Final in Series

Romance, incest, male/ 2 females, softcore

This story is a biography, based on fact with interwoven fiction. It spans a period of about 12 years.
If you only like hardcore don’t read any further.

The background development can be found in the early chapters of this series.
They are easily accessible by clicking on my username.



After we agreed to marry, and in order to confirm her fertility cycle, Lucy had started keeping a chart of the required data. She said she got the chart at the Women’s Centre on campus. It seemed they were much in demand. She was fairly sure that she was on the usual 28 days, but as this could vary it was necessary to confirm it over 3 months.
It was all a mystery to me. I knew that one part of the record keeping involved taking her temperature every morning because she had purchased a special gauge to do it.

She told me that if the record-keeping showed the usual pattern we could bring our marriage date forward, say 2 months. Gee, I liked that idea!

Also, she said, according to the science, males were in their sexual prime at around 18 and females at 20-24.
I would have known this if I had paid more attention in Sex Ed.
Also, I would not have been so concerned about my lack of control. It obviously meant that my mind was genetically pre-programmed to tell my dick ‘this female is ready for impregnation……….go for it’ - and with any female that might agree!!

Now,………. knowing this, confirmed that I was not abnormal at all.


One morning, before leaving for class I had a phone call from my mother. After a short chat, I passed the phone to Lucy.
Lucy relayed the essence of the conversation.

How is the planning going?
Answer: Good, have not missed one day.
Does Jimmy understand what it is all about?
Answer: No. I will explain it to him later?
Did you get the condoms in case needed?
Answer: No. I will get Jimmy to get them today.
Remind him to get only big size.
Keep them handy. Put some in each bedroom.
Answer: Will do.


So, I was delegated to go to drugstore and get these condoms. I would have rather Lucy do it. I wondered who usually does it; the male or female.

I finally found the condoms after much searching. I saw lots of labels - Ribbed, Superthin, Lubricated etc, but no large size. When I had walked in to the shop I had noticed an Assistant, she looked young: I thought 16 years old. I was hoping she would not come and ask me what I wanted!

Just then, right behind me a young voice asked “can I help you find what you are looking for?”
I jumped a mile. She looked me up and down then went to the bottom shelf, stood up with 2 packets in her hand and said “is this what you want, Large Size - Standard or Superthin?”

I could hardly speak. I took the Superthin out of her hand. Next she picked up a box from the shelf and said “you will need this too…………..the cashier is just over there”. The box read ‘Personal Lubricant’. Now, with 2 boxes in my hand I went to pay the cashier. To my horror there was another 16 year old girl at the register. If she did not know what was in the bigger box, she soon did. When scanned, the display window of the register showed, in big letters,that could read from the back of the shop – LARGESIZE CONDOMS.

Now every girl in the shop would know I needed large size.
I would be too embarrassed to come back!
If more were needed Lucy would have to get them.


The next few weeks were a busy time for us both. Regular classes, midterms and extra work shifts.
Our sex play was usually reserved for our share-a-shower nights. We spent a lot of time just cuddling and kissing in bed.

Our schedule had now become less hectic. Friday night came and we felt a lot more relaxed. We had a quick share-a-shower.


Lucy jumped on the bed naked and said how good she felt. She pulled her knees up and opened her legs so I could clearly see her spot shrouded by the beautiful dark curly hair. I ran my fingers through the hair, over her tummy to her breasts.

I circled her breasts lightly brushing over her nipples. I loved the way her breasts touched perfectly in the middle, just blending one to the other. Not even a hair would fit between them. When standing, without a bra, they touched each other for about 2 inches forming a natural cleavage.

She put her hands around her breasts and pushed them together and upwards. The nipples were standing up waiting for me. I lent over took a nipple in my mouth and stated sucking it gently. Next I used my tongue to circle the nipple. I could feel it increase in size. She held my hand and I could feel her unmistakable squeeze. I did the same on the other nipple. She said that they felt so nice, they were tingling.


Lying with her eyes closed she said “I feel like having something special tonight”, then pulled pillows under her bottom and back so that she was raised.

She indicated to me to sit opposite her close enough so my dick would reach her spot. My legs went alongside her body and her legs over mine. I liked this position. I was looking front on at her open legs, showing every detail of her slit. She put her fingers just inside her, and moved them round. When she took her fingers out I could see the secretions on them. Taking hold of my dick she let her fingers caress just the head. Around and around. As it became less slippery she put her fingers back to get more.
Next, holding my dick at the base I rubbed the front of the head up and around her slit, concentrating on her spot which was clearly swollen up. Just as well she was raised on the cushion, because I had a job to get my dick to bend down enough to reach. A couple of times I lost my grip and it flew up as though it was on a piece of elastic.

Lucy put her hand over and took control of the head of my dick. Moving it up to just below her spot she pushed it inside so that the head completely disappeared. I could not believe my eyes nor how easily it went in. Then she pulled it out and pushed it back in and out several times so that it became extremely slippery.
She said to me “you do it now…… but no further than that……………are you ok? ......................if you think you are going to come, and can’t stop, pull it out quick!”

I did not need any coaxing. I pushed it in, building up a slow rhythm. Looking at how far it was in her, I could see that I still had 6 inches left to go. How would it all fit in when the time came?
The feel of it moving in and out was not like anything I had ever experienced before. The warmth, the slipperiness, the all encompassing light pressure surrounding the head was magic.

I looked at Lucy’s face. She was lying back with her eyes half closed, obviously enjoying the moment. Her hand was holding on to my leg. I could feel her intermittent squeeze. When I indicated it was time to stop. She blew me a kiss “ok, but a little more first”.
With the grip I had around my dick, plus holding myself upright together with the concentration on moving my dick in and out, I found that I was able to control my urges, of which I had had many.

I could see Lucy was closing her eyes so I moved to beside her. She took hold of my hand, gave it a squeeze and was asleep in seconds.

This would set the pattern for future sex play. Towards the end of play Lucy would say “your turn”. Releasing the grip around the base of my dick plus a couple more short ins and outs I was soon squirting. However, there were days missed when Lucy said it was too risky.


In discussions with her mother it was decided that the wedding would be a simple affair.

It would be held at Lucy’s home, on a Saturday morning.
A Celebrant would do the ceremony in the beautiful backyard garden.
The guest list would be small, mainly family. Both sides of the family were small, particularly as our mothers were sisters.
My Aunt would arrange a caterer to do the lunch and would be held in the big snooker room at the rear of the house.
As the cost of the wedding would be minimal both our parents had offered to assist with the down payment on a house or apartment, when we had finished our studies.

We had decided not go on a honeymoon. Perhaps have a short holiday, away, later. Lucy had wanted to return to the apartment, amongst familiar surroundings.

We had decided to drive down the day before, Lucy staying at her house and I at mine, and to return to our apartment late afternoon.


With classes, work and end of term exam revision it was no time before we were close to the wedding date.
Our mothers had driven up for a day so they could take Lucy shopping for a dress. All I knew about it was that Lucy did not want a wedding gown, but something shorter, and it had to be white.
The dress went back with our mothers to be readied for the day.


Lucy continued updating her fertility chart. She said that based on current data she had worked out a wedding date just after our exams.

A couple of days before the wedding she sat me down and produced a calendar marked in colored blocks. She said that it was most important that I thoroughly understood everything. “You don’t want to hear the patter of little feet yet……….do you?” This had to be a joint effort.
‘Patter of little feet’! Those words had me all ears; Lucy would get my undivided attention!

Basically the chart showed when you could have sex and when you couldn’t – unless you wanted to hear that ‘patter’.

It showed 10 days safe, although really 8,
8 days zilch,
And, then 10 days safe.
However, Lucy said the 8 day zilch time might be able to be reduced once fertility pattern was confirmed over a longer time period. The wedding date was marked with a big black circle on the calendar. According to Lucy, it worked out extremely well, such that we would have the last 10 days followed by the second 10 days with 2 days out in the middle.

If we cannot or do not want to abstain for that period then alternatives need to be worked out. Number 1, is the use of the condom. Other than that, further options would have to be considered.

A thought then popped into my head. I had never read anything about all this in the Jackie Collins book I remembered. Nor in the sexy movies.


Then she asked whether I would want to use a condom. I did not know. I had never had one on. She said I should try one and see what it felt like – to get the box I had bought and lie on the bed. “Drop your pants……’s got to be hard to put it on”……… I knew that……I had watched this part carefully when I did Sex Ed.
“It‘s soft Jimmy, I’ll give you a hand to get it up”. I seemed to be nervous about all this. It took longer than usual to get it up, which was normally instantaneous when Lucy got hold of it.

Lucy tore open the sealed packet and gave to me. I was so nervous my dick started to flop. Lucy saw it was now drooping badly and said “you’ll need to make it harder”. Easier said than done. I had told her before, that it had a mind of its own. “………I’ll help”. Next, she pulled off her top, came closer and wiggled her breasts in front of my nose. Nothing much changed. Next, she removed her jeans and pants and I was looking that dark curly haired triangle. Looking her up and down naked I became aware of a rapid change for the better. In seconds I was as hard as could be……….back to my old self……phew………..what a relief……..I was beginning to think I needed medical care.

Lucy handed me the condom. By now the head of my dick was really hard and quite fat. I knew it had to be rolled down, so, with Lucy watching carefully I started to roll it. It would not seem to unroll. Only with Lucy’s help, her 2 fingers on one side mine on the other, was I able to unroll it. It was very tight until we got it over the head, then we both succeeded to unroll it to the bottom.

It still felt very tight. I looked on the little packet it came in. It clearly said ‘large size’. Lucy thought the manufacturers might have put ‘regular’ size in the ‘large’ packet by mistake and suggested we find a different brand. On the other hand I may have grown. How old are you before your dick stops growing? Lucy said she would have to measure it again. It was quite a while since she last did it.

I told Lucy I did not like the feel of it. Lucy rubbed her hands up and down it. She said it felt smooth enough, although, she was not impressed with the idea of putting foreign material inside her. Then Lucy suggested that we test how it felt for me. She took the tube of lubricant and smeared some all over it and proceeded to rub as she always had.

Usually, it never took long for me to start feeling good. It usually depended on whether she was using 2 hands or one. Once she put her second hand on I would go in a flash.
After rubbing up and down the condom she looked at me to see my reaction. I said it felt ok but was not like doing it on bare skin. Lucy put more lubricant on, then her second hand. What she normally expected just did not happen. It took quite a while before I started to slowly get that feeling and then squirted into the little bulb at the bottom.

Now it was time to remove the condom. “You’ll have to let it go down, I think, so you can roll it up” said Lucy. But, how long would that take? I had hardly softened. Lucy suggested I walk around a bit………go and make a cup of coffee! That idea did work but getting the condom off was as hard as getting it on.

By the wedding date we had not needed to resort to use of the condom.


As planned, we arrived the day before. My mother was at Lucy’s house. All three went into a huddle in the bedroom almost immediately. I was expected to look after myself. Later I went with my mother to our house. Going to my old bedroom, I laid on the bed reminiscing of the fun times Lucy I spent together there. I had an early night to be ready for our big day.

Set up in the backyard of Lucy’s was a small white marquee with chairs on a timber base. A red carpet roll extended from the garden path to the marquee.
For the ceremony, Lucy walked to stand beside me. She looked so beautiful in a white dress which contrasted with her dark hair, that I went a little weak at the knees. With formalities over it was a relaxing time at lunch.

After catching up with family one sees only on special occasions it was time for us to drive back to the apartment.


Arriving back, a quick snack was all that was needed.
“Want to watch some TV?” I asked. She shook her said.
“What do you want to do then?” She pointed to her bedroom.

In minutes the three of us were in the shower.


Lucy was quickly on to the bed, on her back.
In seconds, I was in position between her propped legs. As my hard dick neared her slit she stopped me with her hands on my shoulders and said “wait I want to look at it first…………now, I want to watch it go in me”.
Then with three fingers held behind the head she guided my dick into her. As the head disappeared from view, she took her hands off my dick, watched as long as she could and said “push it in slowly…….that’s good………….now, bring yourself up a bit higher so that you can feel it pressing on my pubic bone and spot……….that’s right ………….perfect…………….it feels beautiful all ready………….come right in.

The slippery feel as my dick slid inside Lucy, and the warm light pressure that completely surrounded it, was absolutely magical. I had never felt anything as good before – ever!!
Lucy had her hands on each of my buttocks exerting a little pressure for me to keep coming until my 8 inches was in so far that our pubes were touching.
A small backward pressure of her hands signaled me to start. I moved in and out at medium pace, making sure I kept some pressure on her spot. I held back as much as I could. Inevitably I squirted with force - one, two, three, four times.

Now I knew, I had definitely gone to heaven.

As I started to move to come out Lucy said “don’t take it out yet……..come back in!............let’s roll on to our sides and stay together”.

With our pubic area still touching my dick was deflating. Lucy said that it would not slip out- it was too long. Hanging down soft it was 7 inches. It did not stretch much when it went hard.
Lying together, touching in this way, with my dick still inside, was as if we were one.

Lucy had an arm around me and was whispering in my ear telling how she liked intercourse - she had felt me go four times by counting the squirts as the warmth entered her. IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!

I had never thought sex could be so exhausting. I just waited for my energy to return. After some 15 minutes I could feel a light pressure surround my dick, easing off and on. Lucy was using her vaginal muscles to massage me. As she gradually increased the pressure on and off….. on and off, I could feel my dick start to get hard again. Lucy felt it too. She whispered “do you want to go again”. With that we flipped again to her back and I regained my position. My dick stayed fully into her all the time! I thought that I might not be able to go again so soon, but I did! An advantage of youth, no doubt.

This time Lucy said to take it out. She wanted to watch it come out of her while it was still long and hard. Slowly I withdrew. It was glistening with the secretions. Lucy put her hand around it and briefly rubbed it up and down gently as she watched it slowly deflate.


As I rolled on to my back my mind raced backwards. Firstly, to the undertaking I had given to my Uncle, ‘to look after Lucy’, and then to today’s ceremony, ‘to have and to hold, from this day forward’. By allowing me to enter the most sacred part of her body Lucy had given herself to me completely. In a way, we had been together for 10 years all ready. Now, I had sole responsibility for her for the rest of our lives. I saw this as an easy job. It was fun to be with Lucy……… there was never a dull moment

We cuddled up close and were asleep in minutes.
A perfect end to a perfect day!

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