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On campus, I had become friendly with Jack. We took a class together that finished just before lunch. I usually met for lunch after that class. While I was waiting for Lucy, sometimes, we would sit and talk about all sorts of things, such as our likes and dislikes, cars, girls, what sort of job we hoped to get, and so on. Jack lived a 30 minute drive from campus, so commuted.

We seemed to have a lot in common. Like me, he did not drink or smoke. Neither was he interested in parties. He preferred to go to the movies. He liked watch videos of the older movies, particularly the old musicals, such as Sound of Music. he said he thought they rarely made movies like that now.

Often Jack would still be with me when Lucy arrived, so he had met her a number of times. Lucy had asked him if he had a girlfriend. He said not but would like to.

During one our talks he asked me what you do to you hang on to a girl like Lucy. He said he could imagine there would be a lot of guys trying to lure her away, particularly guys up to around 30. Many of these guys were well versed in the art of seduction. They would wine and dine a girl for a while, then split with them and quickly pick up with another. He knew about it because his older brother was one. He was 30 and his current girlfriend was 18.

The next week we were sitting at our usual spot, talking, while waiting for Lucy. He looked up and said he could see Lucy coming down the path. She was walking with 3 guys…….seniors. They were laughing.
As they got closer he pointed and said “see that guy on the right of Lucy. He has a reputation as a womanizer. He is very devious…….always asking girls to have a drink with him……….trying to get them alone………asking for their phone number”. I asked how he was aware of this. He said he knew quite a few girls on campus, who had attended his high school. They had pointed him out.

As they came closer the 3 guys peeled off and minutes later she arrived. I asked Jack to have lunch with us. Later, Lucy said she really enjoyed his company. It was a pity he did not have a girlfriend. She reckoned he would be a good catch for the right girl.


After dinner that night I said I would needed to work on some assignments. I went to my room and sat at the desk. I started to think about the days events. All of a sudden I felt depressed. I was thinking about what Jack had said. “How do you hang on to a girl like Lucy” and how he had explained about professional seducers. I had always thought about vultures, but of my age, not up to 30!

I decided to lie on my bed to relax and hope the feeling would pass. Just the thought of losing Lucy made tears flow down my cheeks. Just then I heard Lucy’s voice say “how are you going?” and her head popped around the door. She could see the tears on my face and asked what was wrong and said “you look so down”.

She cuddled up next to me and said “I know what will perk you up ………come on share a shower”. She took my hand and dragged me to the bathroom. In seconds, our clothes were off into a heap in the corner and we were in the shower.

In my present state my dick was like a rag doll, completely lifeless. It had never, ever been like that before when in the shower with Lucy! One look and Lucy immediately knew there was something wrong.

With the warm water running over us she wrapped her arms around me, pulled me so our bodies were touching head to toe. “Tell me what it is, please, we share everything don’t we?”
I told her how I had seen her walking with the guys on the campus and this feeling came over me that I was going to lose her to somebody else.

She looked up to me and gave me such a passionate kiss that I started to feel a lot better. Then she said “Jimmy, I love you………I want you……….I want to share my life with you always………….what you are thinking is never going to happen…………...never, ever, ever think like that again, please………understand? I nodded “ok”. I was feeling much better. Then Lucy said “it feels lonely in here with just the two of us, I should do something about”. She put her hand around my dick. It suddenly came back to life. There were three of us again.

While we were drying off Lucy asked did I remember 2 weeks ago when we came back from visiting. She took my hand and we were on the bed in seconds.
“My turn…….. you remember I showed you what to do?”

How could I forget?


Firstly she lay on her back. This time we put a small dab of baby oil on my finger to get her started.
Finding her spot, I gently massaged it in the way she always liked. It never took Lucy long to orgasm. She was expert at it. One hand always held my hard dick and I could feel each orgasm by her light squeeze. After removing any surplus oil from my finger I opened her lips wide then moved my finger over her spot and slightly inside. I could feel the slipperiness on my finger as I moved it slowly down, out and up along the inside top of her lips, then very lightly around and around. The top inside edge must have been very sensitive because I could feel Lucy’s squeezes on my dick in rapid succession as I continued around it.

Now, she rolled on to her side indicating what she wanted next. Moving in close I became aware of the advantage of being 8 inches. Holding my hand around the base it was easy for to place the top of it anywhere along her open slit. As I rubbed up and down the slipperiness increased even more. I could see an opaque fluid oozing out. Moving my dick up to her spot I slowly rubbed it circles. As Lucy now held my hand I could feel her response.

Looking at the head of my dick, so big, sitting on her spot, I wondered how it would even go in there. I seemed like there was just no room at all. I would have to ask Lucy about that – we might have a problem.
Next, I moved my dick a little below her spot, pushing inwards. Being so slippery it slid in so that half the head was obscured. As this was forbidden territory I quickly pulled it out. As I did the head clipped her spot. I felt Lucy’s squeeze but not release. She whispered “do that again”. So I did, and again, and again. Lucy indicated to me to keep going but told her that such a sensitive spot could become irritated.

Lucy then settled down, gave me a kiss and, in seconds, was fast asleep.

I lay for while. I felt I needed congratulations. I had kept control of urges for once. I was sure that holding my dick around the base in order to guide it reduced the usual urges.
I was sure Lucy would be pleased about that too.

However, if she realized that I had let my dick partly enter her was she still going to be pleased? In the pleasure of the moment I did not think she was aware of it.
I would explain that it was accidental because she was so slippery. I would have to give an undertaking not to do it again.

I would have liked to stay on the bed with her but I needed to complete those assignments.


Next morning, I was up early and started breakfast prep. Lucy arrived, came to me, gave me a long tight cuddle and said she had slept like a baby all night and felt fantastic. If that sex play had this effect on her I would suggest that we shouldn’t leave it another 2 weeks.

I decided this was a good time to tell her of my reservations. I told her how I could not see how my dick would fit in her as there did not seem to be any space for it. She said it would not be a problem; 8 inches would fit easily. Her body would stretch to fit it in.

She said my mother had confirmed that for her!

“What? You have been talking to my mother about my size.”
“It’s not an issue…………..our mothers have seen you plenty of times” she said.
“Yes, maybe…….. but not with 8 inches sticking out………….oh,oh, maybe at the pool”.
Lucy replied that they would not have seen that, at the pool, if I had kept control of myself.

I could hardly believe my ears. I wanted to know when all this happened. It suddenly it hit me. It was when we were visiting to tell them we were going to get married. Lucy and our mothers had gone into a huddle in the bedroom for at least an hour. I wanted to know what else she had told them. I guessed it was everything. It had always been like that. Lucy had always told them everything. With my mother, Lucy was just like a daughter.

Needing to know the timing for planning a wedding, Lucy had gone into detail about her fertility planning and how that would influence the date. They knew of Lucy’s ideas on marriage and intercourse, and that to her, it was a changing event from which a relationship had a new, but joint beginning.


Following the formal commitment to each other our mothers thought our relationship would soon change.
They did not think we could abstain until the wedding, even allowing for our sex play, which they knew all about anyway. They advised her to get condoms straight away. This is where my size came in to the discussion. My mother told Lucy to make sure I got the largest size condoms, not less than 56mm, otherwise it was likely I would not be able to get it on. And, if that happened we would still have intercourse, regardless, because we would be to far gone not to. She should not rely on me in such a situation. After all, I was a male.

While Lucy was up clearing the table I moved to the lounge, lay back thinking about all this.
It was about 4 weeks or so since we had decided to be married.

Thinking of our sex play I wondered whether Lucy’s resolve was weakening. She had taken us a little step further. I was sure I was not going to be of any support to her in this matter. I was so weak I could not even stop my dick from going hard when I should.

Last night, when it slipped that little further into Lucy, was it really an accident? Was my subconscious telling me to do it? Was it just another sign of how weak I was! On the other hand, tell me what guy would not be weak with Lucy lying naked, invitingly, on the bed in front of them. Maybe I was normal after all!

I was soon to find out!

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Jimmy is showing up as very weak and controled. There nice kids and I like them both.

Hopefully they will not have to finish college and him go on and return from his Mission First.

You never get the time you lost not having Sex Back it is just Lost for ever.

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