Contiued story from All Boys Camp Part 1
Continued Strory form a All boys camp part 1, Where young boys are taught and to discover the ways of Man.

In this series of stories these boys learn what Men do, eat, at and most of allhow to become Men.


As we made it to the showers most of the boys were shocked to see it was a open shower room, and at least half of the boys were wearing their towels afraid of being naked around others There is only 6 showers so we went into two groups. Group #1 will be the youngest boys in the cabin and Group #2 will be the older boys.

In group #1 is Ben (6 years old), Josh (6 years old), John (8 years old), Hayden (8 years old), Tristan (10 years old), Dylan (11 years old) and me (17 years old).

Group #2 Brandon (12 years old) Justin (11 years old), Ryan (11 years old), Taylor (11 years old) and Kevin (15 years old).

My group (group #1) went first. As the boys went into the showers most of the boys had their backs turned to me as they slowly removed their towels exposing their butts to me. I turned on everyone’s shower one by one and had everyone face me. I started to show the boys how to wash their cocks properly. I did notice Ben, Josh and Tristan are all uncut, so I cane up to them individually and stood in front of them and showed them how to stroke their young cocks. I started with Tristan who was in between Ben and Josh. I fondled their cocks and showed them to pull their foreskin back and soaped up my hand and started to stoke Tristan’s cock making his foreskin roll up and down his cock head while Ben and Josh watched. I told them it is important to wash your penis every day and always to wash under their foreskins. As Tristan go the hang of stroking his 10 year old uncut penis I focused on Ben and Josh. I know this is their first shower and I had to wash their small skinny 6 year old bodies. I started to wash Ben’s backside and I noticed Ben had a little boner and he grabbed my17 year old cock and started to play with it. The feeling of his small hands fondling my 7 inch boner and my low hanging balls felt amazing.

As I started to wash Ben’s little ass Ben asked me “Are you going to put your finger in my ass?”
I said “Would you like me to put my finger up your ass?”
Ben “Yes Please, I like it, it feels great”

As I soaped up my finger and Ben’s tight little 6 year old ass crack Tristan began to do the same to Josh.
We nodded to each other to slowly put our fingers in these small 6 year old virgin asses. With my finger sliding in and out of Ben’s tight virgin butt hole making him moan while Tristan was doing the same to Josh’s young tight ass while washing and stroking his small uncut cock while all the other boys watched. As we finished up and let the next group of young boys use the showers, I winked at Kevin giving hime the “ok” to “Have Fun” with his group.

As my group dried off and made our way back to the cabin, Tristan and I got talking about the further challenges to “becoming a man” As we got dressed and made our way down to the Mess Hall for a chilli cookout with curry rice I said to Kevin and Tristan “Looks like blue angels tonight” After dinner we all went back to the cabin and I thought of the perfect Idea. I pulled out a TV and a DVD player and put on “Private Lessons” A delightful comedy and porno. As I set the movie up I told the boys to get changed for bed and to my surprise half of the boys in the cabin still wore Pyjama’s!.

Me: “Ok before the movie goes on I am only saying this once, You are all here to become Men and the number one rule about Men is No pyjama’s! Real Men sleep either in their underpants or naked.
So for the next few weeks that you are here you will either wear your underpants or go nude to bed.
Those of you who are wearing pyjamas strip them off. It’s time to grow up and become a man. As I turned the TV on and waited for the DVD to load I saw all the young boys in the cabin all are wearing their tight briefs except for me, Kevin and Tristan wearing boxers. I noticed when the nude scenes of the movie cam on most of the boys were pitching tents in their tight briefs while the younger boys were a bit confused seeing a naked woman on the TV screen. I noticed quite a ew of the young boys were falling asleep so I stopped the movie and said:” time for bed boys” Most of the boys were asleep on the floor so Kevin, Tristan and I picked each young boy up and put them into their beds. Tristan gave his bunk to Ben and
said: “I don’t mind sharing a bed with you”

Me: “Sounds like a plan to me, Tristan Kevin and I came in our boxers during the movie so we are going to go clean up. Dr. Smith should be coming by soon to check up on the cabin to see if everyone is asleep. We will be in the shower room, so when Dr. Smith comes you can join us, if you want”

Tristan: “Shure”

Kevin and I grabbed our towels and soap/lube and ran down to the showers.

Part 3 comming soon

Happy Jacking.

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this is the best story i ever read

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Fuck u. We like boys and they like us. Dumb ass

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Fucking dirt bag like you should be arrested, tried, and sentensed to prison. Where are the internet police when we need them? You are a nasty faggot, and the sad thing about it is that other nasty faggots like you do like your story. You should be beaten to death. You are too damn nasty. Boys are made to to fuck women. Boys are not made for men.

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such a bunch of unimaginative bull shit- no sense of reality- how do you expect readers to get into it? Cant real this shit ant more. Nice premise wasted on horrible writing.

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