No Inhibitions
When I awoke Lucy was up and dressed. She was wearing a baggy top and jeans so I did not have to face one challenge. She came and sat on my bed, leant over and gave me a kiss. I felt we were closer than ever.

Next she took my hand and slid it up under her baggy top. She rubbed it lightly over one breast. I could feel the nipple firm and sticking out. I could feel my dick getting hard. Letting my hand go she whispered “can you manage without help?” I was a faster learner. I did the same on the other breast then moved gently from one to the other. Then she asked was I hard. I nodded.
“Good she said…..stand up.”

I get re-measured-now 6 ½ inches

She moved to her bedside and returned with the old school ruler and pen. Whereas before, when younger, my dick just stood straight out, it now had a slight upward tilt. Lucy pushed it down so it was level, placed the ruler on it and said 6 ½ inches, and put a mark on the ruler. Holding her hand up and fingers apart about 1 ½ inches she said
“it’s a lot fatter but you’ve still got that far to go”.

Next she put her hand around my dick, held it lightly and asked me whether I remembered what the old rules were. I told her I did. Then she took both my hands in hers. She looked me straight in the eye. Then she said that they still applied, she was too young for babies. I indicated that I understood completely.

Returning the ruler to her drawer, she took my hand and said “time for breakfast……come on, let’s see what’s on”.

The Tennis Club

Lucy had started to play tennis about a year earlier. My Aunt had asked my mother to arrange for her to join our club. Mum had arranged for Lucy to go with me, after school.
The coach would assess her and then slot her into the appropriate squad.
I suspected that Lucy would be quite good, knowing her athletic ability. When we were young I always thought she had good ball skills for a girl.

When I arrived home Lucy was all ready dressed to go. She had on the tight t-shirt and very short shorts. She looked absolutely fantastic. The fullness of her breasts was very obvious and her nipples stood out a mile. With every little move she made they just floated up and down. I would not be able to keep my eye on the ball if I was on the opposite side of the net to her. Neither would the coach. In addition, I would have difficulty keeping the vultures, I mean guys, away from her.

I asked her did she have on a bra. She told me no. I asked could she please put one on. Not that she needed to hold anything up; they held themselves up perfectly.
She was reluctant, so I said I would ask Mum what she thought.
She said “Ok then” and just peeled off her top. “Gosh Lucy” I said “do you have to do that in front of me just before we go out………do you have a looser top you can wear?” She went to the drawer and put on a much looser t-shirt over the bra. She said she did not have any longer shorts with her.

The coach was very pleased and allocated her to the junior advanced squad.
Due to the amount of tennis practice I had had over the years, I had advanced to the senior squad. Coach suggested that after squad I should hit up with Lucy. He thought she would improve a lot, and quickly, with extra work.

Too sexy for tennis

On the Saturday, Lucy was again coming to tennis. Mum told her that on Saturdays the girls usually wore dresses. She said she had a dress. As Lucy went to get dressed I mouthed the words to her “wear a bra please.”
When I went in she was dressed. “How do I look?” Lucy asked.
Now I realized what Bras were really for. They pressed the breasts together so that there was what I heard my Mum call ‘cleavage’.
Lucy sure had cleavage in the bra she had on……….and plenty of it.

The trouble was the dress she wore covered none of it. With every little movement she made her breasts just wobbled on the top because there was so much showing.
And we are going to be running around with a lot of bending!

I asked whether she had another dress. She said she brought only one. It wasn’t that I did not like the dress. She looked stunning in it. It was the vultures I was worried about.

My mother dropped us at tennis and said they might be a little late. I said not to worry I would arrange a lift home.

As it turned out everything was ok. When not playing Lucy became occupied with the other girls
wanting to know about her experiences overseas. The vultures did not get a chance.

When we got home Lucy said she would have a shower. She peeled off her clothes so that she was completely naked. I said she could not go wandering up the hall like that, it was still not dark and my parents could come home at anytime. She was not at all worried.

The females in our families seemed to have no inhibitions about nakedness. Sometimes, I would still see my mother naked on the way to the bathroom. And, if she was putting towels in the bathroom and I was showering she would just come in any way.

The next day Mum took Lucy to the shops to get some ‘more suitable’ clothes for tennis. Lucy wore the same outfit she had on when she arrived. I tagged along to keep an eye on her.
As we walked along the shopping centre concourse I could see all the guy’s eyes sizing her up and down as we approached. Some would turn as we passed to get a rear view.
I could not blame them really. I could not take my eyes off her either, in that outfit.

I learnt one thing that day. I should never let her go to the centre by herself. There were far too many vultures around.

For around 3 months our routine of school and tennis remained much the same.

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