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My name is Becky. It’s 5:00 a.m. and I’ve got so much to do. I have to write down the dream I had last night, get ready for school and I really, really need to masturbate but I don’t have time. My pussy feels like it’s on fire, but I’ll have to wait until I get home from school.

My dream last night was probably the best dream I’ve had so far. I keep a “dream journal”. I like to write them down while they’re still fresh in my memory.

When I began keeping my journal I was a bit of a tomboy. So my dreams were usually about silly stuff like sports or fishing or something like that. But I’m not a kid anymore. The change is happening. My body is maturing and I’m developing into a woman. I’m growing taller. My hips are getting bigger. My pussy is starting to grow hair……a few anyway. And the best part is my boobs are getting bigger everyday……no, that’s not the best part. The best part is that my pussy is developing too.

When I rub it, it’s magical. I lay down in bed, I lightly massage my clit and I think about Mr. Scott Conner kissing me, holding me and pushing his dick into me. I know all about sex. I’ve never actually done it, but I’ve read all about it on the internet. And I’ve watched some videos of it too. Even some of the weird ones where people dress up in leather and stuff.

I’m in love with Scott Conner. He’s the most handsome man in the whole world. He’s my English teacher. You should see him standing in front of the class. He carries himself with such majestic authority. He has the most beautiful blond hair you ever saw. And his eyes, they are the bluest eyes in the world. His strong arms emerge from his broad shoulders. His waist is slim and his cock is beautiful……well it’s beautiful in my dreams anyway. Of course I’ve never actually seen it I real life, but someday I will.

Anyway, back to my dream last night. It was so cool. In my dream I went to the beach to meet Scott. I was wearing a tiny red two piece string bikini. It was so small that there’s no way my mom would ever let me buy a bikini like that in real life.

At the beach I found Scott building a fire in a nice secluded spot between two sand dunes. Scott was so happy to see me that he scooped me up and gave me a big hug with his powerful arms. I dropped my cooler of food and he kissed me passionately. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths for the longest time. I laid out a blanket and then we went and played in the surf for a little while.

Returning to our blanket we snuggled and kissed some more until the coals in the fire were good and hot. While Scott opened a bottle of wine, I placed the oysters in the fire to cook. It was so romantic.

In real life I don’t even like wine, but in my dream it tastes delicious, like grape juice. When the oysters are cooked Scott opens them and feeds them to me one at time between kisses.

I read that oysters make you horny. I’m not sure if that is true though. The last time I had oysters I didn’t get horny. But I was at a restaurant with my mom and dad. And I was just a kid back then.

In my dream the oysters sure did do the trick though. It made us hornier and hornier the more we ate them. My pussy got wetter and wetter with each bite, and Scott……his penis grew bigger and bigger with each bite. Soon it was pressed so tight against his swim trunks that I could see the outline of its shaft and its head trying fight its way free.

So I reached down and felt its rigid shaft. Grabbing the strings of my bikini top, Scott removed it and exposed my hard nipples to the warm breeze. I struggled to remove his trunks, letting his erection spring free.

Slipping my bikini bottoms off, Scott rolled me onto my back. We kissed each other and explored each other’s bodies until I couldn’t stand it any longer. Opening my legs wide, Scott gently eased his hard cock into my virgin pussy, tearing away the hymen I’d been saving for him.

I had never felt so close to anyone ever before. With both of my arms wrapped tightly around his heavenly flesh, and both his arms pulling me firmly against him, I opened myself up to him in the most private and sensitive part of my body.

His welcome invasion deep into my flesh brought us together in both spirit and body. Locked together in bliss, he continued to deliver wave after wave of intense pleasure to my entire being. With my pleasure mounting, I thrust my hips to and fro in time with each of his strokes. My fingertips dug into his muscular shoulder blades as we finally both came in ecstatic pulses of sheer euphoric gratification.

When he finally withdrew from my exhausted body, the walls of my cavity closed up, holding the fluid he’d just deposited deep inside of me.

Just thinking about last night’s dream makes me wet……and a little sad too. In real life Scott Conner treats me like any other student. He has no idea how much I love him. I’ve tried to flirt with him but he’s so professional. Lately I’ve tried to get his attention in class so he’ll know how I feel about him.

I sit in the front row of his English class. So sometimes I wear a real short skirt. Then with a mischievous smile I move my legs apart so he can see my panties and sometimes I even wink at him. I know he’s seen my panties, I saw him looking more than once. But he doesn’t say anything to me or act any different. He just ignores me like I was just another student with no special feelings towards him. He has no idea how I feel deep down inside.

I can’t endure this unreciprocated love any longer. So I’ve come up with a plan to make him take notice and return the love I have for him or crush me with rejection.

Back at the beginning of the school year Mr. Conner offered us a chance to earn some extra credit in our course. He said we could hand in a series of short works of fiction about anything we wanted and he would raise our grade according to their quality.

At the time I asked him if stories about our dreams would qualify. He said “yes”. Of course back then I hadn’t had any dreams about Mr. Conner yet because I hadn’t fallen in love with him yet. If you had read my dream journal back at the beginning of the school year, you would have thought I was just an immature little kid. Not the grown up woman I’ve become recently.

So my plan is quite simple really. I’ll hand in my dream journal to Mr. Conner today. When he reads what I dream about he’ll understand how intense and deep my love for him has become. I’m certain he’ll feel the same about me despite our age difference.

During my English class with Mr. Conner, I take several opportunities to spread my legs apart as he looks my way. I have no doubt that he’s seen my panties several times. Still, he makes no acknowledgement or even a hint that he has seen that which I’m so anxious to offer him.

As the class ends, I muster my courage and approach Mr. Conner. I greet him with a smile as warm and friendly as I can make it. I hand him my dream journal and explain to him that this is my extra credit project. He flashes me a quick smile back and says, “Thank you Miss Donaldson. You must be working hard. You’re the first one to turn in an extra credit project. I‘ll read it this weekend.”

I smile proudly. His praise actually makes me blush. I can’t wait till Monday when we see each other next. I’m certain that after reading about my dreams, he‘ll want to return my love.

On the way home I can’t help but wonder how he’ll react. I’m still wondering why he hasn’t said anything yet about the little panty show I’ve been putting on for him everyday this week. I hope he likes it.

Maybe he just isn’t interested in me. That would be embarrassing. Now I start worrying. Maybe he doesn’t find me attractive. I know there are other girls at school who are prettier and have bigger boobs than I do. Maybe one of them is his girlfriend and I just don’t know about it. Maybe he only likes girls with big boobs, or maybe he only likes girls his own age. That would be awful.

The more I think about it, the more I think I may have made a terrible mistake. What if he rejects me. I’ll die. I can’t think of anything more horrible. I’m almost in tears by the time I get home.

I worry about what his reaction will be all weekend long. By Sunday night I’m a wreck. I have no idea what Mr. Conner is going to think about my dreams of love and lust. Maybe he’ll want to make love to me, like he does in my dreams, or maybe he’ll call me into his office and humiliate me.

By the time I lay down in bed, I’m in no mood for one of my romantic dreams. I’m so mad at myself for turning in that dumb journal to him. I finally drift off to sleep angry at myself. I may have ruined everything.

In my sleep I have another dream. In this dream I reluctantly enter my English class and sit down. Mr. Conner, the man who owns my heart and hasn’t even known it until this weekend, is sitting at his desk shuffling through some papers. My heart skips a beat when I see him throw a stack of papers into his briefcase on top of my dream journal.

Mr. Conner stands up and delivers today’s lesson. He pays no special attention to me. I don’t dare spread my legs apart for him today. Not until I know what he thinks of my dream journal. At the end of class Mr. Conner states, “Miss Donaldson, I’d like to see you after school in my office.”

As my dream continues, I leave his class, go to my other classes, then report to Mr. Conner’s office. I go in and sit down at his desk as he gets up and walks over to the door. He closes it.

One of the rules at our school is that teachers aren’t allowed to be in a room alone with a student unless the door is wide open. Mr. Conner then locks the door.

I feel Mr. Conner’s hand on my shoulder. He grabs me and abruptly pulls me up out of the chair, saying harshly, “I didn’t say you could sit down. He grabs my dream journal and slams it on the table. “You’re going to have to be punished for this filth!“ he yells at me in my dream.

Before I can say anything in my defense, he opens a drawer and pulls out a wooden paddle, about the size of a ping pong paddle. He orders me to drop my panties and pull up my skirt. I quickly comply. He then orders me to bend over. I bend over at the waist with my shaking hands and elbows on his desk. I’m looking right at my dream journal.

“Get ready for your well deserved punishment young lady,“ he barks at me. I nod and wait for the first blow. It comes with a loud crack and stinging pain. I try my best not to react. The second blow comes as I’m biting my lip and I yelp sharply. I begin crying uncontrollably with the next two blows.

After the fifth blow my legs are shaking and there’s a small puddle of tears on my dream journal.

“Don’t move you little whore!” he commands as he throws down the paddle and stands behind me. I can hear him undoing the buckle of his belt but I don’t dare turn around and look. Then I hear his pants hitting the floor. In a moment he grabs my hips and thrusts his raging boner into my pussy. I yell out in pain. I look down between my legs and can see a small stream of blood running down my thigh from my destroyed virginal membrane. He thrusts deep into me without mercy. I can only cry as he delivers the punishment I’ve earned and fully deserve for my perverted dreams.

As my dream comes to an end, I slip into a more restful sleep.

When I wake up in the morning, I feel awful at first. Then I try to cheer myself up. After all, last night’s dream was just one possible outcome of my attempt to let Mr. Conner know how much I love him. And it really isn’t a likely outcome. He wouldn’t dare……at least I don’t think he would. Our school doesn’t even allow spanking.

I go to school hopeful that my love will be returned. When I get to English class, I’m both nervous and aroused. I decide not to flash my panties at Mr. Conner today until I find out what he thinks of my journal, but in a moment of uncontrolled impulse I spread my legs as he turns towards me. I’m rewarded with his eyes darting down between my legs. He even stumbles with what he’s explaining to the class for a moment. I smile slyly and wink at him.

I hope that wasn’t a mistake which I’ll have to pay for later. At the end of class, Mr. Conner says, “Miss Donaldson, I’d like to see you in my office after school.”

That’s exactly what he said in my dream last night! I freeze, scared of what he’s going to say next. He looks at me, waiting for a response. Then he adds, “It’s about your extra credit project.” I can’t say anything. After a long pause I manage to nod. I get out of there as quickly as I can.

After my last class of the day, I consider just going home and hiding under my bed for the rest of my life, but I know I can’t do that. Besides, I have to find out how he feels about me.

I collect my composure, gather my courage and walk to Mr. Conner’s office. On the way I can feel the moisture building between my legs. I step into his office. He looks up at me from his desk, neither smiling nor scowling.

This is the moment. I’m here to offer Mr. Scott Conner my virginity and my undying love.

My hands are shaking as I sit down in the chair next to his desk. He stands up. He walks to the door. He slowly closes it. I hear a click as he turns the latch, locking the door. He turns and looks at me with the hint of a smile on his face. I’m trying to read the meaning of his smile. Then I notice the bulge in the crotch of his pants. Just like in my dreams.

Does he want to make love to me……or punish me like he did in my dream last night. I realize that I don‘t care. Either way, I’m about to give my virginity to a man I unconditionally love.

He takes a seat in his chair and then takes a long, deep breath which he finally lets out in a protracted sigh.

“Miss Donaldson……uhm, Becky” he smiles, “I read over all of your dreams.” I smile, knowing that he knows how I truly feel about him in my heart.

“And I have to say,” he continues, “that I had no idea how you felt about me. I……I’m really quite flattered you know. I truly am, but as your teacher, and more importantly, as a married man……..”

My heart sinks. He’s rejecting me! I wipe away a tear as he goes on and on explaining why we can’t have a relationship in the most gentle terms he can compose.

He ends off his lecture telling me that my writing was very good and I’ll definitely be getting an “A” for my class. He also asks me not to tell anyone at the school about this.

Crushed and devastated, I leave his office and head down the hallway beginning my long walk home.

As I pass by Mr. Cartwright’s office, I catch a glimpse of him at his desk. I stop, poke my head inside and say, “Mr. Cartwright? I just wanted to express to you how much I enjoyed your lecture today about the Revolutionary War.”

I look down at his left hand and notice he isn’t wearing a wedding ring. I shift my backpack from my left shoulder to my right shoulder, “accidentally” pulling my skirt up in front for a moment to give him a quick glimpse of my panties. It’s a move I’ve practiced over and over in front of the mirror mounted on my bedroom door.

His eyes widen for a brief moment, and then a warm, welcoming smile comes over his handsome face. I sigh.

As he tells me, “Thank you,” I can’t help but notice his strong jaw, the way it juts forward.

I tell him how much I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s lecture, then I skip down the hallway, singing that old song by the Everly Brothers. The one that my great grandpa likes to play on his antique record player:

“When I want you….in my arms,
When I want you…..and all your charms,
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream,
Dream dream dream…

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2013-01-26 06:43:00
Nice short and okay really enjoyed it i am hoping 4 part 2

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2013-01-22 08:45:28
He's still got it ? Got what? It's really sad to see a guy who used to be an elite paelyr and now he's just above-average. AI is one of the best ever, but he's not that kind of paelyr who can carry a team anymore. He's 34 and hasn't taken care of his body the last couple years, plus he's had nagging injuries. I wish people would remember who he was instead of trying to act like he's still that paelyr. He can still put up 15 a game, but no more than that. He proved that the last 2 years.

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Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-eaxtcly as information should be!

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no freakin SEX wat the hell


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Good writing!

I don't think I'd read any of your stuff before, but I definate;y will in future.

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