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As I cycled through the woods of Saint Anthony Village, listening to some hard rock on my mp3 player, I felt the sudden need of smoking a cigarette. I had just gotten out of extra mathematics class and it was 8 PM.

I was 17 and the high school exams were nearing. I had a lot of trouble with algebra, so I took the extra classes. They were held too late for my taste but I needed to attend them. Although I was still distracted by the amount of steaming girls I was able to pick up a few formulas here and there.

Anyway, I decided to stop for a quick smoke and I violently pressed the breaks of my bicycle. I slipped a little but since I was on hard dirt, I stopped and stepped off. I silently dropped my bicycle and searched my pockets for the pack of smokes. Eventually I found the pack and opened it; 3 smokes left.

I wanted to put one up but my lighter was in my bag, and except for the faint moonlight shining through the trees, there was no light. I stepped halfway into the path, seeing there was a big spot of light, and dropped my bag onto the dirt. I opened it and searched through my bag. After a few seconds of carefully browsing every corner of my bag, I finally found it. I withdrew the lighter from my bag, and just as I moved the object to the cigarette sticking out of my mouth, I clearly heard the loud rustling sound of leafs being crushed under a much heavier object. This was an extraordinarily small chance since no one ever came to these woods, especially at night.

As I quickly stood up and looked to my right, I realized that it was already too late; the bicycle wheel hit my leg hard, and as I collapsed back down onto the hard cold dirt, the person on the bicycle - assumedly a woman - flipped 180 degrees off of her bicycle, landing on her back beside me and letting out a shell scream.

My leg felt awkward, as the rough matter of the wheel had left a temporary scar on it. That wasn’t my biggest problem though because I could move my leg just fine, but the problem was this person, this woman who just dove over my head in an awkward 180 degrees.

I crawled over to the lady and looked at her face. In the faint moonlight I could clearly distinguish her face from thousands; this young lady was one of the most beautiful and elegant girls in my class. Her graceful and long dark brown hair, silently waved around her while her clear green eyes looked upon mine. Her name was Selena. She wasn’t always the nicest, but she was a breathtaking beauty, with a beautiful face and a smoking body.

“Are you all right?” I worriedly asked her. “Did you break anything?”

She gazed into my eyes for a few seconds before trying to stand up. Her legs failed her, and she fell back. Before she could hit the ground though, I spread my arms underneath her body and caught her.

She wanted to roll out of my arms, but when she tried to move her leg once again, she shrieked.

“Oh God, I think it’s broken…” She softly whispered.

“I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt you. We need some light to check out your leg. Do you have a flashlight or something on you?” I asked her.

“No, why would I have that? Oh God, please put me down, I’ll try to walk on my own.” She replied impatiently.

“Sorry, I can’t let you do that or it might get worse. Look, over there’s an open spot in the woods. If I carry you over there I should be able to see what’s wrong with your leg. My mom’s a chiropractor and my dad’s a surgeon so I know a few things about injured limbs.”

“I… I don’t know… maybe I should just call my parents to come and pick me up.”

“Barely any vehicle can get through these narrow paths, so it wouldn’t be of any use to call your parents.” I told her.

I looked at her for a few seconds before confidently walking to the open spot. The trees were formed into a circle, and in the middle was a big pool of clear moonlight, shining onto the beautiful grass. It was an amazing sight and as I gently put her on the graze, she inhaled loudly when her leg hit the soft but solid ground.

“Don’t worry, it will be alright.” I comforted her.

I kneeled down next to her injured leg, and stretched it out, making it rest on my own legs. I slowly pulled off her shoes before trying to slide her jeans up her leg so I could take a look at her ankle, but she shrieked and the jeans were so tight that I couldn’t pull them up far enough.


“Yes?” She replied.

“I can’t take a look at it if… if your jeans are still on… they’re way too tight for me to pull them up without hurting you…” I told her, a bit embarrassed of what I had just said.

She was looking at me in shock when she suddenly started sobbing.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her. “I didn’t mean to sound like a pervert or anything. I just want to look at your leg!” I exclaimed although the thought of her smooth legs was pretty arousing.

“No! I’m sorry… it’s just that, I’ve always been a complete bitch to you for the past year, and you’re being so nice to me. You could just leave me alone and let me rot in the darkness, and no one would blame you, but why? Why are you helping me?” She whispered as if she was telling me a secret.

I smiled and looked her in the eyes. “It’s okay. I’m helping you because I’m sure that you aren’t a bad person. Everyone makes mistakes, and hate is inevitable in this world. Don’t worry about it.”

She looked at me and smiled. Her hand carefully went to her jeans’ button.

She fidgeted a little with the button before it let loose, which after she tried to slowly slide off her jeans. She didn’t seem to manage to do it on her own so I crawled over to her middle and slowly slid off her jeans. She contracted her muscles a bit when the rough fabric of the jeans softly scraped over her injured leg.

After I had removed her jeans I put them aside, and looked at her crotch area. She was wearing a sexy white thong with a bit of pink designs on the front side. She shuffled her legs a bit in embarrassment and I shook my head to wake myself up.

“Sorry… I… I’ll just take a quick look at your leg.” I told her.

She just smiled, and I looked at her leg while feeling here and there to make sure there weren’t any fractures.

“I think it’s just badly bruised, but you’ll be okay.” I said as I continued to feel her leg.

She kept silent so I started slowly squeezing her foot a little with one hand, while stroking her ankle with my other. I massaged her lower leg, and I heard her sigh in enjoyment. I caressed my way up her leg, and as she still kept silent, I kept massaging until I had reached her knee.

I looked at her and she smiled back at me. “Why did you stop?” She whispered with her soft and beautiful voice.

“Just a small break.” I winked at her.

I continued to massage her leg higher and she seemed to enjoy it more and more every second. Her soft sighs turned into soft moans. I squeezed and rubbed her thigh gently yet firm enough so she would get more aroused. She lay down flat on the cold ground and I switched to massaging her two thighs at once. Her moans started getting louder, and I knew she wanted me.

I playfully went from massaging her thighs into slightly tickling her belly. She giggled and kicked one of her legs over my head so that I was now kneeling in between her legs instead of sitting next to only one. I was glad to be in this position and I gently put both of my hands flat on her abdomen. She sighed as I started massaging her belly gracefully.

“Oh God, you’re so good, I don’t even care where we are or what time it is, please don’t stop!” She told me, obviously aroused and pleased.

“I wasn’t planning on stopping anytime soon.” I winked at her once again before slowly moving my hips to let my groin area meet hers. My obvious erection was now pressing against her crotch area through the fabric of our clothes.

“Naughty boy.” This time she winked at me as I continued rubbing her abdomen.
She started working me up with her moaning and sighing. She then even started moving her hips, grinding her crotch onto my boner. My little friend wanted to be released from his cage, but he had to be patient.

I slowly slid my hands from her belly to her breasts, and I caressed them above her blouse. She moaned, and didn’t even try to stop me from touching her there. I started getting more and more confident, but my little friend started getting impatient as well. As I caressed her beautiful breasts, she took my hands and guided them down to her pussy. Instead of putting them on her pussy though, she put them to the sides of her legs.

She then sat up, almost bumping her forehead onto my face, and she slowly unbuttoned her blouse while she teasingly gave me a sexy smile. She opened the blouse, and I was 1 bra away from those gorgeous tits. She leaned against the grass with her elbows so that she was sitting comfortably while still maintaining good eye contact.

My face came closer to hers, and before I knew it, my lips had locked with hers. She was amazing. The wind was blowing softly, causing her hair to wave into my face, tickling my nerves little by little. It was a perfect kiss; her damp lips onto mine, my hand on the side of her face while slightly squeezing. I was in a moment of total high.

Our tongues gently hugged and danced around each other as I positioned my free hand on her bra, massaging her soft, perky breasts. I slowly squeezed and twisted her nipple above her bra before carefully sliding two fingers underneath her bra to grab her nipple. She moaned into my mouth as I massaged her breast under her bra.

I removed my lips from hers and slowly started kissing down her neck. I then moved back up, this time more teasingly biting and suckling. When I came back down again I gave her wet kisses all over her neck and above her breasts until I reached them. I slowly lifted up the bra, and positioned it above her breasts so I had full access to the beautiful round pieces of meat which I was hungering for.

I hungrily licked and sucked her nipples while she moaned in ecstasy. My mouth and hand satisfied her sizable breasts as my other hand went for the hungry kitty. I slowly slid my hand over her underwear and started rubbing her pussy through the thin fabric. She moaned and groaned with pleasure as I brought her closer to orgasm.

I stopped rubbing her pussy and instead slid my hand down her thong. Immediately I inserted my middle finger into her wet cunt. I was rewarded with a hug, pressing my head down on her breasts while she shouted out. I didn’t hesitate to furiously jam my finger in and out of her fuckhole while hungrily licking, sucking and biting her nipples.

Her orgasm was so powerful that she squeezed my head onto her breasts while shaking violently. I kept rapidly inserting and pulling out my finger while her pussy juices flowed out on my hand.

Her orgasm must’ve lasted for about 2 minutes before she relaxed her muscles, and lay still as if she was dead. The only difference was that contrary to a dead person, she was breathing heavily, her chest going up and down rapidly while she tried to catch her breath.

I took her recovery time to slowly slide off her panties, blouse and bra. She was completely nude, and I looked at her in awe. I saw that her breathing was regulating again and suddenly she sat up and pushed me straight away from her.

“It’s your turn to take your clothes off!” She naughtily whispered before pushing me on my back.

Like an angry tigress she nearly ripped off my t-shirt and quickly unbuttoned my jeans before literally tearing my boxers half of my body. She lost her patience when the other half wouldn’t tear apart, so she grabbed my hard 7 inch at put the head in her mouth. I moaned as she slowly – inch by inch – inserted my cock into her wet and hungry mouth.

As if she forgot something, she quickly pulled my dick out and started licking only the head. The sensation of her tongue dancing around the most sensitive part of my hard rod nearly killed me with arousal. I couldn’t resist groaning loudly as she kept massaging my cockhead with her tongue.

She kept this up for a few more seconds before swallowing my cock again. She sucked me off making me feel like I was orgasming every single second. Her tongue expertly licked my entire shaft, not missing a spot.

Her perfect lips went up and down my shaft, bringing me an intense pleasure like I had never felt before.

Suddenly she stopped. She looked me right in the eyes and kissed me.

“I want you.” She erotically put her finger in her mouth and sucked on it. “This pussy wants to feel your big hot rod inside!”

I smiled as she grabbed my cock and positioned the head on her outer lips. She sighed and moaned as she slowly descended onto my hard dick. I impaled her and she shouted out as my erect little friend entered her tight cunt.

“Oh God, that feels amazing.” She moaned.

She slowly sat on my cock before lifting her body and sitting down slightly faster and harder. She kept doing this until my full 7 inches were inside of her. She then proceeded to bounce up and down onto my hard rod, moaning as we both completely dissolved in pleasure.

Her beautiful perfect breasts bounced up and down as my cock impaled her over and over. I couldn’t resist sitting up and cupping them, feeling them jiggle in my hands a little while she bounced up and down on my cock. She was almost shouting like crazy as my slightly bent cock rubbed against her pussy walls. She rocked herself closer to orgasm as well as she did with me. My cock was now burning with sensation, and I was thrusting my hips upwards, meeting her bounces to increase the pleasure.

She was moaning like crazy, just like I couldn’t resist letting out a deep groan every now and then. We were both nude and sweaty, fucking like crazed animals in the woods. I felt my orgasm near while she proceeded to moan louder and louder until she was almost screaming at some point. I felt her pussy muscles contract as she loudly came, squeezing and stimulating my dick into disposing of its seed.

I ejaculated hard and pumped my hot seed into her while she kept bouncing up and down, screaming like crazy. I sucked on her nipples out of pleasure while she started shaking violently instead of rhythmically bouncing up and down my cock. Her pussy juices mixed with my semen and flooded my crotch area as I collapsed backwards into the soft and dirty grass. It took her half a minute to finish her current orgasm before collapsing right on top of me.

My shrinking cock popped out of her as we both tried to recapture our breath.

“That... was… amazing…” I almost breathlessly replied.

She could answer only with a faint “mhmmm” before closing her eyes.

After regaining her ability to breathe regularly she told me: “we’re lying in the middle of the woods, nude, on top of each other with mixed bodily fluids streaming out of my cunt… what would people think if they saw us?”

I simply replied: “Don’t worry about it; no one ever comes into these woods because there’s simply nothing to come for anyway. And if anyone comes, they’d have a pleasurable sight to watch, now wouldn’t they?”

She smiled and closed her eyes: “thanks for the most wonderful night of my life.”

We both sank into a deep slumber, right on the spot.

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I was hiking in the woods once when i started hearing grunts i hid behind a bush and when i peaked out i saw my principle, who was actualy a pretty hot and busty babe with long blonde hair, on her knees getting pounded by a dog i took pictures of it then started recording a video of her when the dog knotted in her pussy turned around and started walking around dragginig her by his knot then the next monday i went to see her and when i showd her the pics and vid she started crying and then i started blackmailing her i will pass highschool and im currently getting her pregnant after she gives birth im gonna have her fuck a horse then ima buy 6 unfertilized dog eggs and 1 horse egge and insert the dog eggs in her and have the dog fuck her making her pregnant with 6 pups then 1 horse then when our child becomes two ima break her cherry then insert a dog egg in her and allow her to get pregnant with a dog then about 20 mice my daughter will become my animal breeding bitch

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