my name is kennen i an 5' 9” 130 Ibs, long brown hair my measurement are 34”x 26”x 34”. i have never had a problem getting any man i want i like to tease men at the bars. i like to were short skirts and never have underwear on.

This all happened one night when I went out to the bar in town. I was in the bar flirting with all the guys. I was working hard on one and then after like an hour of grinding with him on the dance floor i told him he had no chance at getting with me , and i left him on the dance floor i could hear him talking under his breath “fucking bitch , i hope you die and go to hell”.

It was getting late in the night and i was getting tired of fucking around with all these guys and i was starting to get pretty drunk from all the drinks that the guys bought me so i thought i might just go home and come back tomorrow for a fresh night. With that i headed out the door. I only lived like 3 blocks away from the bar so i always just walked to the bar .

I walked around the side of the bar it was dark back there . I got almost to the back of the bar and i heard some movement in the bushes . I stopped asked if anyone was there i didn't get an answer back . Then i heard more noise in another bush that was behind me . I was starting to get a little freaked out. Then out of the corner of my eye i seen a dog walk out of the one bush . I though ok its only a dog . Then the dog looked at me and beared his teeth and started to growl at me. So i just started backing away from the dog. I only made it like 4 steps and i tripped and fell to the ground. I fell hard on to my ass. I turned to stand up and just as i was about to stand . I felt the dog jump up on to my back and i was pushed forward onto my hands and knees . The dog had his front paws wrapped tight around my waist.

Then i felt something wet poking me and realized that it was his dick and he was trying to fuck me. I tried getting up but the dog was to heavy so i tried crawling forward to get away from him but he just kelped peace with me. I could feel his cock hitting my ass cheeks and then he found what he was looking for and as soon as he felt the warmth of my cunt i felt his grip on my waist tighten and he gave a big trust and drove this whole cock in.

i screamed for help as soon as his cock went in and he bit down on my neck and i stopped screaming and he let go. He was fucking me so fast and hard .i just wanted to scream for someone to get this dog out of me but at the same time I didn't want to be seen getting fucked by a dog i would never be able to show my face in town again.

I was scared that someone was going to walk back here and see me because i could hear people talking little ways away . The dog had been going hard for a couple of mins and i could feel something being hammered against my pussy lips then i remembered that dogs have a knot that locks there cock into the females dogs cunt. I started panicked as i didn't want him to push that thing into my cunt it felt like a baseball. So i reached under with one hand. i was going to just put my hand there to hold the knot from going in but when i went to move my hand back to my cunt the dog gave a big trust and i fell forward onto my face and the dog slipped and fell forward too and when that happened it forced his knot in. it felt like my pussy had been riped in two. He got his footing back and got right back to fucking me 100 miles and hour . With ever trust i could feel his knot moving up and down in my pussy moving deeper and deeper.

Then to my horror i heard a couple of guys talking and it sounds like they were coming right towards me and then i seen them and i yelled to them “ help me this dog is raping me plase help” and they came running over to me and the one guy went and grabed the dog and tried to pull him off but the knot was to big now and would not come out . Then i heard the other guy say “ hey your that bitch from the bar that teased me and just cut me down “ i just kelped saying “please help me i didn't mean to upset you please he is hurting me” he just looked at this friend and said “watch this I'm going to teach this bitch a lessen she will never forget “ and they took off back in the bar . I started to cry as i knew he was going back in to get his other friend that were with him and show them .

I could feel the dog starting to slow and knew he was going to cum soon . Now i was hoping he would cum and pull out before that guy got back with his friend. I felt the first blast of hot cum from the dog and it made me cum at the same time . I couldn't beleave i just came from being fucked from a dog. After the last of his cum was out he let go of my waist and i thought he was going to get off me. I was half right he got off my back but his cock was still locked into my cunt . The feeling of the dogs knot being turning around inside my cunt like that gave me another orgasm after he was done turning thats when i seen them . That is the rest of the dogs there was a hole pack of them. There was like five more dogs just standing of in the bushes watching .

Then i heard the two guys come back and i heard the one “ fuck we are just in time to put my plan into action “ the other guys says “ what are you planning on doing “ “i will show you” the first guys says . I'm just kneeling there trying to relax enough to let this knot out when the dog starts o walk forward making the knot pull on my pussy opening. So i have to start walking backwards i turn my head trying to see what he is doing and then i see what the guy were up to. He didn't go back inside to get this friend he went and got some burgers from the grill and was making the dog walk to get some. Making him pull me around behind him .

“See that” he says to his friend the knot is so big it will not come out and she has no choice but to walk around behind the dog.

Then i realized what he was doing he was making the dog walk closer to the front door of the bar he was trying to make the dog walk me right out into the open where everyone will see me. I tried to just stop walking with the dog but the dog was determent to get the food. The pain was to much and i had to start walking with the dog again i just started pleading with the guys please don't do this please i will do anything for you anything just please don't let the dog pull me out there like this. He just looked at me “to late bitch” and he though the last 2 burgers out into the middle of the parking lot when he did this the dog tried to take off and run out and get them but he was still stuck in my cunt so it just pulled on his dick and we both gave a yep . And he started pulling me out in to the parking lot . I just put my head down as to hind my face the best i could . My knees were getting beat up from having to craw backwards on the pavement .

That when the two guys seen the other five dogs as they ran past them to run out and get the burgers.There like holy fuck there did they come from. As i was still getting pulled out into the parking lot i heard the first person that seen me “holy shit look at that” as soon a i knew someone seen me i started calling for help “please help me the dog is raping me please get him off me” they just walked by me “your sick i'm sure he raped you . He is just teaching you a lessen now you sick bitch. Good luck in hell” and they started walking away again “ no please its true he did rape me i didn't want this.

Then more people came out of the bar and i started calling for help again and they seen me and came running over to me but before they could get close to me the other dogs got up and started growling at them and they had to back off. I just kelped calling to them please, please get him off me . But they just call back to me “the other dogs will not let us get anywhere close to you . Another min past with them still trying to get to me . And the knot had gotten small enough to pop out but before i was able to get up a german shepherd jumped up on my back and knocked me back down to the ground the people there were yelling at the dog trying to make him stop but it was no use he had one thing on his mind and with his first trust he hit home as my cunt was still wide open from the last fucking i got. He started fucking me hard and i felt his knot it was a little bit bigger then the last but because my cunt was so stretched out already it slid right in with out much trouble. He fucked me for like 5 mins and then i felt he cum in me and then he turned on me to and all i heard was “oh fuck that looks painful” it only took a couple mins for this knot to slide out .

Again before i was able to stand another dog jumped up on me and pushed me back down this one looked like the biggest of the bunch so i didn't want him to fuck me he would rip my cunt apart so i tried dropping my ass down more to the ground so he couldn't hit my cunt. But i found out that would have been a bad decision to make at that time because i lowered my ass down i accidentally lined his cock up with my asshole . I have never had anal sex before. I never liked the thought of it. But now i was going to get the anal fucking of a life time and there was nothing i could do about it.

As soon as his cock hit my asshole and went in and inch i screamed out oh god please help me .
He didn't care what hole he was in he just started fucking. there was no slow start or anything he put everything he had into trying to get his cock in my ass. It felt like he was ripping my asshole wide open. The dog was able to got all of his cock in and his knot before it swelled to much. It hurt going in but not to much but i could feel it still swelling in side my ass at felt like a golf ball and getting bigger. I could feel him pushing it farther and farther in my ass with each trust. After about 5 five it was starting to feel like a baseball in there. It was feeling like if it was going to get any bigger is was going to rip my ass open.

Then i heard it sirens it was the cops coming to kills this fucking dogs and get me out of here. As soon as the dogs heard the sirens they took off running. The dog that was fucking me turned to run too but could not run. Because his knot was stuck in my ass and he just started trying to walk away from me it felt like my ass was going to rip right out of me. All i could do was start back peddling with the dog as fast as i could. I could not keep up with the dog very well the pain was out of this world then the dog turned to go around a tree and in doing so it pulled me sideways and i fell over i felt the knot turn in side me again but my but didn't hit the ground i was hanging from the dogs knot so i was there laying on my back with the dogs knot still stuck in my ass .

I put my hand down to lift my head up but in trying to lift my head up it put all my body weight on the knot trying to rip out my ass hole and thats when it happened i heard and felt my ass hole ripping . the dog yelped and i screamed and then i felt my ass hit the ground and i passed out from the pain.

When i awoke i was in the hospital the nurse was there and came over to talk to me and ask me how i was feeling i asked her what happened she just looked at me and said i was raped and then went and called the cops in. and i had to tell them what i could remember . After i was done . I new my life will never be the same. I will never be able to show myself in town again.

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2013-09-21 02:18:59
This story is kinda sick.Its horrible what happens to the girl.

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2013-09-21 02:18:41
This story is kinda sick.Its horrible what happens to the girl.

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2013-05-08 06:40:47
Started good!, then went too too fast!, without details, no descriptions, just sentences after sentences, well, just blocks of text, like you were trying to finish the story at the same time you finished jerking off!

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2012-07-10 14:35:01
And then what? Does she become a dog slut? Does she move away and start a new more humble life? There is no closer

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libioubkihmic kjb _vçpè_ç^^__è ^àlb_ ç_

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