No Inhibitions


With the return of her parents Lucy moved back to their old house. Due to our changing activities we agreed to generally spend alternate weeks at each other’s place. This new routine continued for the remainder of our high school years.

With warmer weather due, it would soon be swimming time. I asked Lucy whether we would now be wearing swimmers. She said she would and I need not.
But, what if my Aunt was going in at the same time? And what if my mother was there? I was thinking that if I was naked with 3 females I would probably embarrass myself. I had barely managed to get control of myself with Lucy naked in the bedroom half the time!
Lucy said she would ask her mother.


About a year later, I was in bed when Lucy came over with her trusty ruler. She asked me to stand up so she could check my dick. I wasn’t hard when I got up but Lucy quickly fixed that. She was expert at it by now having had plenty of practice. Looking at it’s upward angle she said
“I think it’s hard enough now”. She tested by squeezing it gently with 2 fingers, then pushed it down so it was level, and read off…… “7 inches…..I think it is fatter too.” She put a new mark on the ruler and said “you have only 1 inch to go.”
At this stage I was 6 ft tall and Lucy 5’7”.
One day I heard my Aunt say to her that she needed to go up to a ‘C’ cup before she fell out of the bra she was wearing. I had noticed that there seemed to be more out of her bras than in.


Both Lucy I managed to get after-school/weekend jobs and the big shopping centre.

My mother knew the manager of a fashion shop in the centre that specialised in 14 to 25 yrs
wear. She had spoken to her asking whether they had vacancies. She said there were always vacancies for the right young girls. My mother told the manager of Lucy’s height and that she looked stunning in whatever she put on. She asked that Lucy come in to see her.

Mum rang my Aunt, who knew the shop, and told her that if Lucy would like to work in that type of shop to take her in after school, wearing one of her better outfits.

As a condition of employment, the assistants, when in the shop, were required to wear something from the shops current range, as allocated by the manager. From experience, the manager explained that garments that looked good on the assistants tended to sell very well.
Assistants were paid a bonus on sales achieved by them. If they wished they could buy the garments they wore, at 75% discount, once that garment was no longer promoted.

The next day Aunt took Lucy in to see the manager. The manager took Lucy aside and talked with her for about 10 minutes. Returning to my Aunt she said she would like Lucy to start as soon as she could for initial training. After that, they could work out a timetable that would fit in with her other activities.

After 6 months of us both working I was able to get my driver’s licence. Where possible, we coordinated our work shifts so that when work finished, and it was dark, I could drive Lucy home. Her job was going very well. Bonuses for her were good. She had soon saved a tidy amount.

Now, with job commitments, Lucy and I spent less time together. Nevertheless we retained alternate week about at our houses.


The next time Lucy wanted to measure me we were a bit over 17years.
This time she said “…… 7 ½ inches…..and it is definitely a lot fatter……I will find a tape……don’t let it go down.”
Putting the tape around it, she said “…….. it feels hard……6 inches it is….try and make it harder… might be a little bit more than 6…….should make a note of it somewhere so we can compare next time.”
She put another mark on the ruler.

One weekend Lucy told me that some of the girls at her school were shaving off their pubic hair. I could not understand that they wanted to go back to looking like 10-11 years old. I loved Lucy’s black curly triangle. In fact I was fascinated by it. I just loved to run my fingers through it. It felt like silk. And she liked me to do it.
I told her not to even think about it. I could imagine how prickly it would be after a couple of days. I would not be able to feel her spot without ‘needles’ sticking in my fingers.


One year later was the next measurement. She had both ruler and tape.
Looking at the ruler, she said”…….you are right on 8 inches……let me check if it’s fatter……….
……I would say ……6 ½ inches……..I think the taller you get the longer it becomes!”
Then she said something that seemed strange to me at the time “I don’t think I want it any bigger than that Jimmy……it’s just right as it is now.”

I was now 6’2” tall and Lucy was 5’8”


We started discussing what we would do after finishing high school. We agreed that being apart would not be an option for us. Being so close, we just depended so much on each other. Therefore we applied for, and subsequently received entry to the same college.
The college was about 2 hours away so we expected to live in the dorms.

We were close to the end of high school when Lucy’s mother said that her father was taking a day off and would drive to our future college, look at the dorm setup and generally survey the area.
On their return her father said he not keen on Lucy going into dorm accommodation, even though I would be around to keep an eye on her. They also looked at some real estate and had seen an apartment that was for sale, not far from campus. The apartment had 2 bedrooms with study facilities, 2 bathrooms, etc plus a single lockup garage. He said they would buy it as a long term investment if I would agree to share it with Lucy.
The only condition was that I undertook the responsibility of watching over her.

We were thrilled with her father’s proposal. He said he would proceed with purchase and reinforced his expectation of my obligation to protect Lucy. I think he meant protection from vultures, which I had at the top of my agenda anyway!


We had decided to move in to the apartment a week before classes started. Our parents came as well to see us settled in and help transport our gear. Lucy and I drove in my car as we thought we would be able to manage with one car. The campus bus ran nearby so we expected to use that most days.

We had an exciting day showing our parents over the Campus and where we expected to be taking classes. Our mums and Lucy explored the local shopping areas while our dads helped me with setting up our gear in our bedrooms etc.

Luckily, both Lucy and I had been able to transfer our jobs to the branches of our employers that were in the shopping complex near us.

After our parents had left, Lucy and I were left to contemplate this new phase of our lives. Her bags ready to sort at her leisure.
She took my hand and we wandered from one bedroom to the next. We particularly liked the fact that each bedroom had its own study facility. We would be able to keep our books, assignments and projects completely separate.

Lucy, squeezing my hand, said “although we have our own rooms we can always have ‘stay-overs’…………..I feel like a shower now……….want to share?.......... to celebrate a new beginning.”
Great! I grabbed my things and followed Lucy to her bathroom.

This would be the first time we had showered together. Both being older when Lucy returned from overseas, we always used the bathroom separately.

In the shower Lucy suggested we shower together only for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, end of exams. As far as I was concerned every day was a special occasion, but nevertheless I agreed.
I followed her in; she looked and exclaimed that there was not really room for three of us at the one time, putting her hand around my dick. I was all ready so hard I thought it might burst. A full 8 inches was sticking way out.

We had just settled into this new and independent routine when classes started. The first week was somewhat hectic sorting timetables. Lucy and I had decided that if it was possible to schedule a day free of classes we would try and make it the same day.

After dinner and chores finished, I was at my desk sorting through course material and timetables to make sure everything was correct. After a couple of hours I decided to have a shower. A few minutes later the shower door opened and Lucy’s voice said “share a shower”! She stepped right in and we again had the ‘three’s a crowd’ problem.

I said to her that I thought we were to do this only for special occasions. She replied it was a special occasion – the end of first week of classes! After drying off Lucy threw herself on my bed completely naked and said……”stay-over?” and climbed under the covers. I walked towards the bed with my PJ’s in my hand. She took them off me and said “you won’t need these, this warm weather.”
It took longer to get to sleep that night!

We quickly settled into a new routine of classes and our casual jobs.

Some 6 months after our move to the apartment, late Friday, we drove back home for my mother’s birthday. We stayed at our respective houses for the weekend before returning.

Marriage proposal

It was good to be back together in the apartment. I mentioned to Lucy that it would have been good to have stayed together, in either of our old rooms.
Lucy responded “…..we can do that when we’re marri……………..”

She did not finish the sentence- she just looked at me.

“What were you saying Lucy? It sounded to me like you were going to say “….married”.

Lucy answered “it just started to ‘slip’ out of my mouth”.
I had previously experienced many times when things just ‘slipped’ out of her mouth.

“You want us to be married?” I responded.
My mind was racing. We had never talked about love. Often the word ‘like’ was used but never - ‘love’.
After all, we were first cousins. Over the last 12 months this fact had, on and off, played on my mind.

Putting her arms tightly around my waist, she looked into my eyes and said “I know you love me Jimmy and you know I love you. I want to be with you forever….you do love me, don’t you?”

I was speechless. Tears of joy started to run down my cheeks. I had just been proposed to by the most gorgeous, intelligent, witty and caring girl whom I loved dearly and probably had, for as long as I could remember.
I wrapped my arms around her and held her as if we were one.
“Yes, yes ……of course I do, there is nothing I want more.”

Then I was jolted back to reality.

“But Lucy, we are cousins. What are our parents going to say?”
“Don’t worry about it; there is no law against cousins marrying. In any case I do not think our parents will object” she replied.

Lucy then said she wanted to tell you about a conversation she had with her mother about a year ago.
“I had said to Mum how sweet you had been with me that day. I cannot remember what my comment related to.
She said to me “you know Jimmy’s in love with you don’t you?...........and you are in love with him……….when I see you two together it is very obvious”.
I then asked her why, if you loved me, you had not pressured me to have intercourse or even hinted it.
I explained how some girls at school had told how their boyfriends told them they loved them and wanted them to have full sex. When they declined, the boyfriends, over a couple of weeks, would lose interest and stop contacting them.

Mum said that you understood perfectly why we were not doing so and respected your decision. She concluded by saying “that is true love, Lucy. You are a lucky girl to have it”.
I explained that to me, intercourse was to celebrate a special event. I asked whether I was too old fashioned thinking like this. I said I knew 40-50% of marriage certificates were torn up, but I believed in a formal commitment to the future. I felt just living together was a short term outlook.”

Looking back, Lucy said she thought her mother was actually telling her that we could be married. There was a lot to talk about so we decided to do so after a good night’s sleep.
We still had unpacking to do. We went to our rooms, but I decided to leave unpacking to the next morning. I just lay on my bed and closed my eyes. I was in a euphoric state thinking about what had just transpired, but there were so many questions to be answered. But, I knew I was one lucky guy.
I was dozing off when I sensed footsteps beside my bed. Then I heard Lucy’s voice “stay-over tonight Jimmy?” She slid in beside me and cuddled up. The warmth of her up against me was so relaxing I just fell off to sleep. Lucy did too.

In the morning I woke with a start and thinking:
Lucy’s Dad wanted me to look after her. I don’t think this is exactly what he meant.

Lucy was still fast asleep. Not a worry in the world!!

I am the one who has to front up to her father who has provided this lovely apartment in which I am living, at his expense! I bet the first thing he says is….”have you been having sex with my daughter, your cousin? I asked you to look after her not seduce her!”
What am I going to say?
How am I going to concentrate on classes today with all this on my mind?

I looked at Lucy still fast asleep. She looked so gorgeous. I could not bear to think of the possibility that we could not be together.

I went to the kitchen to start. Eventually Lucy came out, but, completely naked. Apparently, she came into my bed with nothing on. Seeing Lucy naked made it hard to concentrate on what I was doing. The eggs were going to be cooked hard.
I reminded her of early classes.

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