The continuing story of Mason and Krissie on the Ranch. Anyone who is offended by fictional incest should read no further.
Almost instantly my limp noodle again became a fairly thick seven inch corral post as I processed Krissies last words. Not only was she happy with my supposedly secret attack, she loved it and wanted MORE. Yippee kai ay. . . .I could live with that. Pulling Krissie into my arms, I snuggled my face into her neck and kissed her. My right hand slipped down her back, gently caressing her curvy body. I rolled onto my back, taking Kris with me so that she was lying full length on top of me. Her legs spread on either side of my hips, I could feel her moist pussy sliding on the underside of my achingly hard cock and rubbing on the sweet spot just below my cockhead. Her outer pussy lips had spread and I could feel her inner lips, slippery and wet, trying to envelop my rigid pole.
Krissie pushed against my chest, trying to sit up as she reached around to grasp my hard rod and place it where she obviously wanted it. My hands, cupping the taut mounds of her well formed butt, pulled her slightly further up on my body and with a contented sigh she sank down, taking my pole deeply into her velvet depths.
“ Ohh Mi god, Ohh Mi God Mase,” she moaned, “That feels so o o good. You fill me up SO O O FUCKIN' GOOD. Fuck me now Fuck me hard NOW!”
Enormously excited by the dirty words erupting from her mouth and guessing she had heard them somewhere on our working ranch, I pushed hard into her tight juicy cunt and dragged her down onto my cock at the same time. Beginning a hard rocking, bucking action I kept ramming myself into her, determined to bury my whole body, cock first inside her hot clasping channel.

My hands started a light slapping on her hard little buttocks, and she cried out,
“ Ohh Fuck,fuck, Keep doing that. Spank my naughty little bum, Mason, Spank my naughty little bum. Ohhhh Fuck I'm going to explode again.”
I had been trying desperately NOT to cum until my little sister blew, but now I totally lost it.
“ Ohh Fuck it Krissie,” I moaned, “ I'm going to whitewash your little kitty. I'm going to paint your pussy WHITE. . . .NOW Sis NOW!!! Cum with me Baby Girl !”
I started jerking spastically, pumping my balls dry into her, and she SCREAMED as her hot little cunt clamped around my spewing cock, sucking my juices out.
Krissie went boneless and collapsed on top of me, shuddering and gasping as her orgasm wracked her.
After a few seconds,minutes, hours?? who knows ? She kissed the side of my face and whispered
“ Mason, you bastard. . . .You've killed me!!”
“ Krissie, You Bitch!! You've ruined me for any other woman. Hell I don't think I'll EVER be able to get hard again.”
Kris giggled as I rolled onto my right side and she snuggled against me, her head on my right arm.
“ Well, Maybe we both lied because I'm not dead and I'll be real disappointed if we can't get you back in working order sometime soon.”
“OK, my sweet lover, but not right now. Let's get dressed and go up to the house. I want a nice warm lemon drink and to get the fire started. It'll be getting cold soon.”
We both pulled our clothes on and returned to the ranch-house and while Kris checked and stoked the coal range and put on some water for our drinks, I collected half a dozen armsfull of firewood from the lean-to outside the kitchen door and soon had a blazing fire going in the main room. After checking the fuel level in our oil lamps, I closed the drapes over our windows to conserve residual heat and drew the couch closer to the fire so we could sit and drink our lemon tea in comfort. I sat, staring into the flames.
Krissie came and sat beside me, placing my drink on a side table, within easy reach, and snuggled up close to me.
“What's the matter, my handsome man,” she asked, her voice soft and caring.
I turned to look into her lovely emerald eyes, smiling at me in pure love and made a decision.
“ Krissie, my heart. You know I've never been able to keep secrets from you. Well, I'm the same with all those I love, and just like you I love Pa. Our father has always been there for us and I can't betray him by carrying on behind his back. When he gets home tomorrow I'm going to tell him what I've done with you
and take whatever punishment he thinks I deserve. As your older brother the blame falls on me, and I accept full responsibility for my actions.”
“ Now, just a cotton-picking minute there Brother dear. I asked you to show me how to do it and I am also responsible for my own actions. We tell Pa together and also tell him how much we love each other, and take punishment together. You aren't getting away from me that easily. I love you Mase. I always have and always will.”
Although we talked and argued quietly for the next hour no firm decision was made, except that I asked Kris to remain quiet until I arranged a time to talk to our father.
“ OK Mase, I'll wait till you say so if we can spend tonight together.”
“ Are you sure that's what you want to do, Sweetheart?”
In answer, Krissie threw herself into my arms, her arms wound around my neck andshe kissed me passionately.
“ Yes lover boy, Yes . . . .and starting right now.


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Sorry about the anonymous comment, but this site has a habbit of logging me off in the middle of writing them. Don't stop writing. You're going to be really good.

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Yeah, far too short. I was a little disappointed. There was less sex in this one. On your next story, try hitting the enter button on your computer twice between each paragraph. This will allow you to have paragraphs in this crazy format style this site uses. The story has some serious potential, but you have to write it.

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i gave a negative vote on this chapter because it was way to short. you should have waited to post this until you had enough to make it two or three times longer. a story this short is hardly worth reading


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