Love Story over 10 years -softcore only

It was good to be back at the apartment..


Over the last ½ hour at the center I had started to become edgy. I was thinking about having sex again. Maybe it was because I was looking at Lucy in that sexy outfit she wore. I tried keeping my eyes off her and concentrate on the shop window displays but I still felt the urge coming on. I had had sex 3 times in less than 24 hours and I wanted more! And I wanted it now! I had heard about sex addiction. Was I becoming an addict?

I had tried to dismiss sex from my mind, but could not. I was anxious to get home. Finally, Lucy indicated she had done enough window shopping so we headed to the car. I really should have let Lucy drive; I was not concentrating. At one point I thought of pulling over and stopping. We could have hopped into the back seat and had it there! Too bad about the hygiene thing!

Arriving at the apartment I dropped Lucy off and went to park the car. I had planned to get her on to the bed where I thought she would be receptive to what I wanted, but she was into the apartment and flopped on the lounge before I could get there.

She was expecting me to join her. I just stood on the spot, moved a little here and there, not really knowing what to say.

Then she sat up and looked at me. She must have turned on her radar because she said:
“ not now Jimmy……………. I should give my insides a longer rest…………….late tonight………after our shower”.


I did not know how to answer. Her words hit me like a bomb. I had been thinking only of myself; what I wanted! I had not given any consideration to Lucy whatsoever. This was selfish thinking on my part. I felt tears run down my cheeks as I realized how dumb I had been.

Lucy quickly noticed the change in me and asked if I was ill. I shook my head. Her radar must have still been on because next she said “is it me?” I shook my head again, then, “is it about me”. I nodded. “Jimmy, we need to talk……….let’s lie on the bed and you tell me………….we have never had any secrets from each other………..have we?”

She got up and I followed those gorgeous legs to the bedroom. It was not talking that I had planned for bedroom activity!

How could I explain? I knew I had to tell it as it was and take the consequences!

When I had finished explaining Lucy cuddled me close and said “Jimmy, I love you………….I want you to want me…………I love it that you want me……………..I want to have sex with you………….please don’t be upset……..if you didn’t want me, I would be upset”.


She explained that we were in transition. It was only normal that I would want sex again considering we had waited a long time. Especially being a male. Males had a greater sex drive than females. It was the way we were made. With the female, and her different anatomy, sometimes other things had to be taken into account.

After our talk I felt much better. Lucy had let me off the hook! She rationalized it so well. But deep down, I thought I had blundered, and only one day after being married! I would have to exercise great care in the future.


I told Lucy I wanted her to manage our sex life as she had always done. Anyway, in many respects she had to do it since she was the one who worked out when we could and could not. The condom decision was some time off yet, but I hoped we would not be that desperate that I would resort to one. In any case, the ones I had bought would not do. Our test run showed that the difficulty experienced putting it on could easily lead to a hole. Also, I had convinced Lucy that she should do the buying, if necessary. If Lucy said we had to skip days, then, so be it!

Then she said “let’s have a snooze before dinner, but I need to be relaxed first!” With that, she sat up, took off her t-shirt and bra, got to her knees and lent over me.

Her breasts were absolutely beautiful in this position; a little cleavage in the middle. I put my hands up and gently caressed her breasts, rubbed where her bra had been, just as I had seen her do. They were firm but soft; no wonder babies liked to hang onto them. I sure did!

Removing our clothes, she gave me some passionate kisses, cuddled up and was asleep in seconds. I was not far behind.

When I awoke it was just before dinner time.


My relapse had convinced me that I should think of our sexual relationship as I had always done.
My main pleasure had derived from giving pleasure to Lucy. But, it had always been when she indicated she was ready – not when I thought she should be ready!

After Lucy had returned from overseas our sex play had gradually expanded over time. The first extra was the all over body caress. She loved to lie naked and have me finish with my fingers gliding over her mound and through her pubic hair. Later on she had asked me to feel around her slit. She had taken hold of my finger and shown how to rub lightly around the top of the lips and down the outside to the crease with her legs. The more she enjoyed it the wider she opened her legs.

Next, she had taught me how to pleasure her breasts properly. She had explained that the best way was to do it the same as babies do. I had to put my mouth well over her nipple and areola with my tongue under it. Then, I had to suck with my top lip and tongue at the same time. This action created a gently massaging motion. After a few minutes on one side, she would take that breast out and lower the other one into my mouth. Another couple of minutes, and she would take it out. Too long might give her sore nipples, she had explained.

I had never thought that intercourse would be so good nor anticipated its impact on me.
Now, however, I saw my behavior differently.

It was the fact that the intense pleasure of it was jointly shared, that I craved.
I remembered Lucy saying, at the time we had planned to marry, that we would change. Our pleasures would become interdependent rather than independent. Intercourse was a very big, but simply a further extension of our relationship.

I had become very relaxed now that Lucy had agreed to take control, and I did not have to go back to that Drugstore! I knew I would be well looked after! She reciprocated in so many ways.


Lucy was now stirring. I told her I would call her when dinner was ready – to just relax. We had agreed on a simple dinner so I knew it would not take long.

When I called out to her that dinner was nearly ready she said she needed help. I went to the bedroom to see what the problem was. I said that I could not see that there was any problem.
She replied “the problem I have can’t be seen………………..I need to be kissed before I could possibly get up”! That problem was quickly solved! But it had taken a lot longer than anticipated.

Over dinner we discussed our study plans. Both of us had signed up for summer courses. With reduced class time we had offers to increase our work commitments. I told Lucy I did not want her to come home after dark, by herself. So, we spent time working out timetables that would enable us to coincide as much as possible, both classes and work. As Lucy’s job was more flexible than mine, she would ask for preferred time slots.

We moved to the lounge with idea of watching TV for an hour. Although, I did not think I would be able to concentrate on TV. I was a little distracted by Lucy.

She had come for dinner dressed in a short see through negligee, tied at the waist, but she did not have any PJ’s on under it. Everything was partly visible through the sheer fabric. I was able to see the outline of her dark haired pubic triangle and her nipples with a slightly darker coloring around them. It was seductively alluring.

Lucy just cuddled up to me and held out her hand showing the rings saying “I like being married………we are now ‘married lovers’ rather than cousins”. Having got my head around my earlier perceived problem I had to agree.

Next, she said it was time for our celebration. We always seemed to have something to celebrate. “What are we celebrating this time?” I asked.
“We have been married over 24 hours!” She replied. She stood up, put her hands out to me and said “coming?” With that, she peeled off her next to nothing negligee and tossed it in my lap. “I won’t need this will I?”

This was an offer to good to refuse! I quickly followed those gorgeous legs. Lucy was in the shower in a flash with the two of us close behind. She took the special liquid wash and said she would show me exactly how I use it when I was required to do it by myself. I was very hard when I got into the shower but with Lucy lathering my dick with soap and rubbing it all around I felt like I might burst a blood vessel. “Don’t forget your hairs!” she said, giving them the same treatment.

I was sure clean by the time we headed for the bed!

Lucy lay with her legs wide open, knees bent, then, with her fingers, opened and flattened the lips of her slit. She asked me to see if there were any stray hairs across the opening. I told her I could not see any. Her hairs were really too curly to be a problem. Then she opened the lubricant and placed some at the center. “Just a precaution……… have been in me 3 times over a short period……………… do you want to watch your dick enter me……. this time”. I moved closer.
She held me with the usual three fingers and guided me until I was touching her spot. Then she said “once your right in, slide in and out only about 3 inches…… to reduce friction………….squirt as soon as you want…….don’t hold back………ok…… push in”.

I pushed in slowly, watching with pleasure as it disappeared in to Lucy. It was in about 4 inches. Ipaused to enjoy the view when euphoria came over me. Not only was Lucy allowing me to enter her, she wanted me to.
To go right in I needed to change position. I could feel Lucy’s hands, on my back, pulling me forward until I was hard against her spot and high up, as taught. Sliding in and out, my speed was guided by the pressure direction of her hands. As a novice, I was learning fast.

I was now at the point of no return. Letting out a gasp, I pushed firmly up against Lucy and let myself squirt uncontrollably. By the pressure of Lucy’s hands on my back I knew she was sharing the pleasure!

Rolling to our sides, still joined as usual, we just waited for our energies to return.
Lucy whispered to me “wonderful”. I replied “magical”.

I was all for this marriage business!

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