Beth and Cary play doctor and discover sex. Cary's brother Billy catches them and wants to play too. The boys have a graet time wtih Beth, until they all three get caught bythe boys father.
Cary and Beth both knew their parents would be pissed if they found out, so the two were careful
most of the time. Cary was 13, almost 14 and Beth was 12 but very close to her 13th birthday.
and they had been playing around sexually since they were 12 and 11.

This September afternoon they were in the tool shed behind his parents house. Usually they would use the tree house because they could pull up the rope ladder and no one could pop in on them. But the floor of the place had fallen out, forcing them to find another place to meet.

They only met once a week or so, not wanting parents to get suspicious about what they were

When they were younger it didn't matter, for their parents didn't seem to mind them playing alone
together. But as they got older, Beth's parents were continually asking her not to be alone with
boys and also wanted to know if any of them tried to touch her. So the two youngsters tried to be
sneaky and meet without any of the parents knowing.

The first few times they had done it, when they were younger, it had been a game. It started as the
old game of doctor.

They had been playing tag in the old abandon mill in the woods behind where they lived. They
knew their parents would be angry if they found out because both kids had been told not to go

After playing a while they stopped for a rest and Cary ask Beth if she wanted to play
doctor. She agreed and before long both were naked. That's when Cary brought up his parents
and what he'd seen them do.

"Really?" Beth ask,"But Mom says that's nasty!"

"I know,"Cary replied,"but my parents do it and I'll bet your's do to. I think they’re just trying to
keep us from finding out how much fun it is, 'cause you should have heard how my parents were
giggling and carrying on!"

"I don't know,"Beth said hesitantly.

"I tell you what just let me touch you between the legs. I'll do it like I saw daddy touch my
Mom."Cary said.

Beth didn't answer for a moment then nodded her head,"O...Ok...but it won't hurt will it?"

"I don't think so,"Cary replied as he moved over next to her,"Mom was moaning rather loudly
when Dad was touching her, but she kept saying,'Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Fuck me!' so I don't think it
was hurting her."

"You gotta' spread your legs so I can get my hand between them." Cary said.

Beth again nodded her head and said,"Ok."

She spread her legs and Cary looked down to see the bare lips of her little pussy spread open just
a bit. He slowly inserted his finger between them. He felt his finger touch a bump and as it did
Beth jumped.

"Wha...what did you do?" she gasp.

"I don't know," He replied puzzled,"All I did was touch this little bump right here..."

Again he rubbed his finger tip over her clit. Again Beth gasp.

"It''s like an electric shock...a good shock. Do it again." She said.

Cary rubbed her clit gently for the next few minutes and Beth seemed to like it a lot.

She kept saying,"That feels so good!"And Cary kept rubbing her hard little nub.

Until finally she said,"Cary...I feel's like a pressures been building in my belly and it's
ready to...."

She grabbed his arm and pushed his hand harder against her now wet little cunt.

"Don't stop...please it feels good!" She was panting by this time.

Don't stop...don't stop...wha...what...Oh...Oh...OH....OH...Carrrrryyyyyyyyy!" She cried as her
very first orgasm shot through her young body..

When it had passed she let go of his arm and relaxed.

"What the heck was that?" He ask.

"I don't know but it was really good!" She grinned.

She looked down at Cary's hard little pecker standing straight up in his lap and said,"I wonder if
you can have one of those?"

She reached over and took hold of his cock and for a moment just held it tight with her hand.
Then automatically, she started to stroke it up and down.

"How's that?" She ask.

Cary was in ecstasy,"Oh yea!" He groaned,"Keep doing that."

Cary, unlike Beth had been masturbating for a while, so he knew how good it felt. She jacked
him for a few minutes then Cary groaned and Beth's eyes grew large as his cock throbbed in her
hand and a tiny bit of white goo oozed from the hole at the tip of his cock.

Beth wiped the stuff off her hand on the grass, then they both got dressed.

"Wanna' do that again tomorrow?" Cary ask.

"I don't know, do you?" Beth responded.

"Sure. I'll be here at the same time if you will." Cary said.

"Ok." Beth replied.

That set the pattern for the next six months. They would meet every few days and masturbate
each other.

Finally one day Cary said,"I found some magazines that my dad keeps under his bed. They show
men and women doing things. Look."

He opened the magazine he was carrying to a full color picture of a guy with his cock stuffed into a woman's pussy.

"Wow!" Beth said,"Look what he's doing!"

They looked at pictures of guys licking pussies and women sucking cocks.

After perusing the magazine for a half hour, giggling at most of the pictures, Cary reached over
and touched Beth's cunt.

"You're really wet!" Cary said,"More then other times. Did the pictures do that?"

"Uh, hu." Beth replied,"While I was looking at them I got that tight feeling in my tummy just like
when you touch me."

"Maybe we should try doing some of those things?"Cary suggested.

"I don't know," Beth replied looking from Cary's hard dick to her hairless little crack,"Do you
think it will fit?"

"We can try and see." Cary replied,"First why don't you suck mine?"

Beth nodded, leaned over and popped Cary's hard little cock into her mouth. She began to suck
on it.

"Why don't you bob your head up and down and stroke it with your mouth like you do with your
hand?" Cary ask.

Beth nodded and began to do as she had been ask.

After a short time Cary groaned,"That does feel good! Oh....oh really, really good!"

After an even shorter time than usual Cary groaned again as his little cock erupted in Beth's mouth. Beth's eyes grew wide as she felt his cock throbbing and tasted his spunk as it was pumped into her mouth. Instinctively she swallowed.

She sat up and Cary grinned,"Well? How was it?"

"I'm not sure I like it, but I'm not sure I don't like it either." Beth replied.

"We'll just have to do it again next time to see." Cary said, then added,"Ok your turn. Lay back
and let me lick you."

Beth laid back and spread her legs. Cary stretched out between them with his face close to her
crotch. He pushed his finger between her hairless little lips and touched her clit, which made her
jump. He then used his fingers to spread her cunt lips.

He leaned forward and touched his tongue to the hard nub of her clit. Beth jumped and gasp.

"Does it hurt?" Cary ask.

"" Beth replied,"It's like when you touch it with your finger, but 10 times more better."

Cary leaned forward again and began to lick her clit. Within seconds Beth was groaning in sexual
ecstasy. With in a few minutes she was cumming hard.

"That didn't take long!" Cary said.

"It was good though!" Beth replied. "How did it taste?"

"At first I wasn't sure I liked it, but then I got use to it." Cary replied, then added,"And besides it
made my cock hard again. You want to try to see if we can get it into your pussy?"

Beth was still floating on her climax and said,"Sure. Let's try."

Cary placed the head of his hard cock against Beth's very wet slit, then shoved it in. His thrust
was hard enough that when his cock head hit her hymen, it gave way and Cary found himself balls deep in a pussy.

"Ouch!" Beth yelled,"That hurt! Take it out!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Cary panted.

It felt so good he didn't want to take it out right away, so tried to delay doing so.

"Let's just leave it there for a second,"He said panting,"maybe it will stop hurting."

"No it won't take it out!" Beth yelled as Cary began to thrust into her, fucking her young tender

"Just a few seconds," Cary groaned,"Let's leave it in for just a few more seconds."

Beth's whimpering subsided as the pain faded. Then it went from hurting to feeling good, then to
feeling wonderful.

Before long she panted to Cary,"It doesn't hurt any more! It feel's really good now."

Cary was thrusting into her steadily by then. Fucking Beth felt better then anything else. With a
grunt his cock throbbed and he came in her. He slowly pulled his cock from her pussy and
stretched out next to her.

"I like that!" He said.

"I didn't at first." Beth said,"But it felt good at the end. Will it hurt if we do it again?"

"I don't know." Cary replied,"Let's try it again next time and see."

"Only if you’re careful!" Beth admonished him,"If you’re not and it hurts like it did this time, I'll
never do it again."

The next time it didn't hurt Beth at all. And each time after that it felt better and better, until one
day a few weeks later while Cary was stroking his cock into her, she climaxed from it. As she did
her pussy pulsed around his cock. Cary's eyes grew large as he felt the sensation of her pussy
sucking at his cock.

"Beth!" He gasp,"What did you do?"

"I...I cummed." she whispered.

"I like that!" He grinned.

From then on Cary would try to make Berth cum before he did so he could feel her pussy pulsing
around his hard little cock. For the next 6 months everything was great. They would meet two or
three times a week in the tree fort and fuck. Until the floor fell out and they had to find another
place to do it.

But that particular September afternoon, things were about to change. Billy, Cary's 16 year old
brother had noticed Cary sneaking out several times a week. After wondering about it for a while,
Billy followed Cary to one of his meetings with Beth.

The first couple of times he couldn't see anything, because they were up in the tree fort. He kind
of suspected what they were doing and he wanted to see them at it. He spent a lot of time
thinking of ways he could, but never came up with any. Then the old fort fell apart and he got
his chance to observe them.

The first time Cary and Beth used the shed, Billy tiptoed up thinking he could look through the
window, only to find it so dirty he couldn't see anything through it. For the next few days he
thought about it and finally hit on a plan.

He went to the back of the shed to check it out. There was a pile of old lumber stacked against
the back wall, which he moved. Then he went inside to look at what was against the inside back

There was a bench built at waist height against the wall. Under it there were four or five old
wooden boxes full of stuff. Billy sat and stared at the stuff for a while, until finally an idea
came to him.

He worked feverishly the rest of the afternoon. By dark he had everything ready. He had cut a six
inch hole in the back wall and covered it with a piece of plexiglass he had found in the rafters. It
was close to the bottom of the shelf so wasn't easy to see it from inside the shed.

He stacked and restacked the boxes until he had them set so they hid the hole, but he could see
most of the inside of the shed through it. He then constructed a frame work and stacked the old
lumber on it to make a dark snug observation place. He lined it with moss from the surrounding
forest to make it quiet.

When he went home that night he got his digital camera out and got it ready.

The following week, Billy watched Cary closely looking for a sign that his younger brother was
going to meet Beth. When Billy saw Cary sneak out the back door, he watched him through the
upstairs window until he saw him slip into the shed.

Billy quickly followed, making sure not to make any noise. He slipped into his hidy-hole, quietly
pulled the lumber pieces over the entrance then stopped to listen.

He could hear Cary and Beth talking in low voices and knew they hadn't heard him. Slowly he
reached up and pulled back the piece of old burlap sack he had used to cover his peek hole.

The two were sitting with their heads together on a blanket in the middle of the shed floor. As
Billy watched both stood, pulled down their shorts, kicked them off, then followed them quickly
with underwear and shirts. Beth was last to get all her clothes off, unsnapping and adding her bra
to the top of the pile of clothes that lay on the floor.

Billy watched stunned as Cary sat, spread his legs and a moment later Beth was on her stomach
between them with his cock in her mouth. For some reason Billy had thought the two were
playing doctor, touching each other or maybe mutual masturbation. It hadn't even entered his
mind that the two youngsters were having real sex.

Billy finally remembered the camera he had brought. He pulled it out and began to snap pictures.

Over the next 20 minutes Billy got shots of Beth sucking Cary, Cary licking Beth's pussy and
finally Cary between Beth's legs with his 3 inch cock stuck into her pussy.

As Cary climbed between Beth's legs and put his cock into her, Billy was aware of his own raging hard-on. He took several pictures of the two on the floor, then put the camera down, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

He stroked it as he watched his younger brother fucking the neighbor girl. After only a couple of
minutes Billy heard Beth groan and saw her push her ass up. Then he saw Cary stiffen as he came. At the thought of what it would feel like to cum in Beth's tight little pussy, Billy's orgasm blasted out, covering his hand and the wall in front of him.

The two in the shed giggled and whispered for a short time. Then pulled on their clothes, peeked
out the door and finding it clear, slipped out.

Billy sat staring through the porthole waiting to make sure they were gone and also thinking.
Finally he grinned, dropped the burlap curtain and crawled out of his nest.

He went home in a round about way so as not to make Cary suspicious. When he got home he
locked himself in his room and down loaded the pictures he had taken to his computer. Out of the
30 or so he had snapped he only found five that were usable. There hadn't been enough light and
most of them were just dark blobs.

But the five he had showed Cary and Beth's in the act, and also showed their faces. Billy stashed
them in a locked file so no one could get to them, then began to think about how to use them.

Later that week, he hadn't come up with a plan but had followed Cary and Beth to the shed again,
adding several more good shots to his collection.

Thursday night his parents informed him they were going with some friends to a concert Friday
night and wouldn't be home until Sunday morning and that he was going to have to watch his
brother for the weekend. His parents were a little surprised when Billy didn't flip a fit about it.

Billy normally would have been mad about watching his little brother on the weekend, but his
mind was on the thought that he and Cary were going to have the house to themselves until

At first Billy decided not to take action after his parents left Friday afternoon, but to wait until
Saturday. But when Cary said he was going out to play with a friend and Billy watched him
through the upstairs window go straight to the garden shed, he changed his plan.

Billy went outside and crept up on the shed, then listened at the door. He could hear the two
youngsters giggling inside.

He grinned hammered on the door and yelled,"I know you two are in there! Open this door!"

He heard urgent whispers and shuffling as the two pulled on their clothes.

Half a minute later the door opened a crack and Cary said,"I'm the only one here. What do you

Billy being larger then his little brother pushed hard on the door and bulled his way inside. Beth
was standing behind it, a look of terror on her face.

"The only one here, huh?" Billy sneered,"You two need to come with me to the house, Now!"

The two youngster followed Billy to the house and into the livingroom.

He told them to sit, which they did, then ask,"So what were you two doing out there?"

Cary looked up from where he was staring a hole in the floor and mumbled, "Nothing."

Billy looked at Beth, who was also staring at the floor and ask,"You two were do nothing at all
wrong in there?"

Beth, without looking up nodded her head.

"So why did you have the door locked?" Billy ask.

" don't know." Cary responded.

"You two stay right there." Billy said as he headed to his room.

He was back in a few moments. Without saying anything he handed prints of the pictures he had
taken to Beth and Cary.

It took a moment to sink in, then Beth started to cry and sobbed,"Please don't tell my parents!"

Cary for his part looked at the pictures, his lower lip began to tremble and he said,"You're not
going to tell Mom and Dad are you? They'll kill me!"

"Well that depends." Billy said,"It really pissed me off to learn my little brother was getting some
pussy when I couldn't. I'll make a deal with you two. If Beth let's me fuck her, I won't tell
anyone about this. If she doesn't I'll make sure her parents and ours get a copy of these pictures."

Beth's sob's subsided and she said,"You mean all I've got to do is fuck you like I was Cary?"

Billy nodded and replied,"Yep. Exactly the same thing. You fuck me and no one will know about
you and Cary."

It didn't take Beth long to answer,"Sure....ok."

"One more thing,"Billy said turning to his brother,"You are a real dumb ass. Don't you know you
can get her pregnant fucking her without some type of rubber or something?"

", I didn't think about it." Cary stammered.

"I know you dumb little shit. But from now on when you fuck her use a rubber!" Billy said,
thumping the top of his little brothers head.

"Stop that!" Cary said, rubbing his head where Billy had hit him.

Billy turned to Beth,"When do you have to be home tonight?"

Beth glanced at the clock and replied,"In an hour."

"What about tomorrow? Can you come over?" Billy ask.

Beth nodded,"All afternoon. I'll tell my mom I'm playing at Wendy's house."

"Ok." Billy said,"Come with me, both of you."

He led the way to his bedroom, then stopped and said,"Ok take off your clothes."

Beth slowly began to take off her clothes.

Billy looked at Cary and said,"Both of you. I want you two to finish what you started in the shed
and I'm going to watch."

"I don't know if I want to...." Cary began to say.

"You don't have a choice you little shit!" Billy snapped,"Get them off! I'll be back in a minute."

Cary began to slowly undress as Billy opened his night stand drawer. He rummaged around in a
box hidden in the bottom of the drawer, pulling out a couple of condoms he kept hidden there.
Billy looked at the bed to find Cary and Beth sitting naked side by side.

"Stand up." He told Beth.

She stood and automatically put her hands over her pubic area to cover herself. Billy admired her
small, firm titties. They were about the size of half an orange. Her hips were just filling out but
were still slim.

He reached over and cupped one of her breasts, admiring how firm it was. He began to gently
squeeze and knead it. Then took her nipple between his fingers and began to gently roll and pull
it. Beth stood still, letting Billy play with her tittie. She didn't really know what to expect, but
found what he was doing felt good.

He reached down and moved her hands so he could see her crotch. He grinned at the sight of the
fine sparse, fuzz on her pussy, then grinned again at the feel of it against his finger tips. Beth bit
her lip as Billy slid his finger into the top of her slit, rubbing her clit.

"So,"He said,"You ready to fuck?"

Beth stood still for a fraction of a second, then gave a slight nod of her head.

"Ok,"He grinned pointing at the bed,"Do it."

Beth climbed onto the bed and Cary followed. Cary's little dick was hard even though his older
brother was watching. He climbed between Beth's legs and lined his cock up with her pussy.

"Stop!" Billy barked.

Cary and Beth looked up a startled expression on their faces.

"I told you,"Billy said waving a condom at Cary,"You'll knock her up if you keep fucking her
without one of these!"

The older boy threw the package to his brother and said,"Put it on. And from now on use one. If
you don't have one, don't put your cock in her pussy. If she get's pregnant you aren't going to
get any more of her pussy, her parents will make sure of that."

"And you,"Billy turned his gaze to Beth,"Tell me, do you like it? You like to fuck?"

Beth nodded without saying a word.

"Well, if you want to keep doing it, you better make sure you don't get knocked up. No more
fucking without a rubber!"

Cary had been struggling with the rubber. He had pulled it on but it was way to big.

Billy grinned and said,"Don't worry about it. It will do what it needs to and you'll grow into it.
Now stick it in."

Cary placed his now rubber sheathed cock at the entrance to Beth's pussy.

Billy moved over so he could see and grinned as he watched Cary push his hard little rod into
Beth, then his grin widened as he watched his little brother begin to fuck the young girl.

"That's it! That's it! Stuff her pussy with your cock. Fuck her hard! Ram it to that tight little cunt!
Spread your legs you little slut! Take his cock to the balls! You like being fucked, well your
gunna get fucked a lot from now on! That's it you little cunt, milk his cock with your pussy!"
Billy egged them on.

Beth found that she liked Billy watching them and when he began to talk dirty to them, that tinglein her mid-section told her she liked it and it was helping to push her to an orgasm.

"Grab her ankles and push her knees up against her shoulders."Billy instructed Cary, who did as
he was bid,"Yea, like that! That will give you total access to her tight little gash."

Billy watched his little brother ramming his cock into Beth for a few minutes, then stuck his hand
between them and started to rub her clit.

When Beth felt Billy touch her clit, she moaned. The feel of Cary's cock sliding in and out of her
pussy and Billy fingering her clit felt so good, she could hardly believe how good. But a moment
later it got even better as Billy leaned over and began to suck on her nipple.

That was too much for Beth. She gasp and came. Her body started to twitch and vibrate, her
pussy clamped down on Cary's cock. Cary rammed into her and stayed buried deep inside her as her snatch milked his cock. As her climax subsided Cary began to fuck her at a frenzied pace wanting to cum. It took all of half a minute before his cock began to throb as he came.

As Cary climbed from between her legs Beth looked up to see Billy standing beside the bed,
naked form the waist down. His stiff condom covered cock stood straight out, hard and ready.
Beth gasp as she saw his cock. It wasn't large at a fraction over 6 inches long and 1 1/2" inches in
diameter, but to Beth it looked huge because it was twice as long and thick as Cary's little prick.

" going to put that in me?" She stammered.

"Damn straight I am!" Billy grinned.

Beth's lower lip began to tremble as she said with a sob in her voice,"But...but it''s so big! It
will hurt, I know it!"

"Don't worry it shouldn't hurt...much." Billy replied sitting on the edge of the bed,"You're all
warmed up, wet and stretched from Cary fucking you. You can take it. Besides you have to. I
was taking more pictures while Cary was fucking you a minute ago. Can't have your parents
seeing them now can we?"

"Oh please!" Beth began to sob,"You won't show them will you?"

"Not if you come over here and sit on this." Billy said holding his hard cock pointing up

Beth didn't move so Billy took her wrist and pulled her to him.

"Come on damn it!" He said grabbing her leg and pulling her onto his lap,"I want my turn!"

"But...but it will hurt!" Beth whined.

"Well if it does," Billy replied as he placed the head of his stiff pole at her entrance,"it does."

He grabbed her hips and pulled down, which pushed the head of his cock into her pussy.

"Oh...oh!" She gasp and began to struggle, pulling his cock head back out as she did"It's too
much! You can't put it in me! It will hurt."

"Damn it!" Billy snarled.

He grabbed her and threw her onto her stomach on the bed. He climbed onto her and held her
down with one hand, forcing her legs apart with his knees. He grabbed his cock, placed it against
her cunt and shoved forward, ramming the swollen purple, condom covered head of his prick into her.

"Please don't! It will hurt!" She whined.

Billy said nothing, he was pissed at her for trying to cheat him out of his turn in her pussy. He
leaned forward and shoved, ramming a third of his cock into her tight cunt.

"'s so big..I'm full now...don't put any more in it will hurt." she again whined.

"Shut up!" Billy said through his teeth, then gave another shove, ramming all of his cock into her,
bottoming out in her young snatch as he did.

Beth continued to whimper as Billy grabbed her hips and began to fuck her with long slow jarring strokes. After a very few minutes Beth's whining quieted as she discovered that it wasn't hurting, but was feeling very good. A few more minutes of Billy's cock and Beth was totally enjoying being fucked by him.

Billy knew he was going to cum soon. After watching his little brother fuck her and now with his
cock buried in her tight snatch, it wasn't going to take much more before he busted his nut.

It hit him a few seconds later. As his cock throbbed, he rammed as far up her tight little tunnel as
he could get, until the head of his spewing cock was pushing against her cervix. As his hard rod
twitched it's last, he pulled it out and climbed off the bed.

Billy looked at the clock and said,"You'd better get home Beth. But be back here noon

"Ok." Beth said pulling on her clothes.

The three of them walked to the front door and as Billy opened it said,"Tomorrow, noon ok?"

Beth nodded and ran down the sidewalk.

Billy closed the door and locked it, then said to Cary,"Ok you little shit, come with me."

They walked back to Billy's room. Billy pulled off the condom that was still on his cock, then sat
down on the edge of the bed.

"Beth paid her part of this by fucking me. And she's going to do it again tomorrow. And I think
I'll be fucking her for a long time to come. But you haven't done anything to pay me. I think you
should. I think you should come over here and suck my cock for me."

"No fucking way! Cary yelled,"I'm not sucking your cock!"

"Ok, suit your self. But I guess I'll just have to show mom those pictures." Billy replied.

"I'll tell her you fucked Beth too!"Cary sputtered.

"You can tell her, but I'll tell her I didn't and that you are trying to stay out of trouble by saying
that. And if Beth tells I'll say the same thing. I've got the pictures to prove you guys were, so I
know they will believe me."

"But if you tell her you'll mess up fucking Beth!"Cary yelped,"For both of us!"

"I will suffer not fucking Beth's tight little cunt to fry your ass if you don't do what I want!" Billy
said with an evil grin.!" Cary choked out.

"Yep."Billy replied then held his limp cock up,"So you gunna' suck or get fried?"

Cary looked at Billy's limp cock laying over in his hand, then said again,"Bastard!"

"Alright you little shit, either come here and suck, or if I get up it's all done." Billy said.

Cary stood thinking about how good it felt to fuck Beth and how now they would be doing it in a
bed and how Billy would be helping them hide it. He took a deep breath and slowly walked to the
bed. Billy swung his feet up onto the bed and motioned Cary to climb up between his legs.

As Cary did Billy leaned back on his pillow folded his hand behind his head and said,"Ok suck it

Cary reached out, took hold of Billy's limp cock and began to stroke it. It wasn't long and Cary
felt it start to harden. Before long he had both hands wrapped around it stroking up and down.
To his surprise he found he wasn't repulsed by what he was doing.

"That's enough jacking,"Billy said,"Put your mouth on it."

Cary leaned forward and put the head of Billy's hard cock into his mouth. He found he didn't
mind the feel of the smooth head of it against his tongue. He began to lick on it as he jacked the
older boys shaft.

"That's it you little fucker!" Billy moaned,"Suck it. Suck it good!"

Cary sucked his brother's cock for the next ten minutes or so. Finally he felt Billy tense, heard him moan, then felt him grab the back of his head as Billy rammed his cock down his throat. A
moment more and Cary gagged as Billy filled his throat and mouth with cum.

Cary struggled as Billy's cock throbbed in his mouth, pumping gobs of cum out. Finally in
desperation, he began to swallow, drinking all his older brother's spunk. After a minute or so Billy relaxed his grip allowing Cary to pull back.

"You fucker!" Cary screamed,"You didn't tell me you were going to cum!"

Billy chuckled and said,"You would have wanted to stop if I'd have told you."

Billy got off the bed and started pulling on his pants as he said,"You got a couple of more
payments to make before I let it go."

"You want me to suck your cock again?" Cary ask.

Cary would never tell his brother, but he had kind of liked sucking the older boys cock.

"Maybe,"Billy relied," And maybe the next time I'll want you to lick my balls and her pussy as
I'm fucking your little friend, or maybe I'll make you suck me while I'm eating her pussy."

"Yea, well....we'll see." Cary replied, his mind starting to form a picture of what it would be like
to do both.

The next day Beth arrived promptly at noon. Billy let her in, then lead her to the family room.
Cary was watching TV as they entered.

He smiled at the young girl and said,"Hi Beth."

She smiled back and sat down beside him on the couch.

"Let's get naked and pull this blanket over us." Billy said.

It didn't take long and all three were totally naked sitting side by side under the blanket.

"You put the movie in?" Billy ask Cary.

"Uh, hu." The younger boy replied.

"Movie?" Beth ask.

"Yea,"Billy said with a grin,"One of our parents porn movies. I thought we'd watch it before we
started playing around."

"Oh...ok."Beth replied, unsure of what a porn movie was.

Billy started the movie and before long Beth found herself squirming in her seat as she watched
the two men and a girl on the screen. The girl went from sucking one of the guys large cocks to
being sandwiched between them. Beth rubbed her thighs together as she felt the tingle build in
her pussy as well as the slick wetness starting to coat her inner thighs.

Beth didn't know it but Billy had a surprise waiting for her. He had not only borrowed one of his
parents porn movies, but had also found a vibrator tucked into a drawer of their night
stand. It wasn't a large one, a bit over five inches in length and an inch and a half in diameter.
That vibrator now lay hidden next to him and he intended on using it on Beth's young
tight pussy.

Billy noticed Beth squirming.

He leaned over and whispered to her,"You want me to finger your pussy?"

Beth said nothing but nodded her head.

Billy again whispered to her,"I will, but you have to stroke Cary's cock for him while I do."

Beth nodded , reached over and took hold of Cary's hard little cock. Billy, at the same time
reached over, pushed her legs apart and slipped his finger into her tight, wet little hole.

They sat for several minutes, Beth stroking Cary's prick and Billy sliding his fingers in and out of
Beth's wet little snatch.

Billy leaded over to Beth and said in a low voice,"I think you should suck him now. Get up on
your hands and knees and do it that way."

Beth pulled the blanket off Cary's lap got up on her hands and knees and began to suck his hard
little pecker. Billy grinned at the sight before him; Beth's little ass waving in the air, her legs
slightly spread exposing the wet pink petals of her tight, tender little cunt. Billy reached over and
pushed his thumb into her pussy, watching it disappear between the glistening, swollen lips of her wet warm hole.

He thumb fucked her for a bit, then retrieved the vibrator, slipped the tip into her cunt, then
turned it on. Beth stiffened, then groaned as the tingle of the vibrator shot through her pussy.

Billy began to fuck her tight little snatch with it. As he watched it slide in and out of her cunt, his
eyes held on the brown little rosebud of her ass. He placed his thumb tip against it and began to
rub it as he fucked her with the vibrator.

Beth seemed to like it, so Billy pushed gently, slipping his thumb tip into her ass. Before long he
had the length of his thumb inside her, fucking her pussy with the vibrator and her ass with his

'I wonder if I could get my cock in her ass?' He found himself wondering.

Just as that thought hit him he heard Beth groan, then felt her ass contract around his thumb as
she came. A moment more and he heard Cary gasp and saw him raise his hips as he too came.

When the two younger ones finished, Billy pulled his thumb from Beth's ass and said,"OK, my
turn. Beth come here and sit on my cock."

Beth slowly climbed onto Billy's lap. Billy spun her so she was facing away from him, reached
between her legs, lined up the head of his cock with her wet, warm pussy and slowly pushed it
into her tight hole.

When he was balls deep inside her cunt he grinned at Cary and said,"Ok you little shit. Come over here, I want my balls sucked and her pussy licked."

A second later Billy moaned as Cary began to suck on his ball sack. Billy fucked Beth's tight little pussy as Cary sucked and licked both of them. When Billy's orgasm finally hit him, it was a
monster. He pumped gobs of cum into Beth's tight snatch.

The rest of the afternoon the three of them fucked and sucked and licked, until all three were
exhausted. Beth left for home at 6. Billy and Cary spent some time picking up and putting away
things, especially the porn movies and vibrator. Neither boy wanted their parents to get wise to
what was going on, so they tried to make it appear as if nothing had been touched.

Everything went well for several months. The three of them would get together once or twice a
week and fuck like rabbits. Billy even talked Beth into letting him fuck her in the ass. For this he
had her sit on his lap facing away from him. He worked his cock into her ass, even though she
whined that it hurt a little. Once he was balls deep in her he had Cary stick his cock into her

They both fucked her for a long time and when she came, her pussy and ass clamped down on the
two cocks stuck into her, milking them until they too exploded.

A couple of days after they had done that Billy and Cary were called into the livingroom by their
dad. Both boys were nervous, wondering what it was their dad wanted of them. Having a guilty
conscience about fucking Beth, both of them were wondering if they had been caught.

"Sit." Their dad said, pointing at the couch.

The boys sat down. Their dad stared at them for a long time, which only increased the tension.

"So," He finally said,"Who's idea was it to go into our room and use the movies and other things
in our night stand?"

"We didn't...." The boys began to say in unison.

"Bullshit!" Their dad yelled, silencing both,"I put a camera in our room a while back because
we suspected you two were up to something like this. So I'll ask once more, who's idea was it and
what did you do with the vibrator?"

"It was Billy's idea!"Cary blurted.

"Shut up you little shit!" Billy growled at his younger brother.

Their dad reached over and thumped Billy on the head saying,"You shut up, and go to your room.
I'll talk to you later."

Billy rose and slowly walked to his room. He knew he was fried, for Cary couldn't stand up to the
type of interrogation their dad was about to hit him with.

When Billy was gone their dad started to grill Cary and over the next little while got the whole
story, except for the part where Cary sucked Billy's cock. Cary somehow managed to avoid
telling that. It was probably because his dad was more intent on learning all he could about Beth
and what they had done with her.

When they were done his Dad said to Cary,"You two could be in real trouble, you know that?
And I really don't want to get Beth into trouble if I can help it. I need to talk to her, but I know
she'll be to scared to come over if you tell her that. I want you to tell her your mother and I will
be gone and you want her to come over here tomorrow afternoon right after school."

Cary could tell from his father's voice that he might be able to slip out of this without being
punished much, so he readily agreed.

"OK, now go to your room and tell Billy to come down here."

Cary jumped up and almost ran out of the room. He stuck his head into Billy's room and told the
older boy what had happened, what he had told their dad and what he hadn't. He also told him
that their dad wanted to see him.

Billy walked slowly to the livingroom, expecting a horrendous punishment. When his dad started
talking Billy was pleasantly surprise to find that his dad was more interested in what Billy had
done with Beth and how much he liked it.

When he was done questioning him Billy's dad said,"You know you two could be in big trouble?
I'm going to talk to Beth tomorrow and see if I can't fix this. Now go to your room. And I don't
want to see either you or your brother here tomorrow until 6 PM.. That will give me a chance to
talk in depth with Beth."

The next day Cary told Beth what his dad had told him to say. Beth, thinking she was going to
meet Cary and Billy readily agreed.

After school Beth went to their house and knocked on the door..

Cary's dad opened the door and Beth stood speechless, shocked that it was he who answered the

Cary's dad smiled at Beth, who was almost crying with fright and said,"Hi Beth. Come in. I need
to talk with you."

Beth stood frozen until he took her gently by the shoulder and pulled her inside saying as he did,
"Please, don't be afraid. I just want to talk to you is all."

"Come,"He said with a smile as he closed the door,"I've got a cold soda for you in the

He took Beth's hand and lead her into the livingroom. He took her by the waist picked her up and
sat her on the couch.

He sat down beside her, held out a glass full of cola and said,"Here you go. Take a sip and then
we'll talk."

Beth slowly took the glass and began to sip the ice cold soda.

"Now," Billy's dad said,"The boys tell me you and they have been playing a rather naughty game,
is that true?"

"'m...not sure." She stammered.

Billy's dad moved over close to her, put his arm around her and whispered conspiratorially,"You
can tell me. You and the boys have been having sex haven't you? Watching my porn movies and
using our vibrator."

Beth began to sob and she stammered,"You''re not going parents are
you? Please don't!"

"Not on your life!" Billy's dad said pulling her closer to him,"Don't worry about me telling. But I
need to know, have you three been doing that?"

After a few moments Beth, between sniffles nodded her head and said,"Uh,hu. But....but you
won't tell?"

Billy's dad chuckled, then pulled her up onto his lap.

"Nope, never." He said, then leaned over and whispered to her,"But I would like to know from
you, did you like doing it with them? Did you like letting them fuck you?."

Beth sat stunned for a moment, then for no reason she could fathom nodded her head.

"What else did you do with them? If you tell me I won't tell anyone else." He whispered.

Beth felt his hand slide up inside her shirt and cup her small, firm tittie. She sat stiffly at first,
shocked at what he was doing, then as he gently kneaded her breast, she felt that old familiar
tingle begin in her belly.

"So what else did you do?" He whispered," Did you suck their cocks for them? Huh? Did you?"

Again Beth found herself nodding her head.

"What a naughty little girl you are!" he chuckled,"I bet it was fun wasn't it? You liked doing it
didn't you? Tell me. You can tell me."

The tingle in Beth's belly was growing as she found herself yet again nodding her head.

"My what a precious, naughty little girl." He whispered.

Beth felt his hand on her leg, then felt it start to move up her inner thigh as he whispered,"Do you
also let them lick you? "

Beth managed a,"Uh, hu."

His fingers were now rubbing gently up and down over the crotch of her panties right where they
covered her pussy.

"Do you like how I'm rubbing your pussy?" He ask.

Beth nodded her head, then became aware of the hard lump of his cock directly under her ass

"Can I touch your pussy? Would you like me to rub your clitty?" He whispered.

The tingle in her belly was growing and Beth knew she would climax if he kept doing what he was doing.

And she found herself wanting it, so she said,"Uh, hu."

He slipped his fingers under her panties and a moment later she gasp as he pushed them between
the warm wet lips of her cunt and touched her clit. His fingers danced up and down her slit,
pushing her closer and closer to a climax. As he did, he pulled up her bra and cupped her bare
firm little tittie in his hand.

After a few minutes he whispered to her,"Why don't we take our clothes off so they're not in the

Beth didn't care, she just wanted him to keep rubbing her, so she nodded her head. He pushed her
to her feet, and with a few deft moves removed her clothes, leaving her standing before him
naked. He smiled at her, stood and quickly removed his clothes.

Beth gasp when she saw his cock. It was about the same length as Billy's, but much thicker. The
swollen purple head was the size of a large plum.

"Are...are you going to fuck me?" She stammered.

"If you want me to." He said sitting down,"Do you want me to?"

"I...I don't know." She replied,"It''s so thick! Will it fit in my pussy?"

"By the time I put it in you, it will fit fine." He said with a grin,"But why don't you come over
here and show me how you sucked Billy and Cary's cocks?"

Beth walked over and wrapped her hands around his hard shaft. She couldn't get her hand all the
way around it and when she went to take it into her mouth all she could do was get the head in.
She began to suck it, then lick up and down his shaft like Billy had shown her and finally she took his big heavy balls, one at a time, into her mouth and sucked them.

He groaned as she did this, then finally told her to stop. She looked at him thinking she did
something wrong.

"You did wonderfully!" He said,"But I was close to cumming and I don't want to cum yet. I want
to cum in your pussy. So it's your turn to get some tongue."

He grabbed her by the waist picked her up and laid her on the couch. He pushed her legs apart,
draping one over the back while holding the other by her ankle. He leaned down and gently ran
his tongue up her pussy slit. He repeated it over and over, until her felt her start to quiver, then
felt her ass raise up as she unconsciously ask for more.

He pressed his mouth to her cunt, covering her small pussy entirely and began to alternate
between tongue fucking her hole and lashing her clit. Beth was astounded by how good it felt.
Billy and Cary had done approximately the same thing, but they didn't have the years of
experience to know how to do it so perfectly.

It wasn't long and a climax hit her. She groaned and her pussy pulsed as she came.

When he felt her cum he knew it was time to fuck her. He grabbed her ankles and pushed her
knees up until they were pressed to her shoulders.

"Put it against your pussy." He groaned.

Beth reached down and placed the head of his cock against the lips of her snatch, then watched as
he nudged forward and the large, swollen purple head of his cock disappeared into her cunt.

With small gentle strokes he began to work the bulbous head of his cock in and out of her,
pushing in a fraction of an inch deeper on every inward stroke.

Beth couldn't take her eyes off the sight of his large cock sliding into her body. She stared with
wide eyes as he slowly worked it into her.

When his balls touched her ass he stopped for a moment and said,"See? I'm all the way in your
pussy and it didn't hurt, did it?"

Beth shook her head, her eyes still riveted to where his cock was jammed into her tight little

"Ok then." He grunted,"It's my turn to cum."

With that he pulled out until just the tip of his cock was in her, then with a groan, rammed
forward until his balls slapped her ass and her small firm titties wobbled with the impact.

Over and over he slammed into her, fucking her tight little pussy hard, groaning as he did,"My
God! You are a great fuck! So tight, so warm, so wet and so fucking hot!"

At first Beth was scared by the intensity of it, but shortly she could feel another climax building.
Between the sight and feel of his cock ramming into her, Beth's orgasm built to a crescendo, then
exploded. She gasp as her pussy clamped down on the hard invader in her pussy.

As he felt her pussy begin to milk his cock, he rammed into her and came, hard. Pumping gobs of
spunk into her young tight snatch. As his pole twitched it's last, he looked down to see his cum
leaking out of her tight hole from around his rod. He slowly pulled it out, grinning as spunk
gushed form her cunt and dribbled down her ass crack.

"I wasn't suppose to let anyone fuck me without a rubber." She whispered,"Will I get pregnant

"No you won't," he chuckled,"That is a good idea, making sure no one fucks you without a
rubber. But I can't get you pregnant. I'll explain some other time, but I had an operation so I
couldn't get anyone pregnant."

Beth sat up and said,"Do I go home now?"

"Not yet." He said,"I really want some more of that tight pussy of your's before you go. But first
let me get something to drink."

He went to the kitchen and got a beer from the 'fridge. He drank it quickly, in gulps, thirsty from
his earlier exertions. When he finished he walked to the bedroom and got the small vibrator from
the night stand, then went back to the couch to find Beth sipping her cola.

He sat down next to her, put his arm around her, pulled close to him and said,"do you want to
keep fucking the boys?"

" don't know." Beth stammered taken by surprise by his question.

He chuckled and said,"Don't be shy. I just got through fucking you and I'll do it again before you
go home, so you can tell me. So, do you?"

Beth hesitated for a moment then said,"Uh, hu."

"Great!" He replied,"But if you do you need to do something for me. You need to come over and
fuck me once in a while also, Ok?"

Beth was startled. She hadn't considered fucking him more then this once, but now that he
mentioned it she thought it would be a great idea.

"Ok." She whispered.

"Great." He said,"But you also have to promise me something else."

She looked at him puzzled, "What?"

"You can't tell the boys about this. About fucking me, Ok?" He whispered.

"Why not?" She ask.

"I don't think they should know. I think it should be a secret between you and me. Deal?" He

"Ok." She shrugged.

"Good,"He smiled, then pulled her onto his lap,"I want one more time in your pussy then you
better go home."

Beth straddled his lap and watched as he placed his semi-hard cock against her cum soaked pussy. He nudged the head in and before it disappeared between her pussy lips, he was fully hard.

Her pussy was still wet and stretched from before, so his cock slid all the way in without a

He began to slowly fuck her and as he did he whispered,"Billy said he fucked you in the ass. Did

Beth hesitated, then nodded.

He reached over and picked up the vibrator, turned it on and held it against her little brown
rosebud. She gasp as the vibrations tingled her rectum. Slowly as he fucked her he worked it into
her ass. Soon it was fully buried inside her. He held it there, enjoying the feel of the vibrations on
his cock.

Beth was at first uneasy about him putting the vibrator into her, but when it was in, she found it
was wonderful. His cock filled her pussy and the vibrator filled her ass. She could feel yet another climax building.

He sat still for a long while, letting the vibrations tingle them both. She to sat still with his rock
hard cock buried balls deep in her young tight pussy and the vibrator stuck up her ass.

After a time she heard him whisper to her,"Billy said he talks dirty to you when he's fucking you.
Do you like that? Like him saying things like that?"

"" She moaned.

"Do you want me to talk that way to you? Would you like me to call you a sweet little slut...tell
you what a naughty little girl you are for letting me fuck you? You want that don't you my sweet
little cock hound.....tell me you want it...tell me...." He whispered insistently to her." She moaned as her hips began to move wanting to feel his cock sliding
inside her small tight hole.

"That's it my cute little slut.....ride my cock...take it all.........tell me you're my little fuck slut
.....tell me...tell me you like like to lick it and suck it and sit on it...with it buried in
your tight wet little cunny....tell me." He whispered, squeezing and pulling her nipples as he

Beth had never been so turned on. It seemed like each time her climax got close, he would pinch
her nipples or make her stop moving on his cock and it would recede. It was like a hot ball in her
belly, waiting to erupt. And she wanted it to, badly.

She stared to whimper and then heard him whisper,"What's wrong sugar pussy? Isn't it feeling
good? Want me to stop? Want me to pull my cock out of your wet stretched little snatch?"

She almost panicked at the thought of him pulling out and gasp,"NO! PLEASE, NO! It doesn't feels so good. But....but..I want to cum. I'm almost there. Please I want to cum."

"In a while my little cock a while....let it build. When you cum I want you to cum

She groaned at the thought of waiting, but knew she had to. She had no idea how long she rode
him, time melted together, and the hot ball of her orgasm grew in her belly, until she was sure it
would burn right through.

She felt his thumb slide across her clit and begin to rub furiously. At the same time she felt him
begin to slam his cock into her.

She heard, as if from a distance his voice whispering in her ear,"That's it my little cunt, now,
cum for me now, cum hard for me, make your tight little snatch clamp down on my cock. Cum
for me cunt! CUM FOR ME YOU LITTLE SLUT! CUM......FOR.....ME!"

It hit her like a blow, filling her body with a hot flash of pleasure, then went on and on in waves.
It seemed to last forever. And when she thought it was almost over, could feel the waves receding towards her toes, she heard him groan, then felt his cock throb inside her, filling her with hot spunk. To her surprise, that sent her over the edge one more time. She gasp, trembled and shook as a second orgasm filled her senses.

Finally it was done. She sat exhausted, impaled on his cock, cum leaking from her well used

"I think you should go home soon." He whispered,"But you will come back. I'll give you my cell
phone number and I want you to call me every couple of days so we can setup another time to
fuck, Ok?"

"Uh, hu." Was the only answer she could muster.

She crawled off his lap and got dressed. He followed her to the door and let het out, fondling her
ass as he did, saying,"Until next time."

As Beth walked slowly down the sidewalk toward home, her mind was filled with what had just
happened. She wondered if it was right, wondered if she should have let him fuck her.

Then she remembered what it had felt like when she came that last time, and smiled. She knew
she'd never tell anyone about what had happened, not even the boys. And she also knew she'd do
it again, when ever he wanted to.

The boys returned at 6:00 to find their dad sitting on the couch waiting for them.

"Sit." He ordered and they sat.

They both figured they were going to be punished and neither were looking forward to it.

"Ok,"Their dad looked from one boy to the other,"Beth and I talked, she isn't going to tell
anyone what you were doing. You were very smart to use a rubber. But dumb as hell to get
caught. I tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to pretend I don't know what's going on. I'm
never going to mention it again. UNLESS,"He added emphasis to that word,"I catch you again.
Then I'll fry both your asses! Because if I can catch you, your mom or her parents can."

Both boys were elated that they weren't going to be punished. Then it hit them that their dad had
given them the green light to keep on fucking Beth. It took a moment before Billy began to
wonder why his dad would do such a thing.

His dad had been looking for that expression on his son's face and said,"Wondering why I'm
letting you two keep on with her?"

Billy nodded and his dad smiled and said,"Because when I was your age I would have given my
left nut to have a sweet little girl to fuck. You're lucky. But like I said, don't let me catch you
again, or it's done. Right?"

Both boys nodded and their dad said,"Ok that's it, get out of here."

As the two boys went out the door their dad grinned, thinking that he really would have loved to
have a sweet little thing like Beth to fuck when he was their age, but it was so much better to
have a sweet little thing to fuck now. He thought that next time, a noon time date with Beth
would be fun.

He grinned at the thought of having her tight young pussy for lunch.

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