I have reposted this story. It was removed once because the girl in the story was 12 years old. So I have corrected the sentence which gives her age thereby making this story in compliance with the new censorship rules.
My name is Nancy. I'm (bleep) years old. It’s Saturday morning. The best day of the week. No school, no need to worry about homework till tomorrow evening, and daddy will be out of my hair most of the day. Best of all I have the whole day to go skateboarding with my friends.

I’m meeting Tommy and Jack at the Mall. We’ll skate there until we get kicked out, then we’ll go to Harrison’s park and skate there until we get kicked out.

I put on a pair of blue boxer shorts, a bra, a black T-shirt, and khaki cargo pants. I guess I’m kind of a tomboy. The closest thing to girl clothing I wear when I go skateboarding is a sports bra, and the only reason I wear that is to flatten my tits which are beginning to develop.

The last thing I want is for the guys I skateboard with to start teasing me about my boobs. In a way, I consider myself lucky so far since I’m sort of a slow developer for my age.

I do gymnastics and skateboard a lot. So I don’t need a big pair of boobs bouncing all over the place. Daddy says that since my boobs got a late start growing they’ll probably become huge. I don’t think they will, I think he just likes teasing me about them since they’re finally growing now.

My dad calls me to breakfast. Walking into the kitchen, I grab a plate and dish up some eggs and bacon. When I sit down daddy asks me, “What are your plans today baby girl?”

Rolling my eyes I say, “Going skateboarding with my friends.” I think daddy only calls me ‘baby girl’ to bug me. He likes to remind me I’m a girl.

“I thought you were so sore from your gymnastics class yesterday.”

“I am sore daddy,” just to irritate him I add, “A few good wipeouts on my skateboard should loosen me up though.“ I smile at my remark, “How about you daddy? You going to hit the garage sales in search of more junk to buy?”

“Junk?” he says indignantly, “No, not junk! I’ll be looking for some good deals as usual. You know I have a nose for a good bargain.”

Shaking my head, I say “Okay, but the garage is stuffed full of good deals and bargains we don’t ever use. We’re running out of space.”

“Don’t worry little lady, I’ll find room. Are you going skating with Tommy today?”

“Yeah, Tommy and jack, why?”

“Is Tommy your boyfriend? I think he would make a good boyfriend, don’t you?”

“No daddy!“ I say in a scolding tone of voice, “he isn’t my boyfriend. He’s just a friend, Okay!” Daddy always teases me about getting a boyfriend. I think he’s afraid I’m going to turn into a lesbian or something.

I don’t want a boyfriend. Most of the other girls at my school don’t have one yet. I’m quite sure he keeps asking me just to drive me nuts.

“Alright, if you say so,” he says disinterested, “I thought maybe he was because I saw him checking out your butt when he was here last weekend. For some reason he just couldn‘t take his eyes off your butt. I was going to make some smart-alecky comment to him but I didn‘t. I can't really blame him for looking.”

Daddy gets up to pour himself another cup of coffee with a stupid grin on his face, overly proud of his remarks. I don’t know what to say. I know he’s just teasing me, however the last thing I want to do is get into a discussion about my butt. So I grumble, ”I think you need a girlfriend daddy.”

He bends over behind me and kisses my cheek, “You’re probably right, maybe we can double date sometime.”

“Yuck daddy!“ I say with disgust as I get up out of my chair. “I’ll see you tonight, try to buy something we actually can use. Anyway, I’m out of here.” I give him a quick hug, then grab my board by the door on the way out.

“Okay baby, have fun. And try to be careful,” he yells as I head outside.

Tommy, Jack, and I have a great time skateboarding, but it was a pretty rough day from all the wipeouts. I get back home in the afternoon. I must’ve fallen a hundred times today. Daddy isn’t back yet, I guess that’s a good thing. Maybe he can’t find any more junk to buy. I take a look in the garage anyway, just to see if he might have bought some crap and then headed out to buy some more.

I look in the garage. Nope, just the same old junk. I shake my head looking at all the stuff he’s bought in the last couple years. Two kayaks, an air-hockey game, 3 lawn mowers, one of which works, several chairs, a sofa, a table saw, a hang glider, two desks, and somewhere under all that junk is a pool table. He never did buy any billiard balls for the pool table because he won’t pay full price for them at a real store. He says it isn’t the money, it’s a matter of principle, whatever that means.

I head upstairs to my room. I ache all over. We found an empty swimming pool in the backyard of a foreclosed house. We had a blast skating in it, but damn, I fell so many times that every bone in my body aches.

I decide to take a bath. As I strip down. I proudly check out all my new scrapes and bruises. My knees and elbows took a real beating. Turning on the water, I check myself out in the mirror. I turn halfway around and take a look at my butt.

I don’t see anything particularly attractive about it, but daddy was right. Tommy was checking me out every chance he got. I never really noticed him looking at me that way before. It was kind of cool. Maybe he thinks I’m pretty.

I don’t know why, I don’t try to look pretty like the cheerleaders or the rest of the boy crazy girly girls at school.

Sitting down in the tub, I relax for a moment then start cleaning my wounds and washing myself. When I’m all cleaned up I lean back and close my eyes and relax. I start thinking about Tommy.

I lower my hand down between my legs. I lightly run my fingers along my pussy lips as I imagine Tommy sitting in the tub with me. Maybe I should ask him out…..or uh, I mean maybe I should get him to ask me out I guess. Hmm, I’m not sure how to do that.

My friend Charlene somehow got Ricky to ask her out. She totally had the hots for him. All she would talk about was how cute he was and how nice it would be to kiss him, blah, blah, blah…..and then the next thing I know, Ricky asks her out. They’re inseparable now, which sucks because Charlene hasn’t skated with us since.

I guess I should get some advice from her. Or maybe I could just try flirting with Tommy……or maybe I should simply ask him if he wants a hand job. I chuckle at that idea. The direct approach usually works best for me. I’ve never done that to a boy though, but I’ve seen it done on the internet. I think I can figure it out as I go.

I push my fingertip inside of me now and am lightly rubbing myself around my clit. I can hear the front door open over my soft moaning. I guess daddy is home. I try to ignore the noise he’s making because I’m trying to concentrate on Tommy so I can have an orgasm.

I stop rubbing myself for a bit. Daddy is making too much noise. How can I masturbate with all that noise distracting me? It sounds like he’s moving furniture around. That can’t be good. I try to ignore him and put my attention back on my pussy where it belongs.

The feeling in my pussy is slowly building. So are my moans. Suddenly the bathroom door opens part way. Shit! I forgot to lock it!

Daddy pokes his head inside and calls out, “Are you decent baby? You’ve got to check this out……” I pull my finger out of pussy and lean forward, covering up my tits and pussy with my hands.

“Daddy!” I yell out, “I’m in the tub, get out!”

“Okay, okay. I’m closing the door, but you’ve go to come downstairs and look at what I bought! You’re going to love it. Hurry up sweetie.”

“Alright daddy, I’ll be down in a minute!” Damn, can’t a girl have a little privacy once in awhile? Now I’m pissed off and I don’t even want to go downstairs. But I will. I have to go downstairs and look at whatever stupid junk daddy bought. Otherwise he’ll keep bugging me until I do. I wait a minute before I get up out of the tub, just to make sure he isn’t still there. I dry myself off.

What I should do is just walk downstairs naked if he’s in such a God damn hurry. I laugh. That would freak him out…..and it would serve him right too.

I wrap the towel around myself. Walking out of the bathroom, I turn towards my room. Daddy comes out of his bedroom and gently grabs my arm, “Come on baby girl. You’ve got to see this.”

“Daaaddyyyy,” I whine, “Let me get dressed first.”

“No. No. The towel’s fine, you can dress later. Come on,“ We start walking downstairs. “Besides, I’m not going to see anything I haven‘t already seen before. I used to change your diapers you know.”

“Yeah, well I didn’t have boobs when you changed my diapers.” I say in my most snotty voice, still mad because he opened the bathroom door on me when I was……umm, when I was in the tub trying to pleasure myself.

When we get downstairs there’s a new table set up in the living room, “Great daddy,” I say sarcastically, ”that’s just great, another table. Like we don’t already have enough furniture.”

“It’s a masseuse’s table!” he says enthusiastically, “You know, for giving massages.” He steps forward and shows it to me, “See this hole with the padding around it? That’s where you put your head. That way you can lie down flat on your stomach without having to turn your head to one side or bury your face in a pillow. Cool huh?”

“I know daddy,” I moan, “I had a massage at a spa with aunt Mary once. I know what a massage table is!”

“Oh yeah,“ he responds, “It’s portable too. The legs fold up and you can carry it by the handle. Heck, it probably weighs less than you do. Come on, get up on it.”


“Yes now. You said you were sore. I’ll give you a massage.” Daddy picks me up and sets me down on the table, “Lay down.”

Looking at him I say, “I think I should get dressed first.”

“Nonsense, a towel is fine, that’s what you’re supposed to wear when you get a massage. But you already know that……from the time you had a massage with aunt Mary. Now hurry up and lie down baby girl.”

I roll my eyes, “Whatever daddy.” I lay face down. He starts rubbing my legs. It tickles a little at first, but it does feel good. Today was pretty rough because I was trying way too hard to show off in front of Tommy.

I yelp when he grabs hold of my feet. I’m kind of ticklish there.

“Oops, sorry baby girl.” He gently gives my feet a rub down. It feels great. Next he starts in on my shoulders. He pulls my towel down out of the way a little bit. Then he does my upper back.

I raise up a little and slide the towel down so it covers just my butt, leaving my entire back exposed. I’ll bet he didn’t expect that! I wish I could see look on his face. He doesn’t say anything though.

Soon his strong hands are kneading my back and shoulders, I moan as he works my sore muscles. His big hands spread out over my back and my sides. He’s really working me over pretty good, just like a real massage. His fingertips even sort of touch up against the side of my boobs……almost.

He stops for a moment, then says ”Umm, I guess we need another towel to cover your chest so you can turn over. I‘ll go get one.”

Just for the shock value, I casually say, “Don’t worry about it daddy,” I turn over, keeping the towel over my waist, but fully exposing my tits. With a smug look on my face I lay down on my back. I’m not sure if he’s going to freak out or what. I’m half way expecting him to yell, ‘What the hell are you doing?’, but he doesn’t say a word.

I add, “It ain’t no big deal, after all, you used to change my diapers.” It takes all my effort to keep from smiling. Actually I can barely stop myself from laughing my ass off.

He looks shocked. As I lay down and get comfortable, he stares at my chest and torso, slowly moving his eyes up and down the length of my body. The look on his face is so intense. He swallows long and hard and even licks his lips a little. I’ve seen this look on men’s faces before, like at the shopping mall, but never on my own daddy’s face.

Now I feel embarrassed. Almost a little scared. I wish I hadn’t done this. I shut my eyes so I don‘t have to look at him. I can feel my face blushing.

I guess my idea to turn the tables on daddy and tease him for a change isn’t working so well. I wish I had let him get me another towel. I’m not sure what to do next. Maybe I should just get up and get another towel myself. Daddy still hasn’t said anything, I don’t know if he’s mad or not.

I’m still embarrassed, but my face has stopped blushing. I may feel foolish, but at least it doesn’t show. I feel relieved when he starts massaging me again. I guess I don’t have any other choice but to endure this embarrassment.

In a little bit I’ll tell daddy that that is enough and then I’ll run upstairs and get dressed. I’m sure he’ll tease me about it for a long time, but what can I do now? I’m the one who so foolishly tried to shock him.

I try to relax. It will be over soon.

He slides his hands up and down my belly, stopping just short of my boobs. Then his hands slide up higher, along my side, under my arms. But it feels different now. He’s not really massaging my muscles and sore tissue like before. It’s more gentle…..softer. More like a soothing caress. More……affectionate.

He lightly slides one hand across my stomach, then he places his other hand on the side of my head. He runs his fingers slowly through my hair. He must be leaning down over me. I can feel his warm breath on my face.

He then presses his lips against my forehead and kisses me like he’s done a thousand times before. Except this time it’s somehow different than the others. It’s a long slow kiss, not just a quick peck.

I swallow hard, not knowing what to say, not sure what I should do. Not sure if I could even speak if I tried to. I just lay motionless, as his hands continue to caress my body.

On the one hand, I’m not very comfortable with any of this. On the other hand, it’s so exciting…..and so wrong. I know he shouldn’t be touching like this. I could probably jump up and say “that‘s far enough daddy! I‘d best go get dressed now!“, but the moment to do that is passing……besides, I just don’t want to.

His fingers move over my belly and ribs, fingertips softly outlining my lower ribs. I exhale deeply and slowly, enjoying the feel of his hands as they move up and brush near my bare breasts again.

He then runs his finger down the length of my torso, starting on my chin, dropping down my neck, down between my breasts, to the end of my ribs, stopping briefly to press into my bellybutton, then going all the way to my towel before he stops. I can barely breathe.

I tell myself that in a little bit I’ll tell daddy thanks for the massage and that I feel fine now. Then I’ll go put some clothes on. With that thought I try to relax. I tell myself it will be over soon.

But I can’t relax. I’m half naked in front of a man. And not just any man, but my own father! He might be a bit of a nerd sometimes, but he’s quite strong and powerful. He can pick me up like a rag doll and throw me high in the air and catch me, or scoop me up in one arm and carry me like bag of groceries.

And he’s not just stronger than me, he’s the boss around here. He makes the rules and I try to bend them as far as I can till I get punished or grounded or whatever. Right now it feels like daddy is the one bending the rules though.

Then it happens. All at once I can feel his lips press against mine. He’s kissing me! Oh my God! He’s kissing me! One hand glides over my naked breast and the other hand slides underneath my towel. His fingers push through my thin patch of pubic hair and press down lightly as they move over my pussy.

Oh my God! Daddy is touching my private parts! Daddy is molesting me! His tongue slips into my mouth. The sensation is electric. Both our tongues touch and swirl around each other. His tongue then goes deeper into my mouth. I suck on it lightly, like it’s a…..well, you know.

I can’t believe what he’s doing to me! How long has he been planning this? Did he buy this table so he could molest me on it?

He very gently squeezes one of my nipples. It tingles, but the wildest feeling is between my legs. It feels so incredible. I’ve played with myself lots of times, but this is very different. I’ve never had anyone else touch me there. The feeling of someone else’s hand exploring between my legs is overwhelming.

As his strong fingers probe around my pussy, I move my legs apart, giving him better access. I let out a little moan as a finger goes inside of me. Since I’m still wet from when I was playing with myself in the tub, his finger slides in smoothly.

I raise my arms up and wrap them around his body. My fingers press into his back, holding him tightly against me.

I still can’t believe he’s molesting me! All the crap I learned in school over the years about what I’m supposed to do when an adult tries to touch my private parts…….it all goes out the window. My teachers never told me how incredible it feels……those stupid bitches!

I try to hold on to daddy, but he pulls my arms away and moves his head up, away from me. I open my eyes and ask, “What’s wrong daddy?” I’m afraid he’s changed his mind or something. He looks at me for a long moment, then quickly pulls his T-shirt off and tosses it on the floor, “Nothing baby.“

He moves to the end of the table. Grabbing my legs he yanks me closer to him. It scares me at first. Then I lift my legs up and spread them apart, placing them over his shoulders. Daddy buries his face between legs.

My whole body twitches. “Oh God daddy!” I moan enthusiastically as his tongue probes me. After several minutes of this, I’m moaning and wiggling about, barely able to control myself. Breathing hard, my body stiffens. I throw my head from side to side and arch my back as I cum.

Daddy keeps kissing me all around my pussy, thighs and tummy. His kisses work their way past my bellybutton and to my tits. They’re so small he can easily fit one of them in his mouth.

I guess he doesn’t care if they’re small. He seems to like them anyway. I even feel proud of them for the first time, even if they are so little.

When he finally reaches my mouth we kiss with our tongues. I love it so much. Daddy raises his head up a little and smiles. He asks, “Are you doing okay baby?”

I smile, “I’m doing great. I think I like being molested.“ We both giggle then we kiss again for a long time.

I know he wants to fuck me. So I finally come right out and ask him, ”Umm daddy? Are you going to…..uh…..go all the way. Cause if you are, I’m totally ready.” He looks at me for a moment without saying anything. He just nods his head ever so slightly.

Then he pulls me towards him. I slide off the side of the table, barely catching my balance as my feet hit the floor. He turns me around and reaches around my waist with one arm, then he places his other hand squarely on my back. Pushing me forward, I bend over at the waist, holding on to the table. The side of my face is lying flat on the padded surface.

I look back and catch a glimpse of him as his shorts and underwear fall to the ground. I also catch a glimpse of his hard cock sticking straight out. Oh God it looks big. I sure hope it fits.

“Get ready baby girl. I’m going to break your hymen and the best way to do that is all at once. Here comes.”

I grab hold of the table for support. Things are happening so fast. He leans forward and pushes the head of his dick against my opening. I flinch, “Ouch daddy!” It didn’t really hurt, I’m just nervous and a little jumpy.

He hesitates for a moment, then pushes all the way into me. I try my best not to yell out. I gasp and grit my teeth. It stings, but it’s not too bad. It’s just so big.

He holds it pressed all the way in me for a few seconds. With my teeth still clenched, I finally squeak, “Okay, keep going.”

He withdraws his cock part way, and then pushes it all the way back in again. With several more strokes the stinging subsides and it begins to feel good. Soon my own moans are competing with daddy’s. As I hold on tight to the table, my whole body gets slammed into the edge of it with each impaling of my pussy.

Daddy increases the pace of his thrusts even faster and I’m now pushing my butt back against each stroke.

I can’t hold back anymore. Screaming so loud, our neighbors might hear, I cum harder and more intensely than I ever possibly could have by myself. I almost collapse on the floor. I would but daddy is still humping me and I don’t think he wants to stop.

But soon he does stop. He pulls out of me then he sits up on the edge of the table. I finally get a good look at his dick. It’s sticking straight up. It’s beautiful. I want to hold it and kiss it. Just as I’m about to reach out for it, daddy grabs me. He lifts me up and wraps his arms around me.

He leans back on the table. I’m on top of him straddling his stomach. He grabs my hips and lifts me up, positioning my pussy on top of his dick. I grab it and stick it in my pussy as he lowers me down. I’m touching it for the first time. It’s so hard.

Daddy holds my hips and helps me move my rear end up and down. We make a good team. Soon I’m humping him faster than ever. I love listening to him moan and soon those moans grow louder and more intense.

As he grunts and groans he shoves it all the way in extra hard a few times. It hurts but then he stops and holds me so tight against him. A few more grunts and jerks of his body and he relaxes.

I realize that he is filling me up with his seed, and I’m sort of relieved that it’s finally over for now. I lay on top of him holding him tight, both of us out of breath.

After we’ve caught our breath, we kiss for a long time. I finally get a chance to feel daddy’s dick and balls as we kiss.

After a long time in each other‘s arms, he asks me, “Are you hungry? It’s almost dinner time.”

“Yeah,” I respond, “can we order pizza?”

“Sure baby girl. Anything you want,” daddy answers.

“Umm, can you also teach me how to give a blowjob? I haven’t ever done it.”

With a big smile, he says “Sure baby girl.”

“And can I sleep in your bed from now on?”

Smiling more he says, “Sure thing, I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“Umm, one more thing. Can I go with you tomorrow when you go to the garage sales?” He doesn’t answer, he just hugs me even tighter.

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Re-reading this story still gave me a boner. Good job. Good story.

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2013-05-03 08:48:30
Great story! I wish I had thought of a massage table with my daughter when she was that age... The best that happened to us is when I was divorced and she was staying with me. She asked to come into my bed after a bad dream. I softly caressed her whole body with my hands to help relax her. After a few minutes, she let me slip her t-shirt off because it was getting in the way. I couldn't resist, so I slowly inched my hand down her stomach and under her panties waist. Her breathing got deeper as I got closer with each pass of my hand until I was eventually caressing her soft pussy mound and my finger worked its way between her soft pussy lips and across her clit. I slid her panties off and we ended up cuddling together with me behind her... I slid my underwear off too and my cock ended up between her legs and across her pussy... My hand was cupped around the head of my cock and her pussy mound when I climaxed and I shot a huge load into my hand and onto her pussy.

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Yea go to the garage sale and start buying baby fernature LOL

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I just finished redanig this book about five minutes ago. I am definitely not happy with the ending. I wanted more, but overall great book. It's one of trhose books where you feel like you are part of the story.

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