All Boys Camp

I was a youth camp councillor at an all-boys camp for a few years. This is the first year I went to this camp.

Part 1.

My friend Kevin and I both signed up to be youth camp councillors for an all-boys camp. This camp was for young boys who want to become a man. Most of the boys who went didn't have their father's in their life and their mother's forced most of them to go. It is a strange sight to see a bunch of single mothers wanting to get rid of their young son's for the summer, But i figured, the more fun for us. As we boarded the bus for the camp site, I had to do a head check. The bus was packed full of young boys ages 6 -17. We had at least 60 young boys going. The older boys were all youth councillors. I was lucky to be the oldest boy on the bus. During our 3 hour bus ride me and Kevin were talking about some of the things we did at sleepovers and what we have done with each other. We are thinking of "fun games" we can play with these young campers.

I only know a few of the boys from babysitting them. Ben is one of the young boys that I babysat all the time. Ben is 6 turning 7 this week and he looks up to me a lot. He was sitting behind me and Kevin and Ben started asking me questions like "Are we there yet?", "is there a pool there", "can I stay in your cabin?" This kid is cute, for a skinny six year old with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes; you couldn't keep your eyes off of him. We finally arrived at the camp site and as we unloaded the bus everyone was assigned groups. I was lucky to have Kevin and Ben in my group. Kevin an I have known each other for years and we have done alot of stuff in that time. We were assigned 10 young boys and the cabin sleeps 11. We went to the cabin we were assigned to and the first thing I saw was a double bed and I yelled "shotgun" and threw my duffle bag on it. Everyone found a bunk except Ben. He was looking around for a bunk and he came right to me and asked "can I sleep with you?" I gave in and said "shure" Ben was so happy he dropped his bag and jumped up and gave me a strong hug.

Just as ben hugged me the Cabin door opened and a young man in his twenties wearing a lab coat and said hello to everyone and announced "I am Dr. Smith the camp's Physician.” I will be giving you all a standard adult physical after swimming". Most of the boys looked confused but I and Kevin knew what that meant. As Dr. Smith left the cabin I announced "we are going swimming so let’s all get changed" We all started to get changed into our swimming gear and I noticed everyone except myself, Kevin and Ben were all wearing towels as they changed. Kevin and I looked at each other as we stripped naked and took our time putting on our bathing suits. Most of the young boys in our cabin looked at us getting changed and couldn't believe how big our cocks are. My penis is 6 inches flaccid and 7 inches erect, circumcised with trimmed blonde pubic hair and low hanging balls .Kevin is also circumcised with a 5 inch cock with low hanging balls. Ben was right in front of me when he asked me "why do you two have hair on your pee pee"s?” Kevin and I told everyone hair grows down there when you become a man. By this time my bathing suit on and Kevin standing in a tight speedo as all of the boys made a mad dash for the pool.

When we came back Dr. Smith was waiting for us at the front door of the cabin As we all went into the cabin Dr. Smith Said "Everyone stand in front of your bed" We all stood in front of our beds as he started with Kevin. Kevin Is 15 years old with a atheistic body like me. Dr. Smith began by listening to his heart and lungs followed by examining his body. Dr. Smith pulled down Kevin’s speedo exposing his young naked body. All the young boys watched as Dr. Smith examined Kevin's young developed body. As Dr. Smith started to examine Kevin's penis and balls the boys were getting a little amused and scared. Then Kevin turned around and bent over to expose his asshole. As Dr. Smith put a glove on and lubed up his finger the boys started to watch real close as his finger went into Kevin's butt .As he withdrew his finger Kevin said to everyone "it's ok" Dr. Smith said "you’re done, next" Ben jumped ahead and couldn't wait his turn. Dr. Smith Began to examine Ben's little skinny boy body as he stood there completely naked. Ben's little uncut one inch penis in view as Dr. Smith began to fondle it and pulling the foreskin back exposing his little cock head. Dr. Smith asked me to get naked and stand next to Ben. After checking our pulses and breathing, Dr. Smith put on some rubber gloves and fondled my cock and balls. We both turned around exposing our assholes being penetrated with a finger.
Ben started panting as Dr. Smith inserted his giant finger into his little virgin hole.

When we turned around every boy in the cabin was completely naked, some supporting boners. As the good doctor finished up with the last boy in the cabin, Dr. Smith
Announced, "You have all taken the first step to becoming a man". Then I announced "Last one to the showers is a horny toad" Every boy dashed out the door towel in hand streaking toward the shower building.

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