My best frind Tommy's mom takes some medication and passes out. I fuck her and get caught
Growing up my best friend was Tommy. He lived 6 blocks from us and I spent as much time at
his house as he did at mine. His mom, Susan, was a short, slim lady with a really nice set of tits,
one of those moms that makes you walk around with an erection every time you see them.

We never saw his dad Joe much. He worked nights so slept during the day. He was gone to work
shortly after we got home from school and didn't get home until almost dawn most days.

By the time Tommy and I were 14 we, like most kids, were full of hormones and rebellious.
Tommy called me one evening and ask if I could stay over for the night. I ask my parents, who
said yes, and a few minutes later I was knocking on Tommy's door.

He let me in and as we walked toward his room he said,"I think we should go over to the arcade."

The arcade was a fun center half a mile away. We were allowed to go there during the day, but
both my parents and Tommy's had put it off limits after dark. There was a gang that was about
after dark and there had been a lot of arrests at the arcade over the last few years.

"We can't do that!" I said,"Your mom won't let us."

"If she doesn't know she can't stop us."Tommy grinned.

"But she'll know!" I replied.

"No she won't." Tommy said, hi grin getting wider.

He motioned me to follow him and lead the way to his parents bed room. He held his finger to
his lips to indicate quiet, then slowly opened the door and tip toed in. I followed and when my
eyes adjusted to the dim light I saw his mom in the bed.

Tommy tiptoed over to the bed, again using the quiet sign. I was getting very nervous wondering
what he was doing.

I stopped next to him then my heart skipped a beat as he reached out grabbed his mom's shoulder
and shook it hard, yelling at th top of his voice,"MOM! MOM! WAKE UP! WE"RE GOING TO

I expected her to sit up in the bed and yell at us. It took me a second to realize she didn't even
twitch as Tommy yelled and shook her.

He stopped, grinned and said,"You can't wake her up! Lately she's been getting these headaches.
The doctor gave her some pills to help her sleep when she has one. Once she takes one she
can't be woke for hours. Last time she took one, I wanted to see how long it took for them to
wear off. I came in here once an hour and did this. I had to stop at 4:00 AM, because I was so
sleepy, but she never woke. We can go to the arcade as long as we want!"

Tommy grabbed her purse and took out a twenty dollar bill.

"I don't want to take any more then this." He said,"If I do she'll find out and wonder where it

We left and a half hour later we were at the arcade. We played the games until the money ran out,
which took about two hours. Just before we left Tommy spotted a couple of older guys he knew.
They ask if we wanted to smoke a joint. I had never done it so I told them no. Tommy decided to
join them. After he was done we made our way back to his house. We watched movies until
midnight, then went to bed.

I lay in the dark thinking about what had happened. At 14 one of the major thoughts that went
through my head almost continuously was about sex. I began to picture Tommy's mom naked and
my cock was rock hard in a second or two.

I had found my dad's porn stash the year before, and had been jacking off to hardcore for months.
I lay there trying to picture his mom naked in front of me, wondering how it would feel to put my
fingers in her pussy.

I grabbed my hard rod and began to pump it as I thought about her. It didn't take long before I
came. I grabbed one of my socks and caught my spunk in it so I wouldn't get any on the sheets.

When I was done I lay there trying to go to sleep, but I couldn't. Thought's of touching Tommy's
mom's pussy kept running through my head so my cock stayed rock hard.

Finally after what seemed like hours, I had to go pee. Tommy was snoring lightly sound asleep
as I slipped out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I had a hell of a time peeing. My cock
was hard and wouldn't go down, but I finally managed to empty my bladder.

As I stepped out of the bathroom my eyes landed on Tommy's parents bedroom door. I stood
glued to the floor staring at that door.

A little voice in my head was saying 'Go on! Tommy's asleep. She's out of it. If you want to cop a
feel now's the time! Do it! You want to so do it!'

I found myself tip toeing toward the door. I opened it, and slowly slipped into the darkened room.
I stood next to the door my heart thumping trying to decide what to do. Should I try to wake her
to see if she was till out? Just start feeling her up?

Finally I settled on the waking routine. If she woke I'd tell her I wasn't feel good and wanted to go
home. I slowly tiptoed across the room until I was standing beside the bed. I reached out and
gently pushed at her shoulder. After a second when there was no response, I got braver and shook
her harder. After a short time I was shaking her hard and still not getting a response. I decided
she was still out of it and wasn't going to wake.

I slowly ran my hands under the sheet until I touched her leg. Then I ran it up over her thigh until
my fingers touched her panties. I took a deep breath, then pushed my fingers under the leg band I
felt her pubic hair, then the wonderful feeling of her warm wet slit as my fingers slipped into her

I lay there my fingers slowly sliding up and down her warm slit. The feeling was indescribable.
After a short time I wanted to see her pussy as well as touch it, so I pulled the sheets down
uncovering her body. I climbed onto the bed and gently pushed her legs apart until I could stretch
out between them.

I pulled the crotch of her panties aside, then pushed my fingers into her cunt. I almost came on
the sheets as my fingers slipped into her warm hole. I played with her pussy, watching in
fascination as my fingers disappeared up inside her as I pushed them in, then as I pulled them
out, shiny and wet.

I looked up at her tits under her nighty and wondered what they would feel like. I crawled up,
pulling her nighty up as I did. She didn't have on a bra and before long her tits stood uncovered
in front of me. To me they looked fabulous.

I cupped one with my hand and marveled at how soft but firm it felt. I ran my thumb over her
nipple and grinned at the response as it crinkled and grew hard. I leaned down and took one in
my mouth and began to suck on it. It was wonderful!

I knew what I wanted next. I reached down, pulled her panties aside and put my cock against her
pussy. Slowly I pushed into her both very nervous and very excited until my cock was sheathed
inside her pussy.

I began to fuck her slowly, still afraid she might wake. It didn't take long, five minutes or so and
I came, squirting my cum inside her. When I was done I didn't pull out, I just laid there enjoying
the feel of her warm wet pussy. My cock stayed hard, held in the warm wet grip of her pussy. I
began to fuck her again.

This time I lasted ten minutes or so before I pumped more of my young cum up her pussy. Over
the next ½ hour I fucked twice more, cumming in her each time. I wanted to keep fucking her
until I couldn't any more, but I knew I had to stop, no matter how good it felt. I pulled my
young, still hard cock out of her, climbed off the bed, covered her with the sheet and left.

When I got back to my bed it took a while before I could fall asleep. I was remembering how
good it felt to be in her pussy and wondering when I was going to get another chance to do it

The next morning Tommy's mom made us breakfast. I was nervous, but she didn't act like she
suspected anything, so I figured I had got away with it.

I didn't get a chance to do it again for a month. Tommy called me one early evening and said his
mom had a headache and ask if I wanted to stay the night. He said there was a party that evening
that was suppose to last all night and he wanted us to go. I made an excuse about my parents
wanting me to stay home.

After I hung up though, I went and ask my mom if I could go watch movies at Tommy's for the
evening. She said yes, so I left, running all the way to Tommy's. I hid in the trees next to
Tommy's house until I saw him leave. I knew where the spare key was so I let myself in. I
tiptoed around the house checking to see if anyone else was home.

The house was empty except for Tommy's mom. I crept into the bedroom, still nervous even
after the last time. I shook her until I was satisfied she was out. This time I pulled the sheets off
her, then quickly pulled off her panties and nighty, leaving her totally naked. My cock was really
hard and I couldn't wait to slide it into her.

I pushed her legs up, put the head against her hole and shoved it in. I fucked her hard watching
my dick slide in and out of her hot hairy cunt. I came in less then two minutes, dumping my first
load of cum into her cunt.

I pulled out and sat staring at her pussy. My cum was leaking out of her hole and running down
her ass crack.. After a few minutes of watching her pussy leak my cum I decided I wanted to roll
her over and fuck her from behind.

I pushed her onto her stomach, then pushed two pillows under her hips so her ass was in the air.
When I got behind her I could feel my cock twitching as I saw her pussy lips, pink and wet
hanging open. I got on my knees behind her and pushed my cock back into her.

I fucked her slowly that time wanting it to last a bit longer than before. I managed to last ten
minutes before I blasted another load of cum into her pussy. I pulled my cock out of her and
stared at her pussy. My cum was dripping from her hole and onto the sheets. My attention turned
to her puckered brown asshole.

Like I said I had watched a lot of porn and had seen many scenes of guys ass fucking a woman. I
decided I wanted to try it. I got back up behind her, placed my cum covered cock head against her
rectum and pushed. It took some pushing to get it in but when I did it felt wonderful. I fucked her
ass for about 15 minutes before I blew my nuts and pumped a load of cum up her ass.

By then I was getting tired and figured I'd fuck her one more time before I quit. I was staring at
her cum dripping pussy when a thought hit me, I wonder if she has a vibrator?

I got off the bed and rifled through the bedside stand. In the bottom drawer, under a couple of
magazines I found it, a large pink cock shaped vibrator. I climbed back up behind her, turned it
on and slid it into her pussy, then I pushed my cock back into her ass.

It was fantastic! I could feel the vibrator in her pussy tingling my cock. I held the vibrator in her
cunt with one hand, grabbed her hip with the other and began to fuck her with long slow strokes,
wanting to enjoy every minute.

It was so good I lasted less then 5 minutes before my cock again erupted and blasted my last load
of cum up her ass. I pulled out of her and this time my cock was limp. I pulled the vibrator out
turned it off and put it back in the drawer. I got a wash cloth and cleaned her pussy as much as I
could, then pulled on her panties and nighty.

I left a few minutes later, totally sexually satisfied. I knew I'd be back any time I could to fuck

Over the next three months I fucked her five times. The second time I tried licking her pussy and
discovered how wonderful a woman's cunt tastes. And I fucked her ass numerous times. By the
time I fucked her the fifth time I had it down. I'd wait until Tommy left then I'd go in and shake
her just to make sure she was out of it. Then I'd strip her clothes off. I'd lick her pussy for a
while, then fuck her pussy, then roll her onto her stomach and fuck her ass. Usually I'd fuck both
her pussy and ass twice. Lastly I'd slide the vibrator into her pussy and fuck her ass with the
vibrator on high speed.

One night about a week after the fifth time I fucked her I got a phone call from Tommy telling
me his mom had a headache, was taking her pills and did I want to go to the arcade?

I told him that my dad had put me on restriction. Tommy responded with a ‘kay later'.

I ran downstairs and ask my mom if I could go to Tommy's for a few hours. She agreed and I
was out of the house and running down the side walk a few moments later, images of Tommy's
mom wet pussy filling my head.

I hid in the bushes next to his house until I saw Tommy come out the door and leave. I waited
another five minutes, then let myself in and ran up the stairs. I walked into the bedroom, grabbed
his mom's arm and shook it. As I expected there was no response. A few minutes later I climbed
between her legs and prepared to slick my tongue into her cunt.

I began to lick her slit and found it to be very wet, wetter then any time before. I wondered about
it, but was to intoxicated with the taste of her pussy to wonder about it too much. I licked her for
a few minutes and then something happened that had never happened before, her pussy began to
pulse and a stream of musk liquid dribbled form her cunt.

Again for a moment I wondered about it, but my cock was demanding attention, so I climbed up
and pushed it into her hole. I began to fuck her with slow strokes not wanting to cum to fast.
Suddenly as I pushed into her and my balls touched her ass I felt her legs come up off the bed and
wrap around me.

I froze as the terrifying realization that she was awake soaked into my brain. I looked at her face
and found her eyes open and staring back at me.

"I wondered who it was that has been filling me with their spunk." She said calmly.

"I.....I.....I..." I stammered trying to think of something to say and at the same time trying to pull
out of her and get away from her legs that were wrapped around my hips.

"Lay still god damn it!" She growled then slapped me across the cheek.

I stopped struggling and lay there trembling like a trapped rabbit.

""she imitated my panic, then added,"You've been raping me is what you've
been doing. And while I was totally out of it too. I didn't even get any thing out of it!"

"I'm sorry!" I wailed,"I saw you in the bed when Tommy tried to wake you and you were so
pretty and my cock got so hard...I had to do it!"

":I really should call the cops," She said,"and have you arrested. They'd put you away for a long
time. And that's not even counting what Joe would do if he found out!"

"Please! Please!" I begged,"don'‘t call the police! And please don't tell Joe! He'd kill me!"

"He probably would."She replied,"But if I don't call cops or tell Joe, what am I going to get out
of it?"

"Anything you want!" I said, thinking I might have a way out.

"Ok," She replied,"I tell you what, if you can make me cum I'll think about not calling the cops.
So,"She dug her heels into my ass and pulled me farther into her pussy,"Get to humping you little

I hesitantly began to fuck her, not completely sure what she wanted. As I slid slow in and out of
her I could feel her hips pushing up to accept my cock on each stroke.

After a minute or two she said,"Come on, show me what you got! Fuck me like you want it,
otherwise it's jail for you!"

That made my gut whorl so I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her as fast and as hard as I
could. My balls were bouncing off her ass with each stroke.

"Oh fuck yes!" She groaned, "!"

I was beginning to get tired when I felt her hook her legs around me. She dug her heels into my
ass and pulled me into her, causing my cock to ram full length into her by now slippery pussy.

She let out a high pitched cry, then I felt her pussy pulsing around my cock, milking it. Even with
the situation I couldn't stop myself from cumming. My cock throbbed and I blasted a load of cum
deep into her pulsing pussy.

As my orgasm finished I lay between her legs, my cock still buried inside her, both enjoying the
feel of her cunt and wondering what was going to happen. A second later the bedroom door flew
open and Joe stepped into the room.

"Well, well," He said as he strode to the bed,"So you're the one fucking my wife!"

He grabbed me by the back of the neck, pick me up and dragged me off the bed. All I could do
was cower as he held me by my neck.

"How many times have you fucked her?"He ask, then waited only a half second before he shook
me like a rag doll and growled,"How many times you little shit!"

"F...five." I managed to stammer, to shook and stunned to try to lie.

"You've plumbed her pussy five times have you?" Joe said in a calm chilling voice,"I should
slap the shit out of you and call the cops."

"Please! No!" I sniveled,"I'll do anything...anything if you don't call the police!"

Joe stood holding me by the neck for what seemed like an hour, then he said,"Anything?
Hmmmmmm. Ok."

He let go of me stepped over to the bed and with a couple of quick moves pulled his pants and
underwear down to his ankles. His cock stood straight out, hard as a rock. He sat down on the
edge of the bed and waved me over to him.

I stepped over to him and as I stopped in front of him, he grabbed my shoulder and with a hard
push, shoved me to my knees. He grabbed me by the hair, took his cock in his other hand and
placed the large mushroom head against my lips.

"Here's your anything." He said pulling on my hair and pushing his cock forward until it entered
my mouth,"Start sucking!"

I was at first alarmed as he put his cock against my lips, then appalled as I felt him pull on my
hair and push forward with his cock head and finally horrified as the large plum sized head of his
cock entered my mouth.

I tried to jerk my head back, but he had a firm grip on my hair. I began to struggle and as I did he
snarled,"Suck it or go to jail you little shit!"

I stopped and with tears in my eyes slowly began to suck on the head of his cock. He groaned and
pushed more of it into my mouth, never releasing his hold on my hair.

"That's it, oh fuck yes that's it!" He groaned as he began to fuck his large hard cock into my

After the initial shock wore off and I realized I wasn't going to be able to make him stop, I began
to accept what was happening. I rationalized it by telling myself I didn't have a choice. But in
reality I was starting to like the feel and taste of his cock. I began to slide my mouth along the
length of it, using my tongue on it as I did. I felt his grip on my hair loosen and soon he
took his hand off my head.

I kept right on sucking him, reaching down and stroking my own cock as I did.

Soon I tasted a salty, musky flavor, then Joe groaned and gasp,"Oh fuck! I'm
gunna,,,,,gunnna....oh fuck!"

He grabbed my head and pushed his cock all the way down my throat. I gagged, then tried to pull
back but he had a death grip on my head and held his cock buried in my throat. A second later I
felt his cock swell, throb, then a huge gob of cum hit the back of my throat. To keep from
gagging again I swallowed, then swallowed again and again and again. Finally I felt his grip relax
and I pulled my head back, gasping for air.

I sat there stunned, staring at his glistening cock. I had just sucked a mans cock, and he had cum
in my mouth!

I heard Susan say,"Joe? Can you make him eat me now. I want him to eat my pussy."

"I tell you what,"Joe replied,"Why don't you get up here and set on my cock facing him and
we'll make him lick us both?"

"Joe you nasty bastard!" I heard her giggle.

I watched as she climbed onto his lap, grab his still hard cock and place it against her pussy,
then with a wiggle of her hips slide down onto it. I had seen that happen in the porn movies I
stole from my dad, but to see it for real was fantastic.

"Hey!" Joe yelled at me,"Get your ass over her and lick us!"

I jumped as if shot and a moment later was knelling between his legs alternately licking Susan's
clit and Joe's balls. Susan leaned back against Joe's chest as I licked them both.

I lost track of time and couldn't even guess how long I licked them, but after a time I heard Joe
say,"That's enough." As he pushed me away.

Susan climbed off his lap and my eyes fastened on the sight of his long, hard, cock glistening
with a coating of her pussy juice, sliding out of her. I vaguely remember stroking my cock as I
watched her dismount.

Joe looked at me with a grin and said,"I see you want some more of her pussy. Well go on,
mount up!"

Susan was laying on her back on the bed so I climbed on and positioned myself between her legs.
I put my cock against her dripping cunt, then stopped and looked at Joe. He grinned and waved
me on, so I pushed forward and a second later found myself buried in her warm sopping pussy.

I began to fuck her vaguely apprehensive about Joe watching me. That didn't last and before
long the sound of skin on skin filled the room as I fucked into her.

Susan egged me on as I hammered her pussy,"Oh yea! Fuck me! Do it good! Fill my pussy!"

I was completely immersed in fucking Susan until I felt Joe touch my ass. I stopped and looked
behind me to find Joe holding a tube of lube. He grinned then my eyes flew wide as I felt him
ram his finger up my ass.

"Relax,"He said still grinning,"If you relax it doesn't hurt. Huh honey?" The last comment
directed at Susan.

"No it doesn't." She purred, then I felt her wrap her legs and arms around me and pull me down
onto her.

"Wha' can't..." I stammered as I felt Joe put something against my ass hole.

I then felt him grab my hips as he said,"Sure I can."

A moment later it felt like my asshole was being torn open as he forced his cock into me.

"Aw....Fuck! That hurts!" I screamed.

Joe grabbed me by the hair and forced my head around until I was staring at him and said,"Stop
screaming! It will stop hurting in a moment."

He was wrong, it didn't stop in a moment. But as he began to fuck my ass it did slowly stop
hurting until I could concentrate on the feel of the whole thing. As he pushed into my ass, it
pushed me forward and deeper into Susan's pussy. Then as he pulled out he would pull back on
my hips, sliding my cock out of her pussy.

Finally it didn't hurt at all so I relaxed and went with it. Like a dream, I lay there as Joe fucked
my asshole, simultaneously pushing my cock in and out of Susan's pussy. Again I lost track of
time. I have no idea how long we fucked, I just know as long as I kept my mind off the fact that
Joe had his cock up my ass, it was fantastic.

Susan was the first to cum. I felt her body stiffen, then she lifted her hips so my stokes went
deeper into her pussy.

A moment later she gasp, then yelled,"OH FUCK!!!!"

Joe began to push me into her deeper and harder as he began to pound my ass with jack hammer
strokes. I felt my cum rising and just before my cock exploded, Joe rammed into my ass and his
cock throbbed as he pumped his cum deep into my bowels.

As Susan' pussy pulsed around my cock milking it and Joe's cock throbbed and twitched inside
my ass, my cock blew, spewing gobs of cum into Susan's pussy. It was the most intensive
orgasm of my young life and it seemed to go on and on. Finally I slumped onto Susan's chest, my
face pressed to her soft, tits.

I felt Joe pull out of me, then felt cum dribble out of my ass and down my balls. After a short
time I pulled out of Susan and sat up. Joe was sitting on the edge of the bed.

He grinned at me and said,"That was a start. Susan and I will expect you to come over for some
fun when we call. And don't even think about telling anyone. We have you on video the last time
you fucked her."

I sat shocked. So they had recorded me fucking her the last time I came over, that's how they set
this up.

I must have looked stunned because Joe grinned again and said,"Cheer up! Look at the bright
side. You get to fuck Susan any time she wants you to!"

It took me a moment to comprehend his comment, then it sunk in, no more sneaking around and
she was going to be awake and fucking me back!

I left their house a few minutes later with after giving them my cell phone number.

Over the next three years Joe, Susan and I had a lot of meetings. I got to fuck her almost every
week. And after a few times of having Joe's cock up my ass it quit hurting. He fucked my ass
about twice a month, and I'd suck his cock each time.

My family moved to another city three years after that first time with Joe and Susan. I never saw
them again. I'd love to be in the middle of Joe and Susan one more time.

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I wish they had both fucked her at the same time. I love dp. Wishi had to guys wiling to do it

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