replied. I stared at her, her great bulging belly and fat lips, that brown colouration, so different to me like all wiry and pale, Mom says it was an IVF surrogacy what went wrong what ever the hell that is.

I went down the stairs, Mom was waiting, "You put that on the Tab again son?" she asked.

"Sure Momma," I asked, "Why"

"How you gonna pay it off?" she asked.

"Get a job I guess?" I explained.

"Well you could take the seven O'clock nigger up your ass, so's Rhoda can get her supper." Mom suggested.

"Why can't she fuck and eat?" I asked.

"Fuck and eat yes, fuck and give a blow job and do anal and eat, that's difficult." Mom said.

"I don't take nothing up the ass Momma," I declared.

"You keeps your drug stash up your ass in a hollow butt plug so whats the difference?" Mom asked.

"That's secret!" I explained.

"I looked all over for that Butt Plug," Mom suggested, "So how about it?"

"I ain't no homo," I said

"Like your sister ain't no whore," she said, "You'll be fine son, I'll stick the hose up your ass around six get you cleaned up you hear?"

I never had no choice did I? "Ok, just a couple of times till I get a real job." I agreed.

Mom come and got me around a quarter to eight, "get them pants down," she ordered and she hitched up a tube to the faucet, at least she hitched the tube to the warm side before she rammed it up my ass.

I stood bent over by the can, the shock was electric and then I felt my belly swelling with all the water in my guts until I screamed and Mom just dragged the tube out and all the turds and crap just flowed away, "Best give it half a dozen turns till it flows clear," Mom said and she rammed it right back in again.

Worst of all it gave me a woody, and then I needed to pee, peeing with a woody ain't easy, I couldn't aim it to save my life, shit I don't reckon a thimble full went in the can, the rest went everywhere!

"Here son stick this up till the john gets here," Mom said and handed me a Butt Plug all smeared with lube.

I tried but it was too big, "Stick it on the can and sink down," she ordered and she grabbed it put it on the can and dragged me down on it, do you now my damned woody started spurting, like I was some grade A lilly assed Homo.

"Harry, I do believe you cummed," Mom said.

"It's you Momma," I said "I love you!"

"Hell no you're just a filthy Homo at heart Harry," Mom said, "You best borrow a skirt so you don't need to drop your pants." she said, "Rhoda's got a leather Miniskirt you can borrow,I'll get it."

Mom did as she was told and when old man Perkins came round for his ass fuck he mistook me for Rhoda, truth to tell his cock was so wiry it barely registered as a cock at all, I was watching dogs fucking in the Theodore's yard next door through a gap in the bedroom curtains the whole time he was at it and if he cummed then I never knew, after all he wore a rubber so he never spurted nothing.

Old man Perkins was real pleased at my tight ass and he gave me a dollar as a tip, "Tom Wentworth rang to see if Rhoda could oblige, I told hm he could fuck your ass for fifty Dollars an he's coming right over."Mom told me.

Gee was that guy hung, hell it took nigh on five minutes afore he was right up my ass then he complained I had no Tits, hell "what did he want," I asked but the answer was obvious.

"Hell Harry you spunked again," Mom warned me, "hell I best get you seen to boy!"

"Momma I ain't no Homo," I said.

"Course not, Sam Regis does a mighty fine tit job, for a veterinarian," mom reminded me, "Maybe you could go around there and get done tomorrow."

"No way, I ain't no Homo," I protested.

"He does a mighty tidy gelding job if you'd rather be a full time girl?" Mom suggested

"Ok, I'll get some Tits already," I agreed.

"Harry, come in the bedroom," Mom suggested, I followed and she fished a little nest of belts out, "See this is a ball binder Harry, stops you spraying stuff when you get sodomised, you sit and I'll buckle it on.ok?"

"Sure" I agreed, although I felt a fool in Rhoda's skirt, but I let Mom buckle my balls tightly into a leather pouch and pull the drawstring tight.

"How's that Harry?" she asked.

"Tight!" I exclaimed,

"That's real good Harry" Mom said, "Real good."

"Mom," I said, "I ain't no homo,"

"No Harry," she agreed. "Ass whoring ain't nothing like being a homo."

I felt better after that, then Rhoda shouts down, "Hey Mom this guy wants Anal, can you fit him in."

"You wanna do it Harry?" Mom said.

"Fifty Dollars?" I asked.

"Fifty Dollars," Mom shouted.

"Ok," Rhoda answered, so I went right up to the bedroom and damn me if he didn't know it wasn't Rhoda he was poking.

"Hey you're tight girl!" he exclaimed, anyway that ball bag done its stuff and I never spunked even a drop or so.

Rhoda and Mom quickly sorted out like a Rota and I reckon I made maybe seventy dollars that first night.

I left that ball bag on all night to stop me having wet dreams and next morning Mom and Rhoda dressed me up with some high heels and a leather skirt and a tee shirt, and she let me a long coat and we all walked down to Rick Nelson's place just out of town where Sam Regis the veterinarian, had his shack.

Well Sam was just fixing a cow so there was plenty shit and blood for the flies what come in an out through the gaps in the woodwork, hell you could stick a big mac through some of them but mainly the blood and that soaked in the straw and the dirt floor real quick, quicker than the flies could get to drink it.

Them flies all sort of crowded like a big buzzing cloud round looking and waiting for a meal of fresh blood but every now and again he swatted a couple like as a warning and he just carried right on.

Turned out the cow died anyway so he sort of whisked the brush around the dirt floor and bare wood benches before he gotten an old carving knife out his old tool box of rusty knives and 99 cent store scalpels and then he asked me straight out, "You the boy as wanna be a girl?"

"No I just got me a job turning ass fucking tricks like helping Rhoda out." I said.

"He needs tits," Mom said, "he ain't fixing to be no homo nor nothing."

"Right, only I don't don nothing to fix up homos," he told me, "What size tits you need son?"

"Medium," I said, how was I to know he only did DD, F and ridiculous.

"I guess a DD then," he said, "Get your shirt off," and as soon as I did he gets this he gets this box of false tots marked reject from under the bench and tries to find two like the same said and he took his, "You sit on that Cow-boy," he said.

"What Cow-boy?" I asked.

"Sit on the Cow!" Mom explained and as I sat he just ripped my chest open with that carving knife and stuffed a hand full of plastic false tit under the skin, hell did that hurt.

"That a matched pair?" Mom asked.

"Near nuff," Sam replied.

"Cos that's a right tit on the left hand side," Mom said anxiously.

"Better that way," he lied as he cut me open on the other side, "Tits splays out better."

I guess in half an hour it was done, he said I really needed a transfusion cos the flies drunk so much blood but the pump wouldn't fit the dead cow so I just drunk a couple of quarts of cow blood instead.

Hell did my beast bone hurt, my skin was sooo tight over my new tits and they felt real fine like I just had to keep fingering them, cos they turned me on.

Mom said I should rest a while and let the stitches heal but when we got home Rhoda was specially busy and Mom got me helping her out, and then we got specially busy when talk of a boy girl what wasn't no homo got around and the town folk got real curious.

"I didn't know you was a homo Harry," principal Gefferies from the High school said as he zippered up after sliming my ass.

"No sir I ain't sir its just a job." I explained.

"Hell if you fucked like that last semester I'd have got you into Harvard," he said.

What in the hell is Harvard I wondered, old Eli Paynes had a crop duster called a Harvard once, I guessed it were some school or something.

It was around four thirty on the Thursday afternoon when things changed, Miss Timmins who was a Lesbian high school teacher came around and saw mom, "You got a girl with a cock?" she asked.

"Sure two hundred dollars a spunk," Mom agreed.

"You do Lesbian discount?" she asked.

"Sure, Two Fifty and homos three hundred." Mom said, Mom never liked homos.

"Look, can we do a deal?" she asked, "Cos I don't like men but I need a cock real bad."

"What you say Harriet," Mom said, I looked all around for Harriet and then I figured she meant me.

"Sure," I said, "Fifty Dollars,"

"Fifty Dollars!" Mom exclaimed, "Why?"

"It's all I can afford Mom!" I told her.

"Hell she's paying you!" Mom said.

"Ten Dollars then?" I tried.

"How about one hundred and ten to include taxes?" Mom suggested.

"You take American express," Miss Timmins asked.

Course we took Amex, we took three times what we told the punter we was taking, and we sold their details to Uncle Franco in Chicago.

"Sure," Mom said, and that's when I became a Lesbian, cos Mom said use Rhoda's room and Miss Timmins just laid herself down ad hauled her pantihose and shorts off while I fought that ball cage off and then I just climbed aboard and pronged her.

Hell was she a stupid bitch, she really thought I was a girl with a cock and not a guy with tits so she never used no rubber nor nothing and I just fucked into her tight hot juicy cunt till Mom said the hour was near up so I fucked real hard into Miss Timmins and as the alarm clock squawked time up so I spunked in her.

She looked so perty with he tits all out anjd her hair loosed and my spunk dripping out of her cunt and down her legs that I thought back to when she taught me the three times table back in eighth grade, remedial where she taught.

"Didn't I teach you in eighth grade?" she asked uncertainly.

"No mam, I went to fuck school in south Dakota for eighth grade," I lied.

"You always were a lousy liar Harriet," she said as she waddled away satisfied.

She must have tole her mates as from then on there wasn't hardly a day went by without some Lesbian or other wanting a cunt full of spunk from a girl with a cock, we never let on I was a man with tits and i took to shaving every forty minutes so I kept real smooth, like I'm talking face here, Mom waxed my pubes and ass-hole right as soon as I got started.

Hell was we busy, I remember Mom had to shout Dad, "Hey Elmer, can you take Carl Kinnick up your Ass only the girls is busy," she asked and not one to pass up a buck or two hundred pretty soon Dad was ass fucking for cash too, hell pretty soon we was all doing it.

It took Miss Timmins maybe five months to realise I was a guy with tits not a girl with a cock cos her tits started a swelling and her belly started swelling and she started spewing and sicking up her breakfast in class and principal Gefferies asked her about when her kid was due.

She freaked, "I only been fucked by girls," she said.

"Down the whorehouse?" he asked.

"Sure," she agreed, "Harriet the girl with a cock." she said.

"Hell that's a Homo with tits," he told her and she come down to find me.

"You lied to me," she said real tearful, "I thought you was a girl with a cock but you're a Homo with tits and you fucked your self a kid in my belly." she snapped.

"Ok, I'll give you a family discount," I agreed as I un-strapped my balls again.

"Ohhh you moron," she said but I was in some hurry so I just hauled her dress up and panties down and my dress up and I fucked right into her as she stood there.

"Harriet!" she wailed.

"On the house only I got Perkins brother for an ass fuck in ten minutes," I explained as I fucked her.

"Oh god the baby will be a moron," she wailed.

"Nope we're Baptist," I reassured her as my spunk gurgled around inside her as I cummed.

"Oooohhhhhh," she sort of shuddered, I figured it was a mighty strange way to cum, but maybe she learned that at college.

To be continued.
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