New characters and a new story. Excuse how short this one is, I've not written for a while and am a little out of practice.
Kyle drained the last dregs of his coffee and announced that he should go. One o'clock in the morning, and he had to be up at seven for work. Jimmy and Mike said goodbye, and he closed up his laptop and packet it into his rucksack, and saw himself out. He stood by the door and rolled himself a cigarette, and lit it. As he started the two mile walk home he thought about what they'd been doing, and looking forward to getting more done on the three's little project. He looked forward to seeing what the game would look like when they'd finished writing it, and looking forward to getting some more 3D models made tomorrow night.

He walked round a corner onto a long road full of terraces, about half an hour into his walk. He wondered why on earth he'd decided to get a bus to Mike's place instead of cycling, and realized that he needed to pee. 'Well,' he thought, 'chain-drinking coffee will do that to you, I suppose.' He looked around for somewhere to go, and saw a ginnel between two terraces. Looking around himself, he turned around and walked down it. Behind the houses' gardens was a long alley full of untended trees and overgrown weeds. He looked at the upstairs windows overlooking him, making sure nobody was looking, and, seeing that they weren't, unfastened his zip.

He let go, just letting his pee dribble out so he didn't make any noise. Over a few seconds, he became more confident that nobody could hear him, and he let himself go more, until he wasn't holding back. He could just hear the stream hitting a bramble, and it was just about visible by the scattered light of nearby lamp posts.

When he had finished and was about to zip himself up, he heard a sharp breath nearby. He held his breath and hid his shame behind his hand, and looked around. Nothing, for a moment, then another giggle. It seemed to be coming from the garden whose back door was closest to him. He edged over. He could just see a keyhole in the door, and he stooped down to look through it.

He saw two girls, maybe fifteen, sixteen years old - he couldn't be sure in this light. That explained the giggling, obviously neither had seen a penis before. They looked at the door, frozen. Obviously, one had been watching through the hole and seen him approach.

Kyle spoke through the hole: 'did you like that?' One of the girls stammered, but made no meaningful words.

He stood up and tried the door, still with his penis on his hand. The door opened, and he peered round it. 'You've seen my cock and watched me have a piss, don't you at least want to know my name?'

One of the girls stepped forward and pulled the door open. Kyle stepped in, covering his penis with his hand, and pushed it shut with his foot. 'I'm Kyle.'

'Charlotte,' said the girl who'd stepped forward. She had straight black hair that grew down her back, a small, round face, and light skin. Her eyes looked black.

'Marie,' said the other. She had wavy red hair that was shorter than Charlotte's, and wasn't quite as tall. Her face was a little more pointed, and her eyes lighter.

Kyle wondered why Charlotte and Marie were outside, but then he saw that they were smoking cigarettes. Obviously, they did their smoking outside - maybe they weren't allowed to inside. They both seemed to be shivering slightly; maybe they were nervous. Couldn't be cold at this time of year.

'So, did you like looking at my cock?'

Charlotte looked at her socked feet, and Marie gave a nervous giggle.

'No need to be embarrassed! If you enjoyed it, I can get it out for you to look at again, if you like...' and he removed his hand. Charlotte chanced a peep at it and looked back at her feet. And then she did it again. Then, abandoning pretence, she began to stare at the first cock she had ever seen. Marie did something halfway between, tilting her head down towards her own bare feet, but really looking up at Kyle's cock.

Kyle felt a little nervous, but more excited. He waited for one of the girls to say something. After some time, he became aware that he could feel his pulse down there. He looked down. His penis was inflating with little jerks. He looked at Charlotte, who looked mesmerized by what was happenning in front of her. He looked at Marie: she had forgotten herself and was staring at it hungrily. She realized with a start that Kyle was looking at her, and she looked into his eyes for a moment. Then, she resumed staring at his cock, shuffling her feet on the flagstones.

Before long, Kyle was fully erect, his penis sticking out in front of him like a small pike. He took hold of it in his right hand and started to stroke it, very slowly.

'Is that what you do?' Charlotte looked flushed as she spoke.

'Yeah. Don't you play with yourself?'

'Well...' that seemed to be too embarrassing a question for a first meeting. Marie, however, had already answered: her left hand was rubbing at the crotch of her jeans, making her look like she needed the toilet. The only thing that suggested otherwise was the look of pure arousal on her face. Kyle looked at her, still masturbating slowly.

'Does that feel good?' He asked her. She hummed; yes.

Charlotte, however, still was looking frightfully embarrassed, hands anchored in her pockets. Kyle took a step towards her.

'Do you need a hand? I've got one spare.' And he offered his left hand toward her. She looked at it and shuffled her hips a little. A small damp patch appeared in her crotch. He touched it with the back of one finger. Charlotte jumped, but then she relaxed and slowly took his hand in hers. She placed it palm-up against her crotch.

'I only do it every now and again. When I'm really...' She looked down as though about to confess some dreadful wrongdoing... 'horny.'

'Are you horny now?'

Marie looked at Charlotte, quietly slipping her hand down her waistband, into her jeans. There was no damp spot there, but her legs were shaking a little. Charlotte looked at Marie, and down at what she was doing. Kyle, still cupping his hand around Charlotte's crotch, gave a little squeeze. 'Oh!' she squeaked, 'yes!'

Kyle slowly rubbed Charlotte as she stared at his left hand on her crotch, and at his right hand on his on penis. Marie reached out with the hand that wasn't down in her jeans, and touched Kyle's penis.

'It's so hard...' She held the tip in her fingers and squeezed. Kyle groaned, and stopped masturbating. He began to fondle Marie's breasts through her t-shirt. He looked at her. She looked extremely horny. He looked down, and the fingers were moving in a rhythmic circle. He looked at Charlotte again.

'Can I have a look?' He gave another squeeze with his left hand to let her know what he wanted to look at. She blushed, and then grimaced. She pushed his hand away and slowly unzipped her jeans, looking like she might wet herself with nerves at any moment. She stood for a while, and took off her jeans, leaving her underwear. She rubbed herself as Kyle had been doing a moment ago. Marie rubbed up and down in her jeans, and began to pump up and down on Kyle's penis, which was still in her hand.

Charlotte stopped masturbating and looked for a moment like she was going to be sick. She sat on the ground and pulled her underwear off, sitting there in just black socks and a grey t-shirt. Kyle looked down at her and noticed she had taken her underwear off. He took his cock into his own hand again, and crouched down in front of Charlotte.

'So, can I have a look?' Charlotte looked more embarrassed by the second. She looked at Kyle's erect cock, a few inches away from her face. He put his hands on her knees and tried to bring them apart. She resisted and squealed 'no!' He took his hands off her knees.

'I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to have a look. It's only fair, you got a look at mine!' He looked down at his cock and started to play with it again. He looked up again, into Charlotte's face. She bowed her head, presumably so she couldn't see Kyle's face, and slowly parted her knees until she was sat with her legs splayed. She leaned back to give him a better view.

It looked like Marie was interested too. She had crouched down beside Kyle - still with her hands in her jeans - and was looking at Charlotte's pussy as well. By the ambient light of the lamp posts nearby, it looked like the perfect vertical slot.

'It's beautiful,' Kyle said kindly. Charlotte quickly pulled her legs together again. Kyle slowly reached out to touch her, through her t-shirt. She shuddered, but made no sign of resistance. He rubbed her like before, rubbing her pussy with the heel of his left hand.

Marie sat down cross-legged and leaned back to remove her own jeans. When they were off, she pushed a hand into her underwear again to rub herself, and leaned in to Charlotte to speak.

'Are you enjoying this?' Marie whispered. Marie herself was enjoying it, and she wanted Charlotte to as well.

Charlotte grunted. She had only ever played by herself, and not all that often. Not that Marie wasn't the same; but she was simply more confident and outgoing.

Marie sat up again, kicking her jeans to one side, and took Kyle's cock in her hand again. She resumed stroking him, and rubbing herself.

They all sat there, playing with each other, when Kyle started to feel the familiar burn. He pulled his cock out of Marie's grip, and started to rub her along with her own hand, and he spoke:

'I don't want to come just yet, give it a moment to settle down, okay?' Marie nodded and ground a little with both their hands. Having a hand free, Marie tugged at Charlotte's t-shirt and began rubbing her breasts. The two girls hadn't ever actually masturbated each other, but they had played with each other around, most often when letting their fantasies run away with them.

Charlotte opened her mouth and a sigh came out. Kyle could tell by the warmth under his fingers that she wasn't far off the edge, either. Hearing what he had just said, Charlotte reached over and started to slowly stroke Kyle's cock.

Charlotte then said the boldest thing she had ever said, and with the most cracked and nervous voice she had ever used. 'I don't care if you don't want to come yet.' she said, 'I want to see it.' She tugged on Kyle's cock and he shifted so that both girls could more easily see what was soon going to be inevitable.

'You do?' He looked at both of them, and both of them nodded with the eagerness of girls who hadn't even seen a photograph of a cock, let alone a real one. 'How close are both of you to the end?'

Both girls allowed the moans they had been stifling to escape, as a positive sign for Kyle to go on. He had a hand on both girls now, and was crouching between them with one of them stroking him. He wanted to make this as memorable for them as possible.

He knew what to do. 'Do you girls like to do this?' And he pushed his index and middle fingers into each of them, slowly, curling them upwards slightly. He was a little out of practice, but he remembered that all his ex-girlfriends had liked this. They both gasped and withdrew involuntarily, but soon became accustomed to the experience and started to move their hips in response to Kyle's fingering.

A few more seconds went by, and the gasping got louder and less rhythmic, more uncontrolled. A key moment passed, and just at that moment of no return, Kyle gave Charlotte a command:

'Squeeze as hard as you can!'

She complied, and within a few seconds the three of them had started to orgasm. Kyle started first, firing a jet of fresh semen at Charlotte's shoulder, and then another, bigger one. Seeing this, Charlotte gasped and started to groan and growl as that idea settled in her mind and drove her pleasure over the edge, and then Marie began as well, sending short, sharp shrieks into the darkness. Charlotte still gripped Kyle's pulsating cock, which was hot in her fingers, and Kyle pushed his fingers deeper and deeper still into both of them, pushing his wrists back so his palms rubbed their clits. He could feel from the pressure in their pussies that Charlotte was having a more intense orgasm than Marie, and that it was going to last longer. And he turned out right; he finished his own orgasm with a last dribble of semen, which landed on Marie's ankle, and then Marie came back with one last, prolongued 'aah.' But Charlotte was still going, and Kyle wanted to see how long it would last. He pushed harder still, then pushed a third finger in.

Charlotte bit her lip and continued grunting. Kyle, pulling his fingers out of Marie, dropped over Charlotte, leaning over her just inches away from his semen, and whispered another command into her ear.

'Let it out.'

He brought his head down and nuzzled her neck on the opposite side to her come-soaked shoulder. He nibbled it, licked it lightly, kissed it, and licked it some more. That seemed to do it: Kyle and Marie both heard Charlotte heave a mighty breath before letting an eardrum-bursting orgasmic yell out. By the sound of it, that yell had been waiting to force its way out for a long time.

Charlotte screamed again, and suddenly Kyle realized with a sickening jolt that Charlotte might wake someone up. But thankfully, it was over. A third yell, more like a theatrical sigh came, and then Charlotte settled.

Kyle slowly withdrew his fingers and sat up, looking at the two girls. Charlotte was exhausted. Marie was dumbstruck. Her eyes were flitting from Kyle's now-deflated penis to Charlotte's semen-soaked t-shirt, to her sweating face, to her heaving chest...

Marie spoke. 'How do you know how to do that?' She pointed at Charlotte.

'Practice... you don't think I'm a virgin do you?'

'Well we...'

'Yeah, I know. You can't not be, as nervous as you two are. But you certainly made a start, and you definitely look like you both enjoyed it!'

Charlotte sat up, still looking spent. 'So did you.' She pointed at her shoulder with a look on her face that suggested continued arousal and anger at the same time.

'Oh, err, umm... I'm sorry about that.'

'Do you think she's going to worry about that?' Marie piped up. 'Char, how long has it been?'

'Erm...' Charlotte suddenly looked embarrassed again. 'Six months,' she whispered shakily.

Even Marie looked shocked. 'How can you leave it that long when you know it feels that good?'

Charlotte sat up and hung her head. 'Well... I got caught a couple of years ago, when I... first tried it. I didn't know it felt that good, and I was doing it in my room. I had my first... orgasm... that night. My dad came in thinking I'd hurt myself when I screamed, but then he saw me... naked... with two fingers up my... up there... and... I've... never been so... embarassed.' She trailed off.

'Impressive,' said Marie. 'I got caught by my brother when I was just getting in the swing. He just turned round and said "you need a DO NOT DISTURB sign" and then walked out, cool as a cucumber.'

They talked between themselves, Kyle mainly listening, but occasionally adding the odd humourous comment or actual contribution. After some minutes, he reached into his pocket for his tobacco and made a cigarette, and the Marie followed suit producing a pack of cigarettes. Kyle offered her a light when he had lit his, and she accepted it.

The three of them continued talking for about ten more minutes, and then Kyle slowly stood up and said he should go.

'But I hope you two enjoyed yourselves. I know I did.'

'Yes, I enjoyed myself,' said Marie. 'And I know you did too.' She looked at Charlotte, who was now sat with her legs stretched out straight in front of her, staring at her toes, and who nodded slowly when Marie spoke to her.

Kyle took a step. 'Well, I'd love to do this again some time. Whose place is this?' Charlotte said it was her parents' house, and that they were out for the night, and they were that night every month.

He looked her up and down, thinking he would pay another visit some time. But he nodded to them and left, closing the gate behind him.

As he continued the walk home, nothing else exciting happened. He got home and went to bed.

The girls, however, carried on talking. They both, needless to say, wanted to see Kyle again. Charlotte, especially, seemed to like him. Did she fancy him? Or was it just because he made her come so hard? Well, either way, she wanted that again. And one thing that she was definitely going to do... that goes without saying.

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