I’ve had many requests for episodes about our dating life, so this picks up the story right after “How I Met My Wife.” I was 15, my girlfriend 16 and we had just finished taking each other’s cherries on the couch in the den at her parent’s house in “How I Met My Wife.”

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We didn’t “do it” again that night, but got dressed and spent the rest of the evening just cuddling and talking. I think we could have talked for hours, but I eventually had to go home because the next day was a school day. With a last lingering kiss at her front door, I set out walking the half-mile or so back to my house. My feet only briefly touched the ground all the way there, and I was so lost in thoughts of her that I was home in what seemed only moments after I left.

I slept like a log … no dreams, no waking up until the morning. In those moments when the brain is slowly returning to reality after a night’s sleep, my thoughts were filled with her and what we’d done. I woke up with a huge hard-on and had to relieve myself when I got to the bathroom. I remembered the feel of her lips on mine, her soft skin, her tits and her wonderfully smooth, tight ass in my hands. I remembered the feel of her mouth wrapped around my dick, her weight on me and the feeling of her body under me as we twisted and turned on the couch, and the way she screamed when she came. I was having trouble deciding if it was just a horny teenager’s dream or if it had really happened. I thought my heart was going to explode the way it was hammering in my chest when I finally shot my load into the toilet.

I went upstairs to find my mom still home. I glanced at the clock: I was up a little early and she hadn’t gone to work yet. She turned from the table and said, “Hi, honey. You got home late last night. Your dad’s a little upset. You were out way past when you were supposed to be in on a school night.” “I know, Mom. I was over at Caroline’s and the math was really throwing me. I don’t know if I’ll ever get this algebra down.” “Well, she’s good at it. You pay attention to her.” “Yes, ma’am, I’ll do that.” Oh boy, would I ever.

I looked for Caroline before class and was disappointed when I didn’t see her. The first two periods went by and still no sign of her. I began to wonder if she was avoiding me as I usually had some sighting of her during the breaks, at least enough to say hello. Third period ended and as I was putting my books away to go to lunch, I saw her walking toward me. My God, what a vision! Her brown hair was long and straight atop her 5’2” tall body, her brown eyes just beautiful, her ever so slightly dark skin color (her mom is Italian), the full lips. As my eyes travelled down to her white blouse, my hands felt a tingle as I remembered holding her tits. I continued down, past her thin waist, over her flaring hips inside the grey plaid skirt that went almost to her knees, and finally the white knee socks and black shoes cladding her small feet. A perfect picture of what as far as I was concerned was a goddess.

My eyes went back up to her pretty face and I looked in her eyes as she smiled her greeting. As she got closer, and I, with my usual conversational brilliance, said, “Hi!” She had her books in both arms and held in front of her, and she looked down at the floor for a moment before looking back at me. “Hi. How are you today?” We were both just a little nervous after the sudden turn our relationship had taken last night. “I missed you this morning. I thought you might not have made it today.” “I came in early to finish a science assignment. I looked for you between classes.” I reached out and touched her upper arm, squeezing it gently. “I’m glad you’re here. I would have missed you,” and she smiled at that. “Ready for lunch?” I asked her. “Sure. I’ll put my books in my locker on the way.” “Here, let me hold them. You’ve got a bunch.” She handed them over and I was surprised at the weight. “Wow. You studying brick-making in science?” She laughed a little and when she looked at me, her eyes just shone. “You always get me to laugh. I like you.” “You’re the one that brings it out of me. I like you, too. A lot.” She smiled again (I must be doing something right!) and we put her books away and headed for the lunchroom. I opened the door and stepped inside to clear the way and hold the door for her, and as she followed and went past me, she turned and tip-toed herself up to give me a surprise quick kiss. Right there at the doorway to the lunchroom! Right there in front of everybody, and of course there were some looking. At the time, it seemed like they were all looking! We took a few catcalls from our friends, and went on over to get our trays and sat down.

Now I gotta tell you her friends weren’t my friends, them being girls and all a year ahead of me in Caroline’s grade level. I’d seen a few of them around, talked to a few of those few, shared a couple of classes with a couple of those. I knew most by sight and some by name, and it was the same going the other way, but they all knew Caroline and I were dating. My friends had it about the same. They knew of Caroline, but didn’t know much about her other than what I’d told them … smart in the classes we shared, fun to be with, that sort of thing.

Done eating, we chucked out the trays and I took her hand to make an exit for the grass out in front of the school. I only had two classes in the afternoon, Algebra and Sophomore English, and then it was off to work for me until 5:30. We found a shady spot not too close to the others, sat in the grass and whiled away the 20 minutes or so until the bell rang.

“My friends are so jealous!” she said, and leaned forward to put her hand on my leg. “What for?” I was thinking she might have already told a friend or two that we’d “gone all the way.” If even one person found out, it’d be all over school before the end of the week. I couldn’t imagine why they’d be jealous, at least of anything I might have to do with. I was okay in scholastics but absolutely doo-dah in sports … I couldn’t afford the time. My parents weren’t rich; I needed to work to keep a few bucks in my pocket for anything I wanted to do, and that included everything from movies to school trips.

“Because you’re so smart! For American Literature, English, History. You’re taking the same classes I am! You’re only freshman and you’re making A’s! You help me a lot and there’s not a one that doesn’t wish they were me.” “Ppbbbbttt!” I told her. “What about math and science? If it wasn’t for you I’d be up until 10 at night trying to get through it! I’m thinking it’s my friends that ought to be jealous. In fact, they are.” “Why?”, she asked, and I thought to myself, “She honestly doesn’t know!” I took her hand and looked her in the eyes. “The simple reason, Caroline Wood, is that you are one of the prettiest girls in this entire town. And as far as I’m concerned, you should be Miss Wyoming, even Miss USA!” She just looked at me as I spouted off, and I think she read my sincerity in my eyes because she just blushed and smiled. Conversation was over though, as the bell rang and we had to head to class. “See you after school?” I asked as we parted in the hallway. “Sure! Come over right after you have supper!”

Time couldn’t pass quick enough. I suffered through the rest of the school day, collected my books for homework, and then headed off to work. Those couple of hours dragged by as I sorted the day’s delivery of parts then took a couple of tractors from the storage lot and brought them up to the shop to be serviced the next day. It was finally over though, and I got home, had a quick shower and wolfed down my supper. With a quick hug for my mom and a “See you later, Dad, I promise I won’t be so late tonight!” I was gone. I started running to cover the distance, but then slowed down so I wouldn’t be all sweaty and out of breath when I got there.

She greeted me at the door but I didn’t see anyone else when I got inside. “They’ve gone bowling. I told them I had to study with you or I’d flunk my English test tomorrow. They’ll be bowling til 9.” “Cool! Hey! Wait a minute! We don’t have a test tomorrow, do we?” “No, silly, I just told them that so I could stay home!” “Oh, I see. See? I told you you were smart!” She got a devious look in her eyes and said, “do you want to go into the den?” “Lead on!”

She turned off the lights as we came into the room so that the only light on was that one lamp. She sat on the couch before I did and looked at me expectantly. “Do you really think I’m pretty?” “Caroline, to me you’re the most beautiful woman in the whole world. When you’re around, there’s no one else in my world at all.” She reached up and took my hands, pulling me toward her. I kneeled down, kissed her, backed up and looked at her, then kissed her again. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. I moved my lips down and bit her gently on her chin, causing her to giggle quietly. I moved around and sucked on her earlobes, then kissed down her neck and around the front to the V of her blouse. I used my tongue to go down it as far as I could get, then went back up over her chin, nibbling and kissing as I went. “Ahhhh,” she breathed. “I love the way you do that. Come here.” I put my arms around her and crushed her to me, then started moving my hands up and down her sides from her waist to her armpits as we kissed. Her hands were at the back of my head, keeping my lips on hers. If I’d have known what they were at the time, I’d have sworn one of that girl’s G-spots was right on her lips. As it was, all I knew was she was getting hotter by the second and her kisses were becoming more and more urgent. “Ohhh, mmmm,” she whispered, “Closer. Touch me more.” “Put your arms down, honey,” I told her. She did, and we maintained the kiss as I started on the buttons of her blouse. Our tongues were fencing with each other as I undid the last one and pushed it over her shoulders. I pulled the straps of her bra down and reached behind her, unfastening her bra. She pulled it free and then arched her chest at me, inviting me to pay attention to those beautiful soft tits. I took one nipple in my mouth and bit it gently while twisting and pulling on the other, then changed sides to do the same to the other one. “Ahhh. Mmmm. Suck them, I love it when you suck on them.” I pressed my lips hard into the breast in my mouth and squeezed the other one hard with my hand. Releasing it, I took the nipple in my fingers and pulled hard, pinching the nipple tightly. “OHHH! Honey! OHHH! That feels so good! Hold me, hold me tight!” I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me.

Now she was up off the couch a little and I shifted my hands and grabbed her ass, squeezing and kneading her butt as we kissed each other with more and more passion. With one hand around her back and the other under her, I pulled her into me hard, forcing her to spread her legs around my waist. I jerked her even harder with the hand under her butt, grinding her pussy into me. With a hand on each butt cheek, I humped my groin into her. She pushed back just as hard and started moaning into my mouth. “Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm.” She broke the kiss and leaned back to start tearing at the buttons of my shirt. As soon as my shirt was open, she slipped her arms inside and mashed her naked tits into my chest. “Ohh. I love the feel of your skin on mine.” I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her again, rubbing my hands up and down her back, while she made little squirming motions to rub her hardened nipples my chest.
I pushed her back on the couch and pulled the belt of her skirt open, then the button and the zipper. I pulled it down her legs, taking her panties off in the same move. She was now completely naked and I just looked in awe at the beauty she was. Getting back on my knees and lowering my head, I kissed her knee and worked my way up the inside of her thigh but shifted to the other leg before I got to her pussy. Down to the knee and then back up, I put my hands on her hips and pulled her so her ass was just barely on the couch. “Hope you like this, baby, ‘cause I love it,” I told her, and lowered my head to breathe her now strong scent. She thrust her hips up as I gently squeezed her ass and whispered, “Please, do whatever you want. I love what you do.”

I lowered my lips to her mound and sucked on it lightly, working my way down to her slit. I stuck my tongue out and licked her gently, which caused her to inhale sharply. I licked her more forcefully, just a quick one, then again with even more force as I pushed my tongue into her. I sucked on her pussy as I tongued her, moving my head, changing the angle of attack quicker than she could keep up. Her hips were going crazy trying, and her breathing was coming in quick gasps. Her hands were locked behind my head and pulling my hair, then my head again as she struggled with the feelings taking her over. She relaxed her hips with an “Ahhh”, then immediately thrust again with a sharply inhaled breath, then repeated the sequence twice more. With the last thrust, she froze and her eyes flew wide open. “AaaaAAAAAA!” A river flowed down my chin and she pulled me by my hair hard into her. I was feeling no pain though and continued sucking on her greedily, still flicking her clit with my tongue. The river stopped for just about a second, then she screamed my name and locked her legs around my neck and came even harder than before! I thrust my tongue in and out of her as she came, then she gasped, “Billy! Stop! Stop! I can’t take it anymore! Stop!”

I slowed quickly, finally just kissing her pussy and, as she relaxed, kissed my way up her body, stopping for just a moment to lick and kiss her tits, then on up to her neck and ended with a lingering kiss on her soft lips. A quick kiss, then another, then I kissed her cheek and whispered, “You okay, baby?” “Oh, wow. Oh my gosh. I thought I was going to explode!” She wrapped her arms tightly around me and kissed my neck and shoulder. “Oh, Billy, mmmm.” She kept kissing my neck, then pushed me back to start on my chest. “Get up!” she ordered me. I pushed back and looked at her. She returned my gaze with a look of completely focused intent. “Take off your pants.” I stood up and loosed my belt, then the snap and the zipper, pulling them and my underwear down. My dick was so hard it almost hurt, and I wanted nothing more than to plunge it in the hot hole between this gorgeous woman’s legs. I kicked my pants off, now as naked as she was. “Now what?” “This,” and she grabbed my cock with both hands, leaned forward and sucked it into her mouth. She bobbed back and forth on it a few strokes, then started whimpering, almost crying. “What’s wrong, baby?” “I can’t get it in my mouth! I want more and it won’t fit!” With that she attacked again, sucking it in so far it hit the back of her mouth and she gagged, pulling off and panting to get back under control again. “Easy honey, go slow, work it in slowly.”

I held her head as she took it in, then back out, then in again, a little more each time. Just a few like that and she had the whole thing in, right up to my balls. “Mmmm.” She pulled it out and held it with both hands, taking a couple of strokes while she looked at it, licked her lips and laughed lustily. She said, “All of you!” to it (she was talking to my dick, not to me!) and plunged it into her mouth all the way to the hilt. She stayed there for a moment, the slowly backed out while she went “Mmmmmm” all the way up the shaft. “Oh man! Oh, baby! You’re going to make me cum!” I almost couldn’t take it, couldn’t take that humming. She looked up at me with a purely lustful look in her eyes and went back down on it again and started humming on her way back up. I was almost lost in the feelings of her throat wrapped around my bone and the humming. “AHHHHH!! HERE IT COMES!!!” She instantly shoved it back in all the way down to my balls and started swallowing as I came down her throat. The feeling of her throat pulsing on my cock as she did heightened the feeling even more as I pushed more and more cum into her belly. My legs were going to give out and I turned to sink down on the couch. She followed me around, sucking every last drop of cum out of my now shrinking dick, and then darn near licked the skin off cleaning it and my balls with her tongue. The post-cum sensitivity had me out of breath and weak as a kitten by the time she finished.

She slithered up my chest, rubbing her nipples on my skin and snuggling up close as I put my arm around her. “You are amazing!” I told her. “I just wanted to give as good as I got, and you gave me more than I thought I could match. I really thought I was going to turn inside out!” “Baby,” I said as I hugged her close, “you might kill me someday if you keep doing that, but I will die for sure if you ever stop.”

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