No Inhibitions
Cousins Young Love – part 1

Our Story. 8 – 10 years of age.

My cousin Lucy and I were about 8 years old when my family moved to live about 30 min by car from her house. My name is James but my family has always called me Jimmy. .Our mothers are sisters. Lucy's mother is about 1 year older than my mother. Lucy and I are only children. We attended different schools. I liked visiting Lucy's house because it had a big backyard with trees to climb, a swimming pool, and room to play ball.

My mother and I visited, usually twice a week, after school. Lucy and I became quite close. We seemed to like to do the same things. In the warm weather we would swim.

One hot day afternoon, when my mother and I were first visiting, Lucy and I decided to have a swim. Our mothers said they would too.

Since there were lots of bushes around the pool my Aunt said the neighbors could not see the pool area and we did not need any swimmers. Lucy said "I don't like swimmers on anyway."

Swimming naked

Lucy and I took off our clothes and jumped in.
Our mothers came out of the house naked, but with towels around them, and hopped in with us. Although I had seen my mother naked on many occasions I was fascinated by the fact that my mother and Aunt were very much alike in appearance. I found it hard to take my eyes off the triangles of black curly hair. During the warm weather we all went swimming many times.

After playing outside for the rest of the day my Aunt called us inside and said it was bath time. Lucy grabbed my hand and pulled me behind her to the bathroom. We undressed and as there was water in the bath jumped in. My Aunt came in and asked had we washed here, washed there. From then on, when visiting, we always bathed together.

10 plus

When I was around 10 and a half, at Lucy's prompting, my Aunt asked if I would like to stay over for a weekend. I was happy to do this. I got on well with my Aunt. She was a lot like my Mum, I thought.

Lucy had a spare bed in her room and I was to sleep there. Lucy liked that idea as she said she would have someone to talk to at night. We frequently visited after school on Friday so I was to bring my things and be picked up on Sunday.

Staying over

The next Friday my mother packed some things for me so I could stay over. The arrangement was that I would stay over every second weekend unless other events prevailed. On some weekends Lucy was to stay with us if her parents were going out. My room had a spare bed for her.

After the evening meal the routine was that Lucy and I went to the bedroom and played board games before getting in to bed. Lucy often decided to read for a bit so left the light on. She did not read girlie books. She liked those that had lots of pictures and explained things about the oceans and the land - books which came from the school library.

Lucy was very inquisitive. She asked her Mum lots of question and wanted to know the ins and outs of everything. I, however, tended to take things as they were.

One day, during our regular bath Lucy asked Aunt why my Willie looked different to her father. Aunt told her it was because I was circumcised. Lucy wanted to know the why and the how. Aunt explained that I had an operation when I was a baby. Lucy picked up my Willie and looked at it closely. Aunt pointed to a reddish mark behind the head and said that was where the foreskin had been. Lucy now had many more questions. Aunt told her to look up the encyclopedia and she would explain anything not understood.

It was about this time that Aunt said we were now to big to get into the bath together and we should start showering.

Start of our sexual play

Some visits later, when we were in bed Lucy told me she had been talking to Mary, her best classmate at school, and told her that I was staying some weekends. She asked if Lucy was ‘stretching’ my Willie and told her that boys really liked it. Mary told Lucy she had been ‘stretching’ her older brother's Willie since she was about 8 and that it now ‘stuck out’ a lot. Her brother was now 13. Mary explained what she did.
She also said that he made her nice by rubbing her 'pleasure spot' and asked whether Lucy had her pleasure spot rubbed. Lucy replied that she did not know she had a pleasure spot. Mary had put her finger between her own legs and said it was just there - at the top of her slit. She said it was best if Lucy got her cousin to do it for her because it was hard to find, but that it would real good.

Lucy said to me that we could try it all tomorrow.

Next morning, we woke early. Lucy came over to my bed - "shift over she said" and hopped into bed with me. I liked it when she leant over kissed me on the cheek and then proceeded to cuddle in to me and said we could now try what she had explained to me.

She left the bedroom and returned with a small bottle in her hand which was about 1/2 full. I could see on the label it said Baby Oil. She put a little on her hand and took my Willie which was hanging down all limp and rubbed it between her fingers. After a little while she asked whether it was starting to feel nice. I said it was. Then she said "oh that's better". My Willie stretched and she was able to get her right around it. She proceeded to gently rub backwards and forwards.

When she took her hand away Lucy said "it's sticking straight out a lot." It felt quite good but it looked a bit skinny. Lucy was amazed at how it came from hanging down and little, to ‘sticking out.’

Next, Lucy told me to rub her ‘pleasure spot’ which was at the top of her slit. I felt around but she kept saying she did not feel any different. I said that if she opened her legs wide it might work. I tried again and then she indicated I was on the ‘spot’ and to keeping rubbing gently. After a little while I stopped, but she said to keep going as it was now feeling really, really good.
After a while, she said “maybe you should not rub it too much for the first time – will you do it for me again tomorrow………..I like it a lot”.”

Then Lucy asked me what the spot looked like. I told her there was only a small pink bump which got bigger when I rubbed it and that it had a little cover on it. Many times she tried to see it but could not quite manage to. Lucy looked in her closet drawers and found a small hand mirror. I held it for her and pointed to her spot.
“Its not very big………..not like your Willie!” she commented. She gave it a rub with her finger ………”feels better when you do it for me Jimmy.”

Over the next couple of months we followed much the same daily routine on my weekend visits.

Lucy’s mum finds out

Then, on one weekend, Lucy failed to return the baby oil bottle the bathroom cabinet. She left it on her bedside table. When doing the beds her mother found the bottle and asked Lucy what she had been doing with it. Lucy, always very open with her mother, said how it was ‘stretching’ my Willie. Her mother asked her to show just how this was happening. Lucy brought me into the bedroom and showed her mother what she did. With her mother watching I became hard and ‘stuck out’, as Lucy called it, even quicker than usual. Her mother asked whether anything came out of my Willie since this had started. Lucy stated that she had not seen anything.

I get measured

Aunt was silent for a bit, then asked Lucy to get her school ruler and pen from her school bag. She sat the ruler on top of my Willie, pushed one end on to my body put a mark with then pen on the ruler. She looked at the ruler and said "4 inches".

And added "I think you are going to be big like your Dad when you grow up."

Looking at me sticking out Lucy said "well, how big is Jimmy's dad?" Aunt said in reply that it was 8 inches. Lucy then asked when she had measured it. Aunt she had not measured it and that my Mum had told her. Then she asked how big was her Dad and Aunt replied "6 inches". Lucy picked up the ruler and put a pen mark on the 6 and the 8.

Nothing more was said. We continued our play activities as usual.

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have you ever considered that different people and locations call the cock different names? how dumb can some people be? just enjoy the story

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Why the hell do you call a cock a willie???

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Part 1 of 19 so far all good. Lucy both starts off and stays in charge. They have already been sleeping togeather for quite awhile.

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