Cousins Marry - softcore


I was awake early the next morning. My thoughts wandered.
I had never really thought that saying a few words at a marriage ceremony would have any effect on me, but it had. It confirmed our commitment to each other – a partnership based on love and caring.

There were many occasions over the years, and especially since we had started college, when I could have put pressure on Lucy to have intercourse. I am sure she would have done so. But, I was just so much in love with her that I could not break her trust in me. If I had, our relationship would have changed, no doubt. What might have followed I did not know. But I knew that any risk was too high. I remembered a saying I once read: ‘True love can transcend anything!’

I felt the Lucy was very much aware of what she was asking. Not only of me, but of herself. She knew that once we were on the path to marriage abstinence was going to be difficult. Thus she had made a small change to our sex play.

Lucy had previously ruled out oral sex. As a Biology student she was well aware of the importance of hygiene. She explained how the mouth was full of bacteria.
She had said “why have the rest when you can have the best?” However, her breasts were ruled in.

Now, we were on a new path. There would not be stay-overs anymore. We would use Lucy’s room. There would be a spare bedroom available for family visits.

Looking at Lucy, I could see she was still sleeping like a baby. I started to think of the pleasure of our first real sex together last night. It was not long before I felt my dick going hard.
I had always let Lucy be the initiator of our sex play, although I had to admit I did hint occasionally. Was now the appropriate time for me to be an equal partner in this?

I decided it was. Lucy was stirring - I would ask for more sex this morning……..the way I felt ……I would say - right now! I put my hand on hers and she lightly squeezed. I knew she was awake enough………so I whispered in her ear asking whether it would be ok to have sex again - right now!
I was watching her face, when I saw a tear from each eye run down her cheek………have I upset her?

She rolled to face me, put her arm around me, pulled herself as close as possible, gave me a passionate kiss and said “yes…..yes….yes…..I love you so much”.
The tears were tears of joy. She had wanted me to ask her! To her, my asking confirmed that we were now going forward as life partners.

Feeling my anxiety poking into her, Lucy asked whether I remembered what she had told me in the shower the previous night, when she had produced a bottle of soap with the words ‘antibacterial’ on it. She reminded me of the importance of hygiene. My dick had to be perfectly clean before it went into her. Being circumcised was not an excuse – it only made it easier to clean.

She did not want to get ‘women’s troubles’.

She said I needed to go to the bathroom and give my dick a wash with the special soap before I could put it in again. I jumped out of bed indicating I would be back in a flash, to which she replied “do it properly……….if I cannot rely on you, I will have to come and do it for you!”

With all the playing around washing my dick it became even harder. I jumped back into bed. Lucy did the squeeze test on my dick, saying “beautiful” then looking all around it….. “it will have to do” then propped her legs ready.

I remembered her instructions. Lucy just lay back waiting. She was letting me be in charge this time. When the head of my dick touched her slit she did help by guiding it in. I knew to adjust my position so that my dick was firm against her spot and pubes as it was sliding in. If anything, it seemed to slip in even easier than before. Sliding in and out soon brought on the familiar feeling which was magnified by Lucy’s hands feeling my back. I could feel the light pressure of her fingers push harder as the speed of my sliding increased.
I held off for as long as I could, but pressure from Lucy’s hand increased, signaling to me she was in orgasm. As I slid completely in to her, and our pubes touched, I just exploded. We were definitely ‘in sync’.

With a slight juggling of our feet we rolled on our sides, our pubes still touching, as before. Not a word was said. We just savored the pleasure of our joined bodies, held together by my dick, before falling off to sleep.

On waking, and a quick look at the clock, it was obvious that we had skipped breakfast.

Lucy said she had told her mother she would phone today.
Listening to one end of the conversation I heard Lucy saying:

“Yes, I was a little tired after a big day, but I could not wait………..nor could Jimmy”.

“Yes, twice”.

“We slept like babies all night”.

“Yes, only once”.

“Nothing planned…..”.

“Enjoy lunch with Aunt and Uncle…..bye”.

What questions had Aunt asked? I was sure I could guess!
I said to Lucy “did you have to be so specific?’ to which she replied,
“I couldn’t lie could I?”

There just weren’t any secrets that could be kept from the sisters. I would have to get use to it.

Three females, one male – I would be putty in their hands.
Then a thought popped into my head. Had the sisters engineered that Lucy and I would be together?
No, not possible! I dismissed the idea!

Regardless, I was still sure I was the luckiest guy ever!


I asked Lucy what she would like to do for the rest of the day. She suggested we go to the Mall and just window shop. This was something we rarely did, usually just going in time for work and then leaving.
I was all for this. I was looking forward to the pleasure of showing Lucy off to all the vultures.

Lucy came out dressed ready to go. She wore very short red shorts and a white t-shirt. The t-shirt was tight fitting and low cut, displaying the maximum legally allowed cleavage. She looked absolutely radiant and so seductive. I started to have second thoughts about going out…… I was thinking more about going back to bed! But, it was too late now.

Arriving at the Mall we headed for Lucy’s shop. She wanted to show off her wedding ring to her co-workers. I had to go in with her so she could introduce me. After she put out her hand for all to see, there was plenty of excitement, with lots of hugging. I came in for my fair share too. For a few minutes there was a noisy huddle with furtive glances in my direction. Even the customers joined in.

On leaving the shop, Lucy held my hand tightly and said “I won’t tell what the girls said in case you get a swelled head…………but you did get the thumbs up!”

As we continued walking along the concourse I held on to Lucy’s hand. With the way she looked in the outfit she wore, I felt someone would try and grab her away from me…….I was on constant lookout.

Lucy was looking in the shop windows but I could see eyes of the guys scanning her from top to bottom. Some would stop up ahead so they could watch for longer. Even older guys with babies in strollers. I saw a couple of guys get a punch in the ribs by their wives who saw what they were doing. Yes, I enjoyed their obvious jealousy. Lucy was hanging onto me tightly. She loved that wedding ring on her finger and discretely displayed it as often as she could.

On arriving back at the apartment Lucy exclaimed she had had the best outing ever. And yet, we had bought nothing and really done nothing!

The End.

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That addresses several of my cnocerns actually.


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I stopped reading halfway through this. Lucy is an annoying prude I can't stand her. I liked the story at first but now it just sucks and I can't make myself read another word. If I were him I'd dump her quick and find a girl that wasn't a stuck up germaphobe. ITS SEX FOR CRYING OUT LOUD IT'S DIRTY AND IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE! what the hell is wrong with her? Ugh I'm sorry dude but this story lost my interest as soon Jimmy became a wimpy little child. I'm a feminist but I do believe in men and women being EQUAL men don't have to be below women like that. I HATE LUCY SHE IS AN ANNOYING LITTLE BRAT!

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That's stupid no bj or anal this one is stupid u should have stoped at 9

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Make sure she doesn't get robbed, that would be so harsh :P

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