Sex and crane drivers don't go together
Sex-mad Crane Operator

After the earthquake in Christchurch, one of the large crane companies had erected a very tall tower crane to assist the clean up.

Alf was given the job as an experienced crane operator, but was told that he would have a young fellow named Fred up there with him for work experience.

After about two hours young Fred started to fidget, crossing and uncrossing his legs. After ascertaining that Fred did indeed need a piss, Alf told him to climb out along the boom to the bucket and have a pee, reassuring Fred that the wind would dissipate the urine before it could reach the ground.

This was successfully achieved, but by this time Alf also felt the need.

“Don't worry Alf,” said the young fella, “I'll mind the shop.”

“OK then Fred, but under no circumstances touch this red button. It opens the bottom of the bucket and you'll kill me. Understand ? Do not touch.”

“Yair sweet Alf'” came the reply and Alf headed out to the bucket.

While Alf was taking care of business, a busty blonde walked out into the street below and there was a squeal of tyres as drivers were distracted by her fabulous boobs. Fred leaned over to see what the fuss was all about and unwittingly pressed the red button. Alf fell to his death.

On the tenth floor Davy the joiner turned to his mate Roger and commented.

“God Rog, those bloody crane drivers are a randy lot. When that blonde walked out in the street, Old Alf went past our level with his pants down and his cock in his hand screaming, CUNT, CUNT CU U U NT.”

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2012-10-22 03:27:03
Your craiunm must be protecting some very valuable brains.

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2012-05-12 09:40:19
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2011-08-13 00:07:38
The story of Jonny jo sucked, but the authors joke was great.

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2011-08-13 00:03:32
Whaddaya Know You Didn't Spell JOHNNY right Either. the other guys way was acceptable actually.... Have you heard of JON voight? I think so

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2011-07-20 22:08:13
hey. the guy who told the story about jonny jo. your story sucked ass. you didnt even spell jhonny right. artard.

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