No Inhibitions

I have classified this story as fiction. However, it is based on fact. In particular, the first and last parts. I have used journalistic licence and embellishment to hopefully make the story more readable and interesting. Thus fiction category. A reader can likely work out which is which.


Our classes finished midday so we came home immediately.

The first thing Lucy usually did when we got home was to take off her bra. I sat on the edge of her bed just watching as she took off her top. Next came the bra. She often said how she really did not like wearing a bra. Just as she did not like wearing swimmers.

I thought to myself, if we are to go on a honeymoon, I will suggest Cape D’Adge and see what she says! Then she would not have to wear anything at all.

I loved watching her undress, a bit at a time. After removing her bra she always placed her hands under her breasts, rubbed along the reddish mark where the bra had been and slowly up over them. It’s was a job I would gladly do for her. I just never got asked. Maybe I should hint.

I did not think I would like a bra tight around my midriff all the time but I suppose females were used to it. Apparently, her mother had told her not to go without a bra all the time, unless she wanted to finish up with sagging breasts. Visualising her mother naked, from when we went swimming, I am certain her breasts did not require any help staying up.

Next off came the jeans revealing ‘almost nothing’ underwear. I could clearly see the dark outline of her triangle through them as she wandered around putting her things away. She was in no hurry despite the fact that we had things to discuss. And I was not going to hurry her!

I thought to myself that I would rather sit, just watching her like this, than go to the movies!

Finally she slipped on shorts, gave her breasts another rub over, then a t-shirt, no bra of course. Her breasts were firm and full so that she barely wobbled with no bra. But her nipples……..they stood out and were very noticeable. I was getting used to Lucy getting around like this, but it was still difficult to maintain control.

Finally we settled to talk.


The first question was when and what are we going to say to our parents?

I could not envisage just ringing our mothers and saying:

“hi Mum….ringing to let you know we are going to get married in about 6 months……….don’t forget to let Dad know when he is home from work………see you soon to work out details…….bye!

We concluded we would have to drive home and hopefully get them all together, at the same time, to tell them.
But, Lucy said that support would first come from our mothers. Maybe, she should phone and hint to her mother, who would immediately contact my mother and tell her what she thought was in the wind. They would then get together and lay the ground work with our fathers.
We decided we should go in no later than 2 weeks.

I thought I was clear on our strategy, but I had lost concentration towards the end watching Lucy’s nipples.
So I said “Lucy will you please change that top………your nipples are sticking out in it.” “OK” she said and whipped off her top right then and there.
“Lucyyyy…” I said “not in the living room…..right in front of me….without warning………in the bedroom.” “I thought you liked my breasts?” She replied. ‘Like them’…… that was an understatement. I was mesmerised by their perfection.
I said “You know what happens when you do that, don’t you?” Still standing there with no top, she responded “don’t worry, it will go down if you get up and make us a coffee”. She wiggled her breasts at me and went to the bedroom.

On returning from the bedroom, she said there was another matter we should talk about; did I know what couples did when they agreed to get married? I did not know anybody, family or otherwise, to whom this had happened. I was stumped for an answer.

Lucy said that they do something special to celebrate and symbolize their decision……. and, it starts with ‘E’…… they buy a ring and announce they are engaged to be married!
Yes. Now I remembered, because I knew both our mothers wore an engagement ring as well as a wedding ring. I had looked at my mother’s ring many times when she had it on the table for cleaning.

Lucy said she wanted an engagement ring; wearing it signalled that she was taken. I fully agreed with that idea. I thought it might do a lot to keep the vultures at bay. I suggested we do it straight away. I wondered if Lucy knew how much a ring would cost. She nominated a figure she thought prices started from. I had been saving steadily since I started work and knew I had lots more than that in the bank.

Lucy said she thought that arriving at our homes with a ring on her finger would give her confidence. Also she could say the ring shop does not give refunds so she intended to keep it.

I needed more than a ring to give me confidence to face Lucy’s father.

We purchased a ring that day.


Lucy mentioned 6 months from now. That would put it not long before classes commenced for the semester.
She explained she would need at least 3 months to establish her fertility cycle. Then she could accurately work out the preferred dates within which we should be married. Lucy was currently doing Biology, which she had also studied in high school. She loved the sciences. She said she would do research on the Billings Method and other variants of natural birth control.

This was news to me. I had never heard of it. I thought people got married at a time that coincided with their holidays or because the weather would be good to honeymoon at the beach. Or, perhaps the snow was good and they liked skiing. Then, importantly, you made sure you had a good supply of condoms.

Lucy said she would explain it all when she had it sorted out and documented. Also, she said we would have to get our heads around the fact our little pleasures would change from being basically independent of each other to dependent. Later, we would have to do some work on it.

Next she asked whether we should spend 3 nights on stay-overs instead of the usual 2 from now on.
What a dumb question; she could not have possibly thought I would not want to.

We had now been living together for 6 months; a situation in which you could say we were 80% married. The other 20% was now pre-destined. What more could I want? Just living with Lucy was so satisfying I really did not need more. When we had our stay-overs she only had to hold my hand and an inner peace seemed to come over me. It was a wonderful feeling and lasted all night.

As darkness came I was thinking….. ‘purchasing of the ring was definitely something to be celebrated’. Accordingly, I would expect ‘sharing’ tonight. I could hardly wait. I decided that if Lucy did not say anything I would remind her. We might even have a stay-over as well. With these expectations I had no interest in watching TV that night.


Both our jobs were going well, particularly Lucy’s. Although only working a few shifts per week her sales were very good and she continued to earn good bonuses.

One night, my own shift finished a little earlier than Lucy. I went to wait for her. I sat on a patron’s lounge in the concourse near her shop. While there, another guy sat down next to me. I guessed he was about 4-5 years older than I. I said ‘hi’ to him and he asked if I was waiting for a girl. I nodded.

Then, he went on to explain that his wife was in the shop where Lucy worked. His wife bought nearly all her clothes there. He said he used to go in the shop with her and she would ask whether he liked this or that. But now, his wife would not let him go in with her. She told him he only embarrassed her.

He said the assistant that usually attended his wife was a tall dark haired gorgeous girl, Lucy. She was very friendly and after about 5 minutes you felt that she was a lifelong friend. She quickly understood his wife’s preferences and always found an outfit she liked.

His wife had complained that he kept staring at Lucy.
He admitted he found her fascinating. He said he could not take my eyes off her. Her long legs were among the best he had ever seen.

So, now he always waited for her, here.

Then his wife came out of the shop and sat next to him. She opened the bags and let him peek in. Then she told him that Lucy was now wearing an engagement ring. He commented that he would like to meet the guy. He could then tell him how lucky he was and that he needed to take good care of her if he wanted to keep her. Then, his wife said that Lucy had an inner beauty rarely found in someone as young.

They got up and left. As they moved away his wife turned around and waved to me. I wondered if she knew.

Lucy came out a short while later. She looked stunning in the new outfit she was wearing for the shop. I asked her to turn around for me. She was wearing high heels. As the guy had said, those legs were really something.
Hand in hand we went to the car to head for the apartment.

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