wife go on a 72 hour fantasy fuck
“Seven Year Itch”

J and I, had continued to talk about having a two male threesome, but we had strayed from the Idea as time past and we got into Parenting two high energy boys now five and three.

She was still hot a 5’6”, 145 lbs., heavy hips and blossoming 34c tits. She was very active and loved keeping up with her boys as she called us.

I had been getting a little concerned about our waning sex life and feared she had moved into a non interested party only having the casual intercourse in the wife duty mode.

She had become a stay at home mom and seldom dressed in anything more racy that a jean skirt with a butterfly patch where she tore it on a rose bush. She was always loving but almost never sensual.

Once in a while she would seem to snap out of her bored lover role and play with a dildo, or read a forum magazine while I bathed, making her self wet for our 5 minute release.

In truth, I was partly to blame, the longer we avoided the fantasy issue the less I liked the Idea of a man in the picture.

One night just after moving to a new city leaving our childhood home city for the first time we lay talking while watching the evening News.

A story was unfolding in our very neighborhood. We were struggling a little financially and moved into a new apartment complex built on the edge of the dark side of the Town. We had yet to meet anyone but had found a great Mother’s day out group that gave J a much needed break from being stuck at home with kids all week.

We were caught up with the story line because it opened with a shot of the facility in question across from our Apartments.

The authorities were alerting the public to a public nuisance in the area.

It seemed a number of women in the area had complained to the police that a pair of young men were going around with a video camera and asking women if they would like to have sex on screen, claiming they were making a documentary about bored and lonely housewives.

The police warned to beware of the duo and call if you see them. The report concluded with one wife saying she had let them in and had stripped for the camera but got scared and ordered them out with the warning my husband is coming home soon.

My wife laughed and said, “I bet , if she had two hot studs in her house I know she couldn’t just walk away.”

I said, “maybe they were not studs. You have to be careful you never know what strangers might try in that situation its sounds like a scam to case the homes for future burglary.”

We let it drop with the sigh of bored tired married people.

The next week I was planning a short trip for our seven year anniversary, and called my wife’s mom and asked if she had some time off to keep the boy’s so I could take J on a holiday.

She was glad to have the chance. Since moving she did not see them often. We arranged for me to bring them on Thursday, and pick them up on Tuesday.

Thursday came and I told J, “I would leave early in the morning so I cold drop them off and still make it back for my appointments.”
I sold Insurance door to door. I worked our Neighborhood on Thursday and had a short meeting on Friday in my office so we could leave on Friday by noon.

We had a ground floor apartment with a small patio in the back where J could get early morning sun-bathing in. She had been working on her tan for a month or so getting ready for a trip to the outdoors.

As I loaded the boys stuff and was headed out the door she was slipping out to the lounger in back.

By laying down she was in the sun but no one could see her without standing right against the 5 foot fence. She would wear her house robe out and lie down before uncovering just in case any one was watching.

She had been doing this every day for a while and would usually stay out while the boys napped. J was a gorgeous red head and turned a golden freckled brown in the Summer. I had made it a point to happen by on my Thursday routes and enjoyed watching from the fence while she lay out imagining all kinds of sex scenes!

She told me one afternoon that, “she was suspicious that someone had watched her that day but was afraid to turn over and look, as she would rather not know she had given some old man a heart attach by flashing her nudity.”

I just laughed it off. Never telling her I was there.

I made the round trip in a hour or so and settled in to my door to door routine it was mid morning and I wondered if J had stayed out in the sun.

So I made my way there thinking I would jump start our weekend and offer to apply some sun tan oil in all the right Spots.

As I turned the last corner I saw two young men walking toward our fence with what looked like a movie camera. I thought immediately of the news story from several weeks earlier. I parked away from our yard and made my way into the house being very cautious not to alert J of my arrival.

I approached the den that led to the back yard and was sure I heard J talking to some one in the yard. I moved to the door and watched from behind the curtains, the sliding door was open a few inches so she could hear the phone.

The two men were standing against the fence with there faces toward me gazing at J as she lay on her stomach.

She had partially raised up and was looking over her shoulder into the sun. She was trying to be careful holding one hand over her left boob as she shaded her eyes trying to see them without totally revealing her nakedness from the frontal view.

Her best asset her ample ass was on full view but she had her legs crossed at the ankles avoiding revealing her hairy pussy.

Her robe had fallen from its perch on the foot of her lounger and lay at her feet, to retrieve it she would have to turn over and sit up revealing all to her new voyeurs.

They were being polite but persistent, she was telling them, “she was not interested and she knew about them from the News story and could they please leave before she was forced to call the police.”

Her glasses were on the ground, so I knew with the sun and her bad vision she could not see that they had turned on the camera attempting to video her.

I was about to intervene with a rescue but stopped cold when she abruptly sat up cupping her tits in both arms crossing her legs Indian style. She leaned over for her glasses but seemed to ignore the obvious just grab the robe?

While adjusting her eyesight to the sun with her glasses on she had given both of them a eye full of her perfect nipples and mommy heavy breast. It seemed to embolden them to try again.

“Look miss we are not those clowns from the news story you saw. We have our credentials with us we even have a contract for you to sign that says after you see the video we give the copy and the right to refuse the use of your video for our production.”

“It’s really simple we give you what you want in return if you like what you see and are willing we produce it and pay you the commission.”

By now J has managed to rise gracefully retrieving her robe as she approached the fence. “Let me see those Credentials first?”

The camera man almost dropped the Camera reaching for his wallet, his partner presented his quickly as well and J stared at the picture then the face with marked skepticism .

“So the contract ?”

“ Its in our van let me run retrieve it and our camera stand and we will meet you in the front.”

“ Not so fast How much?”

“How much what?” Camera man asked?

“Commission. J demanded?’

“Well it depends,”
“On What ?”
“ How much we video, what you are wiling to reveal, what you do with what you reveal.”

“Well I believe you already saw all I have to reveal so it will depend on you and what you have to offer for the rest so what is the minimum?”
“ 4, the partner said, no 5 let’s say 6 and we can negotiate inside.”

“Go get the contract I will see,” With that she turned and came toward me. I almost blew it by being shocked with her business skill and the fact that she seemed like she was going to go through with it.

I just managed to slip into the boys room before she slid the door open and then closed and I heard the lock click into place.

J passed right by me into our bedroom and came out dressed in her Jean Skirt and a heavy cotton top she wore around the house.

She had slid on her clear heels and pulled her hair back in a loose pony tail. This was her cleaning garb she was dressed for house cleaning.

I was relieved when she closed the bedroom door and turned on the bathroom light checking herself in the full mirror on the back of the restroom door.

She looked like a bored housewife again whew…………

It was only a few minutes but seemed like days before the door bell rang, by now J has composed herself and was drinking a sports drink as she opened the door.

In deed they had two cameras and stands and a spot light and a case with small equipment and a folder with some paper inside.

“Which one makes the deals ?”
“ I do , I am Tim the director and producer. This is Ken he is the lead stunt man.”

Ken actually shook her hand looking a little shocked at the change in dress and composure of the hot sun-bather turned frumpy housewife.

Well J said, “you sit Ken, Tim lets sit at the table let me read over this contract.”

As she was reading Ken started setting up the stands and lights in the Den where we had a futon and two old high back chairs that had been in the family for years.

I was sweating bullets by now I was trapped in the drama and was afraid to stop it so I just waited sweating in the boys room.

I could see very little of the dining room but could hear the conversation. J was saying, “well Tim I would love to have 6 hundred dollars for our upcoming trip but I see a problem.”

“What’s the problem?”
“ Well it says here I must sign here stating I am not acting but an actual lonely housewife.”
“ I am a lot of things Tim but lonely I am not. I stay way too busy with a husband and two sons to be lonely.”

I pumped my fist in the air and silently mouthed “you tell em Girl!”

Tim said, “well we found you in the yard all alone?”


“Granted Miss, I am sorry I did not catch your name?”

“ J will do for now big boy looks like you fellows are at the wrong house.”

“I am not a lonely house wife, in fact I am happily married for almost seven years now. I was tanning this hot body for a long weekend with my husband.”

“Well, you sure your not Bored!” Tim offered and Ken cleared his throat and added from the den, “Haven’t you ever heard of the Seven Year Itch.”

J looked into the den at Ken and all his equipment with a sly grin, “well I don’t know how long I have had it but I definitely have an itch.”
“ But a contract must be taken seriously.”

By now Tim and Ken are sweating as well they have met their match in this lady and can feel their grip slipping as this deal is slipping away.

J, Tim asks, “so if I was to change the wording to say I am a housewife who was found alone with an itch I could not scratch, you could proceed to the revealing parts again?”

By now I am leaning into the hall and straining to here her answer, J said, “I tell you what, I strip to total nudity for 6, then what?”

Tim looks at Ken and raises his eye brows seeming to question his level of interest.

Ken says, “with you nude for 6, we strip and pose with you in candid shots for 7, you give us both hand jobs 8, blow jobs 9, we eat your pussy for free?”

J blushes for the first time in the process, she seems to be contemplating what ifs ?

Then I loose my mind as she says, “How much does it cost if I want you both to fuck me at the same time?”

Ken says, “you are a tough negotiator, I tell you what how about an even thousand Cash for a 2 hour session anything goes what ever you decide.”
“ We keep the video and send a copy in a few days.”

Well gentleman, “we have a deal let’s sign the contract.”

The session started with J in one of the chairs staring into the camera for an interview.

So with them in the Den I was able to slip into the hall and into the door way of the dining area I could not see the guys but the light was lit, and J seemed relaxed as she sat legs crossed hands in her lap waiting on the next question.

I realized the den curtains were open for lighting and anyone in the back yard would have a clear view of the entire thing. The problem if I went outside, I would be able to see but not hear.

Then I remembered the monitor we had kept from when the boys were smaller in the closet. So I slipped it as close as I dared behind a desk in the hall and took the receiver with me to the fence behind the Patio.

By the time I got set, they had covered the intro and contract info and was asking, “J are you a lonely house wife?”
“ No not at all.”
“ Well a bored housewife then?”
“ Well maybe a little bored.”
“ Ok not lonely, not overly bored, so How did we come to be here in your den today. “

Laughter, a small blush and then a cleared throat………. “Well? Ok, J started I am here now with you here, because you caught me in the back yard sunbathing nude, and after some conversation I realized I had an “itch” I haven’t been able to scratch and my need fills your purpose.”

“Your need?”

“Yes ………..?” Another pause clearing throat? “Your need ?”

“Oh”, J blushes for the second time she glances at her watch.

By my count we are a full 20 minutes into the 2 hr session. I hope she is stalling eating up time with this harmless interview. I assume the 2 hours is the limit of the Camera.

J starts again, “well it all started 2 years ago when my husband and I shared our Fantasies and decided to pursue fulfilling them.”

“Our first attempt was with a girl I knew from college, and it was ok, but I really did not feel satisfied.”

“It was his fantasy, I was glad he had fun but did not like watching him with a woman that I thought was younger and hotter than me.”

Tim said, “J you said first attempt was the second more rewarding?”

“Ahem, well…………. It was a mutual fantasy. I was expecting the couple to be into us, hoping that Claire would get into watching as both guys did me. But it turned out Charles was more interested in my husband, actually sucking him at one point and the real downer was, Charles had a small, maybe 6 inch cock that was much thinner than P’s.”
“Claire ate me out and gave me a great orgasm but I woke disappointed and with that “itch.”

Ken, “you called it the seven year itch but I would say it’s my two year itch.”

Tim, “So you haven’t had anymore adventures into fantasy land since then?”

“No!!” She bites her lower lip holding back a little.
Tim said, “go ahead J we can edit out anything you decide is too much.”

“Ok, the truth is we did get some books with photo advertisements after I shared my real fantasy.”

“After having one shot too many while he fucked me one night.” “I blurted out I really want you to fuck me in the ass while another man fucks my pussy.”

“Later when we talked about it he said he would find the right guy and set it up but after 2 years I’ve decided he just did not want to do it. Or simply has been too distracted, and our sex life has been, ………. Predictable lately.”

Well, “it certainly sounds like you have an itch you need some professional help with.”

“Ken, you think we could help this itchy housewife?”

Sure Tim, “we are well able if she would like help.”

“ J would you like to extend the contract?”

“ Sure, let’s start with step one and 2, see if the itch increases.”

I watched in dismay knowing two things, one I had failed to keep my wife happy sexually, and two I had ignored a promise.

So I decided I would just let her have her fantasy and never bring it up.

Ken adjusted the light and Cameras, as Tim watched my beautiful wife slowly and perhaps reluctantly disrobe for the revealing.

When she was totally nude she sat back in her chair arms crossed not over but under her tits.

Emphasizing her thick areoles and her nipples were popping. I found my self getting a major erection. The problem, they could not see me but, all the neighbors certainly could.

As I watched Tim, then Ken begin to remove clothing, I slipped back into the house, I figured they were way too distracted to notice me.

I turned the sound off and got right in the door way as J seemed to be mesmerized by Tim and Ken as they revealed, and shamelessly presented the tools of their profession.

Ken was already at full mast with his 7” long, thick really thick cock head. Circumcised, and already posing up close for the Cameras. Tim was longer looked like 8-9 inches, but not nearly as thick as Ken.

Tim says, “J, stage 2 requires you to reveal all, put your legs over the chair arms and show us the pink parts.”

There was a long tense pause, as she wrestled with her decision, stop now move on with our lives as usual or cash in on the fantasy she has had for 2 years!

She slowly lifted one leg over the right chair arm using both hands to adjust in the chair releasing her boobs to sway as she moved her left leg into position.

Tim quickly moved behind a camera and seemed to zoom in on, what now, could only be described as a swollen wet pussy with a itch ready to be scratched.

Ken moved into the shot leaning just over her left leg looking at her wetness. His throbbing cock twitched and leaked a little pre-cum onto J’s left breast.

She visibly shuttered and turned to face him using her right hand to lift her tit so she could lick the drop and seductively raised it to her lips with her jutting tongue.

Tim meandered over to her right and shared the shot, 9” yet thin competing with 7” but really thick. What will it be?

I was holding my cock as she looked from one to the other deciding…………..

“Ok J,” Tim pleaded, “stage 3, 4, 5, have you decided what will sooth the itch?”

“ Well 6 is good 7 is better 8 would be really nice but hey it’s early, and a thousand in the snatch is better than 8 in my hand!”

Ken sighed with relief and said, “absolute best choice let the itch be scratched.”

Tim said, “we have about an hour left so, J why don’t put our tools to the optimum use for your satisfaction.”

“Well What I want ultimately is for you, Tim, to use your superior length to reach my tight ass while Ken uses his powerful girth to fill my hot pussy.”

“Ken, Do you have any itching cream in the tool box?”

Ken said, “I have just the thing,” Tim said, “lets be clear you want a long itch scratching fuck, a two year double fantasy fuck right?”

“Exactly J” squealed.

“Ok, Ken, let me have the pleasure of eating this ladies hot pussy while you feed her your first load of cum.”

“Then you can take the taste test while I feed her seconds, then we can move to the futon and I will fuck her ass from behind while you scratch her pussy inside out till it screams with satisfaction.”

“J does that sound satisfactory?”

“Well everything except I prefer the chair so I can see the doors, but I am flexible we can make it work.”

With that the show began, Tim pulled J forward for better access and knelt between her knees and began to lick and then tongue fuck my hot wife’s pussy.

She was busy trying valiantly to swallow Ken’s 7 inches her cheeks were puffing out with the effort as she began to squirm under Tim’s expert manipulation of her swollen clit.

I could tell by Ken’s motions as he began to face fuck J he was about to succumb to the long seduction and interview and fill my wife’s mouth and throat with his hot load.

By now Tim was fucking J with what seemed to be his whole hand as he licked her clit to a knee clenching head squeezing orgasm. As she came on his face she started choking on what surely must have been a massive load of hot streaming cum.

She was forced to push Ken away, as cum dripped down her chin onto her heaving breast.

I lost all control and shot a stream of cum on to the wall and floor. Turning red in embarrassment I tried to clean it up as the threesome continued without me.

I decided to make my exit and went and sat in my car with the engine idling air running trying to calm down and do what was right for both of us.

How can I ever fix this?

J was reluctantly seduced by a two year itch, but more so by the money. Never thinking our friends and family might one day see her porn video.

I had at least an hour or more depending on how long theses freshly drained cocks can last in a hot pussy and even hotter ass.

I Drove to the nearest payphone and made an anonymous call to the police and reported two men and a camera videoing a neighbor in her back yard.

Then I dialed home, letting it ring till the operator came on and said, “your party is not answering please try your call later.”

I waited a 10 minutes called again and she answered in a rush breathing heavy. “Hello”, “What are you up to babe?”

Long pause followed by, “I was in the yard sunbathing I did not hear the phone till it already stopped.”

“No problem I will enjoy that tan all day Saturday, I can’t wait to show off my hot wife in her new bathing suit.”

In the back ground I hear Tim clear his throat, “what’s that ?”

“Well the reason I caught the phone this time is I just ran to answer the front door, can we talk tonight suggy bear?”

“ No Problem who’s at the door?” Laughing, “you know one of them pushy salesman.”

“Well, I will be home early to do paper work for tomorrow we can even leave by eleven if you are ready?”

“Oh, don’t worry I will be ready, really ready! How early?”

“In about an hour or so, you need anything?”
“ Yes bring home some wine I need a drink.”
“ Will do see you in a bit.”

By now I figure they are finishing up and paying the bounty headed to the van with equipment and fresh video in hand.
I watch the police go by and rush over to the parking Lot.

I here the front door shut and Tim and Ken approaching in laughter and celebration. Ken says, “dude this is the best gig I have ever had that was one fantastic fuck.”

Tim , “no doubt I can’t wait to watch the Video.”

I stepped out from the Van as they arrived, “I said pardon me gent’s I could not help but notice you just came from my apartment what were you selling?”

Caught off guard they both stammered and stepped away from me. “Well ?”

The Police pulled slowly by eyeing the Camera equipment, Ken said, “ we were uh selling our latest Videos.”

“Really what kind of Video?”

The Officer has stopped at the edge of the drive and is looking back with way too much interest for Tim’s comfort.

“We actually, make Sex education videos,”

“The cameras?” I said pointing in the van.

“If the customer chooses we can video them taking instructions so they can watch later to help their sex life.”

“I see and was the Lady of the house choosey?”

“She seemed to be somewhat interested, but was sure we charged too much and was a little short on Cash.”

“So how much for the Video?”

Ken looked disgusted and said to Tim, “It’s our last one you sure you want to part with it?”

Tim said, “we can always make a new one,” and smiled for the first time. “For you mister 100 bucks and its yours!”

I peeled off two fifties and took the tape. As Tim and Ken drove away, I waved the officer away and hurried to the car, and to the wine store.

When I got home with the wine I jumped into the shower and came out to find J back in the sun with a empty glass already.

I said, “want another ?”
“ Sure if you don’t mind ?”
“Not at all.”
I poured two and took her the second glass and said,
“I would, watch the show but I have paper work to finish.”

She choked and spit wine on her legs, I bent to wipe it off and looked into her eyes and said, “sorry, we can watch later!”

She tensed once more and I just let her sit and went to the Kitchen.

Darkness fell, I hit the final enter key on my report and went to find her, still in the lounger.

“ J you awake I called,” “Yes I am just thinking.”
“ Anything we should talk about?”
“ Not Really maybe on the trip.”

“Oh, when I was getting the wine I ran into your pushy salesmen………….. They said they offered you a real deal on a sex education video, had a van full of cameras and such but when I offered to buy the video you were interested in they said it was their last one and it would be 100 bucks.”

“I called to make sure it would be worth it but you didn’t pick up?”

“Oh, ah sorry, I was in the shower cooling off. So sorry it was probably a scam so it’s no big deal! Besides you know salesmen, you show any interest, they will come again.”

“So, you were a little interested?” I asked raising one eyebrow,

“ Maybe, more curious than anything.”

“ Good I was afraid you might be disappointed in not having the money so I used petty cash and got it for our trip.”

“You did! where is it?”

“It was the original, so I dropped it off to be formatted for our player. Maybe we can take it on the trip?”

“ Sounds interesting hope it turns out.”

Friday at noon I called home she answered on the first ring, “Where are you?”

“ I am just stopping by the video place, picking up your video.”

Silence …… “J you there?”

“Yes sure, just ready for our trip come on home we can always see it some other time.”

“I am here already, that’s where I am calling from, it will be ready in few more minutes, the man said it was a full two hour length film so it took longer than expected.”

“He is making it in two formats one for vcr and one dvd for computer.”

J said, “ok babe but we need to get the original back we don’t want to get in trouble for duplicating without copy rights.”

“ Oh that what you were stressed about? So sorry, the guys told me to make as many as I liked, even share with my friends.”

Silence……… “J ?” “I’m here see you in a bit.”

Thirty minutes later I arrived to a quiet house. I found her back on the lounger, wine bottle in hand no glass she had drank half a bottle since our call ended.

“J, you ready to go?” She turned tears streaming, “J ?”

“ I ah well ah I think we better get some more wine and stay home for movie night.”

“J, I planned this whole trip to get you in the sun in your swim suit, out of your swim suit, in the mood at the beach house. Come on babe lets just go. We can get wine on the way.”

“ No phone no kids no worries let’s go.”

She pushed herself up and patted my cheek, “I know but I insist the movie will be better watched in the privacy of our own house trust me.”

“ Ok , more wine, I will be back in a Jiffy.”

“Take your time no rush, how about leave me the video, I will get everything set up while you go get the wine.”

I smiled a knowing smile and handed her the VCR for our bedroom player. Keeping the DVD for my computer Just in case.

What I failed to tell her was I had four bottles of wine in the car for the trip, the wine store was 15 minutes away so she had 35-40 minutes she thought.

I ran out and came back with wine in 10 minutes and heard voices then silence then voices silence………….

She was fast forwarding through the interview to see how bad it would be.

I waited for the sounds to settle and I heard her voice clearly,
“Well 6 is good 7 is better 8 would be great but a thousand in the snatch is better that 8 in the hand!”

Once more silence as she fast forwarded……….. I threw caution to the wind and got undressed to my shorts, took a open bottle of wine and stood in the door way.

She had fast forwarded to the place where I came on the wall as she swallowed her first mouth full of cum.

I watched as stage 9,10,11,12 where would it stop?

By now the wine is working she had on her sunbathing robe and had pulled in open.

She was so intently watching herself living her fantasy she never looked up from the screen as I entered the room and placed the wine on the table.

She had her hand on her pussy, slowly rubbing her clit through her soft cotton panties.

She said, “I have two questions, have you already watched this?” “And are you angry?”

“ Well, watched this as in the video no,”
“ Am I angry? No”
“ Hurt? Disappointed? Shocked? Maybe,maybe , and Yes,”

“Any more questions ?”

“ You were careful with the answer, you did not watch Video? But?……..”

“I watched the first Hour Live I left after Tim, came in your mouth.”

“Ok ………. Please tell me you set this up this was your way of fulfilling my fantasy 2 years late.”

“Sorry , but no, I wish I was that clever.”

“What I can say, is I hate that you did it with out me .”

But, “listening to your interview I realized how selfish I had been the last 2 years. I acted on my fantasy but avoided yours.”

“I really didn’t like the idea of other men depositing there seed in you at all.”

“I should have been honest and told you that, when we talked about looking for the right guy.”

“ I was always jealous of that plan.”

Now I place my finger over lips, stopping her protest, let me finish.”

“ When I realized, I had been woefully lacking in my duty to satisfy you as my lover, I was crushed, when you let them in I was in the boys room sweating bullets but my guy gene kicked in and I got wrapped up in the erotic nature of your behavior. I masturbated watching two strangers fuck my pride and joy.”

“I left in a panic hoping you would call it a day, but when I cleared my head I realized I could not let any one else see this video. And I definitely had to see it!”

“ It was painful to imagine my friends or family watching that interview. So I plotted and bought it with policemen watching over us in the parking lot.”

“My plan, was to get us drunk and put it on while we talked about our fantasy and play when we were making out.”

Well J said, “I am sorry I allowed it to go so far but now I want to watch the whole thing then we can talk, or not.”

“I will watch with you, if that’s ok”

She sighed knowing the evidence was all on the film and reached over and pulled me to her by my boxers, “It’s fine but right now I want my husband to make passionate love to me first!”

I removed my shorts, lifted her legs and removed her panties, she was already wet and juices flowing I flashed back to Tim kneeling between her legs with Ken’s cock in her mouth.
I thought, “I can do this.”

I gently caressed her breast, tummy, thighs, circling but not touching the clit, brushing with feather touches, all over till she squirmed under my touch.

I positioned my cock, over her face and buried my face in her hot wet pussy.

Tasting, licking, savoring as she warmed to the task sucking my cock into her warm welcoming mouth.

Tonguing my cock head each time a pulled up reaching for my balls squeezing the semen to the point of no return.

Until Thursday I had not seen her even try to swallow cum but as I did what I normally do I pulled up signaling my need to release.

She dug her nails into my soft inner thighs and said, “don’t even think of taking it out of my mouth, I want in in the back of my throat.”

I began to pare my thrust into her mouth with the flicking of my tongue as I manipulated her g spot with my thumb knuckle, for a few minutes we were young lovers totally given to the joy of sex!

I was determined to last long enough to take her to knee clenching head squeezing orgasm. I felt her tense up and start her familiar twat twitching as she was getting close I relaxed into the moment and let loose with a powerful load of cum.

She swallowed, then gagged, but fought if off and almost swallowed my cock head as she put a clamp on my head and ground down for a shimmering eruption juices flowed down her ass cheeks onto the sheets as I tried in vain to lap it all up. At 29 she was a juicy fuck.

With all the excitement I stayed rock hard and decided to put it right to work.

I turned around and gave her a deep wet kiss and we shared her tasty wetness for a long French kiss.

I entered her welcoming love nest, with one forceful thrust and held it in her as deep as I could go, while kissing and fondling her swelling breast.

I new I could fuck for an hour now so I said, “ turn around on all fours. Face the monitor.”

She quickly complied I entered from behind massaging her g spot with my throbbing manhood.

I hit the play button and watched as she stood up on the video and had Ken sit with his legs over the chair arms.

She then straddled him easily sliding his thick cock deep into her womanhood. She rode him for a minute or so while massaging Tim until his cock revived.

She said, “now scratch my itch boys, Tim put your cock in my ass, gently I have only imagined this so be gentle.”

I watched as she watched, I never broke stride I was determined to keep her attention in the here and now.

I dug my thumbs into her bubble ass cheeks pushing one then two thumbs into to her anal love tunnel.

On the screen she was screaming scratch it, scratch it.

In my bed she was screaming “that’s it baby fuck me like a thousand dollar whore.”

She threw her head back and grabbed Tim by the hair pulling his face toward her swollen nipples, as Ken began to pull himself up holding on to her ample hips, she yelled, “now Tim Fuck my ass.”

In my Bed she screamed, “yes, fuck me harder, harder, don’t stop till I am full of your hot seed.”

As Tim made one last thrust into my sweet wife’s ass holding on as he emptied his balls one last Time, Ken was sucking on a nipple and fingering her clit as she bucked and writhed as the phone rang and rang.

Ken lifted her off his cock, turned her around placing her legs spread wide over the chair arms. She looked back into the camera with alarm knowing she should get the phone but Ken had already put his manhood back inside her throbbing pussy.
With a sultry pout and biting of her lower lip she relents and says, “Come on Big man give me your best shot!”

She bends with the flexibility of a ballerina placing her ass in the air with her back touching the chair back.

Head down between her legs as if she is watching upside down, as Ken grabs her hips and begins to thrust his thick pulsing cock into her slippery love hole.

It’s doesn’t take long. The phone rings, as J screams “yes’s fuck me hard that’s it, fill me up with your hot cum.”

Ken grunt’s his approval and shoves her up against the chair lifting her ass into the air as he cum’s once more.”

I reached for her bouncing breast and stood her up on her knees as I switched from her pussy and plunged into her ass.

I picked up the tempo squeezing her right nipple as I pulled her back by her hair. I shoved her down onto her face and got off the bed and put her on the edge and reentered her dripping cunt.

I said, “now I know how you want it, this is my night, I intend to fuck you all night long.”

I stopped long enough to get the dildo out and put it in her ass and began to slowly penetrate as deep as I could, all the while fucking her pussy with the vibrator on full blast.

When I finally finished we had both sweated and cum several times.

We both dozed off and when I woke, she was between my legs nibbling at my scrotum massaging my cock back to life , when she succeeded I took her by the hand and led her to the den.

I did not stop, I opened the patio door and took her to the lounger, it was 5 in the afternoon and the neighborhood was alive with after work traffic.

She shuttered with anticipation and the thrill of being exposed.

I laid her down on the lounger and took sun tan oil and poured it on her back, legs, then ass and did a slow methodical massage from toe to head and back then turned her over did the front taking lots of time on her swollen nipples.

Finally with her protected from the sun I mounted her missionary style and made slow rhythmic love for what seemed like hours when we came together, I sat up to see three faces at the fence .

I just smiled and let her doze, with hot cum dripping out of her as they watched her sleep.

I stood and put my finger over my lips telling them to be quiet as I slipped inside and went to the shower. I was there till the water got cold dressed and started supper it was going to a long night!

Seven year Itch 2!

I knew after all the wine if I did not get some protein in our stomach’s we would be too sleepy to sustain our sex marathon. It was getting to the time of day when the Sun was still up but it had moved to where our yard was in total shade. So it would be perfect for a nice dinner in the yard.

I slipped out and gave J a cup of strong coffee and told her to “go shower when she was awake.”

I let her know we would be eating outside and she could just put on her new swim suit we bought and I had put on a t-shirt and swim trunks.

While she showered I finished dinner set the den table out in the yard with two chairs and took a fresh bottle of wine to the table.

When J appeared, she had a silky scarf wrapped around her breast that flowed just below ass cheeks. So when she walked it revealed the material from her bikini bottoms, but when she stood still it looked like she was naked under the drape.

As she caught me staring with my tongue hanging out she smiled her knowing seductress smile licking her lips. “What’s for dinner handsome?” she cooed as she ever so lightly brushed against my growing erection.

Coffee , Tea , and “ME”, I laughed, “actually I have a thick hamburger patty, with cheese, fried potatoes, and ranch style beans with a large wedge of water melon for desert!”

As the sun set around us the noise in the neighborhood began to pick up. We could hear TV’s from the nearest house and laughter from the field behind our house as some of the men had gathered to share a beer and gossip about the neighbors wives.

I had never joined them for the ritual beer and spinning the one up tall tales but I had leaned over the fence occasionally introducing my self and handing out Business cards. Hoping for a sale or two down the road.

So as we finished our coffee and I poured the glasses with wine I heard a voice or two that were familiar and I knew it was a matter of time till one or more would notice the lights in the den and the door standing open and come over for a chat.

As darkness fell I had cleared the table and fixed the TV where we could sit in the yard and look in through the Patio doors and watch. I turned the volume as loud as I could so we would here it over the noises out side.

I moved the Table back inside and sat the lounger up so I could sit with my legs to the sides, and J came and sat between them leaning against me as a cushion.

Our backs were now to the fence so unless some one spoke we would not notice their presence.

I placed a hand over J’s tits as I held my wine glass in the other and said, “you ready to watch the video?”

She squirmed against me squeezing my hand firmly against her nipple as it responded to the cool night air, the public setting, and the firm presence of a ever growing cock between her ass cheeks.

She said, “I am not sure I can do this sober, how about another bottle of wine?”

I said, “sure in in the Fridge.” As she went to get the wine I admired the view her firm ass and rounded hips just out of sight under her wrap. As she disappeared into the darkness of the kitchen I heard a man clear his voice behind. At first I thought he was passing by but the second time I could tell he was getting my attention.

I walked over and unlocked the back gate stepping through, I saw it was one of the men from earlier in the day. I knew his face but could not recall his name?

I said, “how you doing?”

He said , “I am fine I just wanted to tell you that I am laid off from my concrete job right now and If you need any help with any thing around the house just let me know.”

I said, “I apologize I don’t recall your name?”

“Oh no problem my friends call me Benny.”

Well Benny, “my wife and I are having a little date night here and she is going to get some wine but why don’t you stick around and I will bring her out to meet you. So if she needs anything she will know to call you.”

No problem, “nothing else cooking tonight my buds all went home to supper but my wife isn’t off till midnight!”

Your buds, “the two guy’s that were with you earlier watching my wife get some sun?”

Ahem…. “Jim and Randy they ah noticed her and called me over. Didn’t mean to intrude just seemed such a sight deserved to have an audience.”
“Benny think nothing of it, actually my lady kind a likes to be watched but only if she can pretend not to know it.”

Tell you what, “you stay here and watch a while and I will know when the timing is right and I will invite you in to meet her properly!”

I slipped back in and J said , “what was that all about?”

“Oh’ I was just checking to see who all was out and about, everyone must have went in for supper.”

“Did you lock the gate?” laughing, “Why you afraid the bogeyman is coming to get you!”

“You never know theses days?” She smiled into her wine glass. “ My wine is working, you sure you want to watch out here?”

“I just thought it would be erotic to watch it like it was actually happening now.” I said, if it’s ok with you?”

“I am more than fine, how much did you see earlier?” She asked as she drained her glass reaching for the bottle.

“I don’t know how much there is to see, but let’s watch from the beginning and we can fast forward if we decide we have seen it.” I said reaching for the remote.

“Slow down on the wine girl I want you to participate in our Sex-athon not pass out from it.”

She laughed and said, “ don’t worry I took some asthma medicine I will be wide awake no matter how drunk you get me!”

With that she twirled around in a circle letting her wrap fall loose revealing her hot bikini clad body. It was hard to believe we had made love twice today already, My cock felt like it was going to explode any minute!

I leaned the lounger almost in a lying down position and stretched out for the Movie.

With my hot bikini mama sitting on my lap reaching down between my legs, she said, “I don’t think you can make it through the whole video without some relief?”

I said, “that is why you’re here. Relieve me any way you like just hit the play button.”

“In that case maybe we better take these off,” with that she stood and pulled my trunks down my legs and off onto the ground they went.

She was swaying from the wine and licking her lips as went onto her knees beside the lounger and looked at the screen as she hit the play button.

She never missed a beat as the video opened with her standing in the back yard naked with a robe in her hand she leaned over my erection and did a slow sensual approach and then engulfed it whole deep into her hot mouth.

I struggled to focus on the screen because it was 20 feet away and the sound was weak from the noise outside, then the scene changed and it was bouncing through my house then looking out the patio doors it zoomed in and there on the fence rail was the same three faces.

I knew they had watched all afternoon. And I remembered Benny was now watching himself on candid camera, that is if he could keep his eyes off J in the flesh doing her best deep throat impression.

I just had to give in and laugh as my throbbing man-member was being swallowed by my wife as the neighbor was caught watching not once but three times in one day, he must surely think she is a sex maniac!

My wife took a breath and looked up at me then the screen to see what was making me giggle.

When she looked back at me I said, “come here beautiful,” As I slowly untied here string at the top of her neck then let the material drop, I began to nibble, then nuzzle her marble size nipples. I reached around and undid the back strap and tossed the top to the side with the wrap from earlier.

I stood her up watching over her shoulder as she undressed for the camera. I turned the lounger around and faced it toward the fence and guided J to kneel on the seat using the slightly raised back for support as I positioned her for the doggy style fuck that she seemed to most enjoy!

The rush of erotic energy was making me dizzy as I approached her beautiful perfect bikini clad ass.

Benny no doubt was a little dizzy watching from the voyeur seat outside the fence as I watched J begin to enthusiastically engage to large cocks on the screen.

The video zoomed in on Ken’s cock as J licked the precum from her breast and then smiled at the camera just before struggling to get the huge thick head of the penis past her lips working to finally take it in to the hilt as she gagged and then swallowed adjusting to the task.

By now she was comfortable her arms on the top of the lounger her chin resting on her forearm as she watches herself start to squirm from Tim’s tongue fuck.

She jumps as I touch her ass reaching for the strings to remove her bottoms. She looks back with a grin knowing she has been caught lost in the moment.

I can’t help myself I have to reveal the irony. I said, “Babe don’t look now, but the man who was watching me, watch you, when you were being videoed, is at the fence.”

“His name is Benny, he is an unemployed concrete worker and he was watching today when me made such passionate love here in the yard. He was watching all day in fact his face in in the first scene of the video.”

I was slowly untying her bottom strings, and now pull the material between the swollen lips of her wet pussy and toss it aside.

On the screen she has Just started sucking Tim like there is no tomorrow and I step up and said, “I can see how much you enjoyed two cocks, why I don’t invite Benny in for a glass of wine and if you choose you can seduce him into helping with the recreation of Thursday.”

She looked a little unsure, but looked at the screen, as she straddled Ken getting ready for her double penetration, she gave a slight nod and reached for the wine bottle.

I held out the empty glass to be filled for Benny, and she poured a half glass.

As I went for the gate she turned the bottle up and drank it down.

I opened the gate and found Benny with cock in hand, I smiled as I handed him the glass and said “please come meet my wife.”

He entered the yard nervous and walked over to my now naked wife, who had laid on her back and had her legs spread, that’s when I noticed she had used hair remover in the shower and her clit was standing at attention totally bald.

It was quite a show and on screen she was bouncing up and down on Ken rubbing Tim‘s cock back to life.

I said, “enjoy your wine Benny,”
“I have a pussy to eat.”

I determined I would put Tim to shame as I devoured her clit fucking her with three fingers careful to give the perfect mixture of attention inside and out.

As she arched her back thrashing about with the first of multiple orgasms, Benny drained his glass, and said, “the video don’t do her justice P. You have one hell of a sexy wife.”

To J he winked with, “Miss, how may I be of service?”

She looked to me then the screen, cleared her throat, and said ,
“ for starters get that tent out of those jeans and let me see it.’’

Benny looked to me for approval and I said, “it’s her choice Benny besides there aren’t any cameras running tonight.”

Benny quickly slid his jeans off, then his shirt, his cock was straining against his cotton briefs, and J reached for it pulling him toward her by the elastic waist band , cooing, “Let me help.”

I found myself softly licking up the juices running down her thighs as she took his stiff clean shaven 7 inch cock in one hand.

As she pulled at his briefs, he stepped out of them almost stumbling over her . She caught his balls in her other hand now eye level with his already oozing cock. She licked the tip and smiled around the head of his cock taking him in about half way and then spitting his out with a slurping sound. She did this several times as the video got to the place where she was screaming for Tim’s cock in her ass.

Benny was in ecstasy, his head was turning back and forth from the beautiful red head devouring his cock , to the scene on the screen finally, ignoring the video, straddled her one leg on either side of the lounger using the back for balance he began to do a slow ritual face fuck.

I was enjoying all the action and took full advantage. I went between her legs entering her steaming pussy, after just thrusting a few times, I was Cuming hard. J reached down and put her hands on both tits flicking and pinching her tits, I felt the familiar push and squeeze of her pussy muscles as she joined me in a mutual orgasm.

Benny must have already shot his load at the fence, he had been fucking her mouth for at least ten minutes and was still going strong. I went in and turned the video off, and turned the den lights on.

When the lights came on Benny was startled now he was in full view of all the neighbors that might be looking our way and I was sure at least his two buddies had surly come back by now.

He pulled away and J sighed as her mouth emptied and she looked into the Den. I smiled and said, You guys come on in we can finish in here.

I knew by moving into the den with the lights on only the ones who were on the fence looking over would be able to see into the den.

I set the wingback chairs to one side and placed the futon unfolded in the center of the den under the lights and ceiling fan.

J had sat down in the chair and was having the last of the wine so I went over and took her legs over the arms like they had in the video and told Benny, “You think you could fuck her for me I need a break?”

Benny did not waist anytime he put his hands on the chair back and used his brute strength and tilted it back on two legs elevating J’s pussy to the perfect height for entry.

She reached down gathering his throbbing manhood into her hand guiding him into her, He used the rocking motion of the chair to slowly move in and out with a deliberate pace in no hurry to cum. He was a very patient man seeming to enjoy the look on J’s face as she licked her lips and played with her clit.

After a while she tensed up and shuttered with a self indulged smile riding the wave of eroticism being fucked by the huge strong man with the longevity of an Olympian.

She looked out to the yard and saw the faces that had appeared at some point and blew them each a kiss.

Benny finally reached his limit, he growled with a roar as he plunged into her and just held her there as he filled her with a load that immediately began to run down between her ass onto the chair.

Benny withdrew reluctantly looking at the clock on the Mantel.
“J, I hate to leave such a good host, but my wife will expect to have supper on the table when she gets home from work.”

J smiled and said, “ why Benny how nice of you to drop by please greet her for me and do come again sometime!”

As I walked Benny out to the Gate, I looked at the other two friends and said, “the intermission will be about thirty minutes the next show starts at midnight, feel free to come by, if the gate is open come on in!”

J was headed for the showers, when I returned, the futon was still waiting to join the party she liked that chair.

I Turned the vcr to rewind and the ceiling fan on high, reaching for the lights, I paused looking over my shoulder at the gate, I had closed it but I was sure it was standing open. I left the lights on and went to enjoy a long hot shower with my lover.

To be continued…………………………

Seven Year Itch 3
2 is good, 3 is better

I entered the shower with a fresh glass of wine and handed it to J, she took it and mimicked a toast tipping the glass, “here’s to my fantasy weekend.” “it’s only Friday night and the wine is running low you may have to restock come morning?”

I reached for the shower head removing it from it’s cradle and adjusted it to the jetting setting. As I placed it between her legs for a cleansing wash, “I said let the morrow take care of itself let’s just enjoy the night.”

Turning the glass up for a deep swallow she sighed, “Well said my Romeo.”

We took turns scrubbing each other, then really took our time drying every inch of our bodies. I was admiring the hairless look with a smile as I knelt between her legs drying her feet careful to pay attention to the inner thighs as I did.

She ran her fingers through my hair then pulling me up by my ears she asked, “you like what you see mister.”

I laughed into her breast and assured her I was satisfied with her body Lock Stock and Barrel as my old dad would say.

She slid into a green teddy she had bought for our trip. It had a lace layered over the bra area that continued down to the crotch where the back panel met in the middle of her now bald puss and snapped with three fasteners.

She knew this would please me as I loved to finger her pussy like a school boy going steady just before going down on her and pulling them open with my teeth.

The green material made her freckled tan pop and her hazel eyes were sparkling. She turned and put one foot on the toilet while reaching down to slowly snap it shut.

When she was finished she leaned down to retrieve the wet towel pausing for effect giving me the Show, The material rode high up on her hips and slid between her ample ass cheeks.

She stood pulling it out of her crack looking into my eyes in the mirror, with a sly grin she giggled, “I thought you might be watching.”

Caught I just smiled and said, “a sight any man would go blind trying to resist!”

We went to the kitchen for a snack. We sat at the counter eating watermelon and cheese, just enjoying the moment, sipping the wine. I poured her glass full and ignored mine I wanted to maintain some sense for the next scene.

I asked, J , “in the shower you toasted the fantasy weekend, what were you thinking when you made that Toast?”
She stared in silence looking blankly into her minds eye for a long ten seconds,….. Finally she said, “well I just felt in that moment, we have had such good chemistry for the last twelve hours and I hoped, we would just explore and experiment at least through Saturday, I know we have to talk about the boundaries for the future but for tonight and tomorrow let’s just have a fantasy anything goes fling.”

“So for the next 24 hours, Saturday Midnight we have anything goes sex-athon?”

She looked at me with a raised eyebrow and said, “ why do I get the feeling you are way ahead of me on this plan?”

Not at all I grinned, “This is way out from what I ever expected to have happen. I was ready to shut the fantasy door remember?” I continued clarifying, “YOU GOT THIS STARTED I AM JUST MAKING SURE YOU GET ALL YOU WANT THIS IS YOUR WEEKEND THEN WE ONLY HAVE A ONE COCK FAMILY AGAIN!”

She smiled that sultry look returning, “well in that case I say we extend the window of opportunity to Sunday at Midnight.”

“So we started at Thursday Noon, let’s call it a 72 hour fuck-Fest, so we finish our Fantasy adventure at Noon Sunday. Deal?”

“You are a hard man Charlie Brown, Deal,” she smiled again.

I reached over and kissed her first with a peck and then she opened her mouth offering her tongue probing now demanding as she put her hands behind my head pulling me to her.

She paused looking into my eyes for a moment of clarity, “you sure about this?” Don’t get me wrong I am all in, my pussy has been twitching thinking about how long I can take a train fuck from a hard cock or two or three. But are you sure you are ok with all this?”

“At first I did not think I could do, it but after watching you being so happy and fulfilled I wanted to please you completely, for the weekend!” I want to be in the picture at all times and guard your safety but I want you to do everything you ever fantasized about so you can say you lived your fantasy unrestricted.”

With that I led her back to the den, the futon had a destiny date coming. We stood in the middle of the den and did a slow coupling kissing fondling warming to the idea of a 36 hour continuation of the last 36 hours. I kept an eye on the gate expecting to see company at any moment.

As the clock on the mantel chimed midnight, I gently laid J down on the futon and began to work my way down to the growing wet spot on her new teddy. She was laying across the futon with her head hanging off the edge facing the Patio, her legs spread wide for my approach both feet hanging off the other side.

I slowly kissed my way up her thighs nibbling just below her swollen labia, brushing her clit with my chin, then kissing down the other side. She was looking up at the Patio door lifting her ass up off the futon now inviting me to come and open those snaps.

I said, “I know you are watching, hoping for Benny to appear, but his wife just got home he won’t be back tonight.”
“Too bad,” she sighed, “ I was hoping to finish that blow job so I could taste his cum while you eat my pussy!”

“Well, how would you like to meet his two side kicks?”

“You have their phone numbers?” she is giving me that suspicious look again thinking I am plotting the next move.

I Laughed, “Nothing so sinister, they were at the gate when Benny fucked you earlier. When I walked him out to the gate I told them if you were interested the gate would be open. When the show starts I told them if the gate is open come on in.“

“I am interested, but I want to look them over first, you open the gate, I will watch from the kitchen if I come in with wine and four glasses send them back to the gate if I come in empty handed I am willing to play!”


I chuckled as she left and headed for the fence. When I opened the gate they were both sporting stiff cocks. I explained, “that J was in the middle of a life long fantasy weekend and would entertain the idea of having them join the fantasy but she reserved the right to change her mind. If they were gentlemen and open to an introduction with no promises of sex I would take them in.”

They extended their hands for a shake on the deal. I said, “for tonight she is J, and I am P.” Jim or Randy? I pointed to the short one of the pair, “Actually, he is Randy and I am John we are brothers Jim had to run an errand for his wife.”

“Well pity his poor timing,” I chuckled, “were you both here earlier?” “Randy was, he called me and I came over as soon as I could, John answered.

We were in the den just staring at our feet and I was wondering when J would make her entrance, then I realized she wanted to see their package. So I had the brain storm hit the play button and the video started when the picture of J naked came on John let out a wolfish growl.

I hit the fast forward button to the scene of J undressing and it had it’s affect immediately both tents returned to their jeans.
I Said, “go ahead boys take them out so we can get the lady interested.”

They both lowered their zippers opening their fly.

John wrestled with a 8 inch cock that had a bulbous head that looked to be as thick as Ken had been.

Randy took a little longer revealing a circumcised phallus that belonged to a Greek god , I secretly hoped J would walk in with some wine glasses before she saw it.

His cock wasn’t really that much bigger than mine but it stood to attention pointing at the ceiling looking like a triathlon penis on steroids. I remember having that kind of erection when I was 20 but that was ten years removed. My dick pointed alright but not at the stars.

They were both young maybe early twenties, I was a little intimidated but was warming to the idea of watching my lover be thoroughly satisfied by the three of us.

As J was being face fucked for the fourth time today on the video screen she walked in, empty handed wearing her new teddy. She had put on the matching coverlet, some green tented lip gloss, high heels, with thigh high green hose, to finish the look. I almost came just looking at her.

I said, “John, Randy,” “this is J and she has decided to write you two into her weekend fantasy.”

J this is, “John and Randy,” “they are brothers, Randy has been watching all day.” “All week,” Randy interrupted, J smiled with a blush!

Any way as I was saying, “John just arrived.”

“I propose we get them a glass of wine and let them get comfortable, they can watch from the chairs while we finish the show we started and when you say, they can play their part.”

J nodded and went to get the wine, I placed both chairs with the backs against the patio doors and had them undress and take the voyeurs seats.

I turned the video down low and left it going. J had just straddled Ken guiding his cock into her hot pussy, when she entered and handed them a glass of wine.

As they tipped the glass forward with a silent mouthed thanks, she bent over and gave both cocks a light squeeze one in each hand, looking over her shoulder, as Tim entered her ass, smiling at my now tented shorts she cooed, one is nice, two is better, threes will be the ultimate.

I opened my arms wide and invited her over for a hug asking her . “Who loves you baby?”

With that the show was on. I caressed her ass cheeks from behind as we hugged into a long French kiss. Her hands went to my areoles she loved to pinch them till they stood out.

I made it a point to ignore the audience and was focused on making her my Love Goddess, pushing her to a shimmering orgasm with the foreplay as she anticipated the two young cocks throbbing in expectation of what was ahead.

We found our way to the futon on center stage once more as I lay her down again facing the patio, and now her next conquests.

I took my time licking the area exposed at the top of the hose slowly taking them down as I went an inch at a time.

When I got them to the ankles she said, “leave them I want the height the heels add for our next scene.”

I was glad to oblige and crawled back to the center of my attention, using my teeth, I pulled the tab at the crouch of her teddy snap, snap, snap, and the elasticity caused it to fly up to her tits.

I smiled, as I plunged tongue first into her fresh wet pussy knowing this would be the only fresh pussy for the next few hours.

I love eating her pussy she gets so wet, and is so responsive during the moment just before orgasm. She was working her top down below her heavy mommy breast nipples standing at attention. Reaching down now to play her fingers through my hair as she began to lift her ass off the futon meeting my thrusting fingers and lapping tongue with every ounce of my being I was tuned to her desire.

She closed her thighs around my face rising once more thrashing in the ecstasy of having a pussy clenching orgasm.

I looked upon her naked form my manhood swelling with pride in being able to please her.

I took the teddy off and placed a large cushion designed to sit on while watching TV, under her placing her steaming snatch in perfect position for a long hard fuck.

As I entered her for the climax of the show, she reached down and place her hand over her opening.

Making a v with her fingers spread on either side of her labia clamping down making herself as tight as she could for the phallus of her lover!

I Knew in that moment what she liked best and I did not tease her. When she orgasms orally she wants a hard fast pounding.

I was ready for the job I thrust in hard pulling back slowly only to rush forward once more.

The added friction, from her fingers, was making me swell for the climax. I shoved my hard cock in one final time as she wrapped her legs around my waist digging in with her heels screaming, “that’s it nobody knows how to fuck me like my P.”

We closed with a passionate kiss as John and Randy looked on ready to take over.
I went to the kitchen and got a glass of water, as J was pulling her hose up, wiping the cum up with a wet wipe sitting Indian style with her back to the guys.

When I returned, J was shoving her futon to the side and having a chair placed in the middle of the room. I offered a drink of water and she gladly took a long thirsty drink. She handed it back and gave me a quick kiss.

She looked over at the two cocks standing at attention with what can only be described as hunger lust. I cleared my throat and backed up a step looking on as she weighed her options.

Finally she spoke, “Randy you come sit here for me and John when I bend over to suck this Greek God you feel free to use your stiff member to fill whatever hole suits you.”

“P it goes with out saying jump back in and do all that you desire.”

I chose to sit behind the action and watch, admittedly I was a little sleepy.

J in her green hose and heels was just the right height for John, she was using the arms of the chair to lean her forearms on for balance as she did her best to position herself over Randy’s cock but it was pointing in an odd angle and she finally took his hand and put it on his cock and directed him to hold in place as she tried to swallow it.

John was pleased to place his throbbing member in her pussy and was doing a slow methodical fuck dance holding on to her hips squeezing her ass cheeks.

After a few minutes of fighting the angles she gave up on the blow job and pulling away from John she crawled upon Randy’s lap guiding his man-tool deep into her pussy.

She looked over her shoulder with a sheepish grin and offered, “Try the ass its lubed and ready.” Randy did not complain he now took one nipple in his mouth and the other in his right hand taking a hand full of her soft red mane with the other.

John was having trouble getting in her ass and in frustration gave up walking around the chair positioning his cock at eye level offering it to her hungry lips.

They seemed to settle in now both men pleased to fill a lustful MILF with their hot cum. I was startled when she spit John out and looked at me and said come on P , one is nice, two is better, but three would be the ultimate.”

I decided I would be more determined than John had been.

I stood behind her and took it all in watching her ass cheeks flex from the lifting and lowering onto Randy’s youthful erection, her cheeks puffing out, in her effort to satisfy John for a mouth filling load of semen.

I completed the fantasy as I filled her final love hole entering slowly and deeply holding in place as I felt the strange sensation of another mans cock bumping up against my manhood through the thin layer of vaginal skin. Once past the oddity I realized there was a youthful tightness I hadn’t felt in a long time an I began to adjust thrusting with the proper timing to satisfy all three of us as we built to climax.

I knew that if I had my cock in the right depth with timing it would force Randy’s huge cock head against J’S g spot forcing her to scream with a tongue wagging orgasm.

As I watched, John drew to a conclusion, swelling to a sperm splashing orgasm, J lost her hold on him and he came out shooting his love ooze all over her face and hair.

She shooed him away with a push wiping her chin, now her bouncing increased tempo and Randy too began to lift his hips to meet her half way, She threw her head back and screamed, “don’t stop P fill my ass, go ahead Randy I am there let’s cum together.”

So being gentlemen we obeyed the lady and all three melded together at maximum penetration holding on for the last wave of orgasm as J tightened her sex muscles squeezing the semen out of every hole.

John was already dressed by the time we untangled in a gooey mess. He thanked J for a great blow job and excused himself he had a early appointment and needed some sleep.

Randy said, you looked bushed how about I leave my number and if you want call me later. I said I think a shower and sleep is our next scene so that is fine be sure and close the Gate on your way out.

With that we retired locking the patio door and turning out the lights heading to another long hot shower. Tomorrow unscripted Fantasy awaits………………………..

Day three Dawns
Seven year itch 4
The sun was high and burning off the mourning chill by the time we awoke from our slumber, J was up in the shower by the time I could drag myself out of the dreamscape I had been in for the last 5 hours.

I slipped to the kitchen started the coffee and found some ibuprophen with which to pre-medicate for the day that lay ahead. As we cuddled and talked before falling asleep J assured me she had no intention of wasting the rest of her once in a lifetime Fantasy Fling.

It was 10;00 am when we emerged from the house into the front yard and heading to the Beach, “26 hours and counting,” J quipped. Beach being a generic term for our local lake it is a large body of water with hundreds of miles of shoreline but only two areas where people gather on any given weekend to cook out and meet other party animals for fun and sun.

The family beach is a park with tables and grills built in that opens at 6 and closes at 10pm guarded by the county.

The party beach is on the west side of the lake and is bordered by the military base on one end, and the Damn on the other. With two sandy beaches in between with tent and camp areas scattered around.

I had rented a little lake cottage for Friday through Monday morning. But after not showing last night I was certain it would have been given to some other guest.

So we loaded our blankets, ice chest, and sleeping bag with a small pup tent we had for the boys to play in just in case.
On our way out we stopped and picked up more wine and food planning to play it by ear as they say and be prepared for the adventure.
J looked smoking hot in her new bikini, with a white see through top opened down the front just shadowing her ample breast.

She had a matching sarong around her waist tide at her left hip with her left hip and leg open revealing her beautiful legs as she walked and the wind kicked it open.

The look was enhanced by her tight curls, red hair down to her butt. Clear plastic sandals made to be easily kicked off at the water.

Her time in the back yard had really paid off as her tanned , golden freckled face surrounded by the flowing hair was popping in the noon sunlight.

She was moving around helping set the tent and chairs and food up in the shadow of a large oak tree.

We hade forfeited the lodge but arriving early we had found a premium site with some shading and a little privacy in the alcove just above the Lake shore.

She confided, “that this was one of the places that she had come as a teenager when she wanted be alone, and enjoy being away from the stress of family, and pressure to court a chosen suitable candidate from her local church.

I was still the thief in most of the young men she had hung out with and grown up with eyes. I had come back from a one year trip on the wild side when we met it was love at first site and we were married within months. Happily for7 years next Saturday.

Being early spring and still a little too cold in the water the lake was quite with the exception a few boats fishing the shore lines. J and I decided to take a long walk and check out the other campers and check in at the lodge to see if we would be expected to pay anything for the no show last night.

When we reached the lodge foyer it was obvious why we had lost the room there was a large group of middle aged men in the sitting area and they were loud and celebrating the 25th reunion of some fraternal order or another. In a few minutes we found our way to the counter and was given a 200 dollar deposit refund as the room had been occupied by a paying guest in our absence.

While I signed and took care of the paper work J stepped away looking for the restroom. We were both feeling excited we could take the cash and use it to party in the lodge lounge and even buy a few rounds if we chose.

I heard a few of the men getting fresh with her as she smiled and flirted through the crowd. I thought this is not the target crowd for the Fantasy mode she was in but hey it was fun to see her beaming from all the attention.

My little exhibitionist, was going to have a much bigger crowd to draw from, and from the looks of theses men they were here with out their wives.

As I made my way through the crowd headed toward where I saw her disappear from my view, a few of them made complimentary statements like, “you lucky stiff,” “she is a looker boy you better keep an eye on her.” I just laughed good naturedly and said, “I intent to stay real close. We are here to celebrate our anniversary weekend.”

As I reached the ladies room I noticed the men’s was adjoining so I just kept going and went right in. The stalls were empty in back so I walked past several men and took the last one. I could hear them all talking and laughing at once.

“Did you see that little tart in a see through blouse?” one queried , “ ah, ignorant we are at the Lake that was not a blouse it’s a coverlet to keep the lady from looking like she is running around in her bra and panties.”

“ The bottom wasn’t see through, they call that a sarong. But it sure revealed some drop dead gorgeous legs.”

“Well I would sure as hell let her stay in my room tonight. Heard her telling the lady at the counter they were in a tent for The night.” laughter as some one said something I could not make out?

I stepped to the sink to wash up and noticed they were lurking at the door way hoping for a shot to see her up close. As I stepped by them I heard a whistle from the foyer and turned to see J stepping out into the hall adjusting her breast as she exited the restroom.

Her nipples had responded to the attention, or she had encountered some one in the restroom because they were popping. Straining against the thin bikini material barely shaded by the white top.

I looked down and noticed she had adjusted her sarong knot to the front of her hip exaggerating the split now her left thigh was exposed full time.

When she took a step it pulled the material open revealing her barely covered labia with a tight camel toe now apparent with what looked like a wet spot in the center.

I figured I was the only one staring intently at the effect but who knew. All the eyes in the place were in one direction hers.
I got a little giddy considering the enormity of the opportunity she was going to have for the “TRAIN FUCK” as she called it.

I intercepted her as I stepped in front of her leaving no doubt who was with this hot babe.

I ran a hand inside her coverlet just brushing a nipple as I reached around her back pulling her into a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I lingered just long enough to mention there was a balcony access in the Lounge, let’s get a drink. The lions were prowling early.

By now its one in the afternoon and the lunch crowd is hovering discussing the afternoon plans. We were immediately ushered to the balcony where only one party was sitting as the breeze up high in the shade was a little cool.

I asked, “if she would be ok,” we had cooled from our brisk walk and I could see goose bumps on her arms. She assured me , “this is where I want to be the liquor will warm from the inside and the thrill from the outside.” I had to chuckle, “you have any Idea what a stir you caused theses, guy’s weren’t expecting women and especially not hot ones like you.”

She just grinned, “ I noticed a few comments some quite flattering others quite unsettling if I WASN’T IN FANTASY LAND.” “The next few hours just might be quite rewarding?”

Hmmmm.. Interrupted for the drink delivery I was a little shocked she was warming to the idea of these older guy’s. We are 28 and 29 respectively the youngest man here must be 45.
Bald, gray, beer bellied??

After the first drink was emptied the other party slipped out and we had the balcony to ourselves.

If some one looked up from across the courtyard they could see us clearly but it would be from 50 yards. And at their age eye sight might be less keen.

By the third drink I switched to water knowing if she got tipsy I would need to be in command of our behavior as we had a ½ mile walk back to the tent. I suggested “we eat a light early dinner since we were here and take the edge off the alcohol.”

“Dinner sounds fine but I like my edge if you don’t mind,” she demurred. “That’s fine babe, I want you to have a fun thrilling time and fully intend to enjoy it with you but,” “I am a little surprised at your response to the older crowd?”

Well if you had listened to me last night? “You would know what I want,”

“I told you the only thing I haven’t done yet in my ultimate fantasy is have a nice long fuck with an older man. I was thinking 50, but I think after all the attention and how wet my pussy has gotten 45 will work.” She stated matter of fact, with what sounded like the beginnings of slurred speech.

I ordered a light appetizer and a meal to split and cringed when she said and “one more of theses,” tapping her margarita glass. The waitress lifted her brow, but I just nodded we are celebrating.

The food was delicious and seemed to work in slowing the flow of the alcohol to her brain.

As we were finishing our dinner a couple came in and sat with in a few feet of our table.

The man could not keep his eyes off J and when she picked up on the fact his wife’s back was towards us J began to play.

He looked like a former athlete gray hair but still well trimmed firm arms and chest and the air of a man in control I guessed him to be at least 55-60. The Lady must have been a new addition she looked to be a flattering 40. Blond hair large round breast.

And what looked to be firm thighs topped by an ass half again the size of J’s 36 inches. The man was at least 6’3”, a full 6 inches taller than me, and a tower over J’s 5’6”. The man watched as J made her decision she would lead and see if he followed.

Reaching for her drink she knocked her fork in the floor. She bent over from the waist to retrieve it and stayed a little longer than needed looking into his face to watch his eyes take in her full weighty mommy tits with nipples now returning to complete erection.

As she turned to gather herself, her sarong fell open and revealed her toned tanned legs leading his gaze to her golden triangle, as she spread her legs gaining balance.
He looked up and caught my eye with a smile and that look that says, “I remember those days when you went out to get all horny to go home and fuck all night.”

By now his lady is starting catch on that more than a pretty girl is at the table, She turns and smiles with a nod of recognition. I said, “you ready to go?”

“Go?” laughter , “as in get up and exit here now? Not even, I fully intend to give him a chance to know he can do more than just glare with drooling lust.”

J’, “you don’t know if he is even interested not to mention able he might be erectile dysfunctional for all you know.”

She laughed out loud, then with a wave called the waitress over for another drink, asking, “ would you happen to know who this couple is sitting at the other table.”

She said conspiratorially, “ I will be right back and I will tell you.”

J , did a little bouncing in chair wiggling celebration, “ I bet it’s going to be a big surprise they are not even a couple.”

“What makes you so sure?” ha she scoffed, “ when I showed him my tits and made sure he saw my camel toe he did not even try to hide his lust from her.” “ If they were or are a couple he is a player and she lets him play.” giggling now , “ and this afternoon he will play me , like a symphony director.”

As the waitress approached I actually thought J had gone over to the drunk delusional side where everything is a conspiracy surrounding you.
But not so, “Ahem,” she began. “ the man is a Top officer at the base and he actually owns this lodge or at least most of it, the Lady is his younger sister and is considering coming to live and Manage the place because he has been transferred to a new location.” smiling now looking past my wife and her revealing outfit, she ask, “ what made you ask?”

“Oh, I could not help but notice he has shown a very keen interest in our table since he came in it just seemed odd?”

“Well,” she said softly bowing in my direction, “ He heard about your lodge room being given away and when he saw your wife getting all the attention of the men he said, “he would have liked to talk to ya’ll.” But he was waiting in the office for his Sister.

“When he saw you here on the balcony he insisted they sit out here. I think he is about to ask you to join him for desert?”

So she asked looking at J now, “would like to join them for desert?” I laughed and said, “with coffee………………” as she went over to tell the man, “we were flattered he had noticed us and would like to meet him.”

J , scowled at the coffee remark, “ Listen before we go I am using the tipsy ploy to explain my loose behavior and to get him headed in our, or at least my direction, so go easy and let me have a drink with Him!”

It was a non starter as we sat with introductions all around, “ J, my friends call me J and my husband is just P, J&P at your service,” giggling.

Well J & P , I am Walter and this Jan my baby sister. It’s a joy to have you folk’s here for the afternoon so sorry to here about the room” With that the waitress returned with the order placed by Walter, fruit filled crepes with a mint snapps’ chaser.

“Please let me entertain you for the evening, If you like we can share the owners Lodge. Jan has a flight in a hour and has already checked out.”

Deb, the waitress just nodded, “can you help them get there stuff from the beach and bring to the lodge?” “I will have Tom get right on it Walter.”

“Walter that if very generous of you,” J, cooed , “How could I ever repay such a kindness to a couple of strangers.”

“Ah, It’s nothing J, I would not here of you out in that silly kid’s tent surrounded by all these middle aged frat rats it’s the least I can do.”

“Walter the only way I will agree to this deal is if you let me at least try to make it worth your while.” J is leaning over her crepes exaggerating the polite eat over your plate behavior. Her tits are all but tumbling out of the low bikini top I believe she has loosened the string to help them along.

Then I watch as Walter realizes the certainty of her invitation, she leans back sipping the snapps’ and places a foot between his legs. I watch, the old steel coated warrior melts to her touch knowing he has met his match.

Walter, “I do believe my husband better go take care of our campsite, why don’t we walk to the Lodge and he can join us there.”

Tom , will take you P, “We will prepare the rooms and set out some after dinner treats we will be there when you get back.”

Jan I will have Deb or Tom, “take you to the air port if that’s ok.” “That’s fine Walt, hope you enjoy your last few day’s I will be back next week and take care, while your out of the country.”

J stood a little tipsy, Reaching for Walt’s hand as he step forward to lead the way out, “ What about our bill?” Walt just waved it off, “ Taken care of don’t mention it.”

I watched as she clung to him acting the tipsy giggling gal, knowing if she had her way his cock would not make to the front room till it was in her mouth.

Fantasy Land , 17 hours and counting, the last 9 had proved to be flirtatious foreplay but I was certain the next 9 would be all action.

As Tom came around the corner in a golf cart/ hawler I was relieved to see that J was caught up with the crowd and was allowing Walter to show her off and even flirt with a few of what I was sure was the train coming down the tracks.

Tom was admiring the show as well and had to force himself to hit the gas and pull away. “ That is one hot woman mister why in the hell would you let her get out of your sight?”

Now Tom, “if I told you why I would have to kill you,” I said only kidding, “we better hurry it won’t take long for her to get out of her cloths and I want to watch.”

Tom looked a little pale as we hurried along it took about 30 minutes to clear the camp. I left the tent in tact and loaded everything else into the van. I sent Tom on back and drove back to the office, I went inside and waved Deb over and said “listen we are going to party late tonight how would you like to join us.” she smiled her knowing smile and said, “P, I was afraid you would never ask?”
“So you will come?”
“I will have to go to my house to shower and change but yeah I will come back as soon as I can!”

Deb, “the Party is going to be pretty casual,” “you could just shower there and put on my old t shirt or a bathing suit?”

Or ? Something I grinned , Well you make it sound so inviting Maybe You could find time to scrub my back.” and “anything else needs scrubbing I interrupted.”

“Ok, she moaned ,“You be back here,” looking at her watch, “in an hour.”

Deal, “see you in an hour,” with that I hurried to the owners lodge.

J was sitting on a huge ottoman in front of the fire place her back was to me and she had a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, it was then I realized the sun had set and the wind off the lake had turned it 20 degrees cooler making it a fireplace night.

I looked around from the entry way and did not see any one with her I could believe she was sitting all alone. I slipped in hoping to surprise her with a big hug and kiss relieved she hadn’t started without me .

Knowing it was due to the fact that Walt was probably a gentleman and would not take advantage of a tipsy lady even in a bathing suit dripping with Lust.

As I moved Into the great room looking over the huge overstuffed couch, J , leaned back slightly and turned up what looked to be a glass of wine and set it down on the table behind her.

Using both outstretched arms adjusting the blanket she lifted one leg into the air and held it there for what seemed an impossible tipsy balancing act. I could not do it sober.

Now reaching forward with both hands between her legs then curling the extended leg toward her bending at the knee as if she was pulling something toward her……………Then I moved to my right to see around the furniture she was perched upon and I saw Toms kneeling form, He had her bikini bottoms laid over his shoulder and was putting what looked like a ten inch dildo in her pussy.

All the while reaching for her swollen clit with his jutting tongue. I stepped even closer and cleared my throat and they seemed not to hear me.

I walked right upon them and realized Tom, could not see anything but pussy at this point.

J was humming the hum of ecstasy. She was on the verge of what I guessed was the beginning of her night train to Fantasy Conclusion.

I reached out and ran my fingers through her hair and said, “hey hot mama you had any love juice for desert yet.” she jumped startled and Tom pause for a second looking a little sheepish for being caught with his tongue in my wife’s pussy but went right back to work as J reached out and pulled my shorts open looking hungrily for my hardening cock.

She took both legs now wrapping them around Tom’s neck locking her heels for control and leaned back looking up at the ceilings opening her wet lips , purring “come her lover and fuck my throat you know I love to swallow cum while I have my pussy eaten.” As I placed my now throbbing cock at the entrance to her welcoming mouth, “I asked what happened to Walt ?”

Oh , “He decided he better see his sister off since he will be gone when she returns to manage the place.” He asked , “Tom to make me comfortable while he was gone and well you know my pussy was aching all afternoon.”

“I insisted” ,Tom do his job and make me comfortable.

“He offered to fuck me, but I told him, “that would have to wait, I don’t fuck without my P ever, well ever again.”

“Good girl now shut up and suck ,” chuckling, “Tom as soon as you make her moan around my cock with an orgasm, You can trade Places with me and I will fuck her good and proper while she sucks you dry!”

With that I heard the vibrator kick into high motion, and she leaned her head back taking my cock to the back of her throat slurping then, just the head at the tip of her tongue as she hummed, arching her back, grabbing a handful of hair, convulsing for her first orgasm of the night.

She spit me out like a sour taste and said, “somebody fuck my dripping pussy now!” I laughed and waved Tom away as he actually was pulling his cock out to do just that, “sorry pal, I get firsts.” I did not waste any time when she has an oral orgasm , she want dick hard fast and deep. I took a ankle in each hand and raised her legs over my shoulder and plunged into her thrusting to the hilt as she gasped for the pounding she knew was coming.

Tom placed his cock at her lips but she was lost in the moment of taking in her lover.

She ignored him while I curled her up on the ottoman and used her thighs as a resting place now bouncing deeper and deeper.

She finally spoke, she groaned, “fuck me babe cum for me let feel the cock head swell for my wet hot pussy. Oh yeah you got something going right there, don’t stop , sorry Tom hang on this is too good to be distracted, That’s it P you are the master fuck nobody takes me like you do!”

With that the afternoon exhibition, flirting, Deb, all came rushing up into the head of my penis exploding, once, twice, three times, waves of semen , now oozing down the shaft of my cock dripping onto the ottoman.

At 29 she is still the best fuck in the state what a incredible joy to be loved by this hot sexy lady.

I looked at Tom and said don’t leave the lady lonely she needs a cock in at least one hole from now till noon, Sunday, looking at the Clock I said, “15 hours and counting.”

She smiled that wicked sultry smile and said , “Let the night Train begin.”

Babe, “I have to run an errand, Tom will stay with you. Take a hot shower together.” “

I will be back, we want you to be fresh for Walt, he will be here in an Hour.” she said , “If I drop the soap feel free to take full advantage Tom, I haven’t been fucked in the ass in 20 hours I am way past due.”

As I left pulling my shorts back on, Tom was helping her up toward the Shower smiling like he just won the lottery.

I just made it to the Lodge and Deb was stepping into the foyer, “ I thought you were going to stand me up,” she growled.

“ I am going to stand you up and lay you down and fuck you till your head is spinning round and round.” I laughed.

“ Listen about that I am all in for a night of fun and sun but Tom and I are a old item, and I need to be careful.” she looked questioningly at the grin that was fighting becoming open laughter.

“Deb I assure it won’t be an issue now let’s get you to the shower before Walt get’s back from taking Jan to the Airport.”

“Tom took Jan To The Airport?” again question marks for eyebrow’s. “Deb Walt took her and left Tom to keep J comfortable till he got Back.”

“ So you and Tom have been keeping company is the reason your late?” I grinned , “Deb I was here inviting you, while Tom was entertaining J,” and when I got there I was forced to help Him.

“He is own his own till Walt get’s, back now shut up and come get a shower with me I need someone to wash my back, and you look like you need a good scrub as well.”

She finally shrugging got in the cart and we went to join J’s Final adventure.

Seven Year Itch 5
3 hours makes hard men humble!

As Deb and I approached the owners lodge we saw Walt coming up the drive with what look like two of his clones. Same hair same body shape same mean look on their face. Deb was spooked for sure she visibly trembled as she reached for the door handle.

We quickly moved into the main room and looked for J and Tom but they were not in the great room. So I jogged up the stairs to the room we were shown to earlier and when I reached the top stair they both came out giggling and looking relaxed.

I told Tom about the approaching owner and company, and he too looked a little peaked as he jogged down the steps he did not even say bye he just swore “oh shit”, and hit the front porch at a run.

I explained to J about Deb, “needing the shower, and maybe a change of Garments.”

She took her by the hand and said, “I got it, you go keep the men busy till we are ready.”
When I got back down stairs Walt was giving Tom new orders with the other men looking on, as I approached he gave a sharp yes sir and went out the door.

Walt turned and introduced me as, “ P , the Husband of the Hottest, red head, he has ever seen, and “men you know I have seen some damn fine women in my travels.”

“ So Tom tells me we are all settled in for the night I assume he took good care to make you both comfortable.”

“Yes , everything is just fine Walt, who do we have here?”

“P , this is my number two and three in command who are due to pull out at 0800 in the morning. Hope you don’t mind we always have a little get together before we go off on a Mission.”

“Not a problem Walt I mean it is your house and all.” laughter, “Not tonight it’s not tonight this is the misses lodging we are here as her guest.” ahem “Just where is the beauty in question?” surely, “she didn’t pass out on did she?”

No, No, “you all make yourselves comfortable.” ahem, “I will go alert her that you have arrived she is in the shower freshening up for the evening activities.”

With that I left 3 old but healthy looking men who seem to be expecting to have a joint exercise with my wife. I knew J would not mind the company watching but was a little uncertain if she would want to have 3 old men.

When I got to the room J and Deb were playing dress up trying to decide hot much or less to put on to take off later. J had put her bikini back on and had her wrap around sarong tied open at the front so when walked it opened to reveal her hairless crotch barley covered in a wisp of spandex bikini.

Her legs were shining as she had shaved and oiled them. She decided to leave the top for Deb and went with just her bikini top tied up tight lifting her sagging mommy tits and causing her huge nipples to show through.

She had tied her hair back with band of the material used to make her sarong, and had applied the lip gloss that makes every man she meets beg for a kiss, her high heels made of clear plastic open in the back made her look taller and her thighs taught from the raised angle .

Deb was gorgeous she was much younger than J and her breast were perky enough that they need no help so she hand on J’s see through top closed with a hasp about navel high the look was very arousing.

She had chosen a pair of J’s panties that were just loose enough to look like bloomers with lace down the front to the crotch panel. Her hair was still wet and she had shaken it loose in a natural just got out of bed look, with bright red lips, and red heels she borrowed from J making her 3 inches taller.

I had to whistle, “oo la la,” “Ladies,” “Let’s just stay up here and party, to hell with the three old men downstairs.”

“ It would kill me to try and satisfy both your want’s and desires but hey what a way to go,” I laughed.

J, perked up, “Excuse me did you say three old men?”

“Yes definitely 3, and they are damn near clones of Walt,” I declared. “I knew you said you wanted one older man for a slow train fuck, but it appears that this is a unified team effort.” Walt introduced them as, “his 2nd and 3rd in command.”

So I came up to alert you to the battle plan, “what do you think?”

Ok, “same as last time, I have the right to refuse any unwanted attention, and don’t get all distracted fucking the young Barbie here and leave me defenseless.” “ You are my only Knight in Shining armor Mister so don’t forget it.”

J, “this is your last night as a Fantasy Fling.” “So enjoy it but don’t be afraid to just say no, OK?” “Monday seven years celebrated and back to a one man woman agreed?”

She grinned that grin, that said until we renegotiate?

With that we exited the room and went down the stairs together J on one arm and Deb on the other.

As we got to the landing all three men were standing with a drink in hand, and a new salute, all three cocks came to attention.

Walt stepped forward and took J by the hand and said, “allow me to introduce my friends, J, this is 2, and 3.”

J actually blushed as she could not take her eyes off the obvious massive male members of 2, and 3, Walt looked like a Man with a prize, but it was way obvious that his rank was the only thing superior in the room tonight.

I said, “Walt , J and I have agreed that she is the hostess tonight, and as such she has full control of what, and more importantly what’s not to happen agreed?”

Walt cleared his throat. “ J, P, we have no intention of being anything but the well behaved guest of a beautiful, adventurous, young lady.” “2, and 3, Are here at my command and will do as ordered, J , you only need ask once and I will make sure your request is honored immediately.”

Now, “how about we move into the den and get to know one another a little better.” J said, “OK 2,3 if you don’t mind I would like a chance to be alone with Walt so why don’t you take a nice long walk and come back in say an hour?”

Walt smiled a smile so big I thought his face would stick, he gave a little dismissive wave as 3, led 2 through the door and out to the porch.

I moved to the fire place and stirred the coals and added a log as Deb went for fresh drinks.

J took Walt by the Hand and said, “lets get you comfortable young man,” as she led him to the ottoman where she had enjoyed Tom and I earlier.

She sat him down on the ottoman and started slowly unbuttoning his shirt with each button she pulled it open and put her hands inside ruffling his chest hair.

His cock was already straining at his zipper and Deb stepped in with a drink for each of them. Walt gulped a big swallow and set it down reaching for J’s swollen nipples.

She brushed his hands away and said, “not so fast, sit still soldier. You have some explaining to do. I want to know what you think you are doing leaving me to be fucked senseless by Tom, and returning with two friends without asking if I would be interested?”

Walt was torn between emotions, it was obvious he was way past the point of no retreat with his cock standing and twitching with each button.

J, steadily unbuttoning the next looked him in the eye and gave the raised eyebrow, well? “What do you have to say for yourself Mister.”

She not stood between his legs resting one knee on his erection leaning in, hands inside his open shirt holding poised, “Walt?” J, “ I ah well I only told Tom to make you comfortable and as for 2, and 3 they are just here for the party really they leave if you say so?”

Walt, “you knew how wet my pussy was, and you left the duty station to go bring your buddies to be dismissed from the show? You knew Tom was going to fuck me surely?”

Well I gave him orders, “not to deny you anything you requested,” but “I never gave him orders to fuck you I swear.”

Well all right, she grinned, “ but for your punishment you will not use your hands tonight understood?” Sure I think , “what about 2,and 3 shall I dismiss them.”

“They are gone for a walk, Walt, how would you dismiss them?” Well , “when they return.”

By now I see where this is headed and it’s going to be fun to watch, but I have a guest of my own to tend to.

Deb was setting on the love seat watching J mesmerized by the control she had over Walt. He was like a three year old boy being controlled by a Grand Mother.

I walked over and knelt down between Deb’s legs and smiled into her wet spot, in my wife’s panties. She was very aroused by the banter of J and Walt, so I let her stay in position to watch while I removed her panties and began to kiss my way from toe to clit, clit to toe, and back again, half listening to J boss Walt.

While day dreaming what it would be like to fuck Deb from behind, being watched by 2 and 3 , while watching Walt, fuck J from behind on the ottoman.

By now Deb has abandoned the banter show and thrown her head back, arching her back, lifting into the tongue fuck of her dripping pussy.

She placed one leg on either shoulder and pulled my hair urging me to go deeper faster nearing her first of what I intended to be endless orgasms for the next few ours.

As Deb squirmed on my face squealing with a trembling orgasm, I heard J command Walt to, “lean over the ottoman spread those legs assume the position soldier I am going ride you like a mule .”

Walt was face up elbows on the table ass center of the ottoman with his feet on the floor and J was still had her clothes on.

Now remember no hands allowed. Walt was shaking from the stress of not being able to help her undress.

Deb and I stopped to watch as J slowly removed her sarong then her tits swung free as she untied the strings, now reaching for the strings of her bikini bottoms she slowly squeezed her ass cheeks together and licked her lips as she looked upon her prey and saw drool coming down his chin as she pulled the material through her swollen cunt lips tossing it into his face.

His cock was throbbing falling slightly only to spring back as she bent at the waist and took him in her mouth using her tongue to lick his precum from the tip.

He looked like a man in duress as she once more pushed his hands away from her thighs as she straddled his 6’4” frame using his thighs as spring boards for her legs she sat slowly down lowering her swollen dripping pussy onto his 60 year old manhood.

Walt now had a view of what I call her best asset, her perfect bubble ass bouncing up and down on his cock . He was wrestling with the Idea of reaching for her wanting to fondle her breast brushing against her ass as she rode him like a 5 dollar pony ride.

She looked over her shoulder and said, “ well Walt, are you up for the Job or do I need to get 2, and 3 in here to fuck me to a orgasm.” Laughing as he strains to hold his position of discomfort, but enjoying the show, and of course the tight cunt muscles squeezing his cock with each rise. Walt said, “requesting permission mam, to assume the position to carry out the order properly?”

J relented, and crawled off of him watching his old manhood staying the course. His stamina seemed to be what she hoped, someone who could fuck for a long while before Cuming.

Walt was sweating as she climbed onto the ottoman and spread her legs to his approach. He leaned in with his knees resting on the edge of the ottoman.

With no hands to handle the adjustment he was forced to watch as J reached for his now slimy cock and place it back into her dripping vagina.

She stayed there grabbing his sagging balls and said, “now fuck me with that old sword and cut me to the quick. I want your hot semen inside me post haste GI Joe.”

Deb had seen enough show and she too was ready for the tale. She pulled her top over head and said, “come here P, and fuck me like it’s your last fuck for life!”

She had a really huge clit and it was swollen from the oral stimulation and her love juice was running down between her ass cheeks.

I slid out of my shorts and t shirt reaching for her dark chocolate areolas, her nipples responded to my touch and I was glad to oblige as I slipped easily into her swollen wetness with one tit in hand and a nipple in my lips.

I heard her gasp as I thrust to the hilt with one fierce entry. Deb said, “it’s been a month since I had a Man deep in my pussy, please P don’t hold back, fuck me hard fast and continuously.” gritting my teeth, I said, “ this will be the last time for life, after tonight, J will be my only fuck buddy.”

Deb sighed, “ in that case cum in my pussy, and my ass, and my mouth, and if we have time let’s do it all again.” I laughed aloud, “J has a three man advantage you might have to recruit some help.”

Deb bit her lower lip, “ I think you are man enough for me let’s just watch them do the tango swap and let’s just fuck in between, I am not into old, old men. You are old enough.”

She winked and dug her heels in, Cuming on my man tool, as I approached my own throbbing ejaculation deep into her young pussy.

Speaking of which young lady, “how old are you?”

“Tomorrow is my birthday, I will be 19.”

Holy smoley, “I should say I am old enough I am 10 years older.”

“I was fucking J for the first time when you were 12, not even a teenager.”

“So, was Tom the first?” She bit that lip again, “ Actually, no it was Walt, about 8 months ago when he hired me I thought it was how to get the Job I wanted, and that’s why I know I don’t care for old, old men.” I just chuckled, “ I guess it’s just you and me tonight Deb.”

We slid our shorts and tops back on and went to refresh the drinks as J was taking everything Walt could muster.

He was standing behind her now with both hands resting on his hips thrusting in deep and pulling almost all the way out stopping just short as J, continued to hold onto his balls.

J Started meeting his thrust pushing back with her other hand from the table you could here the slap, slap, slap of the old gent slamming into her as hard as he could with no leverage.

“ I am cuming he yelled,” never slowing J called back, “ cum in me deep, I am going to squeeze these old balls dry Mister, it will be a week before you will be able to cum again.”

With that they both collapsed in a heap sprawled on the ottoman as she caught herself on all fours. Walt leaned in and with one hand on the ottoman he suspended his weight heaving from the exertion.

As if he had solved a riddle he said, “damn you, no hands?” “I could still use my teeth,” with a grimace he began to nibble at the place where thigh becomes buttocks and watched as goose bumps sprang up every where he was able to reach.

J was shaking with laughter as she rolled over, his semen flowing now down onto the ottoman.

She lifted a nipple up for him to reach, he took it in greedily sucking, biting, she pulled it away, offering the other, as he was a man with a lust hunger.

With the shock of the day on her face, she reached feeling his old sword at full strength, biting her lip, sighing, “My , My , soldier what have we here so soon?” he said , “ top government secret , If I tell you I have to fuck you again immediately.”

Well in that case it’s an order “Mister”, what gives, “ We are just Uncle Sam’s guinea pigs, I have been given an experimental drug to enhance stamina as well as desire and strength.”

J smiled , “ It looks like it may be working soldier. Tell me now is that why 2, and 3, are here?”

“They have been medicated as well, but that is of no concern Lady I believe you have the right to tell Uncle Sam to stick it somewhere else.” J broke out in a fit of laughter, “ Walt I am ordering you to have 2. And 3, to report for duty immediately.”

“At the same time?” giggling , “oh most assuredly sir.”

Walt looked a little disappointed knowing he was not ready for the competition of 2. And 3, and their huge cocks.

I came in with a warm cloth and towel and a round of drinks, asking, “ J you sure you want to give the last few hours of Fantasy Fling to the group of old farts?” laughing , “ as long as they maintain the erections I saw in their pants I am certain besides it’s my duty as a patriot.”

2 And 3 came marching in with a look of pure glee on their long hard determined faces. 2 offered, “ reporting as requested Mam,” with a salute, 3 added “ we are gladly at your service how may we serve you.

Well. “I want you to undress one another slowly take your time understood.” with a red face , “ completely” moaned.

2 took the lead and began to unbutton 3’s shirt, Walt came into the room still naked and still aroused.

J said , “Walt you may employ your hands for the next exercise take your finger and play with my ass using your thumbs to prepare me for 2 to fuck my ass.”

“ When I am ready I want 3 to hold me in his lap placing his huge cock in my wet snatch, while 2 gives me a slow anal penetration”

“ Then, Walt if your careful you can use your hands to arouse my nipples, while I see if I can swallow your old cock.”

All the while 2 and 3 are slowly undressing one another careful to fold and place each garment in a pile worthy inspection. J was on her way to a night of total penetration a she embarks on her Train Fuck Fantasy.

I turned to see Deb watching in total amazement at J’s ability to state so clearly what she wants from theses willing fuck machines.

All three men are giving every ounce of their attention to the lustful desires of my beautiful wife and I am pleased to see her so enraptured with a complete fulfillment of her Dream Fuck.

And some how I stumbled upon the thrill of a young beautiful girl, a whole lot like the one I married, to enjoy along the way.

I asked, “Deb?, Is there anything I can do to help you have a Fantasy Come True.”

Sighing she looked away only to turn back with a red face and what seemed like a tear beginning, “ P is it possible that we could go upstairs for a while, I really enjoyed earlier but I want to pretend for a moment that I have you Like she will have your from now own, your undivided attention to my most deepest desires.”

Knowing what she was asking, “I was reluctant but decided it would be up to the hostess.”

J, “ Excuse me for interrupting but you look like you are going to be busy here for a while, would you mind if I took Deb up to our room for a bit she has never been made love to in a bed?”

J looked startled , “ made love too?” tense silence, “You can fuck her any way you want in any hole she wants but love making is for us, what we are doing here is just carnal animal fucking, no emotions no strings, ok ?”

“She is young, and hot, and tight, so enjoy, I plan too, but don’t get any Ideas about taking her home with us!”

It’s 10 pm 14 hours and counting, I look her in the eyes and say well we won’t have any video footage, I let it hang there, but let’s say we reconvene here for late night snacks at midnight!

She simply nodded as she climbed up onto 3‘s huge lap positioning his massive cock at the opening of the birth canal ready for her second triple penetration of the 72 hour fantasy fling.

I took Deb by the hand and led her up the steps slowly, one at a time, relishing the moment of ascending through the sounds of three old gents giving themselves to the task of satisfying the lady of the lodge.

“Come with me lover to our own little world for the next two hours I am all yours.”

Deb is visibly trembling as I breath into her ears , “ I am going to make this the most memorable moment of your life, now take off those cloths and let’s take a shower together.”

I move quickly setting the temp, making the water as hot as I dare, pulling her to me I place her beneath the flow washing her hair, her, face, neck.

Shoulders, arms, lifting under arms, avoiding her beautiful breast, moving instead to her stomach, back, now her buttocks, moving smoothly to her legs , lifting each foot I wash with soap then rag between her toes.

Turning her now to face the water flow I reach around with both, hands, soup in one, rag in the other.

Slowly working each breast as though it were a ripe melon preparing for breakfast.

Gently stroking then kneading each nipple , finally I kiss the top of her head down to her neck standing to the side I lean her head back and bite her neck just above her shoulder continuing to knead each breast moving ever so slowly downward with soap and rag I wash her womanhood.

I can feel the tension she has never allowed a man this access before hand and rag becoming one as I scrub her labia with the gentleness of a mother cleansing a child.

As the water cascades down her length rinsing away the earlier sex I begin to replace it with tender love making. I nibble her navel not insistent but coaxing and I move one leg over my shoulder opening her to my lips.

I began to suck then probe all the while giving her time to open her self completely as I make love to her, imagining it is my J, 7 years ago on our first morning as husband and wife I took her to the shower for a slow sensual cleansing.

Remembering how the feeling of my tongue and fingers took her to places she had never gone staying till the water ran cold.

Deb finally shakes the earlier comments from J and starts to receive my gift pulsing with the crashing spray adding her own juices to the flow as her young vagina begins to convulse on my face and fingers.

I stand, taking a handful of her wet mane I pull her head back for a tongue probing kiss.

It is our first French kiss, it is the first time I have kissed another woman on the lips.

Strange how this feels so erotic compared to all the other things that has gone on recently.

I stop only to kill the water and step out to dry us off slowly taking care to relish each drop as I remove it from her dimpled skin, her nipples are popping from the chill and I suckle each one to warm it .

For the first time we embrace full frontal, my erection slipping between her inner thighs. Now jumping to attention resting heavily against her humming womanhood.

I pick her up kissing her lips softly as I carry her to the bed in the center of the room.

LAYING her gently on top of the covers I slip in covering her with my length, again slowly kissing from nose to nipple.

Using one leg she lifts herself and adjust to my position opening both legs now ready for the final act of two lovers in the moment.

I lift my finger to her lips slipping a thumb between her lips resting it there not forceful just enough to let her get used to the idea as though it were the bridle in the colts mouth for the first time.

For a moment I drift away to some distant past and listen for the sounds of J’s Train coming, but am brought back to the moment as Deb bites my thumb and spits it out, sighing, “make love to me P. I want you to fuck me like a virgin bride on their wedding night.”

It seems as though the time is come I lift just enough to accomplish entry slipping my throbbing manhood into her wanting center.

She immediately shifts to meet my size and lifts her legs to wrap around my waist the bounce of the firm mattress add a element to the motion you just can’t get anywhere else.

There is a moment of pause as I am completely immersed in her wetness and she simply holds on with arms and legs, then ………….

The thrill of completion begins to drive us to a urgent thrusting all the tended slow motion has passed, we are two people content to have one more powerful orgasm.

She digs her nails into my back and bites a ear as I bury my face into the crook of her neck and suck a familiar hickey there that says I was thoroughly fucked.

With the passion of two young lovers we thrash and bounce to finally hold, as I bury my cock as deep as nature will allow and let the load of semen loose deep in her womb thinking this is baby making sex.”

I turn over on my back and pull her up on my chest resting my chin on her head and holding ever so tight cooing to her how precious that was and if I wasn’t married to J I would definitely have to take her home with me.

I look at the cock it’s been an hour and a half thirty minutes of tenderness left. Holding each other I listen as Deb sniffles and then nuzzles her cute nose into my chest.

“You Ok, Sweetie?” silence, then sniffle, “I know Deb, it’s ok to feel loved, it’s the most powerful emotion there is and it feels good.”

She lifts her face to look at me in the shadow of the light from the restroom, “Loved?”

“yeah sure, Deb just because it will never be allowed to grow what we just shared was unbridled passion and love.”

Well what ever it was “ I want it some more as often As I Can.”

I heard J scream a scream that sounded painful so we got dressed and started downstairs. As we reached the landing J was laying back on Walt who had his cock in her pussy and 2, was holding her legs up while 3 was trying to put his there also.

I said J, “That is too much one per hole is enough, 12 hours and counting you ready to head back to town?” Deb needs a ride home. Theses men have a 0800 departure.”

“Let ‘s go get a few hours sleep before the final count down.”

“Well I think these boys have had their fill anyway and I need a shower and some breakfast, but sleep is out of the question!”

I just laughed and said, “ok let’s get you up , we can discuss this on the way home.”

We went to drop Deb off, and J was in the back seat snoring, I got out to walk her to the door.

When she turned to say bye, I just had to have a good night Kiss , reluctantly at first then with all the passion we just shared she kissed me back.

When I pulled away , ending the kiss, she sighed that bedroom sigh and said, “ I have a futon if you want to come in she can sleep it off here?”

As tempting as a all night fuck session with this hot lady sounded I wanted my wife in our bed resting for a warm wake up breakfast in bed.

I had A Plan for the count down and It did not include anyone but the two of us.
Conclusion may be coming later.

But we are still married 25 years later so what ever the plan was it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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