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Lucy had phoned her mother the day after our discussion. She said we were coming only for the day, a Saturday, and would she invite my parents over for lunch on the same day. Her mother said she would arrange it.

The next day her mother had phoned back before we left for classes and confirmed that arrangements were made. Lucy suspected that our mothers had been talking together because it was only about 4 weeks since we had visited.

She related the essence of the conversation to me. Her mother asked questions like :
“are you still having proper meals………..
who does the cooking now……….
how do you manage with the washing
how is your job………”

and then, out of the blue-
“is there a special reason for the visit.”

Lucy said she tried to be evasive with her answer by saying that we had lots of things to tell them.

And, the last question she popped on her was-
“have you invited Jimmy in yet.”

Lucy said she replied, definitely no!

I said to Lucy that it all sounded good although I was still apprehensive about fronting her father. After all we were really young to be getting married compared to what seemed to be the norm these days. Lucy told me there was no need to worry. If necessary she would handle her father.


Both of us had a hectic day with only a few breaks between classes. When we arrived home Lucy decided to have a bath and just relax, covered in hot water. The bathroom off her bedroom had a very large bath as well as the shower. She went to the bathroom to start the water.

A little later I heard a voice sing out “I need help”. I raced in to the bathroom.

Oh wow, what a sight. Lucy was lying on her back, covered in water, except for her breasts. They were sticking up completely above the waterline, all shiny from the water and with hard nipples pointing skyward. I could hardly believe my eyes. As she floated up and down her mound topped by that magic dark triangle of curly hair would pierce the waterline.

I asked what the matter was.

Lucy answered “I cannot reach my back………………or my front!”
“Well, if that’s the case then it is an emergency……..but how will I go about it?” I replied.
Lucy looked at me smiling and said ‘I don’t think you can manage it out there……… will have to get in with me like you use to do……’s a long bath ………..there is plenty of room for two!”

I did not need a second offer.

Any sense of control went out the window. I was hard before I could undo the top button on my shirt. Off went my clothes which I hastily threw in to the corner, creating an untidy heap. I hopped in to the opposite end of the bath, lay back with my legs apart and stretched them out beside her. In the water my dick stood straight up, way above the waterline, but swaying with the movement of the water.

Lucy put her hand around it saying “it looks really big Jimmy, I wonder if it has grown more since I last put my ruler and tape on it………I will have to check it again………you won’t let it go in the water, will you”.

With some things Lucy had a short memory. I had told her many times that my dick had a mind of it’s own. If it decided it wanted to go then it would go. It never asked for permission.

Lucy rubbed me lightly up and down splashing water on it to make it slippery. With the pleasure of the hot
water, Lucy’s playing with me and the thought of rubbing my hands over every inch of her body while immersed in the hot water made my dick feel hard as never before.

Lucy could sense that I was having trouble containing myself.
“If you have to go then use this” and passed me a wash cloth.

I just could not hold on any longer. After,I leant backwards on to the bath, closed my eyes and waited for my energy to return. I thought to myself; you must have to be old before you get control, about 30 years of age old maybe.
Then I had a most depressing thought; maybe Lucy will not let me get in with her again! She gave me the wash cloth just in time.

I was awakened from my daydreaming by Lucy saying:

“put your foot up between my legs………..put the bottom of your big toe on my spot and give it a little wiggle while under the water…………that’s it, just a little higher………gently now……….oh that’s beautiful……….don’t stop……………Jimmy, I see you’re hard again…….surely you are not going to want to go again, you should not have anything left…………just a little more………..hold my hand I’m coming…………nowww………….that was so good;………….. I’ll just rest a bit and we will get out before the water goes cold”.

The baths we had together when we were 11 were nothing like this!

When Lucy pulled her knees up and widen her legs I could see all her slit surrounded by the dark curly hairs. I really had never looked at her before, from in front. It was very seductive view. I probably could have sat looking all day.

I sat on the edge of the bath watching Lucy towel down. I told her to take her time. This was even better than watching her undress. I did not want it to finish too soon.
I had gone soft for a while but now I was hard again. Lucy said that it was a good time for her to get the ruler.

My dick seemed to have a higher upward angle than it use to. Lucy said that was harder to push it down level. She put the ruler on and said
“it is still 8 inches……..I felt sure it had grown longer…………..looks like that is far as it is going………..but I know how to make it look longer”.

She told me that my hairs had grown quite bushy and that they could be trimmed neatly and show more of the base of my dick. I was a little reluctant but gave Lucy the go ahead. Returning with the scissors she sat on the edge of the bath while I stood in front.
She proceeded to trim away a small amount.. On finishing she asked me to step back, then sideways, and said “that is much better………it now looks an inch longer than before…………..I really like it………….not that I didn’t before.

It didn’t look any different to me.

We must have been in the bathroom for an hour and I said to Lucy that we would not get much done doing this every night. She replied we would restrict it to special occasions. I wondered what else was going to be restricted to special occasions.


I returned to my bedroom to do some assignments due the next day.

Before starting, I decided to lie on my bed, savour my latest experience with Lucy and reflect on the events of the day. Suddenly, I sat up. I remembered back to when she had related what her mother said to her on the phone this morning.
Her mother had asked her “have you invited Jimmy in yet?”

I wondered what that was all about!

Lucy had not elaborated on it, but I remembered she had answered “definitely no!”
I was guessing that it must be some mother and daughter thing.

Then it suddenly hit me. Lucy’s mother was asking whether we had had intercourse!
She was trying to determine if there was a special reason for our visit. If we had, then Lucy might be pregnant. That would explain the visit.

I could also see the logic of her phrasing ‘invites in’.

The female invites the male to enter her. He is able to do so because she wants him to.

I had read that she could lock a male out, or expel him, by using her powerful vaginal muscles; or, at least, make it make it very uncomfortable, if she wished.


My mind then wandered back to the talk I had with the guy outside Lucy’s shop.

He had said “you need to take good care of her if you want to keep her”. I wondered what he meant by that.
He had been married 5 years and his wife was a real head turner. So, he had some experience at being a good partner.

I was sure he was not talking about material things. He must have been talking about the way you treated your partner. Probably, things that happen from day to day.

In light of this, I started to think of some examples of my behaviour towards Lucy that could be improved.

I usually say to Lucy “let’s go to the movies” which really means that I want to see a particular movie and Lucy should tag along.
What I should say is “Lucy is there a movie you would like to see?” If she says “yes” we go to see it. If she says there is none in particular, then I name one I would like to see.

Instead of turning on the TV to the show I think I would like to watch I should say to Lucy “is there a show you want to watch tonight”. If she says “no” then I should ask if she is happy to watch one I suggest.

Further, I should start asking what she would like me to do to help with the chores.

I realised that I needed to work at making such changes if our loving relationship was to last a long time. It may not be as important now while we are in the flush of lust and love. It is often the little things that are more important.


Then my thoughts focussed on our intimacy.
When Lucy is giving to me, I should always acknowledge in some way that I am receiving.

I thought of the nights when we had our stay-overs. Before updating each other on the day’s events we would have quiet time. Lucy may take my hand, hold it for a while, then give it a squeeze.

She is giving to me, for example, a signal that she is very happy. Now I need to respond to indicate I have received.
I may just squeeze back; maybe edge closer to her; or put my arm around her waist indicating for her to come closer. Perhaps move her hair and kiss her on the neck. I could vary my response each time. If I do not respond, after 2 or 3 times, she will to stop doing it because she thinks I do not get any message.

Similarly, when I am sitting on the bed watching her undress, she is continually giving to me. I should indicate I am receiving. Even some little gesture. We may not even talk.

When she removes her top, I see her bra with breast overflowing her ample cleavage. Maybe I could put my arm out and with one finger trace the shape down one side of her cleavage and up the other. She never hurries giving me plenty of time to enjoy.

Removing her bra she indicates her pleasure at no longer having the tight garment around her. Taking her time folding the items, I am given plenty of time to enjoy their beautiful shape.
I could put my arms out indicating to come closer.
As I am sitting on the bed her breasts would be level with my face. I would be able lean forward and lightly kiss each nipple.

She removes her outer garment and underwear at the same time revealing her dark haired triangle. I have been in awe of it since the first day I saw it. Maybe it’s because it’s so close to heaven. Again she takes time folding the clothes then turns around and moves to the wardrobe. I am looking at the curvy outline of her from the rear, naked from top to bottom. Now I could get up from the bed, run my hand down her back, over her shapely bottom and round to her mound, lightly but briefly running my fingers through her curly hair.

Actions like these would show her that I have received what she has given.

This is not a sexual activity. That is separate.

I feel, now, I have achieved something in sorting this out. I just need to carry it through continuously. I cannot envisage ever being without Lucy. I must ensure I never become complacent and take her for granted.

Now I should get on with my assignment.

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